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    Author: Hakikur Rahman

    Involved in teaching and research at home and abroad for most of his life. Traveled almost all over the world since 70s. In between, he has put the practice of writing. Started writing in the early seventies. Contributed over 200 research publications including over 25 edited/authored books. In terms of literature, more interested in writing poems, rhymes, songs, and short stories. Dedicated to the excellence of literary work.



    Here raises the curtain
    Sitting there the Emperor, Queen and Princess,
    Friends-foes, slave, slave-maid
    All engaged in self-acting,

    Successful with the perfect performance.
    Someone gives a loud dialogue-
    Someone sings in a melodious tune-
    Someone dances or serves in an irritating manner,
    Bravo! Bravo!!

    Applause erupted around the stage-
    Thrilling atmosphere arouses around,
    In the loudness of the drum,
    sometimes the dialogues do not reach the eardrums
    Yet the play continues,
    Time passes happily, merrily;

    Suddenly noticed!
    There! There is the conscience!
    In the remote corner of the crowded stage;

    Somehow leaning on one foot, dejected-
    The role he played was-
    Not being performed perfectly
    And without everyone's knowledge,
    He always left behind the public eye!

    (Life is like a stage and we are a...

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    Shine like the morning sun
    Shine like the dazzling meadows
    Shine like the autumn catkin
    Shine like the spring Delonix regia
    Shine like the evening star
    Shine like the full moon


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    The carousel

    Riding on the merry-go-round
    See how it hangs over and over.

    Life is just like that
    As one can see from there.

    Sometimes it goes up
    Sometimes it goes down,
    Full of thoughtless thoughts
    Cannot leave them behind.

    Someone smiles with happiness
    Someone is crying and feeling sad,
    Someone just crawls along
    With the chest full of pain.

    That's how it goes in this earth
    In the game of breaking and making,
    Someone finds, someone loses
    At the every day fair.



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    The mist

    The mist-
    Could be a cloud of water droplets
    Does not shine
    But floats in the air.

    Suspended above the sky-
    Sometimes near or far away
    But not too far
    Not above the seventh sphere.

    Limits the visibility-
    One can feel it
    One can visualize it.
    But no one can touch it!

    (Wrote this poem while watching
    the movie, The Last Mercenary
    that reflects the character, The Mist!)


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    If you donate, keep both of your hands open
    Purify your mind and soul, and depend on legal earning.

    Donate with the right hand
    The left hand should not know,
    Don't expect anything in return
    With your donation.

    The power to give is from the Creator
    You could be the selected one, not everyone,
    Brings peace in the midst of charity
    Pacifies the heart.

    That which is possible on one’s part
    So let's donate,
    He is the owner for your capacity
    He will give the honor.



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    The silent disciple (Part-5/5)

    On a moonless night
    the silent disciple
    and the dedicated monk
    with the help of those good fairies
    and the jungle goddess
    built an enormous trap
    inside the dark forest
    so that the monster
    could not escape in no way.

    All heart trembles
    wind stopped flowing
    there was no moon, of course
    shivering frightfulness was surrounding everywhere
    (with the help of the wicked witch
    the monster approached the trap).

    No one can explain, what happened then-
    as there was no light
    no one could witness
    the ultimate roar of the monster.

    Sadly, the dedicated monk
    sacrificed his life to prevail
    the humanity
    and hence forth
    the silent disciple become victorious.

    Sun rises smiling the next morning,
    all the darkness vanished from the dark forest
    birds were singing across all gardens
    flowers bloomed throughout t...

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    Good morning (2)

    What a light glowed on the face
    New hope awoke in the chest again.

    The blue sky is filled with different colors
    The strong wind blew in a new fashion.

    The birds of the dawn sang in the branches
    The little girl wanted to wake up in the mother’s lap.

    What a swing of life arouse around
    The heart remained open and enchanted.


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    Birds of the dawn

    Birds of the dawn, birds of the dawn
    Why are you shouting so loudly-
    Before the dawn
    How do I keep awake.

    It's not the dawn yet
    Birds are asleep in their nest-
    The dried leaves float in the air
    That's what I am observing.

    Birds will wake up at first
    In the fire of the eastern arch-
    Polens will smile with flowers
    Painting them silently.

    Terrain getting a glimpse of light
    The little birdy will sing-
    Holding the tail up
    Will sing along.


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    The silent disciple (Part-4/5)

    On his way towards the
    black mountain
    where the monster took shelter
    he met another dedicated monk
    whom he accompanied to
    reach his destination.

    By the way
    the silent disciple feels
    inside his heart that
    the dedicated monk is very near to his heart
    (in fact both were brothers in
    their early lives and the blood bond
    to them together again),
    and they decided to fulfill their destiny.

    The dedicated monk
    in one of his early life
    has done many sinful walks
    and he has also taken a solemn vow
    to destroy any obstruction to humankind.

    Hence, both of them
    took another new vow
    to kill the monster
    so that the humanity prevail
    in this universe;
    so all those good fairies.


    (Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)


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    At the door of consciousness, whom am I looking for
    In the pro-founded window
    Lament, just remorse
    In a veiled conversation with the heart.

    Where does it came from, cannot bear the delay
    Though a faint candle burning
    Surrounded by illusion, inside my heart
    Like a momentary puzzle.

    Silence for a moment, sere thoughtless
    Perhaps not visible yet
    In the throng of thoughts, back to the astounding affairs
    Struggle with fidgetiness to keep afloat, in the muddy water.


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    Depressed farmer

    The farmer in the field goes on foot
    Sweating while ploughing
    Harvested with much difficulties
    But does not get the real price for his rice.

    If he does not pay the loan installments
    What will happen next?
    The rice will go, the stove will go
    Someone thought about it!

    (Many marginal farmers are being affected by this circle.)


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    The silent disciple (Part-3/5)

    On a moonlight night
    the silent disciple started
    his journey to slay the monster
    (all the good fairies helped him,
    except a wicked witch).

    He was carrying a magic sword
    with which he should penetrate
    the heart of the monster to kill,
    but the wicked witch stole it
    from him by turning into a
    male thief while
    the silent disciple was sleeping.

    All those good fairies observed it
    but they couldn’t stop
    the stealing (though at the later stage
    they recovered it
    and gave it to the silent disciple).

    He crossed mountains,
    he travels through dense forests,
    his swam through lakes, rivers,
    he walked across dry desserts,
    he sailed across oceans,
    and finally reached
    at the place
    where the cursed monster
    took shelter.


    (Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coinci...

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    Extreme poor

    Soaked rice vanishes before bringing salt
    What about them again!
    They cried throughout their entire life
    Remain with sad bowing.

    Wherever they glimpse
    Just looking dry
    Nothing close to hand
    Miserable earth.

    Life is for them
    A large deep forest
    But somehow walking
    With broken mind.

    If they step in the middle of the path
    Sadness filled the air
    There is nothing to collect, nothing remains
    The house is always empty.

    No morale there, yet they
    Still remain active in working
    How to get rid of stomach irritation
    Sitting to think.

    That's how life goes on
    With them somehow
    There is nothing new
    On the way to the existence.

    (Remembering those marginal poor.)


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    The silent disciple (Part-2/5)

    On the other side of the world
    in a rocky mountain
    raised by a devoted monk
    a silent disciple
    (who took oath to remain
    silent during the rest of his life)
    took another oath
    to kill the monster
    and it was the last order
    from his guru during his last breath.

    The monster happened to
    keep his name by killing
    both of his parents
    on his seventeenth birth year
    on a moonless dark night
    and took the solemn vow
    to destroy the mankind.

    Observing this cruel incident
    the jungle goddess gave a curse
    to the monster that
    he would be killed mercilessly
    by a silent disciple
    and his dissatisfied soul
    will remain hanging
    on the shoulder of the eternity.


    (Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)


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    The silent disciple  (Part-1/5)

    Once upon a time 
    a beautiful virgin 
    (she was the princess 
    of an unknown land) 
    met a nameless thief 
    in the dark forest 
    of a solitude island.

    The virgin was left abandoned 
    by her own mother 
    (she used to be the queen 
    of that unknown land) 
    who was envied of her solemn beauty;
    The thief swam to that island 
    after being chased by 
    the fleet guards of a floating sheep 
    where he was kept stealing 
    (their fates allowed them to meet).

    On a moonless night 
    both the bodies become one 
    though their souls remain a part 
    and eventually they gave birth 
    to a male child 
    (who turned out to be a monster)
    on the peak of the red moon.


    (Pure fiction. Any similarity
    should be treated...

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    Mother, you are the shadow a big tree in my life
    Mother, affection extends through the touch of your hand.

    Mother, you are the bright star shining in my sky
    Mother, I am overwhelmed by the blessings of your soul.

    Mom, you're my mother, I'm proud of that
    Mother, in the stream of your affection, peace is showered.

    Mother, you hold my hand and give me the direction of the path
    Mother, in your words, let's vanish the dark night.

    Mother, you are my thought-consciousness, brings confidence
    Mother, listening to your wisdom, let me breathe a sigh of relief.

    (Happy Mother's Day every day!)


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    Who came with a grimy face and stood at the door
    Skeletal body
    A gloomy look, in a faint voice
    No one knows, what she would like to say.

    It seems
    For how long she has been in starvation
    Due to lack of money
    She did not get the proper food, to keep her fit.

    However, everyone is busy
    Who will extend a helping hand-
    That's how she spends her days
    The same morning comes after a sleepless night.

    (Remembering those uprooted children.)


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    Storm forecast

    The message came in the forecast room
    a big storm is approaching,
    A gust of wind can blow
    with a glimpse of torrential rain.

    Can happen anywhere with
    tremendous thunderstorms,
    It can hit the sea shore
    with huge tidal shock.

    Going out on such a day
    will not be safe at all,
    There are dangers in every steps
    with the chance of the loss of life.

    Oh, field farmer, helmsman at the quay
    be careful,
    Before the danger strikes
    prepare yourself.

    After the storm subsided
    get out again
    How are all the neighbors
    get their welfare.

    Need to face these dangers all together
    and you have to win,
    All say, “ten sticks is the burden for one”
    keeping that in mind, work altogether.

    (Each and every year millions of the population living
    across the Bay of Bengal
    hit by the storm, tidal wave, torrentia...

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    Day laborer

    Spade, basket in hand
    They sit on the sidewalk.
    Work if someone calls
    Then there will be cooking at home that day.

    Helper, Earth cutter, Stone crusher, Mason
    There is no descent work.

    The work that gets in hand, performs all day long
    Throughout the morning till evening.

    In this way, year after year, their family goes on
    Working by their hands, talking about life.

    They come from from far away villages
    Hoping for a little work in town-
    Maybe there was a piece of land
    But there is none, due to the flood.

    In statistics, they are floating crowds
    No one takes any account on them
    Does anyone know, what they are talking about?

    (Day laborers come from the village to town with
    great expectation to lead a better, however, there lives
    do not improve much!)


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    Summer heatstroke

    In the heat of summer,
    The cuckoo sits on the branch and calls-
    "Eyes gone", "Eyes gone"
    In this heat, life is terrifying-
    Realizing this, the wayfarer decided to leave home.

    How the branches of the tree are stunted-
    There is no wind,
    Lazily, the shepherd gave the body to relax,
    In the shade of a tree, holding his flute-
    This summer, the scene seems to be chirping.

    Couldn't bear the heatstroke, though
    The beggar is returning door to door-
    The bored bard seeks to find peace in cloudless sky
    Lean body, walking on the edge of an unknown village.

    Dry day lean on the lap of evening
    Forget the weariness in the touch of late night dream.

    ("Eyes gone" is a metaphor in Bengali
    as sung by Cuckoo.)


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    Gust of wind

    Gust of wind returns crying-
    on the banks of the Gomati and Mahananda
    In this heat of summer-
    pedestrian lost his sense,
    looking steadfastly towards the open sky.

    No air is circulating somewhere else,
    which will provide
    a little bit of relief,
    The octogenarian female  beggar
    still turning from door to door-
    with convex shoulder, obese body.

    Exhale with sigh
    oarsman of the boat docks in on the shore-
    because, to cross to the other side,
    no one is waiting on the quay.

    The earth is caught in a pause
    Will the drought be last much longer?

    (The Gomati River is a tributary of the Ganges,
    The Mahananda River is a trans-boundary river
    that flows through the Indian states of Bihar,
    West Bengal and Bangladesh.)



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    Bored bard

    The bored bard sings on the way
    Across the bents of many unknown villages
    On the bucolic path full of memories
    Where cries and laughs are hidden.

    There is no time to stop
    The moments passes by the wind
    Bard in his melodious tune
    Sings about what is hidden in his heart.

    The series of the mathematical table-book
    Cannot be forgotten anymore
    That's how the sweet melody of his
    Remains in the middle of the heart.

    His life was spent by singing
    By the river side of this worldly affairs
    That's why always with anxious eyes
    Looks back again and again.

