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    Time (2)

    Is time being determined by the watches?
    This is another wonder of this universe!
    In the field of theory it is a physical quantity,
    Which is measurable-
    But I say, that's relative.
    In the evolution of each planet, human is incapable of measuring it.

    The shortest time taken - euctoseconds -
    And then zeptoseconds, and so on
    The largest exosecond, or cosmological decade,
    However, can timing be determined overall?

    This planet is here from the birth of the universe to the eternity
    (though on one knows for sure).
    Some moments, some periods, some days, some years,
    Some eras, some centuries, some millennia-
    It all depends on each other;

    The bridge is limitless,
    Don't depend on anything-
    Flows from time immemorial,
    Clear, smooth, infallible.


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    Gilbert and the Spiritual Ghost (1/10)

    Gilbert used to go
    to his school, everyday
    through a brick paved road,
    just penetrating the old cemetery.

    While he passed
    he usually saw
    peoples’ funerals
    heard from the distant,
    the preacher’s mourning speech,
    “..... For dust you are,
     and to dust, you shall return.”

    he used to ride
    on a bicycle,
    or sometimes
    he used to just walk
    and cross the cemetery road.

    Most of the time
    he could recognize
    those mourning people
    as they were his neighbors
    and he knows all of them.


    (Pure fiction.
    Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)


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    Everyday burden

         Restlessness can hardly afford a march of raging hearts! Our vows have even absorbed what can be saved at all with his words of allegiance! Why does modesty breathe when it takes shape?! Unaware of his own abilities, distorted, jerking himself down into a jerky barn without the ideal of chivalry in phlegmatic mg; blind-eyed human wreckage sniffs out remaining human brains like a sherbet and there can be no meaningful intelligence collection on the forehead eaten! Depleting, bad kind of drunkenness is rampant in the empty Congo depths of angels, and conscious vulnerability is already a self-deepening chasm!
         All window-eyes are blinded! A feeling of conscious vulnerability infiltrates our skins! Diseases pinned to the executioner's peak Celeb heads bloom; a superstitious, flirtatious look flirting with invisible tango between broom-eyed eyes! Pigeon-autumn str...

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    Here raises the curtain
    Sitting there the Emperor, Queen and Princess,
    Friends-foes, slave, slave-maid
    All engaged in self-acting,

    Successful with the perfect performance.
    Someone gives a loud dialogue-
    Someone sings in a melodious tune-
    Someone dances or serves in an irritating manner,
    Bravo! Bravo!!

    Applause erupted around the stage-
    Thrilling atmosphere arouses around,
    In the loudness of the drum,
    sometimes the dialogues do not reach the eardrums
    Yet the play continues,
    Time passes happily, merrily;

    Suddenly noticed!
    There! There is the conscience!
    In the remote corner of the crowded stage;

    Somehow leaning on one foot, dejected-
    The role he played was-
    Not being performed perfectly
    And without everyone's knowledge,
    He always left behind the public eye!

    (Life is like a stage and we are a...

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    Shine like the morning sun
    Shine like the dazzling meadows
    Shine like the autumn catkin
    Shine like the spring Delonix regia
    Shine like the evening star
    Shine like the full moon


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    Congo otherworld skulls

         There are roaring nonsense in the dugout cavities of Congolese skulls; cultural barriers are also deliberately dismantled by the puffing tabloid media! In the luminous sense, slowed-down, otherworldly loads reverse all the way down to the playback of low-cost stages! As an unfaithful companion, everyone was sniffed by infected, phlegmatic indifference! It is becoming increasingly difficult to paddle from the prison darkness of a closed blockade to the liberation workshops of literature! Shows sparking about the monotonous, jerky goodness of the show, and thirty minutes is enough to say, "How are you feeling?" - to get around the issue!
         Grinning silly, chirping idiot kittens are already entangled in the barely livable everyday life, and if a cultural bankruptcy guard shows up, they will kick back into the Stone Age without silence! This is how a consume...

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    Prostituted virgin

         Many times he loves himself, maybe that’s why he couldn’t really learn to compare! Excited by juicy, unusual avant-garde evenings; when Papageno balances a wide lake and dreams of a Parrot tool! The porcelain face is all accidental, but its eliminable, repairable flaws aboard the crackling planks are as appealing as the everyday genre boundaries of self-love! It can only be in its own element if it is different at all costs!
         At the suggestion of lightweight, affordable careers, the luxuriously unusual appearances that soon set in motion follow a sure-paved path of caressing blindly, congratulating them on the even bigger buck sneezes of millions of ass-licking choirs! As a delightful, redeeming good news, there is a cheap pink icing on this earth, and with its stiletto heels, it will run over itself! It offers a palatable pleasure on her superstitiou...

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    Reality and cosmetics

         Lost faith, sensationalist world! Crowds of people are running around in a loser mess! Dirt people and five-minute smudges are poured on torso V.I.P. parties to their comfortable throat, and group bachanalia is not out of the question either! Where did his selfish Cassandrasah go to testify to cobweb prophets who wanted to testify?! In a shrouded self-defense, the Living One who burns himself as an internal cataclysm - perhaps he has not even grown up! Tearful vulnerability always surprises; my whim was left with the late tax! "Glass beads are screaming from prodigal eyes, and they take a crooked multitude of moments that tears can't lie!"
         In their puffy, overflowing pride, self-educated terror staggers! A surrendered canary-kitten-gaze to small-style compliments soon vomits! It can hardly be a blind flight between free-living mass-consumer-eden co...

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    Drink Up

    I am a true Texan

    Came from a small Texas Town

    Travelling on a Stage Coach kicking up dust

    I came to a town called “REFRESHING GULCH”

    That town has the right name

    But I am just being lame

    Those folks drink Sun Up to Sundown

    Now I don’t drink along those lines

    But then again, have I truly lost my mind

    However, all I can remember I was knocked out drunk

    It happened in the Pleasure Saloon

    I had arrived on that Stage Coach at noon

    What a way to begin a journey

    By the way, my name is Ernie

    Somehow, I was so drunk, I was put into a hotel room in town

    It was called “SETTLE YOURSELF

    I woke up and found myself in nothing but my underwear

    Talk about an embarrassing moment

    Barely holding steady

    I have a hangover the size of ...

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    Written words

    Beyond measure

    My heart having no pleasure

    Every thought with a doubt

    Concentrating as I am moving about

    Yet the pages have no imagination

    It is just pages of here and there

    The whole situation within beware

    There’s no destination

    No explanation

    Stuck on page jam


    When will I overcome at the surface?

    Pause is ever so obvious

    Pages upon pages full of rage

    Perhaps it settles with my old age

    The sentences don’t mount

    Each letter is beyond count

    I am totally dissatisfied
    I am in reside
    This is life in provide
    It is become my stride

    But all I want to do is hide

    But for now, I must reflect and take everything in

    Start all over with a new page of begin

    I can’t be still and pretend

    This can’t be an e...

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