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    Every hum

    How sweet

    Rhythm the sound

    Franklyn Greene the man

    Had his own demand

    Lived to proof


    True Sportsmen

    Solid foundation

    Hourglass timed out

    Whispers from the distance

    Distances far and close

    Yesterday’s past

    Tomorrow’s everlasting

    The one day came

    Followed by soar

    Beyond the eyes of the world

    Descended and transitioned

    I will always remember

    Encouragement gained

    Honor in the Blakie call

    Embrace from Brotherly to Brotherly

    Heart driven with every beat

    Every talk was a treat

    Every joke had a laugh

    Peace, Comfort and Tranquility

    Thank you for your friendship

    This is not goodbye, but until we meet again

    Blakie waves

    I promise I will behave

    Blakie out


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    Sometimes in one’s life they often wonder why do they write?
    The words guide one in what to say

    The thought it should go this way

    This is a mission every day

    Writing comes from the heart with a need

    That’s the proceed

    What do people see?

    Is writing from thoughts yesterday and it became tomorrow sought?

    Some people won’t be honest in being false, and not tell the truth

    Years have moved on since my youth

    Wisdom is living proof

    It goes beyond words

    Mounts to the bull’s eye of understanding

    Comes down to experience and knowledge gained

    One can always say, but can one believe?

    Full of questions

    The real questions and answers come from within

    Abilities and assurance

    Confident at will

    Writer true with no false details

    No worry of Fail

    Momentum of one’s trai...

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    Curriculum of praise

    Amazement out done

    Theory of understanding

    Knowledge sustaining

    Discipline divine

    Professor so kind

    Patient and humble

    Guided through mistakes

    It is never too late

    Turning wrong into right

    It happens day and night

    Teachings 24 hours overview

    All the spiritual student has to do is pursue

    Whatever you don’t understand becomes explained

    Detail to detail

    Without fail

    When in doubt, it is Faith that works it out

    Closer to Thee

    Achievement definitely decreed

    No need for a degree

    Approved automatic with spiritual credibility

    Enforced goodness

    Students are the witness

    Spiritual class always forever

    Wise and clever

    Students always prepared for the world to enter.


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    Focus on center stage
    Performance and overture having an amaze
    Music that sets the mission
    Scenery and spotlight in precision
    Cast all in formation
    Eyes watch and observe
    Every given word
    Voices everywhere being heard
    Utterance and tolerance words
    Dramatics take effect
    The tears of aspiration
    I need to hear a true confession
    Lies have been within the moments
    Truth needs to be said
    There was a murder
    Yet silence of darkness
    Pin drop sound
    Suddenly evidence appears
    Clues all along
    The Stars and the moon knew 
    My heart even was certain
    Truth was pushed to the surface
    There was a hush illustrated
    Truth setting free
    Happiness with closure
    Anguish prior
    The hourglass that was waiting
    All eyes
    Full applause
    An exit out



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    I have an idea

    Think and write without fear

    Come up with a theme

    A subject is what I mean

    Let your pen guide your hand

    Think of yourself fondest in the land

    Your computer screen being the open door

    All you have to do is explore

    Confident and sure

    Let your own words shine

    Even while you are drinking wine

    Add the knowledge being combined
    No one can explain stories like you can

    You are the then and can
    Just imagine

    Watch the wonder

    Turn your writer temperature up

    Your inner atmosphere a waits

    Let your writing start on this very date

    Associate and Appreciate

    Writing no matter what age, it is never too late

    Now sit down and assemble



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    Wheelchair rush

    Walking legs of others, please hush

    Journey into continued movement

    No hold back

    Wheelchair staying on track

    Highway On Ramp

    Wheelchair jam

    Wheelchairs with their own speed limit

    They permit

    Wheels on schedule

    Moving module

    Wheelchairs not a stop

    Pedestrians in don’t like or not

    Wheelchairs always on the go

    A rush and sometimes slow

    People in wheelchairs are the ones that know

    Wheelchairs are people movers

    Transport and deliver




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    A wonder why?

    What was the reason?

    Beyond any reasoning

    Remembrance of 9/11/2001

    A day that was like yesterday, but unexpected

    A past with the skies clear, sunny and true

    Warning was on call with surprise

    The former Twin Towers were attached

    Two major Commercial airlines were used as missile jets

    New York City and the entire world that was on caution

    Onlookers petrified

    New York City was terrorized

    Yesterday with no purpose of a tomorrow

    Sorrow still has no morrow

    Closure always remembered

    Today the skies spell hope

    Heaven is the cope

    Embrace the past with the moment of lives loss

    Devastation ashes became risen

    We are who remain have a reason and purpose to carry on

    Remaining strong in togetherness

    We are the chosen survivors enriched to stand

    We can’t be stopp...