    (This poem is dedicated to those lone singers,
    called Baul (bard) in Bengal and the society have forgotten them.)


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    Rajakini Randha

    Rajakini Randha is roaming alone
    With her soft feet in silence-
    Flowers are blooming in the garden
    Gave chrysanthemum pendants in the ears.

    Wearing a necklace of kanakachampa flowers around his neck
    Red variety of oleander's bracelet is in her hand-
    A bunch of Quisqualis indica is hanging in the hair
    A swarm of golden jasmine is tied around the waist.

    Inserted cypress vine in her coiffure
    The fringe is full of mirabilis jalapa-
    Yellow bells flowers are wrapped around her legs
    Where does she go with her timid timid feet!

    (Rajakini Randha is the name of a girl and there are
    some of the beautiful flowers of the Greater Bengal.)


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    Lake of the heart

    Thought-consciousness is aroused in the lake of the heart
    Fragile hopes are thrown into the abyss of pain.

    The thirsty mind plays with my nightmares
    Sitting on the shore of this life even after prolonged swimming.

    I light the extinguished lamp with the afflicted face
    Memories covered in darkness are the random boundaries.

    Yet I sing with hope, the triumph of life
    Did not see the way forward, though hear the melodious tune.


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    New dawn

    New sun arises in the eastern sky
    Aspirations applauded in the middle of the heart.

    This day must be won
    Injustice, oppression can not be feared.

    Where you see inappropriate, injustice
    Protest, to find the proper justice.

    Just by sitting, the moment cannot be crossed
    To the conscience, one should not be submissive.

    With the conviction of the new day, we have to move forward
    By overcoming all obstacles, success will surely approach.


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    Early rain

    The branches are expanded with the green leaf
    As a result of the advance rain
    The heated surface has become cold
    Because of the early drizzle.

    Joined to come at an inopportune time
    The hail storm
    Lightning raises fears among farmers
    The tin made rooftop is shaky in the wind.

    The mango branch is shaking
    The pods are falling prematurely
    In this imbalance of the environment
    What's in the fortune!

    It is swaying in the swing of hope
    For peasants and their wives
    Although in advance crop damage
    Giving a sign of danger.

    Still, let it rain
    Fill the nature vividly
    Let the planet be greener
    Green fill up all around.

    (Early rain is always good for the nature,
    but sometimes it brings storm too, which
    becomes dangerous to the farmers of Greater Bengal.)


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    That is an undeclared war
    Contaminated with speed imbalance.

    That is crammed with illusory fantasies
    Not with any beginning, not with any end
    There is no feeling or affection.

    That is implicit in the shadow of indirect imperfections
    Falling into the rage of unwanted thoughtlessness
    Inactively exists.

    That is an uninvited guest
    Does not obey any prohibition, does not have any genre
    Does not follow any time frame.



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    O human!

    Don't be jealous of others
    Keep benevolence in your heart.

    Kindness cannot be measured by any proportional
    The Creator Himself gives the reward.

    Remain devoted to human welfare with all the heart
    The result is never good in abundant illicit wealth.

    The endowment of benevolence is like a sash in this world
    The peace that comes to the soul is the deepest.


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    Black and white

    Let the white thing be white
    Black things are black
    Evil is what we know is evil
    Good is good.

    How much play on the ground
    Observing everyday
    Evil-good mixed up
    All are flowing.

    Difference from good to evil
    Should be able to recognize
    The conscience must be awakened
    Without fail.

    If the fortune is good
    One can see the face of good
    So till one has the time
    Look for that.


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    In quest

    Remained pervade by measuring the perimeter, thought and consciousness
    Emotion leads to every wave, to the last sorrow.

    Marginal hopes raises fog, uncleaned surface of the earth
    Walking in a trembling rhythm, eyes are twitched.

    Waking up in the middle of the night, under the spell of whose magic
    Objects that are matched with great faith, so find them step by step.

    Did not understand clearly, when the shackles were untied
    A search is going on at the shore of the wreck, to find what is being lost.


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    The call of dawn

    Anything there is worn out, torn apart
    As much as there is, unlucky
    Delete, in this new dawn
    Wash your mind, with sunshine.

    Oh human, promise now
    As long as you remain in this earth
    Will be motivated in human service
    Be it spring, winter, monsoon, or drought.

    Remain devoted to humanity
    By taking this promise
    Promote humanity
    No one can be despised.

    Hey, extend the hand of harmony
    Around allover the society
    Be reputed in action
    Cheers spread in all corners.


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    Two-legged human

    Two-legged human, colored lanterns
    The mind cannot be understood
    Suddenly rains, filled with darkness
    Increases uneasiness.

    Today this rhythm, tomorrow another rhythm
    There is no end in those
    What a trick, what an art
    Remains much better in context.

    Extends one leg, stops suddenly
    Starts walking again
    Perhaps tied up, mud in front
    Overwhelmed eyebrows.

    When the day is over, work is finished
    “I don't know you!”
    Who the hell are you, on my path
    Never saw you before!


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    Upstream chara

    Row, row, oh helmsman
    Towards the upstream chara
    Your heart is remaining there
    To see someone ..

    This quay and that quay of the river
    Is your destination
    Now it is the time to go home
    Because the sun is going down.

    Crossing the river so many times
    You sing the song of life
    No matter how rainy it is, how stormy
    No matter whether there is the flood.

    How much hope in the mind
    When you row the boat
    However, the days are all gone
    And you cannot say about them.

    (chara- sand bed by the river side)



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    Tearful talk

    Clouds of thought, increased emotions
    Hearing of indifferent cries
    On the shores of consciousness, just roaming around
    Don't know who is who.

    Oh the mind today, what are you dressed up
    Whose heart are you tied to?
    As neat as it is, as tight as it is
    The desire just moves away.

    At dusk, at dawn, remain immersed
    Seeking for the drip
    On the way it was late, just manipulation
    Darkness enclave.

    Tearful talk, leads to chest pain
    Which is not understandable
    Imaginary happiness, crying chest
    That is what has been decorated.



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    Summon (4)

    Who showed me
    The stream of light
    I'm overwhelmed, I'm fascinated
    I am inundated with joy.

    Who reads out
    The message to advent
    Moved all my decrepitude
    As much tiredness as was removed.

    When I wake up, I find
    The inspiration for survival
    My heart is filled
    With a new consciousness.

    You have ignited at this time
    What a light of hope
    Forwarding towards the front again
    And, it feels enormous.

    (Dedicated to the beloved poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.)


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    At the moment of Fagun

    Cuckoo sings on the branch in tunes, are filled with southern bay
    Eager to look to the sky, whatever one wants.

    Sitting on the bank of a calm lake, the bard in a bored way
    After leaving this village, which way will he go?

    Woke up in the shining morning, the early sun
    Gently opens the eyes, a nocturnal in the forest.

    Slowly slowly flows the river, towards the sea
    It is going on indefinitely, till it reaches the destination.

    Coming and going of magpie, running all over the field
    On the dew-drenched grass, the village farmer walks.

    Caesalpinia pulcherrima spreads its color, at the moment of Fagun
    The sweet fragrance of Amrapali, filled the entire forest.

    The little girl woke up, with a smile on her face
    I love the face, that is full of affection.

    (Fagun is a month of Spring in Greater Bengal)



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    Village bride

    Beuti will go to her father-in-law's house
    All boxes and packets are made and tied
    The husband is sitting eagerly
    Singing some classical rhythms.

    Green banana, ripe wood apple
    And hand-picked butter
    Dried mango, balls made of molasses
    We gave along.

    Big Lemon, star apple
    And curd made in the house
    Dried molasses, flattened rice, fried rice
    Parched paddy from Binni rice.

    Pointed gourd, eggplant, pumpkin
    And Rohu Carp caught in the net
    There are more left…
    Where should we put them!

    (Beuti- name of a village bride, it means beauty;
    Binni- a special type of paddy in Greater Bengal;
    In good old days, when a bride used to go to
    her father-in-law’s house, it was a tradition to
    give so many things with her.)


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    Mother and child

    The baby swings in the mother's lap
    Forget crying
    The face is just like the moon
    I looked up.

    Only mother can understand
    The language of a small child
    Mother and baby’s love
    Stuffed with affection.

    Let mother and baby’ love
    Be immortal
    That compassion of the heart
    Let's spread throughout the world.


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    At the juncture of expansion, wandering all the time
    In the incarnation of thought, everything seems to be wonderful.

    In a thoughtful opinion, the future is unborn
    In the sense of consistency, inhabited highways.

    In the observation of the eye, the creation of the pasture
    In flowing memories, insight awakens.

    In moderate space, re-walk, re-walk
    In retirement of availability, forgotten remorse.


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    House of cards

    Servant, Queen, King, Ace,
    Who will surpass whom;
    The world is a house of cards.

    By breaking the bond of love,
    The bird in the cage flew away;
    Those who were yours own, later become strangers.


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    Provision (2)

    Today's work, will do it tomorrow
    That can't be done anymore
    Will give the happiness of this fortune to the other one
    That cannot be changed.

    Who be obligated as much as here
    There is as much as one deserves
    One will get as be worthy of
    There is no alternative to that.

    The provisions of the rules are written there
    His reckoning is all fair
    Now it's time to realize
    One has to be patient.


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    Fagun's rain

    Filled fagun, a downpour
    The air is clear, clear as a crystal
    What a wonderful creation.

    Swallow, Cuculidae are soaking wet
    Calling out "crystal clear water!"
    The sun is covered behind the clouds
    The ground becomes cold.

    Rain water is pouring in the field
    Falling on the tin roof
    Awakes life in the rive
    Increased water, in the upstream of Matamuhuri.

    Decorating nature, what a magical outfit
    Sea, hills, forest
    Blooming Shimul, Palash, Bakul
    The earth is full of softness.

    (Fagun is the spring month in the Greater Bengal.)


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    Life (2)

    In the realm of life, it is difficult to understand, what is wrong, or what is right
    Seems, there is no justice here, everything is controlled by the might.

    The one, who has the power, greed for more superiority
    Little cares about the rule, law, or the authority.

    Whatever comes at the front, wants to grab, for his own
    Nothing comes in between, a child, a youth, or a grown.

    Profoundly reluctant to the path, yet need to be a pedestrian
    Nobody knows, what will happen next, as an invisible custodian.


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    The mirror of consciousness

    Seeing the sadness, the happiness go in seclusion
    In the throes of life, in a cowardly manner, escape towards the back.

    Who understands who’s pain, everything is in vain
    However, encouraged by the moment, walk towards the facade.

    Time-obsessed activities, put in the heart’s confinement
    Chest torn in the convergence of consciousness, how to summon someone.

    Who knows why the intention is not fulfilled, alas in this world
    Whoever remains at very near, just goes away, goes away.

    It is like surrendering to the life without any utterance
    Deep in the heart surrounded by illusion, upholding the mirror of consciousness.


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    Lonely shepherd

    The lonely shepherd, sitting on the mountain top, plays his flute
    He sees around the meadows, across the hills, and remains glut.

    Nobody understands, what is the meaning of his melancholic song
    Nobody realizes, in his tiny life, what went wrong.

    When he looks through the blue sky, he bestows his life
    Everything passes in a whisper, like a rife.

    With nimble sadness and sigh, he looks around
    There is no sign of life nearby, only silences surround.

    (I became emotional and cried a lot during writing this poem,
    when I put myself in the position of the lonely shepherd.)



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    Southern wind

    Southern wind, Southern wind
    Take me with you
    I want to go
    At the bend of that village
    Where my heart has fallen.

    I fell in love with
    the golden paddy field
    I fell in love with
    the pond side surrounded by water lilies
    I fell in love with
    the moonlight wet playground
    I fell in love with
    the colorful village market.

    When the sun goes down
    Grandmothers start their stories
    Fireflies burn in the bamboo garden
    The jute field yields gold
    Seeing this beautiful panorama
    My heart exhaled.

    Southern wind, Southern wind
    Take me with you
    I want to go
    At the bend of that village
    Where my heart has fallen.


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    The Taj Mahal

    Mughal Emperor, Shahjahan
    For the memory of his wife Arjumand Banu Begum
    Made, a royal tomb-
    Everyone knows it, called the "Taj Mahal",
    Which stands on the banks of the Jamuna
    With the scope of its vastness.

    Beginning in 1832
    It ended in 1853,
    Thousands of artisans, architects, workers in 21 years
    They were dedicated to its construction.

    Ustad Ahmed Lahuri was
    The original designer,
    The white marble dome-shaped tomb-
    Being a complex integral, architectural wonder.

    Every year, millions of people flock
    To see this archetype of love,
    Everyone is overwhelmed to see-
    In everyone’s heart, it’s unique to cut the stain of love.


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    Para encontrar o caminho (Portuguese)

    Achando esse tempo, aquele tempo, para sempre
    Corpo e mente estão cansados
    Parece que é inútil descobrir
    E o tempo é reduzido.

