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    Do you answer? Or should I answer for you? I didn't sacrifice you, that's the situation! Thy burning kisses were like hard dust of stones upon the prodigal and perhaps desolate walls of my purple heart. Tell me, did we bear our sins together, like the fatal burdens of morality, or did you go your way as ever with a determined, armoured will? And I could not turn back upon thee! I should at least have ventured, now thou mayst chirp with melodious, lark-like kisses to hide in thy heart: and if our fortune be permanent enough, And everlasting is the unbroken immortality, To ward off the sudden splashes of the soon-springing grains of sand! 

    Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the true and honest law of our Love had been fulfilled? Even thy unforgivableness thou may'st know foolishly, and unconsciously forgive! I have opened my heart to thee, like a much wounded, now wilting, bleeding bush, and thou alone couldst...

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    The thought of Media Broadcast

    History in communicating that made Media last

    Radio that made you think

    TV somehow made you wink

    A time when NBC Peacock made you appreciate

    Stories that had an associate

    Now back to our sponsor

    Shows that made you laugh

    Drama that made you cry

    Yet kept you awake

    We seemed too loss one viewer, I hear snoozing
    Wake Now Wake

    Goodness Sake

    The Radio tube being a time the Shadow only knew

    There were clues that made you want to pursue

    Who knew?

    Remember I love Lucy

    The famous line, “I got a plan”

    Plan or revenge with I want to be in show biz
    Fizz Fizz, what a time it is

    Comedy with a reason to laugh

    TV Thrillers saying you were warned and I told you so

    Don’t sleep tonight

    You are all so full of fright


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     Later, at nine o'clock at night, a car struck a firefly, hitting me like a rag, with broken cruelty, without braking. I was standing on a street lamp-post, impatient, hot-headed, because it was the deadline for the performance, and although it was winter, I had not reached the other side of the Atlantis platform, surrounded by a holy congregation of the astonished: "He was so young.

    poor thing, and already contemplating suicide!" - but it was only my adolescent grievances that had come to the surface in their disobedience! And among them, me in the true rags of my hospital emigration! And it was strange to know in advance that I was going to be run over, and that I could still limp along like a little bobbing pirate with one leg

    and doctors would lie to my face and tell me the truth: "It will be all right! Relax!" - And I knew long ago that if I did not survive - if only to return from my afterlife walk, I would reta...

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     Look not at the crossroads, where amber's luxuriant ropes have run, And thorns and blood-clots may wound the footsteps of much-travelled feet, And the memory of little inconveniences and bumps will roll before thee, like a beaver's dam in the rings of fragile life's paths, try to find the utterable, the essential, which in the furrowed faces and the bitter eyes, broken and stunted, bursts forth. In unknown lands be a little within thyself: Independent and Free, Think on sure and tangible paths akin to veteran-eyed mountains much lived, And look intently on the carved grooves of rocky agastans.

     Time, much tried, as a caring sculptor, hath polished and sculptured them to perfection! If you watch men, do not just watch them, Watch with booc-eyes dumbfounded, bewitched,- But the walnut gleam of eyes, the melodious fragility of voices, The melting heat of sighs that fill the faltering conscience, Take great heed! Let not recklessly and r...

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    The beauty of expression


    Transformation of words from one body

    Steady as it goes

    Descending and surfacing
    Into the unknown

    Understanding buried treasures of words deep

    Precious and elite



    Beyond imaginations

    History for appreciation

    Letters into words

    Echoing voices waiting to be heard

    Deeper and Deeper into thought of the open mind

    The depths of learning

    The thirst rewarding

    The smell of the sea using words fulfilling

    Aqua City where words originated

    Individual hearts where words once got their start

    Never a depart

    Cruising the mind about

    Destination arriving at determination

    Water Color Finish




    Words spread out for miles

    Aqua Style


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    Dear Faithful:

    You are never alone

    My spirit in your heart should be full blown

    Life will always have pitfalls

    Always pray and don’t stall

    Truth is everlasting

    My words always inspiring

    Yet with an encouraging voice

    Blessings turn into shall

    What doesn’t is no understanding

    Take a moment to reflect and see your best life now

    You had a time back then you didn’t know which way to turn

    Left or Right

    But I got you through your plights

    Radiant light

    Shines Bright

    Be encouraged



    Continue doing your best

    You never know, it could be a test

    Don’t accept anything for less

    Faith is what will always be

    Living and learning is what you will see

    Picture yourself cruising on a smooth sea

    Your horizon a wai...

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    We have proved that Love can not only be carried on in fused kisses as a universal, universal conflagration where the immortal All, like ever-glowing ashes, lurks, and draws to itself its beautifully curved body parts, Heuréka sparks and volcanic embers. But while on the black stream Of melted asphalt the tropical heat Carved scripts and runes, Our home's intimate harmony-may have fled Afraid of us, to far horizons. In the stillness that beckons calm, Your body's embalming angel-scent trembles, shuddering with the uncertain unknown, - Into our garments after weary days the truth-telling sweat is absorbed True pearls sparkle like tiny flame-bricks. 

    The vulnerability of thy face is clothed with angelic majesty! We have proved at all costs that Love can exist and continue not only in fused kisses, but in universal blazes of flame, ever intensifying, ever burning, burning with its cathlan-bursting heat! Now I am afraid, because the decreed...

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     I should somehow still be alive, knowing the once unspoken secret; I could have been a standing example, a moral model for others, and knowing that I had not worked in my idle hours to create so many cultural footprints: I wanted to be the decisive witness, the messenger of my Korom, my cherished, embellished message! The last of the atomic age's offspring to emerge from our Cold War atmosphere. Perhaps my bones will one day, many centuries after my death, speak in the depths of scientific phalanx laboratories, and speak: whispering secrets to the ears of the hearing! 

    Man especially, if he be wise and understanding, may understand: the options are valid only in the light of the context! What troubles once inhabited the secret, twisting labyrinths of my skull and brain? How I breathed the ivory truths of cultures as one, and then my preserved manuscripts tell me: my rings of years, in spiralling, serpentine circles, collapsed on each other: ...

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    Around us, blind Babel-confusion, linguistic bickering, the XXI century, the ant-traffic, unemployment and abandoned Theiresis-hope, it is not too late to forget everything, to go for our real Truth, with a new faith, with a new faith, with a new attitude, to kill for our real Truth! 

    And Cassandra's loves, and now in harmony should we rest: Who in his mother's sheltering embrace, Who in an equal hope's hand, which calls me dear, clings, and in the life-long punishment of compliments, I cannot myself be wholly reconciled: I spend all my time in a cultic dump, I can only hope that from above, where angels sing soothing telepathy, in the pearls of melodious stars, someone smiles back at me, and watches over me, guarding my restless dreams. 

    - And among all the indecipherable Delilah glances, among all the flirtatious glances that twist my head, I do not know myself, and I understand why I was drawn by all the i...

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    Human stars, talking eyes, human mouths, in heaven's smiles some secret magic lurks, there is and there is! And watches with silence, discovers and soars. No illusion, secret romance, disembodied gallantry, yet there is and there is! And in vain is the endocrine, the biological cell-assembling endocrine that transforms the absolute universe, infinite love subtly penetrates every being in everyone because it lurks and hides in the depths of our hearts! 

    It revolutionizes the molecular map of our body, like dreams flirting with desires, the thought and builds out of itself and self-acting the hidden tikos whole and exists and is! Like a diamond in glittering eyes, it shines in telepathic gazes and exists and is! My timid hand is guided by the swan's hand of my beloved with a firm compassion, and in the essence of what it proclaims lurks the hidden yes love of the idea: 

    In human stars, talking eyes, laughing mouths, ...

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