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    Written so it was

    I've written poems for people who've just thrown them away.
    I've written poems when I was going through hard times.
    I've written poems when there was nothing else to do.
    I've written poems that have gone past peoples heads.
    I've written poems that have not been good.
    I've written and written and written.
    When will it be my turn?


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    Bliss on a rainy day

    Have you seen death at your door before?
    Do you know what that knock sounds like?
    The heavy burden of those sounds still echo through my mind.
    Do you know that death has a voice?
    Have you heard someone talk about life so blissfully?
    Death laughed about life being bliss.
    Death said, "I'd rather live with the hurtful truths than beautiful lies."
    Death has no friends but still confides in me.


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    What is this feeling?

    What is holding you back?
    That feeling of fear or being rejected?
    Is it that little voice in your head that tells you otherwise?
    Or could it be that your parents have told you so?
    OR did you hear it from a stranger?
    Did you dream about it when you were at your lowest?
    Did you learn to harness that energy?
    How long did it take for you to actually believe it?
    How many times were you hurt by words?
    Before you realized that they were just words?
    If you are still stuck in this place that is okay.!
    From what I hear people are still searching for their way out.
    Some have found their way like no other has before.
    That is something to be extremely satisfied of!
    In the end if you can't fiind your way out.
    Ask for help.
    Sometimes thats all we need.


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    Through my own time capsule

    Enterprising memories

    It was that small Greyhound Bus Station in Togetherness County, Georgia

    That’s where I would visit my Grandparents for the Holidays

    The Greyhound bus would be the way

    My Grandparents would be the stay

    The Christmas air and anticipation of Grandma’s variety of Food and deserts

    I Can’t forget her homemade biscuits

    As I often reclined back in my Greyhound bus seat, I would sleep and dream of snow

    It was almost like magic

    It always snowed

    The Greyhound Bus Motor Coach Engineer would maneuver the bus ever so carefully around the slick highways and back roads

    We would pass Caroler’s singing and wave on the side of the road

    Town’s people would wave as if to say, “Welcome”

    I could almost smell Grandma’s cooking while traveling on the Greyhound bus

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     The cold-bearded, Gray old man of life, who longed to freeze everything, came knocking, came with a cold-angry mood, - surrounded by howling stars! The lakes, unflinching and stubborn mountain-ridges, which sinned with their purity, were frozen. It was cold, and trembled several times, and fire at once, suddenly, it was winter, and the geometric curve of the graceful mouth was selfishly torn apart by its nose-fruit dripping like an icicle!

     The ten or fifteen degrees were deceivers, careful firemen still shone like cops, that somewhere could still warm up the prodigal people! - Time's running! The essential and important part of Eternity has frozen and died, and yet beneath the unconscious surface, the heaven of smiles flaunts and flourishes!

     The cells of tongues were laced like lace Cloths by the frost, and the uninhabited tunnels of the vascular networks were frozen to the ground! Man, now that twilight darkness sends his d...

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    In every Gingerbread house

    There’s a bake

    Holiday feel to create

    Goodness to appreciate

    Art turned into design

    Ingredients all combined

    Sugar and Spice

    Everything nice

    Quality in the make

    Taste and eat

    Gingerbread House holiday

    Savor and enjoy

    A thought of oh boy

    What a joy

    Blessings built in



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    N      NATIVITY


    A      ANGELS


    T       TEACHINGS


    I       INNKEEPER






    T       TRAVEL


    Y       YULE



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     Empty, white-spotted, Crystal-glassy transparent space. You're the snow-spotted world. But what else can one do? he sets out not to be overwhelmed by bitter pessimism: self-pity and laziness. I myself preachers gaping, loud throat when I weigh slowly a hundred pounds, and besides I am neither a macho nor Adonis:

     As a hedgehog, I will grow thorns on my soul, or I will be cast down by righteous despair! I still have a lot of work to do! The truth behind the lines of letters-my content silabbed to solve the riddles of the witnessing past, so that I can better understand what is going on inside: at the bottom of the present time!

     Because there can be no way to just suck and blow the air out like an idiot, and not to promote humanity, empathy, tolerance, and in many cases: Humor is the only medicine! The final, received rescue! But we cannot know anything about this, because we are not able to take note of the human lesson, the e...

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    On the first day of Christmas

    The Lord gave me a gift being a blessing to write


    On the second day still inspired that went into the night


    On the third day, I didn’t take the gift light


    On the fourth day, continued to write with no plight


    On the fifth day, joy all the way


    On the sixth day, we had a snowstorm, and got out my sleigh


    On the seventh day, fun being travel in a getaway


    On the eighth day, thankful in every way


    On the nineth day, rest and sleep


    On the tenth day, dreaming of sheep


    On the eleventh day, surrounded by family and friends


    On the twelve day, the holiday slowly wined down, and came to an end





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    Celebrate a Holy Birth

    Around the world on Earth

    The Joy of family and friends

    A Holiday not wanting to end

    Holiday Season voices

    The season of joy

    Smiles and laughter

    Remembrance ever after

    The smell of sugar and spice

    The combination sounding nice

    The raise of glasses in cheers

    Good tidings in continued preserver

    Holiday blowing winds

    The spread of goodness

    Journey far

    True meaning of what Christmas is about

    Stars shine

    A night being the most

    Something to boost

    Sing along

    Oh Night shinning bright

    Guide me to delight

    Let my wonders extend

    Hope at the center

    Let the warmth of the season enter

    A holiday season to see

    Happy Holidays coming from me.






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