    Pensamentos sem pensamentos
    Quando é monção, quando está seca
    Em tal crise
    O caminho está cheio de valas.

    Dessa forma, não mais
    tem algum fim
    Então, para encontrar o caminho
    O que restou.


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    The society

    "The pen is mightier than the sword", said Edward Bulwer-Lytton
    He could not realize, what will happen to that meaning, while life goes on.

    In the current society, nobody respects each other
    They do not understand, what is the sense of living together.

    Only the powerful are becoming the controller of the society
    They think, they have become the deity.

    There is a vast difference between the rich and the poor
    When someone asks for help, they just shut the door.

    What will happen to this, no one knows, where is the end
    It is difficult to predict, where will reach this trend.


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    Memory lane

    Down the memory lane,
    Lots of attempts are there, but most of them are in vain.

    Here goes, lots of cries,
    However, there were many efforts, and many tries.

    Life! It is like green pickles,
    Hope, someday, someone will be able to unbind those shackles.


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    Days of Future Past

    Centuries ahead, who does could predict!
    Centuries past, who does remembers!

    If one sees just beforehand, one could see the future,
    or, the past, but not the present,
    because, it is within the existence.


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    Fagun's moment

    Swing that takes in the breeze
    The south window is open.

    They twinkle stars are still in the sky
    So the mind is unbound today.

    The attention was filled with random thoughts
    Unfamiliar world with absent minded gestures.

    With the south wind blowing the boat’s sail
    Fagun has now reddened the occasion.

    The game of light and darkness are going on
    This is how the whole day passes by.

    (Fagun is a month of spring in the Greater Bengal)


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    The light of knowledge

    We came alone, we will go alone
    Keep that in mind
    It will not come to work
    Whatever we have so many friends and relatives.

    On the way to come, on the way to go
    All the work that we have done
    Everything has to be accounted for
    Understand that today.

    This word in the mind
    It's better to keep
    On the way of path of coming and going
    Let us ignite the light of knowledge.


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    The king's son looked around
    Going from village to village
    With one shoe in his hand.

    This shoe would be a perfect fit on the foot
    Of the one
    The king's son will make the life partner
    With her.

    How long has it been like this?
    The soldiers all turned around in groups
    Find the shoe owner
    No more
    The king's son's mind becomes a burden.

    Yet he does not give up
    One day he will find her this way.

    Suddenly one day he went to a village home
    The girl was found by the king's son
    Her name is Cinderella
    She is beautiful to look at, her beauty repeats by all mouths
    She showed the other shoe from the pair.

    Everyone in the state said Hurrah, this girl is genuine
    Parades across the state
    They got married.

    If it is written in the destiny
    No one else can snatch it.


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    Marked in diameter and radius, the identity of the circle
    Short-lived bubbles merge, the decay of receipt.

    The enigma covered by the riddle is the path of life
    Movement with wide open heart, but the desire fails.

    Fallen hope in the long run, I think it is the oasis
    Chest filled with a momentary happiness and hesitation, what a salvation.

    Going to reach the desired goal, I see an asphodel
    In the midst of shattered success, seems some hidden curse.


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    Voyageur du désert (French)

    Sur un coin de la vie de l'ignorance
    Itinérance pendant un court instant
    La douleur d'obtenir ou de ne pas obtenir
    Il est rempli d'esprit dépressif.

    Avec quel espoir a construit la maison
    Personne là près ou loin
    Pour ce que l'esprit attend
    Personne n'est là pour lui-même.

    Tous sont inconnus dans l'étendue de l'immensité
    Voyageur du désert
    Le sentiment de ne pas aller nulle part.


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    Stories, never lies
    stories, never dies
    stories, never go in vain
    stories, sometimes written in pain.

    Stories, could be right or wrong
    stories, make us weak or strong
    stories, from future or past
    stories, do not rot in dust.

    Stories, some are really significant
    stories, keep us near from distant
    stories, do not end in a grave
    stories, make us strong and brave.


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    For free

    The sun only rises for free.

    The moon is indebted to the sun
    because it does not have its own light
    so it does not rises for free.

    The sea depends on the moon
    and thus its ebbs and tides
    so it is also not for free.

    The waterfall depends on the earth's pattern
    and it needs the mountain to fall
    so it is not a free fall.

    But, if we desire
    the pure love
    it can always be free.


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    When did I hear the trumpet of life, from gaining knowledge and wisdom
    However, death horns can be heard, anytime
    And we have to depart, leaving everything in this world.

    Life is a moving train, doesn't know how to stop
    On the way there is never a moment's delay, and obey only its own law.

    Its movement is only towards the front, doesn't know how to look back
    It never kept the track of who came and who went.

    In this way, on the way of life, we have to cross barely
    It moves on at its own pace, no hurry.


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    Good morning

    Divine thoughts tremble, in the window of my heart
    Blossoms spreads fragrance, in the gentle breeze of dawn.

    In preparation for the goal, the wind blows on the sail
    Standing firm on boat's neck, just moving forward.

    Every moment of thought, lets call that back
    Memories are almost lost, let them stay behind.

    I heard the arrival of that good day, with a new consciousness in my heart
    Stepping forward on the way back again, erasing all the pain.


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    Junção da vida (Portuguese)

    Chegando à junção da vida
    Calculando a disponibilidade, indisponibilidade
    A mente está transtornada
    O que queria e o que conseguiu?

    Bem no fundo daquela dor
    A frustração está o tempo todo.

    As esperanças são devastadas sob a roda da fortuna
    Então a vida chora por aí
    Recebimento de busca e não busca
    Cercou o pátio da vida.


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    In reality

    Do not listen to the sweet words of the wicked
    Don't count when he says something.

    The trick is that he wants to make you lose all the time
    There are so many people like them in this society.

    However, they are out of reach all the time
    When all such intellects are join together, then there is nothing to be done.

    To be among these people is a great danger
    You never know, when they will bring a new menace.

    Yet do not know why, they are the first-line people
    No matter how hard you try, they go unnoticed.


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    Im blauen Schmerz (German)

    Durchstreifen im blauen Schmerz
    Schwimmen im Blau des Ozeans
    Vorübergehend rhetorisch denken
    Ich vergesse gerne ganz gut.

    Gegen den Willen sprechen
    Auf dem unbekannten Weg gehen
    Laufen gegen Müdigkeit
    Auf die falsche Weise schweben.

    Scheint, alle Hoffnungen sind
    auf der anderen Seite des Flusses.


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    Standing on the sidewalk
    Extend the arms.
    Dust and mud on the entire body
    Seeing pedestrians.

    Shows various commodities
    Gestures to buy.
    That's why they are inexpensive
    People always like to bought some.

    He called, yelled and sale
    Sometimes chased by the law enforcers
    But where would he go?

    Has a family that works hard
    However, the entire liability is on him.
    This is how his day goes on
    But, not at anyone's mercy.


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    Pedestrians are running with shortness of breath
    No time to waste
    Everyone is running for their task
    That's why there is less time to talk.

    Someone is walking fast
    Someone walks slowly
    Everyone is busy in the middle of work
    Everyone is eating by working.

    Someone from behind again
    Gives a push on the back
    Hey, walk faster
    There is no excuse.

    Thus the rushling and hustling
    That's all going on throughout the path
    Must reach the place of perform
    There is no time to cease.


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    Meditation rises above ideas and wanders again
    Such behavior as a result of speaking the truth.

    Slipped on the way and stopped for a moment
    However, looked back and saw that there were no footprints.

    Sleep-deprived thoughts are suppressed at night
    But awaken every morning with the dream of new hope.

    Don't understand how this has happened
    Don't understand when have to see such a day.

    There is no witness to whom I will give the justice
    Above is the last hope of the Creator.


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    Bring the spud, come with the axe
    Cut down all the trees.

    What is the need of the garden
    There will be an apartment, however.

    Fill all the ponds
    There will be house complexes.

    What one get any benefit from the lowlands
    Lack of space to build new houses.

    Who keeps space for a new road
    He lives in a fool's paradise.

    There is no time to sense and thought
    Everyone is running with their eyes up.

    Must have to be modern
    Look around.


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    Licht (German)

    Dunkelheit im Schatten des Lichts
    Und in dieser Dunkelheit gehen
    Der vordere Weg ist wie eine Fata Morgana
    Auf dem gleichen Weg ist Erfolg angesagt.

    Eine Seite, die andere Seite, beide Seiten sind überschwemmt
    Wie der Fluss an regnerischen Tagen
    Messung der Bewegung von Hoffnung und Vertrauen
    Die Vorteile sind als solche.

    Muss noch schauen
    Wer geht übrigens
    Muss noch zuhören
    Wer spricht.


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    "Dullard pretends to husk rice even if it goes to heaven"
    The weaver has been weaving all his subsistence.
    The fisherman has been fishing all his time
    The farmer cultivates throughout all his years.

    Helmsman spend his whole life on the boat
    The artist sings through all his existence.
    The beggar begs through all his survival
    Destitute dies crying all her days.

    Kites fly in the sky all their being
    A liar lies all through his entire life.
    Memories haunt throughout all our lives
    The monsoon brings early floods throughout the year.


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    Summon (3)

    Anything there is unhealthy
    Anything there is evil
    Let us make them disappear from the heart
    Let it not be even dim.

    Get rid of all lies
    Let the truth to take the lead
    Enlightened mind, enlightened moment
    Let the dire thoughts be disrupted.

    On the path of light beyond darkness
    Gathered all
    Injustice and inequality
    Shouldn't cry silently.

    Become affected by unfairness
    Let us not do any job
    To build an orderly society
    We have to take an oath today.


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    Tempo (Portuguese)

    Quando o tempo passou
    Antes que qualquer coisa possa ser encontrada
    Quando o alvo é perdido
    Antes de encontrar o caminho certo, ao mesmo tempo.

    Presente e inexistente
    Junções estão a caminho
    As idéias ficam cinza
    Não entendido de forma alguma.

    Em um dos momentos
    Saia do caminho novamente
    O que acontece quando ninguém sabe
    Atravessando esse caminho em vão.


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    Luz (Portuguese)

    Escuridão sob a sombra da luz
    E andando naquele escuro
    O caminho da frente é como uma miragem
    No entanto, no mesmo caminho, o sucesso é dito.

    Um lado, o outro lado, ambos os lados são inundados
    Como o rio em dias de chuva
    Medindo o movimento de esperança e confiança
    Os benefícios são como tais.

    Ainda tem que olhar
    Quem segue pelo caminho
    Ainda tem que ouvir
    Quem fala.


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    Dead of night

    At the dead of night
    There are Bangma, Bangmi lying at home
    Darkness surge around
    Land not seen below.

    Occasionally in the bamboo forest
    The light of the firefly blazed
    This is the night of the new moon
    It is real darkish.

    Wise owl in his house
    Moved up
    In that one corner of the forest
    Cactus flowers are blooming.

    This game of darkness
    When will that end
    In the morning sky
    The sun of the day will rise, however.

    (Bangma, Bangmi are epic birds from ancient stories.)


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    Needless to say
    Just passing a day
    or two, without any count
    do not know how to make the bount.

    Thereafter, looking forward to
    move along the path, without ado
    Thus cultivating needless thoughts
    wherever fee-foo-fun, or foughts.

    Ah! Who can say who is right
    as always, the might gives the fight
    But, you know how to ignore
    and make one to forget furthermore.


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    "Shining doesn't make something gold"
    The cuckoo never lay their eggs at the crow's house.

    Coal dirt cannot be washed away using water
    Knowledge never been forgotten.

    It never feels good to forget something special
    In the shadowy existence there is no hope of life.

    However, the entire life is spent at the seashore
    The account book of life never matches.

    The jeweler only knows what is the pure gold
    There are only a few conscientious people in the society.

    There are many twists and turns in the way of life
    Even, someone is calling again to move forward.


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    Rio (Portuguese)

    O rio corre através do mar
    Ora reto, ora dobrado
    Não sabe por onde parar.

    Na estação chuvosa fica inundada
    Este lado, esse lado, ambos os lados ficam inundados
    Leva tudo o que encontra na frente.

    Aldeia de carros alegóricos, aldeias
    Vai para baixo
    Quanto do caminho e da área.

    No verão, torna-se fino
    Algumas rotas se tornam inacessíveis
    O rio é único na era de quebrar e fazer
    Então, nas páginas da vida
    Observações pendentes.


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    The merchant lives in the walled enclosed house
    How organized it is to stay indoors.

    How many of his servants, how many guards
    Everyone is at hand, everything is urgent.

    Breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon
    They all know what he’ll eat at night.

    From here and there, even if it is a hair is moved
    He would bring a big sword, look sharp, to punish.

    If anything is needed, the gestures are enough
    It appeared with lightning speed, there is no apology.

    In this way he lived a life of supreme felicity
    The rest is very tiny as he is engrossed in his own meditation.


