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  • Poetry

    Hellish line

         In the memories of broken Hells, our luck and grief often turn; If we are looking for a friend and an enemy, we are already investigating! The Dark sends us non-bargaining Morse signs from another, unknown world! The beating gods of the Heart have lost their favor many times! Being, like a water jug filled to the brim, pulls us deep! The blinding of dogs of conscience echoes all the way to the shells of our listening ears! In our dreams of Sisyphus, every stone and rock recreates itself as a judgmental judgment!
         Anxiety moved as a single body in us! In Congo space, our gift-fortune strikes here and there: the reaping laurels of silent opportunity were not reserved for us by the little kings of Being! In the long hours of our loneliness, we should first deal with atrophy together! The retained heat waves of memories hardly hurt anymore, yet they are necessary for...

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    Awake me through unwritten
        music of mine,
    If possible, sing me a song
        that would be perfect
        and divine,
    Perhaps, that is the way
        the heart could refine,
    But, no one knows the
        state of solitude,
        which would enshrine.


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    Gary and the Lighthouse (part 3/9)

    (Continued from 2/9)

    Gary's grandmother,
    while walking along the half-paved way
    towards the school and
    coming back,
    used to tell him
    many ancient fables about the
    prehistoric lighthouse.

    She told him that
    this light house is standing there
    over more than many decades, and
    not only it guided those lost sailors
    during the old days,
    but also
    saved them in many occasions
    by giving them shelter
    during natural disasters, like
    severe storms, hurricane and tidal waves.

    To Gary,
    the lighthouse became a symbol
    of strength and coverage,
    and at later stage
    it also saved his life
    at the right time,
    at the right moment.


    (Pure fiction.
    Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)


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    The formula of our language

         Underworld, obscene galaxy underworld catacombs; mazes without entrances! They did it themselves with disappointed prophetic votes! We drag the swearing with ourselves! We are constantly clinging to an extended presence! The fleeing Time is no longer pursued by anyone; a ghost death leap or somersault mortuary pirouette should be performed so that they can finally pay attention to ourselves! Is the loss survivable?
         Insidious nights lined up in a sleepless moonlight; a terrifying tick-tangle imitates somewhere in a circled clock! Vulnerable human wrecks like undulating leaves fall into the shadows of Nothing every day! “You could only feel like a yellow sponge deep in your chest when the beating heart was offended; fancy Celebs chattered about their sex life spread out in silly shows! Factory chimneys also became crows hanging upside down; it would also be ...

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         You are always in the way of someone; even though you have been a maze for a long time! True Beads falling from your scratched eyes are not picked up by a handful of human Goodness and Compassion! The disasters of presence in the maze will walk your hidden instincts on your way! You want to find yourself at last while you know you can’t satisfy every wish; and you cannot remain an uninhabited house in your bitter loneliness! "The cover is on you, and fear is staring at you with the ruffles of your coat shadow!" Worn part of this present day, you are still benefiting from the Presence!
         Are “some” tasting your sensitive self with spike critiques destined for death, or are they just cunningly playing with you? The wise stones of your mind are listening under the weight of your thoughts! Will there be a guiding thread in you that will lea...

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    What’s going on at Capitol Hill

    The House and Senate have Bills to fulfill

    GOP and Democrats must connect with will

    Voting Rights is nothing that should be passed over

    The Constitution was a discovery giving us that right

    The American People and Capitol Hill shouldn’t take it light

    The late Congressmen John Lewis was a true fighter on Capitol Hill for Voting Rights

    He was the voice that had might

    We can’t go backwards into time

    Yet we can reflect

    Voting Rights can’t be a reject

    Voting Rights Bill gives the American People assurance having an effect

    We can’t let the GOP turn America into a Dictatorship

    We are not Russia nor China in Communism

    The Constitution clearly states, ‘WE THE PEOPLE”

    That identifies all people of creeds

    Capitol Hill must think with understanding


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    I have spoken to you on many occasions

    You ignored and went your separate ways

    Remember, I sit high in Heaven

    But I look down and enrich the Earth

    I instill new birth

    I have work for you to do

    My scriptures are for you to read

    It’s living and understanding in how to proceed

    But your spirit must be connected agreed

    Praying gives you strength

    Faith is the hope at every length

    You must be obedient

    My blessings make one radiant

    My task is a mission

    I call from Heaven and all around

    Time in the tuck

    Feed my flock




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    Late migration

         The mistake of Ordas minions in the mists will challenge even the beaten Time! As a private worm, perhaps we are all seeking redemptive refuge! Anything can be lost in everyone, because the Saints are proud and hyenas, and the Angels are killing cedars! One can only encounter one who is left alone with caring Dear gazes; the prostitution of Betrayal is already affecting everyone - this is how we are fleeing inward to the snowfall! Black cubes are guarded by the energy of the body and it is not possible to prepare enough for a stunning doctor attack whipped with envious eyes!
         Fists of gorilla heads on the destroyed pillar of the intellect - now that's the trend! He got closer to the unintelligible behaviors of Neanderthal s Cro-Magnoni! Compulsive silence also settles devastatingly on more eloquent Prophets if they cannot profess according to their Culture; a...

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    Think before you write
    You have been going through a plight
    Yet your emotion will shed some light
    Add the sentences that will surface might
    Perhaps mentioning the sunshine in how your thoughts came bright
    It was during that very night
    You were alone
    The sky was clear and full of stars
    You visualized and imagined seeing Mars
    The words held true
    But you thought that this was nothing new
    However, it seemed like it was a clue
    I know now, it was writing for me to pursue


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    Dirty rhapsody

         How much easier it would have been without the memory of the humiliated gymnastics, which, with the whipping of executioner ropes, haunted new targets every day with fear of death; only a few could understand the Truth of the present out of blood-soaked eyes! All human Judgments and murders could be measured against these only then; finally, every insidious glance was already a murderous thorn in our vulnerable hearts and we sobbed doomed to lonely orphanage like alamus, pathetic worms while we looked down at our own soul wells, gathering courage!
         We could hardly hear that any of us had committed suicide because they could not bear the stigma-wounding evils of their bachelors! The writing campaigns also started with Executioner jokes! In a treadmill world, magnified evil also seems bigger, scarier! Dirty-smiled male pillars practiced slap-dancing times until the...

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