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    Rise to the occasion
    Platform shoe trend
    Fashion history that came to an end
    Walking high
    Thinking tall
    Ever so careful in not to fall
    There’s a get up and get down
    Disco fever
    Back in the day platform shoes were the fashion
    Today they are a mention
    Men got plenty of attention
    Today’s heritage
    Honor with a privilege
    Head up
    Move bold
    Dance floor beat
    Platform shoes on the feet
    Man’s fame
    Feet that had no tame
    No shame
    What’s in a name?
    Platform shoes were a big deal
    For real
    Alive and true
    Compelled to pursue
    Walk on with a step up



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    Dare to dream

    A mind to needs to understand

    Convene words

    Heart expels

    Storms torrent the soul

    Emotions cry out

    A loud voice says commit suicide

    Die and be forgotten

    Surrounded by defeat with no victory

    Story in

    Approaching conclude with no soothe

    Understanding and purpose collide

    It’s like there’s a small boat unable to hold steady

    The mind feeling like waves shifting here and there

    Alone in the struggles

    A sunset that quickly turns dark

    No one knows what I feel
    Reality is for real
    A told story, but who is listening?

    Anchored in one’s own theory
    Mystery unknown

    Tomorrow only a virtue
    Words hold true

    Where do I stand?

    The day, moment and hour

    Darkened walls with authority

    The time getting shorter

    Midnight could ...

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    Not a question

    But a thought

    Singing with tone of poetry words

    Rhythm and sound being heard

    A thought should or not

    Sounds more like a plot

    Perhaps a test in singing to see if a glass break

    For Heaven’s sake

    Maybe practice in prepare

    Maybe I shouldn’t even dare

    Gifted to sing

    Performing is another thing

    Sing with desire

    I don’t want the Fire Department to come with singing causing a fire

    I have been told good luck

    I have also been thought my singing sucks

    I wonder, I really wonder

    I wonder what Heaven would say?

    Maybe ok

    Perhaps singing, I should stay away

    Practice makes perfect

    Consider and try

    Assurance is forming why?

    Back again to sing or not

    My throat feels as if something is tying a knot

    My advice to everyone, bri...

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    Wordy puncture

    Sentence banding around the wound

    Get Well approach

    Maybe a joke or two here and there

    Blood pouring from the soul
    Painful felt

    Surrounded dealt

    Allegorizing thought

    Let the thought just soothe

    Healing is the key

    Emotions of anguish

    The Band-aid a healer’s helpful friend

    Sentence the band-aid over the cut

    Stay put

    Band-aid bandage

    Approach Poet control

    Let heal

    For real






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    Is Pursue


    Hold Steady


    Stay lean being in shape


    Make life simple choices


    Be Confident and Assured


    Don’t let any make you mad and throw you off your goal schedule


    Joy throughout like Florida




    Keep your feet always on Solid Ground


    Don’t limit yourself, but expand your aspirations


    See your Beauty Within


    Plan through a struggle or plight with resolutions


    Don’t lack skills, but keep them fine toned and always upgrade know...

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    One minute sunny and clear

    Suddenly cloudy followed by fear

    Sometimes Rain

    Followed by lightning and thunder

    As a child I wondered why?

    Why do stars twinkle?

    Why are there so many planets?

    Wondering child

    School said Astronomy

    Scientist said the Universe

    As for the sky, God’s creation

    I began to understand

    All scientific

    The beauty being terrific

    Each night I would see the sky telling me a story

    Glace and look up

    Shooting stars that would zoom far

    One wish

    One hope

    Believing heart

    Caring soul


    A story of wonder told

    Into the unknown

    Sky odyssey





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    Have a seat

    As I transcribe

    A jolt down

    The bench and sit

    The weather was perfect for it

    Sky words with the sun warmth

    Here and there

    Difference beyond compare

    Mind lair

    Moments to share

    Every bench

    Observation alert

    Words suddenly come to mind

    Every movement, a reason with a purpose

    Need to write

    I am giving the reader to look and it’s an invite

    Totally relaxed

    The vibes just right

    The source of my compose write

    No complain

    Not even lame

    The bench seat green

    Words being lean

    Write is with a write on




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    SO FAR

    The Morning Rise

    Horizon view

    So far

    Exercise walk

    Breathing in nature’s air

    Nothing ever compares

    Embracing it all in care

    So far

    Miles upon miles

    Thinking opinions while

    Birds chirping

    The sound of life

    Living with a purpose like advice

    So far

    Distance beyond that one can only imagine

    Observation is the knowledge

    The skies with their wonder

    Just look up and let them educate the mind
    So far

    Feeling refreshed and confident

    Energized with endurance

    The walk extended in assurance

    Ready for chores

    So far so good

    So far.