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    Beard yourself in the ordinary queue
    Match yourself with their laughter and tears.

    Devote yourself irrespective of religion and caste
    Their problem is not to think of their own.

    Try the best to solve their problems
    Feel their pain in your heart.

    Let the day come when the common people are happy
    Let's dream on this day, let hope awaken in everyone's heart.


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    Fell into the abyss of the eternity
    Every step of life
    How much I try to be rescued
    Deeper it is throwing.

    By opening the door to innovation
    Surrender yourself to the dream
    Desperate efforts to be saved
    However, it is determined by a tiny flash.

    Self-satisfaction, self-purification
    In search of the true definition of the soul
    Taking achievement with fortitude
    Eternal thirsty spirit.


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    Turn of changed day

    The turn of the changed day came
    The times are not stopping.
    Thoughts are random
    Only the dust of the path are spreading.

    A lamp, though seen in the front
    Whispers something in the ear.
    Delivers the mantra to move forward
    Hope awakens in the soul.

    Those who are in front and behind
    Chasing on the way to leap forward.
    A feeling of desire-accomplishment
    Makes noises in the middle of the mind.

    This is how life passes
    On the Oarsman’s river’s quay.


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    Jonction de la vie (French)

    Venir au carrefour de la vie
    Calculer la disponibilité, la non disponibilité
    L'esprit est en colère
    Que vouliez-vous et qu'avez-vous obtenu?

    Dans cette douleur
    La frustration est tout le temps.

    Les espoirs sont dévastés sous la roue de la fortune
    Alors la vie pleure
    Réception de recherche et de non-recherche
    Entouré la cour de la vie.


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    Nascimento e morte (Portuguese)

    Intervalo entre nascimento e morte,
    É a vida
    Onde é o fim da vida
    É a morte.

    A vida é temporária,
    A morte é eterna.

    Ninguém tem controle sobre a vida
    Não há absolutamente nenhum controle sobre a morte também.

    No entanto, todo mundo está procurando o significado da vida
    Tendo em mente o que acontecerá após a morte.


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    Say that the flute will sound
    I was sitting and opening the fence
    Noone didn't play the flute anymore.

    I was waiting for listening to that tune
    Thought in my heart
    Anyone did not sing in tune anymore.

    That says I will draw a picture
    Caught paint and brush
    But couldn't draw anymore.

    That's the way it goes
    I went out to the door
    But couldn't cross the bridge.

    I thought that I will paint the face
    Since when did I dress up?
    And couldn't no longer painted in spring color.


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    Recibo ou falha (Portuguese)

    Cumprimento de recebimento
    E a dor de perder
    Qual é o mais perturbador
    No reino da vida.

    Ambas as marcas são dignas de nota
    Receber faz com que alguém tenha sucesso
    O fracasso faz com que alguém desapareça.


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    Thoughts (2)

    Hidden thoughts trembles in the courtyard of the heart
    The guard of Seven seas seems to be moving at the signal of light.

    Unrestrained emotions play in the muddy waters
    Rareness is spread in the arms of darkness.

    Looking back here and there so back to momentum
    Arranged gardens broke there surrounded by loneliness.

    When the treasure of desire is lost, it floats in tears
    Glancing to the sky so hoping to get back.


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    Rivière (French)

    La rivière coule à travers la mer
    Parfois droit, parfois courbé
    Ne sait pas où s'arrêter.

    En saison des pluies devient inondé
    Ce côté, autre côté, les deux côtés sont inondés
    Prend tout ce qu'il trouve devant.

    Village des inondations
    Combien de chemin et de région.

    En été il devient maigre
    Certains itinéraires deviennent inaccessibles
    La rivière est unique à l’ère des ruptures
    Donc sur les pages de la vie
    Remarques en suspens.


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    Criers’, laughter's’ fair
    Running all the day
    Turn back and forth
    Let's see the same fixture.

    Try to go this way, try to go that way
    Turn the wheel as hard as I can
    It is that old way
    Where running anew.

    What's up?
    There is no end this tour
    There is no beginning, too
    Fatigue is the special feature.

    However, must keep going
    No nonsense.


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    Swimming is a lifelong pursuit
    Yet lying on the shore of life
    There was a lot to know
    But it is not known in this small span.

    Life goes on in its own way
    No one calculates where and when anything gets lost.

    This is how the ebb and tide goes on
    For lifelong
    It was as if someone had lost the whole lot
    Where totality is an ephemeral flagpole.


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    Na dor azul (Portuguese)

    Andar na dor azul
    Nadar no azul do oceano
    Temporariamente pensando em retórica
    Eu gosto de esquecer muito bem.

    Falando contra a vontade
    Andando no caminho desconhecido
    Correndo contra a fadiga
    Flutuando da maneira errada.


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    The wheel of life

    Day after day
    Time is endless
    Path after path
    Trail is endless.

    Mistake after mistake
    Live inside that
    Month after month
    It's a hoax.

    Pain after pain
    There is no happiness
    Injury after injury
    Just full of grief.

    Game after game
    Running all day
    Talk after talk
    I can't say that.

    Night after night
    Without sleep in the eyes
    That's how it goes
    The wheels of life.


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    Tag des Sieges (German)

    Dies ist ein herrlicher Tag
    Dies ist ein Tag des Sieges
    Ein Tag voller Erfolge.

    Tage sind in die Ewigkeit gekommen
    Zu irgendeiner Nation
    Unvergessliche Erinnerungen
    Zu den Leuten.

    Dies ist ein Festivaltag
    Dies ist ein glücklicher Tag
    Dies ist ein Tag des Fühlens.


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    Heart’s harp harness from wire to wire
    The tunes will remain fallen on the path
    On the banks of the calm river
    The tunes will remain fallen.

    At this fair of laughter and criers
    Life goes on in like a sport.

    Sun-shadow on this day
    Do not know the way back.

    In this case, seek and try
    Though times pass by
    The songs will remain fallen.

    Bored in the Autumn breeze
    The songs will remain on the path
    Mixed with deep sensation.


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    Toujours (French)

    Quand le temps est illimité
    Quand le chemin est immobile
    La vie est alors stagnante
    Ensuite, la marche continue.

    Quand la réponse à la question est inexpressive
    Quand la destination est sans but
    La réalisation est alors absente
    Alors les rêves sont en jeu.


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    The Radhika

    Dance, fulfill the heart, joyful youthful mind
    In the dance, the songs are sung, the time passes by.

    Leads to night, audience, pleased all
    Mixed rhythms, trembling erosion, and there is no difference between real and false.

    Eye’s expectation, no trench, even there is doubt
    In the attraction of desire, in the perspire, someone is reckless.

    What she should do, so eventually, lets go of that
    Deceptively better, bitter in sight, they are either baseless.

    Doing so, taking time, passes her overnight
    Gastrointestinal irritation, locking in the heart, opening the eyes finds the same morning.

    (Dedicated to all the female stars of the local stage drama, called Jatra in the Greater Bengal.)


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    Viajante do deserto (Portuguese)

    Em um canto da vida da ignorância
    Roaming por um tempo curto
    A dor de conseguir ou não conseguir
    Está cheio de mente deprimida.

    Com que esperança construiu a casa
    Ninguém lá perto ou longe
    Pelo que a mente está esperando
    Ninguém está lá por conta própria.

    Todos são desconhecidos na extensão da vastidão
    Viajante do deserto
    A sensação de não chegar a lugar algum.


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    All of a sudden

    Have you seen how crows row a boat?
    Sitting on the corner, and the bull fell on the head!

    Have you seen cockroach flying in the sky?
    Fire-fly stops light in the night air!

    Have you heard what song sings the female fox?
    Entellus is taking bath in a pond surrounded by stairs!

    Have you heard that sitting squirrel eating timber?
    Hornets chasing everyone to the entire field!

    Wonder what will happen with the hog-plum wood?
    Everyone else on the field is a fake, but the bull!

    Which picture you draw will be colorless?
    And me! Cannot write anything, but became a poet!



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    A poor soul

    A poor soul, asked the eternity-
    Can you tell me,
    Where is my destiny?

    The eternity jingled, mingled
    Laughed, puffed
    And said, why should I tell you,
    In comparison to me
    You are so tiny!

    The poor soul, finding the response
    Cried a lot, but silently
    And asked thyself
    For an appropriate answer-

    Later on realized
    The cruelty of fate,
    And, thereafter
    Remained silent forever.


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    Lost my mind

    I lost my mind
    In the vast field of green village
    I lost my mind
    At the river side of Shimultali quay.

    I lost my mind
    In the colored flowers of Caesalpinia pulcherrima
    I lost my mind
    At the canal of Matamuhuri.

    I lost my mind
    At the village market of Rangunia
    I lost my mind
    At the stalk of blossomed Lotus.

    I lost my mind
    By the tune of the lonely shephard
    I lost my mind
    By the silent song of the Jamuna river.

    Note: Bengali name of Caesalpinia pulcherrima is Krishnachura.
    Here some renowned places of Bangladesh have been cited.
    (Some childhood memories)


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    Traveler (3)

    Traveler missing the target
    Turns out just gazing in the middle of the path
    The frustration of not being able to find
    Feel dreadful in the corner of the heart.

    Looking for a insinuation of light
    If seen anywhere
    The whole time devotes on the way
    So he rushes and rushes.

    Someday, it will end
    When and where no one knows, though
    Absolutely maybe going to end, somewhere
    That may be the last stoppage.


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    Find out

    Who summoned me
    With that word of aspiration,
    Looking for her
    In this diminutive range-
    I don't remember though
    Her face.

    Still walking in hope
    As if absolutely motionless,
    Which has no end
    Just think so always-
    Will I be able to see her again
    Someday, someday...



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    New consciousness

    When there is between desire and attainment
    A huge gap,
    Then the heart will be stained
    And, in the pain of not reconciling the accounts
    There must be tears in the heart.

    However, in the direction of the light of the new day
    The fresh journey begins
    In the heart, with new consciousness
    Let the drum sound high and high.


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    The child comes to enlighten the house
    Happiness is everywhere
    Every heart of the house is touched
    Every soul plays happily.

    Day by day childhood-adolescence-youth reach
    The ballad of success goes with the whole existence.

    Just like the wheel of life
    This hope is for everyone
    As if all are drawn in a pleasant picture
    A child brings an immense aspiration to all.

    (To my daughter and all the daughters of the world)


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    Guide of light (2)

    Waking up in the middle of the night
    Who goes to the front
    Illuminates the path
    By sleep awakening song.

    Becoming the guide of light
    Continue to walk
    Filled with hope
    Overwhelmed the lonely heart.

    This is a vast thrill
    It feels like eternity
    That is a heart-wrenching tune
    A sleep awakening song.

    (Inspired by the devoted writer, Kazi Nazrul Islam.)


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    Direction of light

    Walking on the path in the dark
    The path is not known yet
    But, the heart remains open
    Finding the direction of light,
    Thoughts pull back
    The trajectory goes elsewhere
    Still, let's go on firm foot
    Even it is not understood properly.

    The path is no longer recognizable
    Everything seems unfamiliar
    Even if the path turns somewhere else
    I agree to continue,
    When will this darkness end?
    I hope to see the light, however
    The path must be crossed
    Betting on my life.


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    Winter morning

    Water lily in the water of the small canal
    There are snails, oysters in the mud

    Little waterhen widen his mouth
    Mother is giving food

    Hoppers are flying around
    Gavial comes out of the hole

    Small fishes play again
    In the water of intensive black canal

    Chill is playing in the air
    Time passes like this.


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    Songs of life

    Village wives are singing, while husking the rice
    The helmsmen are singing, while rowing the boat
    The farmers are singing, while cutting the paddy
    The fishermen are singing, while fishing at the river
    The birds are singing, while the morning sun rises
    Honey combs are singing, while collecting the nectar
    Village girls are singing, while collecting the flower
    The children are singing, while swimming in the pond...

    Those songs enchanted the mind, and
    Make inspired.

    (Morning songs of the Great Bengal)


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    By you, by me
    By the sky, by the wind
    By the sound of fallen leaves
    By the shadow of broken dreams
    By the past days, by the infinite future
    By the affection to you
    By the smile of yours;

    Never allow to drop my words on the soil.

    (On the occasion of the International Poetry Day 2021.)


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    Fallen star

    Such a lonely star is surrounded by many other stars
    Fallen down
    Nothing matters.
    How many birds fly in the sky?
    A bird
    If lost, no one finds that one.

    Like so many stars on earth
    Bursting every year
    Lack of care is falling many stars
    No one is keeping any news.

    If these fallen stars
    It could have been nurtured properly
    The world would have been even more sweet
    No one would be hurt.

    That day will ever come, that
    Those stars won't drop anymore
    If you nurture them before they fall
    No one in the world will be unhappy anymore.

    (To those marginal dropouts.)


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    Message of Agrahayan

    The song of the open land
    My green leafs’ song
    At noon on the river bank
    By the shepherd’s flute
    Life becomes delighted.

