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    Fate and star tickets

         There are dreams in the purple cup of our hearts; the Lights are spawning! Honest True Pearls can be fished out of the glittering lake of eyes! Almost every movement can last and remain a testimony! The Universe could open as a mouth if two hearts come together! To what extent are we ourselves in the flames of superstitious smiles on the open signs of faces and gazes ?! "Our bare-hearted dreams could be burst into cool, sincere tears!" How much of everything we intentionally gave up! Years wander over our heads like witnessing memories! Our hearts are purple and I would still knock on the closed gate of Love: in search of the One-Who would let go!
         In times of extinct silence, crying often hurts, breaks bold will and new desires! The Savior Light often falls into a chasm; I always find myself in the judgmental blow of hours! Yesterday's thinking bon...

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    The Reindeers felt tired

    They were no longer inspired

    Christmas is only moments away

    Santa paced back and forth

    Santa needed help with his sleigh

    That was his getaway

    He didn’t want to let all the Girls and Boys down

    It was a night Santa had to be bound

    Santa heard echoes in chant of “Leave and US”

    Santa thought, “He was dreaming”

    Suddenly, the chant got louder and clearer


    Santa realized the Hound Bus

    Santa immediately called Greyhound and asked if they could be his sleigh for the night

    Greyhound felt that was out of sight

    Greyhound was ready and Greyhound told Santa not to worry
    Everything is ok

    Santa was happy he won’t disappoint the kids

    The Toys and all kinds of Gifts were loaded under the bus Luggage bins

    Santa suggested,...

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    Chess mat

         People are slowly crawling beside me! Like insidious, undergrowth hatched from the underworld who have sins; in themselves, even the mirror drops of the tumbling Light always fall up! As if it were sticky cell plasma, Being! Attention in itself to worn-out, useless heartbeats; Discipline struggles with distance and presents new tasks every day! The worked-out minutes blur through the hurricane waves of sounds! Liars' lure hand explodes more possibilities!
         Phlegm indifferent rotting reigns even in more alert spirits because my intellect is overcome by trendy jerk; all self-knowledge can disappear if the personality cannot feed his own thoughts! There is little self-criticism on the masks of very plasticized larval faces, a defeated will trembling like an apostate on the street corner! - Many people are moving on a self-destructive path while the sure Career i...

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    Civil Rights, Civil Rights and Civil Rights

    Freedom with a fight

    Fed up with plight

    It was walk and talk

    A battle that had to be fought

    The message got out

    All that happened moving about

    Greyhound took the message across the nation

    It became the Freedom Riders presentation

    Opposition tried to stop

    Name calling in mock

    Freedom stands for all

    It was no time to stall

    Greyhound’s rolling wheels focused enroute

    The company supported what the Freedom Riders were trying to do

    It was a mission the Freedom Riders had to pursue

    Civil Rights being a follow through

    Freedom Riders knew they couldn’t tire

    The struggle couldn’t be an expire

    The multitude of voices in shout

    The Freedom Riders stood hard on principles

    They were the anecdote with a cure

    Freedom simpl...

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    A crack spilt

         Heart murmurs are done with the People of Golgotha! Every survivor-day is a day more scared! They know every second can count, and that they can always pluck Tomorrow! Uncertainty is also consciously terrifying our senses! Even the crisis of continuous existence that we could not learn the rules of survival enough times! We can only be perfectly free if our beating hearts rest in the arms of our Beloved and are redeemed! In every silent knocking True Pearl, a singer of a rain - like curious explorers, attracts People with unattainable post-Happiness!
         In the stubborn Time, all Shadows depend and Life lives on until then, we deliberately deceive ourselves! - Sea-deep beats in the content-excited Spirit; the Desire can preserve and preserve if the eternal present star shines in the other's eyes! Forced on stairs, you step on it, even if they are constantly hook...

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    Something starts!

         A single superstitious deer can fit an entire human life! A star shining like a glory in the darkness left alone! The humanity of moments pierces into enchanting gazes and argues with immortal Love! We see tiny swan ducks appear in the silent future, and certainty stretches between trembling lips: a talkative army of faces rushes through the tactile fabric of Time! Already all of them are bragging! It jeopardizes every request and every sequel! Falling always leads close to ourselves! Tons of heavy loads sit on our shoulders; our urgent years just don’t rest!
         The Memory will also be an endless, silent caravan if the given minute calls! Peeping, finite lines are rearranged into the Arc s with Time-intersecting folds! Everyone can be a child-adult again if they don’t know the rules of survival! Hurricanes of fate come together and always come back! The...

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    The curtain has risen with the eyes of a child

    The Greyhound bus fulfills a child’s dream

    The Greyhound bus is the headlight on target being the beam

    A child’s dream in meeting Santa Claus

    The child wants to journey to the North Pole

    Greyhound will provide the behold

    Little Tim as the child is called is awakened

    Wake Up Wake Up Tim

    Are you Santa, no, I am the Greyhound Driver that is going to take you on your destiny to Santa in the North Pole?

    Tim, get dressed

    Your Hound Bus a waits

    Little Tim steps aboard

    Suddenly, there was an applaud

    It Santa’s Elves journeying with Tim to his Santa adventure

    It will be a venture far and wide

    Greyhound is at your service and Tim, lean back and recline

    Little Tim was amazed

    Little Time sits in his seat, and its journey on

    Hours Later, The Greyhound bus...

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    Gilbert and the Spiritual Ghost (9/10)

    (Continued from 8/10)

    After hours (or days) of
    the conversations, he could realize
    the fact that,
    there is no control over
    the afterlife and no one
    but the creature controls
    what should happen to those souls.

    He thought,
    he breathe deeply,
    he took everything very seriously
    and then took farewell
    from the spiritual ghost.

    Suddenly, the returning path
    becomes so shortened,
    after a few hours he arrived
    at the flowing river’s bank
    and surprisingly found
    the one eyed helmsman is waiting for him.


    (Pure fiction.
    Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)


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    The sun laughs and says,
    The light that illuminates the world in from me-
    Yet why cannot I love the dew particle
    A little bit more.

    The dew particle cries out,
    There is no harm in that-
    By spreading the softness of the morning,
    I vanish in such fascination.

    The sun said later,
    For you I may be very small-
    But try to shine all day long,
    Oh, how happy!
    I remain vigilant.


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    Crushing Times

         In the depths of murderous silences, the haunting dawn gradually grinds its teeth: the Brain dreams of love when everything is forgivable! Old-fashioned pink-syrupy worlds thus rest in sentient hearts; singers' immortal poet-soul circulates in boats! Sparkling sparks still keep the eloquent listening deep in the hearts! From the milk mist of growing nights, when can the only Dear one come to give us, who cherishes the eternal child in us? You are asking your destiny while rebuking yourself: what could have ruined you so far that you have sunk your Will into yourself?!
         The cheapened era of endless promises will be heard through the glass of your windows! The shadow of the depths often swings from the otherworldly surfaces of the walls! It always embodies, but the Dream itself grinds! He often got lost among your shouting thoughts; gap-idiot Celebrity chirps c...

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