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    Educating the mind

    Knowledge coming out combined

    Theory establishing concept

    Communicating taking effect

    Understanding will be wisdom

    Lectures being the floor plan pinpoint

    Opinions with thoughts

    Challenging building up abilities

    The focus on possibilities

    Assured and accurate

    Go out and use what you learned

    Business ready to earn

    Degrees proven what you have accomplished

    It is what you do further in what you establish

    Future on and strong

    Education that took time

    You are intellectually genuine.





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    Kill in the eyes that see

    It could be designated for me

    Murder in the mind and heart

    Words were spoken, “I want you dead”

    No instead

    No speculation

    Total elimination

    Lies that were stated

    Truth totally cut off

    A journey beyond

    Anger on all sides

    Nothing to say in provide

    No need to hide

    Hate being strong

    I am not supposed to belong

    Still kill on their minds

    Thinking sublime

    All in the mind

    Nothing to say


    No appreciate, but hate
    Soon will be dead

    Nothing in between

    Words of wrath just mean





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    The Man above
    Heaven to think of
    Mercy and honor
    Grace with sacrifice
    Wonder in spirit
    Thankful in reason
    Living among
    I am one
    Praise having a shout
    Every day moving about
    Bow in respect
    The Holy Spirit that can have effect
    Love within
    From beginning to end
    Sustaining when
    Goodness there
    The Man above is how I preserver.


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    Beauty of the writer within

    Heaven’s wonder

    Soulful finish

    Words shout out


    Distance from a far

    Horizon to reach

    Words after words

    Sentences being the escort

    Emotions bound

    Heart expelling

    Storyteller verse

    Time with the need to write

    Captivation delight

    Quorum focused

    Fed up

    Need to say

    Beyond the essay

    Day and night

    Sometimes writing while in a plight

    Can’t be silent

    Yet humble

    Beauty within

    Thick and then

    No pretend

    Finish at the end




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    Not your usual

    Not uncommon

    The once upon a time

    That line might be fine

    Love of the heart at times being kind

    A glass of wine being a story added divine

    Line by line

    Word by word

    The distance between what happened

    Extending to

    Thinking through and through

    Perhaps a notion having a thought

    A pass dream remembered

    Caught in a nightmare trap

    Storms that became violent

    One pause of silent

    A past wonder

    Sunshine suddenly appeared yonder

    Emotions opened up

    Joy prospered

    Expiration had no tire

    I know, but questioned

    Opinionated but was a suggestion

    Inspiration rang like a Philadelphia Liberty Bell

    That moment, I felt like William Tell

    I can do this

    Encouragement spoke

    Proceed told

    You are mighty and bold

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    My memory lane

    Entertainment in can’t complain

    That would be lame

    The Great White Way BROADWAY     

    My time at the Town Hall Theater on West 43rd Street in New York City

    A City big and wide known as the Big Apple

    The show was “I NEED A MAN’, a small role with a big cast playing a Date

    Moment that took effect where time wasn’t wasted

    It was as gospel play leading to spiritual

    Nothing unusual

    Showbiz seen through entertaining realize

    Utter in the sound and it will be heard throughout the town

    I hear voices chatter of words of who and how being heard

    Care to dance or do you prefer to sit it out

    The show must go on

    The stage is where I belong

    Life is never easy

    Certainly not cheesy

    Learned the Piano and Organ through a Professional Female Opera Singer and Male c...

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    Sometime the sea makes you feel at ease
    Then there are other times, sea please
    The seasick feeling
    The body that becomes unwilling
    Over the waves
    Now behave
    Look below
    A boat moving slow
    Sea of wonder
    A Lighthouse and shore yonder
    Some say the seas are a friend
    The question would be when?
    Sea tail
    Maybe the time I was drinking Ale
    Breezes just confusing the senses
    Ships seeing ships
    Ever now and then a dip
    A captain saying, “Sea legs tip”
    Nonetheless, seas into miles of ocean
    Emotions forming motion
    Seas surrounded
    Cruising over mighty waves
    Maneuvering with the wind
    Seas that always can
    Sea guidelines when
    Cruising without sinking
    Chicken little thinking


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    Eye on scriptures

    Subject on words

    Questions and answers

    Knowledge and understanding

    Aftermath experiences extending into wisdom

    Lessons gained

    Wonders that followed

    Heaven’s lead

    Worshippers proceed

    Biblical historical back

    Revelation to present time

    Wonder in the mind

    Faith that should be behind

    Believing in receiving

    Research with gain

    Studying that will remain
    Carrying out in every walk and talk

    The Devil will always try to get in the way

    Tell the Devil not today

    The Lord’s defense always my getaway

    Bible study always having a take away

    Learn and your salvation will become stronger

    Understanding will last longer

    Sustaining will make you wiser

    Bible Study that says it all

    Let God’s knowledge be your call.