    Gallinule called in the morning
    The kids are all playing
    Farmers are chanting
    To pick up newborn rice in the house.

    On the bank of the pond
    The village wife goes there
    In the dawn of light
    It is filled with aroma of grass.

    (Agrahayan is the Bengali month when
    cultivators' bring new paddy
    to their homes.)


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    It's the turn of the day

    The turning of the day came
    No stopping in between times
    The thoughts are random
    Just spread dust on the road.

    A lamp is seen in the front
    What it tells by whispering
    Adds the mantra of moving forward
    Hope awakens in mind.

    Those who are in the back
    Chase on the way.

    A feeling of being-sought-after
    Noises in the heart.

    Life passes on like this
    At the river bank of the Helmsman of Earth.


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    On the shore of the river (2)

    On the shore of the river
    I'm standing
    When the boat will arrive
    Without the helmsman.

    The boat is mine
    Not visible yet
    Tired by thinking all
    Seeing the lifestyle on earth
    All the past scenes are coming in the mind.

    So, thyself
    Have to row
    The boat
    On the way to towards the front
    Go on your own
    No more fatigue.

    (Here river is the imaginary version of life)


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    When faith and disbelief
    By mixing become homogeneous
    To value the unbelief
    The faith has to accept the defeat.

    Trusting in faith
    Lead the way of life
    At this juncture of life
    How much exaggeration with disbelief?

    The familiar paths vanish in the dark
    In the shadow of disbelief
    Yet, have to follow the path
    By the affection of faith.


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    Joyau inestimable (French)

    Sur le chemin de l'autre côté
    Quand c'est perdu
    Soigneusement gardé dans le coussin
    Il cherche ça.
    Sur le chemin de la maison, devant le bateau
    Sous le fond du four, sous le banc de la pièce, sur les côtés de la maison.
    L'adolescence et la jeunesse ont traversé
    Maintenant la vieillesse est venue.
    Néanmoins, il garda la main dans l'espoir
    Un jour, il retrouvera son précieux bijou perdu.


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    The song of life

    The helmsman, the cultivator of the village
    Come everybody come
    Go to the quay, go to the field
    Time flies.

    You have to raise the sail
    We have to join helm to the plow
    River water is surging
    Waves playing in the paddy field.

    Flood is in the river today
    Harvest Binny rice for the next season
    There is no time to sit idle
    Get up by fastening the waist.

    (Binny is a special type of rice that is used to make
    roasted rice in greater Bengal)


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    Summon (2)

    Burning the candle light of the heart
    Do not remain sitting over there
    Open the door of the soul
    And go out.

    No matter the boundaries far beyond
    Let the life be full of pain
    Widening on new wings
    Do not get defeated.

    Let the old path remain there
    Build a new one and lead through that path
    Open the door to the courtyard
    And never look back.



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    I drew a curve, do not know when
    But couldn't straighten that anyhow.

    I tried to draw a circle,
    Finding its circumference, the circle was though drawn but could not complete.

    I started painting a face,
    The memory is so deeply lost,
    It does not appear anymore in my mind.

    I wanted to walk on a path,
    The road is so steep,
    So could not find the edge of the lonesome plain.

    Wanted to make a formula,
    But observing the depth of the numerology
    Could not complete the same.

    Suddenly the wind blows and I lost the path,
    Now it's just the turn to play hide and seek with the heart.


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    Twilight on this sandy bay
    I wrote down my name.

    Somewhere in the corner of life
    As much pain and sorrow
    I searched for them in silences all the time.

    There are as many turns in the way
    I was shocked to see that
    Waiting goes on
    Don't say a word
    I built all the words in my life with the lonely soul.

    Opened an account
    Forgot the path on which I'm sitting
    On every page of life
    Untold words remain
    Even I was so sitting on this path where passes a person alone.


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    Kuber (Portuguese)

    O nome dele é Kuber
    Vive em uma área rural.
    Havia um pedaço de terra, vacas para arado e uma pequena casa
    Com aqueles que ele dirige sua vida.

    Ele teve que vender tudo para o casamento de sua filha
    Agora torne-se diarista
    Come se conseguir um trabalho, caso contrário, permanece meio comido ou passando fome.

    É assim que acontece, a noite chega
    E as dores do desespero flutuam no ar.

    Finalmente ele decidiu, ele irá para a cidade em busca de trabalho
    Com tantas esperanças, um dia parte para a cidade.


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    That boy of the ferry quay

    At the Ferry quay, he sells green coconuts
    A handsome looking boy
    He didn't listen to anyone
    Used to jump in the moving ferry
    Every time, he has been warned
    By many ferry drivers.

    He didn't know what to fear
    But, one day he fell down
    While the ferry was moving
    Extreme prices have to be paid
    One day
    It was a bit little late.

    The boy falls under the ferry
    Lost his fresh lived life
    Just in a few moments
    All vanished away from eyes.

    Mother cries alone along the riverside
    With pain in the chest.

    (Based on a true story)


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    Came alone, I'll go alone
    Keep this in mind
    Nothing will work
    Relatives and friends.

    On the way of coming, on the way of going
    What work I have done
    The calculation has to be paid
    And, it has to be understood today.

    Keep this thing in the mind
    It is better this way
    The path through you are coming and going
    Let us ignite some knowledge of light.



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    A little tranquility

    She sits at the window side,
    Tried to breathe a little peace-
    Keeping aside all the marginal desires
    With a mortgage on time,
    With a long-distance train
    Like running without a whistle,
    Will suddenly stop moving,
    Then take a little rest in that open courtyard-
    From where the mass of the bamboo scaffolding of the fence
    The open sky can be seen.

    Blue sky!
    She hasn't had time to look that way for a long time.
    From dawn to dusk, till the evening light,
    Collecting firewood,
    Pushing the kitchen,
    Cleans rust from old windows,
    Gather the reed branches,
    Washes the broth stains from husband's vest,
    Putting the torn button of the elder boy's shirt,
    Sew the sleeve of the little girl's dress ....

    Tried to take a little leisure though;
    Where did a stormy crow come from?
    Sat down on the courtyard and started y...

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    Fagun time

    The wind blows in the arena
    The windows of the south are open
    The morning stars are still glowing in the sky
    The mind is so reckless today
    The mind was filled with random thoughts
    Unintentional gesture of unknown world
    Floating the wind’s boat
    Fagun colored the time
    Playing in the light and the shadow
    That is how the whole time is spent.

    (Fagun is the spring month in Bangla)


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    Two wings of the kingfisher
    Who broke it?
    The freedom to fly a bird
    Who took away?

    He's a silly bird
    Did no wrong to anyone
    What did he do?
    That somebody did not like.

    By breaking his wings
    Is it a good job?
    Then how he will fly
    Can you say that?

    (To those bird hunters)


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    I will work today’s work tomorrow
    That can't be done anymore
    I will give happiness to this forehead, or that forehead
    This will not be changed.

    Whoever has the due
    There is what it deserves
    He has to obtain whatever there
    There is no other options.

    All the rules are written
    HIS account is all fair
    Now it's just the turn of the realization
    And, you have to be patient.



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    Little girlie

    Dawn is here
    The birds are singing on the trees
    Little girlie, little girlie
    Open your eyes.

    Start your day by washing hands and face
    You have to go to the school
    After wearing various clothes
    The children all are going in groups.

    Learning is necessary and you have to learn
    To become a great one
    Foremost, becoming wise
    Will lead you to be the leader of the nation.

    Let it be like this
    All the baby should think this way
    There is no substitute for knowledge
    And, you should remember that.


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    Durga Puja

    Dham kur kur, Dham kur kur
    Playing the drum of worship
    Upon the arrival of the Goddess
    Everyone is chanting.

    Children, young and old
    Singing various songs
    In the pile of tam-tams, the drums
    With increased solidarity.

    Goddess came on horseback
    The Goddess will return with swing
    Let the happiness be with her heart
    Let everyone's mind be filled with hope.

    The worship is going from the monastery to monastery
    Worshiping the Goddess
    Come on in the happiness and peace
    Sprinkle light on the earth.


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    Broken melodies

    Listen to the broken melodies all around
    When the bond was snapped
    The stream of cataclysm came into the chest.

    All the flowers in the garden are laying on the floor
    There is no one to pick them up
    The heart is full of darkness
    Playing there waves of pain.

    Shravana stream falls
    Filled my eyes
    All were washed away in the flash flood
    How do I call someone.

    When the courtyard has been broken
    I could not see anything
    Wandering alone in the empty arena
    I stopped at the edge of the sunset.


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    Flame of lamp

    When the flame of lamp went down a storm
    Never ignite it, so far I remember.

    Hence, moving around in the darkness
    In the midst of the familiar and the unknown,  seems to be another world.

    Venus is gliding on my fate
    Who will sing me the songs of the wind.

    Though it could be a mistake, but walking on the way with hope
    The light and the dark, both are playing around.


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    Time (4)

    Floating in the stream of time, lost
    My memories
    I'm sitting on the sidewalk
    By opening my eyes.

    What was the hope when, I
    Built the home?
    Look around today
    Dusty sand bed.

    The mind cannot obey, so
    I just hope
    The time, flows
    Floating in the whirlwind.


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    Knowledge (2)

    "Seek knowledge from swinging cot to grave"
    Take the straight path, driven by conscience.

    Remember that there is no alternative to straight paths
    Always stay away from the curved path.

    Whoever has gone the way of knowing the wise
    Remember that you have to follow that right path.

    Life is one but not many
    We will take the benefit of it after all.


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    Morning light (2)

    What a light, touches my eyes
    Summons me in the new sunlight.

    Swinging in the breeze,
    Whatever comes in the mind, let it remain drifted.

    Floats a cloudless cloud,
    Let the thinking of my mind to be played there.

    Play the bamboo flute,
    By opening the barricade, let it fly with all the tears and laugh.

    Let the hope rises in the heart,
    By opening the window, let all loves, fly.


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    My days are lost
    On the bank of the filled river
    My days are lost
    With the sound of fallen leaves.

    My days are lost
    With the drops of the pouring rain
    My days are lost
    With the songs of evening birds.

    My days are lost
    In the airy evening sky
    My days are lost
    In the flickering of night stars.


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    What to draw, where to put it
    On the way, I see the emptiness
    Time passes, no one is at any corner
    That's why I am thinking, lost the key of my home.


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    Taking in my hand
    Arrow and bow of the time
    I am sitting here on the path to life
    Restless, curious.

    If there comes any opportunity
    I'll pull the bow
    There will be no chance that will get rid of my hand
    My arrow will hit.

    Morning gone, evening gone
    The night came
    Don't look at the opportunity
    Time passes.

    That's how it is
    When will come the opportunity, nobody knows
    Hence, sitting down for eternity.



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    Time (3)

    There is no stopping somewhere;
    No one dares to conquer;

    Does not take any responsibility;
    It flows to the eternity.


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    Flowery wishes

    Spanish cherry has erupted in the garden today
    There are more flowering of unknown flowers.
    Nyctanthes, China rose, Jasmine, Bela
    With them the north wind is playing there.

    Tuberose, queen of the night
    They are known for their fragrance.
    Yellow marigold and sunflower
    They look so blessed.

    In the shadow of Royal Poinciana
    Summer sunshine falls.
    Champaks, roses and gardenia
    Keep the garden decorated.

    Flowers blossom throughout the year
    Let us see them with all eyes open.



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    Martyr Day and Mother Language Day

    Crossing one river of blood
    This country has been independent
    In return for the lives of millions of martyrs
    We've got it.

    How many mothers in tears
    The soil becomes wet
    This is my country
    This is purer than gold.

    The people who gave life for this country
    Who gave the breath
    In remembrance of them let us
    sing the victory song.

    (On the occasion of International Mother Language day)


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    The one who plays the flute
    I was sitting by opening the window
    He never played the flute.

    With that tune I would like to sing a song
    I thought by the corner of the heart
    Could not sing anymore.

    To draw a picture of someone
    I caught the paint and brush
    Never I could paint.

    That's the way to go
    I went out from the door
    Could not walk on the path anymore.

    To decorate in the bloomed color
    Remained prepared for sometimes
    Never could paint with the mind.


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    Increase the scope of knowledge
    Stand in front with a full-fledged heart.
    Silly never on earth
    Can't be prosperous
    The light of knowledge need to be burn
    Increase consciousness.

    Knowledge will show the way to the end
    There is success in knowledge
    Ignorance pulls backwards
    Brings failure.

    Knowledge can give in today's world
    New self-esteem
    That way you have to forward your steps
    Be wise in knowledge.


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    Unsent letter

    Once he met, the ex-girlfriend of a friend
    He used to like her, but could not tell her the truth
    One day while she was dancing with the friend
    (At that time, they did not become ex),
    When she comes near him, he could smell her body
    It is like a beauty soap, or an unknown perfume, or a nameless flower
    So pure, so pleasant, so charming, he cannot describe
    But, the smell remained in his heart for a long time.