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    Lord, guide this Poet in what to say

    Help me encourage every step of the way

    Let it be the words

    Let the ears of someone let the words be heard

    Turn inspiration today, tomorrow and beyond

    Let my spirit always look to you upon

    Let patience be tolerance

    Give assurance

    You are the endurance

    You are every Poet’s counselor

    You represent to the world as Savior

    Being a Poet wouldn’t be possible without you

    Enrichment from you is pursue

    It becomes can do

    Thankful and inspired

    You never tire

    Blessed Poet

    You know it






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    Sounding like a sketch

    One big stretch

    Laughter with every move

    Always trying to prove

    Crash landing in not smooth

    Yet laughter all the way

    There is always a getaway

    Every movement with no pause

    Head turn with a left and right

    A look of fright

    Cornered in a plight

    Distinction of pure delight

    Every day and night

    Words of wonder

    Hope that comes yonder

    What will be next?

    Pie in the face

    Laughter with every trace

    Given the fence

    By defense

    Laughter until finally finished

    Character’s own in distinguished



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    Dreams of entertainment

    Full of amazement and surprises

    Take a back seat Beauty and the Beast

    We are a standalone being our feast

    The music being for us both

    Together we took an oath

    A Teapot and cup and saucers are the ones who know

    We will carry the show

    Just follow the flow

    Song and dance and perhaps a sketch

    You the audience will have to catch

    Creating the right effect

    We don’t want the audience to reject

    We will not be mean only lean

    You won’t see much of a pour

    Only our total performing galore

    Our story our very own and it will be full blown

    Teapot became a theory

    Cup and Saucers a mystery

    We were always sitting on a shelf or convent

    Barely used or not used at all

    We were considered a prop

    I always had to accept like it or not

    It was simpl...

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    Destination love

    Romance being all the above

    It was Greyhound Bus Schedule 101

    Journey with a direction

    The place being Los Angeles

    The trip started from St. Louis, Missouri

    Two passengers in particular were Mary and John

    Those names I want to look upon

    Mary and John sat together on the Greyhound bus

    They were sitting side by side

    Wait until you see how romance came a provide

    It would be a long three days ride

    Mary and John unknowingly had their heads leaning on each other

    While they were asleep

    By dawn, they woke up together and realized they had slept on each other the whole time

    Mary apologized and so did John

    That is how the romance got started

    Conversations into continuous conversations

    They really got to know one another

    Comfortable in their reclining seats

    They both reclined into...

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    Steamy and sizzling

    Hot and humidity running all through the body

    There were urges, strong urges

    The need for intimacy

    Love on the mind

    There was desire with no turn down

    Temperature was rising beyond

    The fire was ready to ignite

    Romance day and night

    Loins were level up

    Interlude decree

    I wanted to just let go

    But knew I had to take it nice and slow

    The need being desire
    Sweat was pouring down my body

    The summer heat couldn’t control my feelings full of emotions

    My gears had shifted

    Female eyes and a man’s body

    I was ready set to go

    Finally relieved



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    Not an Idaho brand

    Excess weight demand

    Exercise in hesitate

    Many people can relate

    Body fat

    Before and no after fact

    The couch being the guest of human weight

    For Heaven’s sake

    The problem of give and take
    Get up from the couch

    Some people become a slouch

    Exercise is the way to get rid of fab

    Physical Fitness tab

    Give the couch a break
    If the couch had words, it would be “Get Up”

    Start walking

    Get that fat off

    Stop being lazy

    It is just crazy

    All the couches banned together, and have stated, this is a couch potato war

    We the couches refuse

    We are tired being used.


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    What does it look like?

    How would it feel?

    No one can say until they see it

    It depends if you live

    Throughout life in what was contribute in give

    Forever being a lifetime

    Patience being golden

    The heart being holden

    Many yesterday’s continuous

    Tomorrow’s offspring everlasting

    Endless with no provisions

    Separation with no Divisions

    Enter in being joyous


    Forever being a onetime claim

    If you don’t see forever then you are the blame

    Imagine forever living

    Forever being a promise many years ago

    Biblical said so
    Some see Forever being fear

    Some don’t know what to expect and don’t want near
    No one knows what their Forever looks and sounds like

    It is proven over time
    Precious moments

    Forever moves forward

    One can&rsqu...

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    Built strong

    Long Lasting

    It’s not a home closet

    It could be a walk in

    But it is only how you enter

    It’s actually an Office Building Skyscraper in New York City

    The address is 550 Madison Avenue

    Has many corporate tenants

    Employees of all kinds

    What makes it distinct?

    The top and structure forming an arch like a closet

    It is distinguished

    All you have to do is look directly up

    Then you would understand

    The Tall Closet

    Storage of Printers, Computers, Copiers, Employees and Facilities Operatio...

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    Let me introduce myself

    I am your conscious

    Your very thoughts within thinking

    Your inner being

    Your wish always at my command

    Your demand

    Mechanisms being your own control



    Contributions within words

    Destiny and witness


    Mirror showing your true reflection

    A mind of hope and dreams

    Even’s one’s own destruction

    Knowledge and understanding
    Facing time after time

    Even your moments

    Breaking barriers

    Your tomorrow

    Your yesterday


    Perhaps leading to your future

    Your conscious spoke

    No Joke

    No compromise

    While woke
    Conscious now and forever




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    Connecting and transferring roads
    Destination signs bold
    Flag stops
    Suburbs into Downtown
    Commuters all around can be found
    Rolling wheels
    Speed and distance
    Extending miles
    Crossroads transportation
    No hesitation
    Bus plus
    No fuss
    Through the Day, Evening and nights
    Headlights in plain sight
    Commuters accounted for
    Routine galore
    Confident always assured
    Bus Lines mind
    A true find


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    Loss for words

    Talent, Tony Bennett

    Moment in one’s life and time

    Tony Bennett had a singing voice that attracts

    Melody in tact

    San Francisco wonders

    New York City lights dim

    East Coast and West Coast connected

    Tony Bennett has gone yonder

    Beyond our reach in elevation

    His charm

    Years of enrichment

    The preserver forward

    Mr. Bennett wants the world to move onward

    Old Blue eyes

    Always wise

    Remembrance always

    Cherished thoughts

    Fans with tears

    Tony Bennett’s Heaven preserver

    Heaven’s target

    Bulls eye Faith

    Mr. Bennett’s music will always live on for many years to follow

    Thank you for inspiring our hearts

    The world’s loss

    Heaven’s gain


    Until ...

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    Behind walls

    Within the stairs

    Beware and scare



    Haunted house

    Frightened mouse

    Squeaks and moans


    Front door locks

    No way out

    Soul’s moving about

    Framing pictures eyes observe



    It is written

    Whoever enters

    Never leave

    Lightning flashes

    Thunder cracks

    Shouts of Death, Death and Death

    Hearts pounding

    Emotions reacting

    The voice of fright

    Day and night

    Haunted and hounding

    Surrounded forever


    For all time



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    Step up, come one and all

    Start Poetry the call

    You always wanted to write, but didn’t know how

    Loss the nerve

    Writing is what you deserve

    Have no fear

    You are a Poet and need to appear

    I am here to encourage and inspire you

    All you have to do is try and pursue

    Don’t worry about the words and sentences

    Just write with your mind in instances

    Let the computer guide you in your write

    Keep the pen handle in plain sight

    Just relax

    Let your mind and heart connect with your emotions

    Say what is on your mind

    Don’t hold back nor hesitate

    Acquaint relate

    Write until complete

    While you are writing, get a snack being a treat

    Don’t give into defeat

    Think about writing ideas even as you sleep

    A winner never doubts unless he is confident in the finish


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    What do the alpha letters say?

    The alpha introduces in every which a way

    They form words to understand

    Formations and at times concentration

    Trails feedback through the alphabet

    Each letter with its own effect

    Totally direct

    What if letters wanted your divided attention in speaking to you personally?

    You probably wouldn’t know what to say nor how to respond

    If unusual words were used at the beginning that would have captivated you in reading further

    Through the letters voice

    Alpha making its choice

    High to low approach

    Tomorrow from the day before

    Upper and lower case

    Writing you through in the waste

    Concise and to the point

    Alpha moment

    Get it


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    Sturdy and Strong


    But is your Faith that sturdy?

    The church building is solid

    The rock in which we all stand

    Faith should be just that concrete

    Through the mortar and brick

    Any church’s stance thick

    Blessings come to only who is spiritually connected

    Do you fit the mold?

    You must take hold

    The foundation into faith within

    Then to now



    Built on hope and trust

    A promise extending into must

    Sustaining in willing

    What if?

    Knew how?

    Would you?