    She was so pretty; he thought he could sing a song for her
    One song, two songs, three songs, songs forever
    In fact, if she passes by him, even with his closed eye
    He could tell her presence
    So, to see her for a glance, he remained standing on the way
    She comes and goes.

    One day gone, two days gone, three days gone
    Numerous days gone
    She never passes through this way
    But, for her he left some yellow flowers on the path
    Not all yellow, with a red spot i...

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    Kajla girl

    Kajla, the daughter of Kusumpur, has anyone saw her?
    I could not see her anymore, by the Ichhapura's bend.

    She was like a banister, a smile was always on her face
    Repeatedly, it seems, let's look at her.

    Naughty was cute, listened to no one
    That would be the end, it wasn't known.

    To collect the water lily, she went there
    Did not return and come home, everyone looked for her.

    What about that girl, and nobody remembers now
    Hope there will be one day, when I could see the Kajla girl again.

    (In memory of a young girl who went to collect water lily
    and never come back)


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    Leave vengeance, slander, abdication
    There is no achievement in harming others.
    Build your life with patience
    Fight against evil and injustice all the time.

    When someone is in danger, raise your hand
    Respect to the elders, do not harm them.
    Receive the happiness that the Lord has given you
    In no way do not break your integrity.

    There will be nothing in the world of short days
    If you do something what is good, they will go behind you.


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    The river of life

    What are you doing for hours and hours?
    The movements of life can be measured!
    It is like a river
    Sometimes straight, sometimes bend.

    In the monsoon, the river flows
    By swallowing two sides
    Like the life in full of youth
    The euphoria takes over.

    Such a river as ever-flowing
    Sometimes is ever quiet
    Life is so desperate
    Sometimes become tired.

    Like a river, passing so many ways
    Runs into the sea
    By leaving everything in life
    Have to go to my own home.


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    Inundated Padma

    Oh Padma, in this filled month of Vador, what the look are you showing?
    At the break of the wave, you break harder, now what else do you want?

    The wider region disappears into your womb
    Loosing all, those villagers are just looking at you.

    How many homes were lost in the blink of an eye?
    Where to find the oven for cooking, where to find the pot?

    The farmer see the darkness, where to cultivate
    People's hand on the head, where will they live.

    In doing so, do you have any end?
    Everything went under the water, there is no remaining.



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    Life is a bird

    This is an outstanding feeling
    On the pages of memory
    Seems all sorted out
    It's like an exchange of nuggets.

    When has it crossed
    How long is it left
    Walking through the door of memory
    The wrath of words
    Is everything in order?

    Gone yesterday
    Crossed it
    Now let's put it for tomorrow
    When will the life fly away
    Leaving all the delusion
    This is the life of a caged bird.


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    Within the corridor of the heart, trembling with sleep
    The watchman of the Seven Seas is like a light gesture.

    Unrestricted sentiments play out across the mind
    Rareness is spread in the arms of darkness.

    Find here and there so it's back to the speediness again
    The decorated gardens were surrounded by solitude.

    When to lose the wealth of desire to float in water of eyes
    Looking up at the night sky so hoping to get back.



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    Early childhood

    My mind remains
    In the water lily floated on the pond side
    My heart remains
    In the rows of the mango field.

    When it rains in the summer
    The team of child jumps in the water
    Climbing up on the tree
    Finding a nest of the bird.

    On a palm tree on a winter day
    Swallowing all the juice
    As evening falls
    Runaway to the village market.

    A childhood memory room
    Chilled inside the mind
    Those are the times
    Still, the memories are inside the heart.


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    Guru makes three folds on his forehead
    He said to the students:
    "Study the rest for yourself",
    And then
    Slowly he walked towards his room.

    He is great
    His knowledge does not compare to this earth
    Stay serious
    His mild voice could not be easily heard.

    Always stay dedicated
    A wealth of knowledge on how to grow
    He is not a pair in search of knowledge
    Somehow he did not give up, neither he lose courage.

    Being such person’s disciple
    It is the gift of great fortune
    These gurus for ages
    You have made richness a great, famous story.

    (Dedicated to my best Guru, Prof. Nassir Sabah;
    Still I remember his open book and open time questions!)


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    The right path

    Seeing the time is the right way
    Have to take the steps
    Otherwise, sooner or later
    It may fall back.

    If the foot falls in the wrong direction
    Once in a lifetime
    Lots of efforts need to be burn
    In getting to the right path.

    Running one mistake from the other
    Will make filthy
    It will not be possible anymore
    To stand up straight.

    That's why I think so
    Go in the right path
    Bring goodness to life
    And, find peace in your heart.


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    Lost tune

    There is no tune in the song
    When was it lost?
    The memory nevertheless pursued
    The search is just for that.

    On the way, while walking and talking
    Was the ever-present tune
    In the midst of thinking, in everyday work
    The heart was full.

    By no means unknown, it takes shelter
    I thought that today
    As much effort, I give
    I don't feel like doing anything.

    Lost the tune, endlessly
    That is no longer the end
    Yet around hope, sitting on the shore
    I try to cross over.


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    Putting someone’s blame on someone’s neck
    The result cannot be the same
    Luck is what is written
    That's it
    Nothing else can be done.

    For some temporary benefit
    We try to do any work
    Not in the eye we have
    Any shame.

    Anyone who does wrong
    Anyone who accompany him
    Both are in time
    Will be in the conflagration.

    Consciously listening
    It's good to go ahead
    The walk will be straight
    We can see the light on the way.


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    The bride wearing the veil walks away
    The evening star peeps
    Her face is full of smiles
    Heart becomes passionate by looking at her.

    In the house by lighting the evening lamp
    Covered with her fringe
    Her bashful and timid glance woke up trembling
    However, the hand is extended.

    What a line on the silent face
    Nobody understood
    She is tired of the illusion of home
    At the same time incineration in the heart.


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    I wanted to walk

    I wanted to walk a little,
    With the scent of the gentle breeze of the morning full of life-
    But could not walk, due to the thorns of the path.

    I wanted to walk a little, at that dawn-
    When the morning prayer ends -
    Whenever the dew did not fall on the grass,
    The fireflies in the bamboo grove are just trying to sleep.

    In the lukewarm water of the side of the paved pond
    Even though no one came to wash their feet, which is still covered with fog,
    The reed branch in the middle of the pond is throbbing
    Shaking with the water, there is still no wave
    The red grasshopper did not come and sit.

    Sitting on a branch of a tree, the two baby birds sit under the mother's wings
    Stretched their bodies
    The sun painted by deep red is still there
    They did not fall on their wings.

    The little girl wrapped in mother's lap and asleep,
    Dream aunties are still sleeping fr...

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    Autumn morning

    The drizzling wind delights the mind
    Snow white cloud floats in blue sky.
    The white catkin has covered the forest
    Looks like another world.

    Morning of autumn is very charming
    Drives away pains from the heart.
    The martins are playing in the field
    Rows of boat are tied in the quay.

    The boys and girls are going to the school in groups
    The shepherd is running towards the field with the wicker hat on his head.
    Farmers thrive in the field with all the sickles
    The village wife is washing the child, in the pool pond.

    Water lily blossoms in big pond
    Jasminum flumie, jasminum sambac and mimusops elengi flower fill with sweet aroma.
    Can you ever see this sort of scene, elsewhere?
    There is no limit of beauty in the beautiful Bengal.


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    The distressed earth

    Here comes the depression
    Heat is increasing under earth of treeless soil.

    Hello sunflowers!
    Why are you so sad in the sunless sunshine?

    Hello mulberry flowers
    Why is the Cuckoos do not sing in the forest as before?

    Hello human!
    You are destroying all the trees in the name of development!

    Hello Celestial chorister!
    Are you going to sing only in heaven, for a while
    come down to the earth, and resuscitate everyone with your melodious tunes.

    Hello Helmsman!
    By covering your mercy,
    Rescue this humankind in this earth.


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    It's the time to dream
    Shuffling the mind
    The dream comes absentmindedly
    Playing at the corner of the heart.

    Be the young or old, dream all
    There is no witness of dreams, though.
    Dream comes within the scene of its own
    Some dreams suddenly becomes true.

    There are no meaning of many dreams
    Yet no one can stop dreaming.

    Night passes by dreaming
    This is a mystery of creation
    When someone stops dreaming
    All the commentary on life will stop.


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    Morning light

    The morning light fall on the face
    The light of hope awakened again in the chest.

    Encouragement to go ahead with the new day's spirit
    Cut out of darkness, and cannot be pushed back.

    The clear wind is blowing out all around, the call is always open
    It's good to forget the back day, keep up the determination.

    The sky has got the new sun filled with sparkling light
    Let the light of hope be torched in every heart.


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    Putting water in the beak
    Lets her nestling to drink
    Puts food inside the mouth
    Lets her nestling to eat.

    In winter-spring-summer-rainy season
    She keeps her nestlings under her own wings
    Not eating herself
    Give the baby food to the mouth.

    Let the earth be in hostility
    How did you forget that mother?

    Ten months ten days
    keeping inside the belly
    But, laughing
    How many hopes in the heart.

    During the time to be born
    How much pain she bears
    Yet smile on her face
    When she hears her baby’s cry.

    Enfolding in her chest
    She remains extremely happy
    She forward her hands
    Call the baby towards her.

    When the child becomes sick, afterwards
    She cares for her whole night and day
    Provides continuous attendance
    Nevertheless, her face remains bright.

    Not eating herself
    Give the baby food to...

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    Beauty of Bengal

    How many rivers flow
    The estuarine estuary of this delta of the Bengal.
    Looking at the bewildered beauty
    It's not too late to fall in love.

    There are gold paddy in the field
    On the side of the field, filled with the peasant’s song
    The garden is filled with sweet mango
    Southern air flows over the mild river.

    I heard the shepherd's flute
    Joy and smile while playing with the children
    Jasmine, belly in flourish
    Pankouri and kingfishers are playing in the water.

    The bird's are singing on the branches
    The dusk dumped in the galaxy in the distance.
    I am fascinated by the beauty of Bengal
    The water of pleasantness comes down to the cheek.


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    Birds of life

    This is an astounding feeling
    On each the page of the memory
    Seems, all are arranged
    Such an exemplary gown.

    When is it crossed
    How long time is left
    Turn around the door of memories
    In the words of speech
    Let us all be decorated.

    Yesterday was gone
    Crossed over
    Let's keep in mind the tomorrow
    When it will fly
    Leaving all the illusion
    This life is a caged bird.


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    Apathetic wind

    Floating in the air, the windy breeze
    All the tears and smiles were gone.

    Like the mist
    Floating my memories
    The torned wire of the harp
    Speech of consciousness
    Gave me a summon.

    With anxiety, kept the door open
    Sit in excitement
    Relaxed! Never knew
    Hold tight the stir again
    Hanging in my neck, the loser’s chain.


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    Safe road

    Unnecessarily driving the car fast
    is not desirable
    The dangers that might come from the front, from the back
    Fear is in every step.

    If we do not obey the traffic laws
    And keep driving
    Any time
    There may be a big accident.

    Driving unfit cars on the street
    is a big crime
    So why, bet on the life
    Why taking slander.

    Be steady, drive nicely
    Run our car
    Safely and without anxiety
    Let us return to the home safe.


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    Succinctness trembles in the realm of the heart
    The watchman of the Seventh Seas goes as far as the signal of light.

    Unclean emotions play in a whisper
    Scarcity is spreading in the arms of darkness.

    Looking back here and there, it's back to the motionless speed
    Arranged gardens surrounded by loneliness.

    When the wealth of love is lost, it was sad
    Looking forward to the glittering sky, hope to get back again.


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    My mind is sitting there
    by the side of the pond full of water lilly
    My heart is residing there
    within the row in the field of mango garden.

    When it rains in the summer
    we jumped altogether in the pond
    roamed from trees to trees
    looking for turtle nest.

    On the winter day, on the date trees
    taking away all the juice
    With the evening falls
    runaway to the village market.

    Childhood memories
    bewilder the mind
    The good old times
    still are in the memento.


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    Pessimistic wind

    The harp's tale sounds what a tune
    That tune deepens inside the heart
    Where did the thoughts go?

    Whirling the mind
    Here blows the hint of apathetic wind
    Where are the thoughts?

    The whole day got mixed in the dusk
    The mind does not work in any way
    That's how the time passes
    With a pale breeze.


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    Come to the zero, float in the zero
    Return to the zero
    Seeing in the zero, learning in the zero
    Consuming in the zero.

    Back to the zero, surrounded by the zero
    Arranged in the zero
    Mixing in the zero, pressing in the zero
    Deletion in the zero.

    Walking in the zero, talking in the zero
    Passing in the zero
    Playing in the zero, fairing in the zero
    Ending in the zero.