    Foundation the true format

    A spiritual map leading the way

    Stand strong and estray

    Everything will be ok

    Biblical has that way


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    Every smile could be a sign of stab in the back

    It’s a known fact

    Even an unexpected smack

    I repeat

    Every smile could be a sign of deceit

    True friends are the one’s who captivate your eyes

    It’s no surprise

    Just a realize

    False friends are what you find out being wise

    Friends are a dime in a dozen

    I see your ears are buzzing

    A smile doesn’t make one secure

    Only peculiar

    A laugh spells on trust in false friends

    Genuine is trueful

    Hidden darkness among

    Hidden false hopes straight out

    No trust
    On alert

    Friends are God given and not deceiving

    Friends being themselves in actually showing they are your friends

    No time for pretend

    False friendship is where it ends

    Delete them

    Move on

    Keep it moving


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    Requests from everywhere

    Some of them even urgent

    Wanting peace

    Relieve from a health issue

    Help from the creator of many

    The anchor of hope

    The enricher through cope

    Wonder of Faith

    Believer in doing

    Learning with understanding

    Guidance through sustaining

    World needing redemption

    There are no exceptions

    A world on edge

    At the level of ridge

    Need intervention

    Total revelation

    Needing assurance

    Strong in endurance



    Trustworthy and true

    Faith being the pursue




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    Interstate routes

    Endless road

    Highway travel the threshold

    On and off ramp

    Distances being miles

    Listening to music while

    Once and a while rest stop

    Sometimes rain could fall on car top

    Highways to anywhere and any major city or town

    The map is showing where you are bound

    Highways everywhere

    There’s always a beware

    Hitchhikers all on the road

    Keep driving

    You don’t know who they are

    They could have a criminal history

    Not knowing could be your mystery

    Highways are often called Turnpike or Freeway

    Freedom to explore

    Sightseeing with a observe

    Embracing a beautiful morning sunrise

    The start of energize

    A need to travel

    Perfect get away

    Journey into relaxation

    That’s a way to spend a vacation

    Just rest


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    Commuter wise

    There’s an energize

    Rush with an advance

    It was a long time ago on the LIRR

    The LIRR stands for Long Island Railroad

    Running Man emblem

    Dash like flash

    Can’t be late

    Hold that train


    Just run

    Briefcase in hand

    Observing the watch

    On time like a falling dime

    Running like a track star

    At least would be in shape

    Not be big like an ape

    LIRR from Long Island to the New York City or Brooklyn and way out on the island itself

    No one does it like the LIRR

    Back in time moment

    Time capsule tell

    Remembrance swell

    LIRR behind

    Enlightenment kind





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    Welcome aboard

    Ship to shore

    A Poet’s galore

    The need to getaway

    Words that have their way

    Over the waves

    Destination bound

    Listen to that ship’s sound

    Sentences anchored as I write

    Ocean breeze

    Totally at ease

    Poet to observation

    Subjects with lots of information

    Yonder breaks

    Words ponder

    Cruising and observing

    Waves upon more waves

    Stateroom calls of behave

    Journey into adventure

    Island stop upon island stop taking a picture

    Captured moments sitting on a pier

    Ideas come being a preserver

    Words wrote down

    Romantic vibes

    Poet love beyond words

    Intriguing v

    Back to reality where the bon voyage cruise began

    The cruise comes to an end

    Memories of when

    Journey from then

    Voyage gi...

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    Poet Assurance

    The words all mine

    Inspired to

    Talent from

    Words come

    Sentences flow

    Emotions break

    A Poet doesn’t hesitate


    Poet Assurance

    Courage with a push of influence

    Followed by endurance

    Thinking moment

    Times of pause

    Writer’s block cause

    Poet force

    Of course

    Poet Assurance

    Always a Poet

    Words that can

    The Poet says when

    Through thick and then

    Using alpha account

    Worthy amount

    Poet Assurance



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    The G being refined

    Could stand for many things

    You have no idea in what it could be

    Hold on and you will see

    G is always in your life

    Sometimes it is advice

    Other times not so nice

    Sometimes a lean back and recline comfort

    Fulfilled accomplishment

    The G is a combination of many

    It is not uncanny

    It could be Go

    But to where?

    It could be happy

    But to where?

    It could be gratitude

    But who from?



    Just being great

    The one thing the G should really fulfill in your life

    Just be glad







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    Hanging Image








    Good News

















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    Sits high
















    Above all



    Never a bad day

    With everyone all the way

    Above all



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    Hand in hand

    Kiss to kiss

    Eye to Eye

    Enchanted romance

    Fireworks action

    Smile into joy laugh

    Arm of embrace

    Two golden hearts

    Love on high

    Love between

    Interlude I mean
    Love with a take off

    No departure

    Enduring arrival

    Senses of love

    The smell of fragrances of both

    Love sounding like an oath

    Committed and connected

    Surge of promise

    Dedicated with honor

    Sophisticated flavor

    Love on

    Live on

    Rock on

    Love time




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    A world of wonder, but no delight

    Anguished with always under plight

    Living life doesn’t come easy

    Struggles that can become overbearing

    Love that is not love at the other end
    The unfamiliar blend

    Trying to fit in as a Blackman is at end

    When you try to explain

    It becomes lies by response

    True spoken words

    Not heard

    No one listens

    Emotions break out

    Even tears

    Cries being from a Blackman

    Thinking positive is not always an option

    Staying away from negativity almost impossible

    Possibly forming maybe, could be or never

    As a Blackman being the center of attention

    A black man wonders will he be alive or dead

    Thought to think on

    Sometimes it’s hard to even get along

    A fight here and misunderstanding there

    Am I understood

    I ...

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    Holy Holy

    Are you?

    Praying Praying

    Do you?

    Kneel Kneel

    Can and would?

    Praising Praising

    Would you?

    The Symbolic Cross

    Do you remember?

    The reason

    Do you understand?

    Many storms

    Are you prepared?


    Is your soul ready?


    Are you connected?


    Do you deserve?

    Do you have trust?

    Holy is

    Holy stands

    Holy mounts

    Holy extends

    Holy waits

    Are you in line?



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    Observe as we sing our muscles seem to grow

    The dazzle in the glow

    One ripple with a chest span

    Musclemen are and will always be

    One flex to many

    Training to build

    Fitness that was fulfilled

    Pose after pose


    Time to impress

    At times, preparation for a contest

    Muscles respond

    Dedication to a body craft

    Molding through physical creation

    We are the singing Musclemen because we are proud

    What we accomplished and established

    Musclemen shout

    This is what training is all about

    We are happy

    Don’t want to be shabby

    Muscle tone

    Full blown

    Singing being our introduction

    We are musclemen showing our presentation

    One flex again and again


    We are the singing duo

    We have one request, please don’t drawl


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    Step out

    Walk on

    Imagine distance

    Courage in an instance

    Circumstance through situation
    Determination with participation

    Sole together

    Strong and sturdy in all leather

    Shoes tell your story

    Accomplishment with all its glory

    The miles you left behind

    Life that was kind

    The times you tried to run

    Those times weren’t all fun

    That makes your soles different

    The creation of significance

    Identity of how you and soles weathered many storms

    A when from then

    Tomorrow turned into current

    Soles on duty

    Adventure through triumphant

    Victory through honor

    Soles on

    Leather held up

    Shoe in


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    Rumble pours upon the Earth

    Lightning flashes with more flashes

    Strikes here and there

    Heaven’s command on the Earth to hear and observe

    Heaven’s relay

    Mighty and strong

    Separation with no get along
    No evidence of preparation

    Earth’s disobedience

    The wrath of true divinity

    Thunder continues to rumble and assemble

    Echoes of breezes

    Releases of total darkness

    Soul’s uncertainty

    Earth doesn’t echo back

    Words on high hear Earth

    Wonders below being Earth

    A Mighty that can and could

    Earth who should

    The wicked undeserving

    Honor the Master

    One who can change and rearrange

    Image unseen

    Risen and clean

    Rumble of Thunder being a reminder

    Lightning with concluding assuring words

    You heard

    Now comply

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    Hot and humidity running all through me

    Urges, strong urges

    Leverage to the highest

    The need for love

    Temperature rise

    Desired romance

    The fire burning in ignite

    The thought of the night

    Romance running through my mind

    The Loins a level up

    Interlude surging

    Just let go

    The need to take it slow

    Sheets being the decree

    Love everlasting is all I see

    The desire and fire

    Sweat pouring down my body

    Temperature keeps rising

    Definitely higher than any summer heat

    It’s not a relist but follow

    The gears have shifted

    A ready and let go




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    Red Alert Red Alert Red Alert

    All Hands and bodies on Deck

    Our warship has been hit

    The enemy’s missiles did it

    The warship is going under

    SOS has been signaled

    One Soldier sounds a whistle

    Many warships in the area

    Communications retrieved

    They have been transcended and received

    The warship is steadily heading for the bottom

    The enemy above in war planes still attacking
    The Warship was able to fire our missile, and we hit one of the enemy’s war planes

    Our warship no longer remains

    Soldier’s loss

    The enemy’s missiles were the force

    Down below the warship goes

    The fearless and the brave








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     Curtain up




















    Hope regained


    Curtain comes down


    Audience applause



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    I am who I am

    Born to live and breathe

    No stress but being relieved

    Sense of feeling don’t belong

    It’s a situation of no get along

    Clothes identify a person


    It’s not a fashion statement proofing a point

    Its clothing taste being unique

    One doesn’t have to have a physique

    Yesterday relished with a tomorrow setting

    One’s moment

    Committed no crime

    Not asking for a dime

    Hourglass time after time

    Secluded with one’s own enterprise

    It’s only one’s realize

    Fallen knee deep within the cries

    There are no lies

    Simply emphasize

    Clothes don’t say a person is different, but stand proud of who they are

    No one can take that away

    Standing solid with no getaway

    No ride

    Only what the inner soul can pr...