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    Night stars

    The stars in the night sky
    glow with glitter
    Spreads the game of light and darkness
    talk about the existence of God.

    Very distant from this planet
    far far away
    They are many light years away
    from here too far away.

    Yet everyone adheres to the rules
    revolve around their peripheries.

    There are more stars in this universe
    Whose light has not yet come
    In the lap of this planet.


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    In the study, come everyone
    Let us develop the merit.
    In the memorized studies
    The deficit remains.

    Must be in the syllabus
    Intellectual development strategies
    Students should learn about pragmatic education
    Then life will be successful.

    Young people have to be provided with
    Technical education
    It will be needful to work in the country
    You have to take an oath.

    When to build a better career
    There is no alternative to gain knowledge
    So, move towards that path
    As soon as possible.


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    Woman: (English)
    Hakikur Rahman

    Hello woman
    Enfolded me in what an illusion,
    What fascination you have spread-
    In thrilled string, in the thirsty morning,
    In the heart of mine;
    Time passes by,
    Gave up the helm-
    Reviving the consciousness, I see an invisible oasis,
    For time antiquity,
    Became celibate.

    নারী: (Bangla)
    হাকিকুর রহমান

    ওহে নারী,
    কি মায়ায় জড়িয়েছিলে মোরে,
    ক্ষণিকের তরে,
    ছড়িয়েছিলে কিসের মোহ-
    পুলকিত ডোরে, তৃষায়িত ভোরে,
    মম অন্তরে;
    কাটিয়া গেলোযে কাল,
    ছাড়িয়া দিয়াছি হাল-
    সম্বিত ফিরি হেরি অদৃশ্য মরুদ্...

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    No more cry, my friend
    Stand up straight
    Step to the front
    There is no time to stop.

    Do not let all go back
    Do not mess with memories
    With new consciousness
    Inspired by the encouragement
    Get started on the way again.

    Let the obstacles come as much as possible
    As far as someone calls from the back
    With a new hope
    Deep into the heart
    Let's face it
    There is no time to go back again.


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    One question remains in the mind
    Why come to the earth
    What causes life, when you die?
    Just float in the dream?

    Time passes with the same thought
    Yet, the answer to the question is not found
    As much as I think and do the ratio of numbers.


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    Life on the riverbed

    The river does not know how to stop
    The movement does not have any border.

    It breaks one side and builds the other side
    The river goes on to the sea
    It breaks down as it wishes
    Whatever the dam you built.

    Yet this is the life of the riverside
    Beloved to many people
    They are the witnesses of the breaking and building
    The river has taken their own.

    The river is filled up
    Hits both the sides
    Here comes the tidal waves
    Wake up everyone!


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    Earthly affair

    Selling in the Earthly affair
    No one will come with you.

    As you came on that day
    Likewise, you will be gone.

    As much as you do, illusion here
    With children, property, wife.

    So do not weep, no result
    Only Karma will be with you.

    If you have a fall with the delusion
    There is no gain in the soul.


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    The apathetic king just sat and think
    Will there be a day?
    No one else in this state
    Will not remain in starvation.

    Calling Minister, calling Scholar
    Calling all the Courtiers
    Must have to make a master plan
    So that all the people of the state get to eat.

    More of the state treasury
    Has to be enriched
    So that someone is in the next day
    Does not live in inadequacy.

    Wherever you see flood, drought, famine
    Stretch your  hands
    So that no one remains starving
    Do not spend night without sleep.

    Food, clothes, shelter
    These three are the original
    If you can afford, then give then education
    There will be lack of inadequacy from the country.

    In this way, his kingdom is ruled by his kingship
    No one else in the state has ever cried.


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    The boy sitting on the window

    Sitting on the window of the lane
    The boy does not be seen any more
    So when with him
    Was last seen.

    He was suffering from a difficult illness
    No one did not know
    He left the world in silence
    Filled with the cry of the tears.

    He was quite in touch with the conversation
    It was with everyone
    No matter whether pedestrians, peddlers are going
    Whoever have passed the path.

    I remember the boy very much, when I pass through this way
    Hope one day, the boy will again appear by holding the window.

    (From a childhood memory)


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    Rainy day

    Rain fall in the canals and ditches
    Peacock dances with floating wings,
    Myna becomes wet in the tree
    Rain falls with melodious sound.

    The sky becomes black with clouds
    Wind speed increases,
    Cloud clashes and flashes
    Watering sound becomes more loud.

    In this full rain
    Who wants to go outside,
    I see the rain sitting in the porch
    And write poetry about rain.


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    Rickshaw puller

    The wheel rolls around
    Drops the sweating of the body
    The whole day struggles on
    Does he gets what is the real price?

    He goes from here to there
    Under the sun and rain
    Life comes to the throat
    Does not remain in the heart.

    Yet he runs along the path
    With the inspiration to survive
    Going along the way
    In no one's mercy.


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    In the bend of life’s wave
    The tears and laughter are hidden
    Someone can see, someone cannot see
    No one knows.

    Life is going on like this
    World is roaming around the clock
    When and where to stop
    No one knows.

    Cut out unnecessary time
    Walk in the opposite direction
    Which way to walk
    No one knows.

    Chest is filled up with empty hopes
    Life is shattered somehow
    Where to sail down
    No one knows.



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    In the heat of the summer
    all body sweats
    Get a little peace
    when it rains.

    It's happening around the world
    due to the change of environment
    In third world countries, especially
    increasing irritation intensifies.

    All of the us together
    will have to take the step
    If the balance is in the environment
    Eventually disaster will decrease.


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    Inundated Jamuna

    Waves of water flutters
    The Jamuna is inundated
    The waves stuck towards
    Rahim Miah's house courtyard.

    The house is in the river bank
    Passes his life by catching fish
    Seeing the tide and web
    He keeps all of his family in the house.

    However, there is heavy fear is his mind
    When the house would be washed away by the wave
    Yet, he was bound to the chest
    Hoping for life.


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    Life (2)

    In the life of tears and laughter
    What is left to see?
    It may seem like this life
    Entire entity is empty.

    In the bend of river life
    The memories are hidden
    Never let to catch, never let to see
    There is no limit to its perimeter.

    So on the pages of life
    Let's all write them down
    All the makers of all events
    And, become a mute witness.


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    Traveler (2)

    Seeing it unimaginable
    keeping everything
    out on the way.
    Time of the day
    unevenly mixed
    what I would say.

    One could say that
    whatever to say
    seen more obstacles
    on the way.

    Who knows what will happen.

    The passer-by seeing the front
    forwards the legs right.
    You can try to get to see
    and, even get it right on the river’s coast.


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    Mother's lap

    Baby tears in the mother's lap
    It cannot be beard in any way
    Mother's lap brings peace
    In the hearts of all the children.

    The child waddle in the mother's lap
    Forget to cry all the way.

    Come to the mother's lap
    We all take shelter.


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    Walking on path (2)

    Fair of weeping- laugh
    It's been around the whole day
    Looking at this side, looking at the other side
    Let's see the same game.

    By this way, you go or by that way
    The swiftly swirl the wheel
    This is the same as walking on the old way
    Renewal of walking.

    Of this walking
    has no end
    nor it has
    special fatigue.

    So, it has to be walking on the way
    And, it is not a child’s play.


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    The Earth

    Ask the wind that stopped-
    Why are you stalling?
    I can not be overwhelmed as before
    It is the pollution at the source.

    Ask the tree which is trending downwards -
    How this has happened to you?
    She answered, as she is ill,
    In the absence of water I am in the big trouble
    This is how we remain alive.

    Ask the fountain that is flowing lifeless,
    Why you do not flow like before?
    I'm in great trouble being harmed by the environment
    No one shows any sympathy.

    Let's talk about the slow-moving river-
    Where are your excited waves?
    Due to lack of navigability, I am dry now
    There is no one to see it.

    Ask the bird sitting in the shade -
    Why are you so depressed
    The canals are all filled up
    Can not get food properly when I am hungry.

    I ask the dusk on the horizon-
    Why do not have gold color as before?
    The world's b...

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    Inside twenty-two yards
    Twenty-two players
    The game is very exciting
    It's been around the whole day.

    Sometimes in white ball
    Sometimes this game is going to be on red ball
    It's not a play of force
    They say that they only need intellectualism.

    Test, one-day, T-Twenty
    These three ways can be played in this game
    Types of variations in over
    Play this game on the field.

    If the ball touches the fence touching the ground
    Then there are fours
    And if the ball does not touch the boundary liner
    It's six, and how nice it is to see.

    Let's play around the whole world
    Let's play the game of bat and ball
    Let's stay throughout the year
    In all the playgrounds.



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    Buddy of goodtime

    Now you have
    Lots of money, wealth
    There are happiness around
    With happy mind.

    How many friends are there?
    How many there are flattering people?
    The time passes very well
    It can not be understood morning and afternoon.

    When will the wealth of you are gone
    Only then can everyone be known to be friends
    No one else will be there again
    Do not see anyone getting in with.

    They become friends at good time
    There are many
    All become strangers in times of trouble
    No one is there for you.


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    I could not match the calculations;
    Now and then
    when do the time
    has gone away
    did not think.

    I did not learn to write words;
    When I remember the words
    I write them unheeding
    meaning of those words
    I did not see.

    I did not find the road boundary;
    By this way, that way
    how many ways I have passed
    the boundary of the route
    I did not see.


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    On the shore of river

    On the shore of the river
    I'm standing alone
    When the boat arrives on the shore

    The boat is mine
    not visible yet
    But, thinking about it
    seeing the future
    that occurs in all scenes.

    It flows by itself, however
    one has to drive
    so is it your own boat.

    On the way forward
    you have to go on your own
    no more fatigue.


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    Auspicious gag

    Auspicious gag
    Where to place it
    Which is the real, which is the fake
    Just left to recognize
    All auspicious gag.

    In the fair of real and fake
    Nothing can be known
    The real and fake mixes
    Leaving the riddle
    All auspicious gag.

    Do as much as cry
    Think as much as you want
    Nothing works at all
    As much as keep in a shelf
    All auspicious gag.



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    Swim through the entire life
    Still standing on the sand bed
    There was a lot of things to know
    But it was not known in this small arena.

    Life goes on in its own way
    Which does not account where who losses or wins
    This is how the ebb and tide runs
    Throughout life.

    Whatever supposed to be obtained was lost
    Everything is for all of a sudden.


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    Each year

    Three hundred and sixty five days
    become one year
    In every human life
    this is an unexpected tour.

    No one knows the destination
    What it is written?
    Everyone is in restricted
    to one’s destiny.

    This is how the life goes on
    filled with hope
    That's how the time goes on
    the world filled with trust.


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    Wheel of life (2)

    Day after day
    Time is endless
    The way after the way
    Path is endless.

    Error after error
    We have to live inside that
    Month after month
    Life seems to be a joke.

    Pain after pain
    No happiness there
    Hurt after hurt
    Just filled with sorrow.

    Game after game
    It's been around the whole day
    Word after word
    But can’t say it.

    Night after night
    There is no sleep in the eye
    That's how it goes
    The wheel of life.


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    New sensation (2)

    The fair will grow again
    Under the banyan tree, on the market place
    Wake up singing life’s victory

    Again float the boat
    In the filled up Ganges, in the middle
    Wake up partners in the sea.

    And no more staying idle in the house
    And no more defeat in the life
    There is hope in the chest
    Do not forget it.

    New light can be seen
    Let's move on in front of everyone.
    In the new day of sensation
    Everyone come out.


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    Evening star

    Evening star is the sister of the world
    Name of her is Venus
    She is the closest to the world
    She does not have any secondary planet.

    In 225 days surrounding the sun
    She circles around
    If one stands on the Venus will see
    that Sun wake up in the west and sets at the east.

    In the evening along the western sky
    in the early morning, and in the eastern sky she glows
    That's how her existence is being told
    to the universe.


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    From when I am watching
    The wrestling of Kane, Undertaker
    Steve Austin and Goldberg.

    There are also the boxing of the world famous
    Mohammed Ali.
    Who does not know the football game of Pele?
    They were so shocking
    The goal of Maradona still is the best.

    Sachin Tendulkar's cricket game
    Who does not remember
    The storm of sixes of Chris Gayle
    Everybody called it as the world record.

    By doing so they are adorable
    Their performances in the form
    Will be remembered by everyone.


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    Find back (2)

    Past, present, future
    All mixed together in a mess
    In the expanse of the eternity
    Find again and find again.

    Getting the immediate
    Have lost gone before long
    Trying to find in hopeless mind
    Here, there, in all the areas there.

    Looking for this that has no end
    When will the get together be broken
    No one can ever predict
    Just will remain the relish.


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    Front path

    No more in the dark
    open the eye
    No more sitting idle
    follow the path of light.

    Perhaps it is not easy
    still do not end up running.
    The path may have ups and downs
    but effort should be there to reach out.

    Get out on the way with bold step
    go ahead in front
    Barriers are all around
    yet they have to be crossed.

    That's how it will be done
    all the paths have to be passed
    Only then will it be seen in the coming days
    the door to all possibilities.



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    Tacit, silent, calm
    Midnight time
    There is no response anywhere
    Only sky is filled with stars.

    Somewhere in the field
    The foxes have called out
    Suddenly the wind blows
    The light of fireflies glow.

    Birds fall asleep at all
    With haphazard wings
    Dreams come and go
    In the courtyard of the heart.



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    End of the day

    Day by day how much is the debt?
    Remains unknown
    Day by day how much water flowed in the river Jamuna?
    Remains unknown.

    On the pages of debit-credit
    Everything was wrong?

    While doing the accounting
    Got to see
    Nothing is extraordinary.

    Then this is how
    Everything ends
    There will be no more in hand
    No relish will be there.

    So sit at the end of day
    On the sand bed
    Life, such a treasure of accomplishment
    Yet becomes instantaneous.


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    Migratory birds

    Migratory birds fly
    Stretching feathers in the air
    Depart from the country to country
    In winter, summer and rain.

    They go from one country to another country
    Away, far way along the horizon
    In due time comes back again
    They come back at home in that distant.

    They know when and where to stop
    They rightly know the path
    They know when and where to return
    When time come they come back to their own tree.

    This is how the migratory birds
    Fly around the earth in their own way
    Through which sign they fly
    As if the world in under their wings.



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    Rice of harvest-festival

    The boat is embanked on the river side
    Filled with golden rice
    Harvested rice is coming home
    The heart will be filled with joy.

    Happiness filled the house of the farmer
    Laughing is abundant in his chest
    Let this way overwhelmed the mind and soul
    Have a happy life all the time.


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    Wheel of life

    The boat is tied by the river side
    Water is coming down to the ebb
    In this game of ebb and tide
    Life passes by the side of the sea
    Sometimes fierce, sometimes frigid
    The flow of river is very strange
    In this way passes the wheel of life
    Everything has been arranged in stages.


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    Time (2)

    Every planet, secondary planet, stars in the universe
    Whichever ones turn in their own orbits
    It never happens without it
    No one can go before or nobody after.

    Everybody complied with a compulsive rule
    Have their own way
    That's the way each-other revolves by measuring their directions
    Moves by a pointer.

    The earth revolves around the sun
    Year comes
    The moon surrounds the earth
    Month comes
    The Earth revolves around her own orbit
    Brings a new day.

    This way time is tide up to its own time
    Yet, the time is unlimited.


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    First sight

    To bring water from the river bank
    Somehow the light flashes
    Prince's heart becomes excited.

    The sky was blue
    Air was limpid
    The giving and taking of hearts started at the river bank.

    The eyes are in the eyes
    exchanging hearts
    With the little maiden girl
    A prince of another village
    has the first introduction.

    Love at first sight
    Finding one’s mind in other’s mind
    That is how the two hearts
    combine with tune within tunes.


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    Walking on the path

    Today again in the same way
    The movement started
    In which border that I go
    Dust clogged on the legs.

    To what address do I have to go
    I do not know
    In which courtyard I have to stop
    I have not heard before.

    If walking, in this way
    The destination remains unknown
    Never there will be any stop on the path
    At the bent of the nameless village.


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    In which allusion of light
    Who is that?
    Calling me
    Come back, come back.

    In the dark the birds in all groups
    fly in the direction of the light unfurling their wings
    with millions of hope is in the chest
    Who is that?
    Calling me
    Come back, come back.

    Look back at midnight towards the direction of the light
    Sailless boat in the middle of the river
    The way days pass by on hoping for hope
    Awaken the addiction of receiving
    Who is that?
    Calling me
    Come back, come back.


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    Unspoken words

    What was to say, was not said
    What was the way to go on, was not gone
    What song was to listen, was not listened
    What was to awake in the world, was not awakened.

    In this way aimlessly, the days have gone
    While passing by, said something in the ear
    I think that always, and it makes me sad.

    What was to see, was not seen
    What was to learn, was not learned
    What was to understand, was not understood
    What was to search, was not found.



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    My village

    Everyone is welcome
    to my little golden village.

    Where sing cuckoos and peacocks
    where you can see magpie-robin
    The water of the small river flows
    towards its own address towards the sea.

    Where shepherd play his flute
    The mind becomes sad a little
    The water drains down during ebb
    Calling by gesture.

    Where the water-lily filled the ponds
    Children swim in the water
    All the groups of farmers
    go to the boundaries of the field.

    Where silk-cotton, Bakul, Palash flowers flourish
    Seeing that mind becomes cheerful
    Fishermen go to the river to catch fishes
    On the edge of the small river.

    Everyone is welcome
    to my little golden village.



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    Suddenly the light flashes in the central sky
    With palpitating heart I listen to speech of someone
    The appeal comes to go forward
    Somehow from the very distant.

    Exiting towards the path I proceed
    Looking back from the first
    This is a new feeling
    Hope to find something.

    Like the river, she has her way
    Somewhere straight, somewhere bent
    Likewise, when will life be at the termination
    There will be the end of all the calculations.


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    Walking on path

    Lost the path on the way
    trying to find alone
    Looking this way, that way
    cannot glimpse it.

    The morning went to the afternoon
    the night arrived
    In which corner I should find
    pain of my mind.

    The day went by like that
    somewhere in the borders
    Still the mind tries to find
    the gesture of life.


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    Traveler with lost target
    Just walking around the path
    Disappointment of not getting anywhere
    Beats inside the heart.

    Little sign of light
    if seen somewhere
    the whole day run to that pathway
    So run and run.

    When this walking will end
    nobody knows
    maybe it's probably possible someday
    and, then he will stop there.


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    Find back

    Who will give me
    the hope?
    I tried to find her
    in this dimension
    Though do not remember
    her face.

    Still hopefully on the walkway
    There may be an opportunity
    Though it is absolutely motionless
    Which has no end.

    Just thinking about it always
    Will it be the moment again
    that someday I will be with her?


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    New sensation

    When there exists a huge gap
    In between desire and reception
    Then the stain will be cut in the heart.

    In the pain of not matching the account
    There is a cry in the heart.

    In the direction of new day light
    Start the new journey
    With the new sensation in the spirit
    Let us beat the drum.



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    The child comes to enlighten the house
    There is joy everywhere
    Every heart is stirred in that house
    Everybody plays with a cheerful smile.

    Day by day, come childhood, boyhood and youth
    The success story goes with the whole life.

    This way rolls the wheel of fortune
    This hope remains to everyone
    As if all are like a painted picture.


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    How high they are,
    emerged within oceans,
    fade away even before reaching the shore;

    Created within rivers,
    may reach the bank,
    but become weak;

    Produced within ponds,
    reach the edge,
    perhaps touching grasses along the edge;

    waves that are being created
    within brave hearts never fade away.


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    Guide of light

    By wakening the midnight sleep
    Who goes to the front
    Enlightening the path
    With sleep awakening song.

    Become the guide of light
    Continue to carry
    By filling in hope
    Overwhelming the heart.

    This is very startling
    Feels in mind and soul
    With his heart awakening
    Sleep breaking song.


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    Effort for winter

    In this winter we are
    trying to
    stay under coating
    in various clothes
    To cover the body.

    And those who sleep
    under the open sky
    Are we informed about them?

    Can we not do something for them
    to try a little
    with a warm cloth
    To fill their hearts.

    If everyone agrees, then try a little bit
    Happiness will be filled easily within the globe.


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    To find the way

    Finding this time, that time, fore time
    Body and mind are tired
    Seems it is worthless to find out
    And the time is shortened.

    Thoughtless thoughts
    When it is monsoon, when it is drought
    In such a crisis
    The path is filled with ditches.

    That way no longer
    has any end
    So, start again to find the way
    whatever remained.


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    When time has passed
    Before anything can be found
    When the target is lost
    Before finding the right path, at the same cost.

    Present and non-existent
    Junctions are on the way
    The ideas become gray
    Not understood in any way.

    In one of the juncture
    Get out of the way again
    What happens when nobody knows
    Crossing this path in vain.



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    Darkness under the shade of light
    And walking in that dark
    The front way is like a mirage
    Yet, on the same path, success is said.

    One side, the other side, both sides are inundated
    Such like as the river in rainy days
    Measuring the movement of hope and trust
    The benefits are as such.

    Still have to look
    Whoever goes by the way
    Still have to listen
    Whoever speaks.


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    Junction of life

    Coming to the junction of life
    Calculating the availability, non-availability
    The mind is upset
    What did you want and what did you get?

    Deep inside that pain
    The frustration is all the time.

    Hopes are devastated under the wheel of fortune
    So life cries around
    Receipt of seeking and non-seeking
    Surrounded the courtyard of life.


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    His home is in an unknown village
    Far away from the city.
    He had two acres of land
    And two cows for the plough
    Plant the land of others with his own hand
    So starts with the life.

    Youth has seen many dreams
    Never got completed
    Still did not stop walking
    Life has not stopped yet.

    Now at old age the body is lenient
    The house, cows, plough have become old too
    Everything is lean and thin.

    In this way a life has gone
    with no marks
    The hard days have been passed without any border
    The way was dense.


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    Birth and death

    Interval between birth and death,
    It is Life
    Where is the end of life
    It is death.

    Life is interim,
    Death is everlasting.
    No one has the control over life
    There is absolutely no control over death too.

    Yet, everyone is looking for the meaning of life
    Keeping in mind, what will happen, after the death.


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    Fulfillment of receipt
    And the pain of losing
    Which one is more upsetting
    In the realm of life.

    Both of these marks are noteworthy
    Receiving makes one successful
    Failure makes one to fade.


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    The river flows through the sea
    Sometimes straight, sometimes bent
    Does not know where to stop.

    In the rainy season becomes inundated
    This side, that side, both sides become flooded
    Takes everything that it finds in front.

    Flood floats village, villages
    Goes down
    How much of the way and area.

    In summer it becomes thin
    Some routes become inaccessible
    The river is unique in the era of breaking and making
    So on the pages of life
    Remarks outstanding.


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    In the blue pain

    Roaming in the blue pain
    Swimming in the blue of the ocean
    Temporarily thinking rhetorical
    I like to forget quite well.

    Speaking against will
    Walking on the unknown path
    Running against fatigue
    Floating in the wrong way.

    Seems all hopes are
    on the other side of the river.


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    Victory day

    This is a glorious day
    This is a victory day
    A day of achievement.

    Days have come in the ages
    to any nation
    Memorable memories
    to the people.

    This is a festival day
    This is a happy day
    This is a day of feeling.



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    When time is unlimited
    When the path is motionless
    Life is then stagnant
    Then walking is ever-continuing.

    When the answer to the question is inexpressive
    When destination is purposeless
    Attainment is then absent
    Then dreams are at stake.



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    Traveler of desert

    On a corner of the life of ignorance
    Roaming for a short while
    The pain of getting or not-getting
    It is filled with depressed mind.

    With what hope built the house
    No one there near or far
    For what the mind is waiting
    Nobody is there for own.

    All are unknown in the extend of vastness
    Traveler of desert
    The feeling of not getting anywhere.


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    The way of life

    The way of life is unblinking
    Does not know where it is started, where is the end
    Just know, filled with running
    The earth is filled with dots of time.

    There may be borders, there maybe not
    The limit may be seen, maybe there is none.

    There is a desire to receive
    But there is no time of availability
    The way is full of fatigue
    Which has no end.


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    Priceless Gem

    On the way to the other side
    When it is lost
    Carefully kept in cushion
    He looks for that.

    On the way to home, at the boat's front
    Under the bottom of the oven,
    under the bench of the room,
    in the sides of the house.

    Adolescence, and the youth have crossed
    Now the old age came.

    Nevertheless, he kept his mind in the hope
    One day he will find his lost priceless gem.


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    Tired traveler

    Tired traveler, wait a little.
    You understood until yesterday,
    which way you have to go?
    You saw until yesterday,
    how much emptiness is in the way back?
    You heard until yesterday,
    the cry of the emptiness?
    Tired traveler, wait a little.


    Do you know today,
    which way you have to go.
    Do you know today,
    how many ways would you have to cross.
    Do you know today,
    where do you have to stop?
    Tired traveler, wait a little.


    Tomorrow after the sunrise,
    which way you will cross?
    Tomorrow after the sunrise,
    you will go to what border?
    Tomorrow after the sunrise,
    what will be your path?
    Tired traveler, wait a little.


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    His name is Kuber
    Lives in a rural area.
    There was a piece of land, cows for plough and a small house
    With those he run his life.

    He had to sell all for his daughter's wedding
    Now become a day laborer
    Eats if he get a work, otherwise remains half-eaten, or starving.
    That's how it goes, the night comes
    And the pains of despair just float in the air.

    Finally he decided, he will go to the city in search of work
    With so many hopes, one day departs for the city.


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