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    Mysteries into mysterious

    The thought just makes one curious

    History having accounts within its own log

    The wonders through the creation of the seas

    1871 was a year when cargo ships would sail through unchartered waters of LAST CHANCE ALLEY would often disappear

    The crews were never found

    Some say the Devil would be aboard their ships

    But there is no record of witnesses who can contest to that

    All you hear and feel are the sea breezes

    Many ships dare not to go through Last Chance Alley fearing that their ship would be loss and never be seen again

    Captains and crews heard stories about Last Chance Alley, but feel the name should be changed to PROHIBITED ALLEY

    Mysterious doesn’t make it obvious

    Once mystery still a mystery

    History has stated the Devil being disgusted as a monster aboard all the previous downed ships

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    Surrounded by Faith

    Encouraging the world

    Spiritual swirl

    Kneeing and embracing

    Fulfilling and suggesting

    Journeying through the highways and back roads

    Praying having a purpose

    Praying for the hearts of the people

    Just that simple

    Unloading the empty hearts

    Step aboard and pray

    Break through

    Health issues to overcome

    Pray Pray Pray

    The praying traveling bus bringing inspiration

    The praying bus slogan “Let us show you how”

    Praying being a continuous matter

    Too much negative chatter

    Pray for all time

    Respect and be kind

    Prayer time




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    The thought of Parades, Fireworks, and everything in between from Macy’s Herald Square. It was the capturing moment of the heart by a Five Year Old boy being the writer. I was a member of the MMG team known as Macy’s Merchandising Group at the Corporate level at Penn 11 Plaza in New York City. It all started when my Aunt Elmira took me to Macy’s Herald Square, and we were walking around the store, and I was startled, and my attention was drawn by a marquee eyes  pulsating moving back and forth with an array of school buses on display. The school buses in yellow and miniature toy students inside, and the roof was partially open. Unknowingly to my Aunt, I had picked up one of the buses, and held it tight in my tot hands for life. Once when my Aunt was ready to leave Macy’s. My Aunt noticed that picked up one of those school buses in my hand from the display. My Aunt told me to put the bus back, and I wouldn’t. Through my mind was shouldn’t. My ...

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    Observing Earth

    Look up


    I see confusion and unrest

    No understanding all contest

    No togetherness

    I sit high being the witness

    The Earth needs wisdom

    It comes from the Kingdom

    It seems Earth wants to prove

    Things are not going smooth

    The Earth doesn’t seem to understand

    Heaven controls the land

    It’s not what you say, but what you do

    Spiritual being pursue

    There are Earth assignments to fulfill

    All under Heaven’s will

    The Earth seems to wonder

    They must look yonder

    There is a must in shall

    Stands for all

    Heaven’s call

    One day being an hour

    Earth walks around being sour

    Hour after hour

    The time will come

    You feel lonesome

    Heaven is it

    The perfect fit

    Put on the full armo...

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    Fathoms below

    Diving slow

    Buried treasure to see

    Searching for me

    Captain Bluebeard had treasure on the ship

    A mighty storm caused the ship to dip

    Suddenly the ship went down

    It was nowhere to be found
    Total capsize

    Sank to the bottom

    Throughout the ocean, there are sharks and all kinds of fish

    On my mind was the treasure find being my wish

    Through Davey’s Locker

    The flashlight being our marker

    Ocean floor


    Gold and Silver

    Determined in maneuver

    Becoming rich

    Value and Quality

    It’s all about Quantity
    Mystery being reality

    Ocean deep

    Yea ship mates

    Fortune to keep

    Ever so deep




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    Goodness and crisp

    Taste that can’t be missed

    No one can just eat one

    That’s why the bag can be finished done

    It’s doesn’t matter the brand
    Potato Chips are eaten throughout the land
    Plenty of flavor

    Ingredients to savor

    Every crunch

    Throughout the bunch

    Goes well with a hamburger and sandwich

    Potato chips are distinguished

    Every delight

    It includes even at night

    P for Perfection and C for any celebration




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    Peter Pan

    The Magic, Adventure, Entertainment and numerous surprises

    A character of pure fun

    Peter Pan is never out done

    Disney made it all possible in create

    Perhaps it was simply fate

    Children of all ages enriched

    Adults who the saw all the amazes

    Peter Pan goes beyond any movie screen

    You will understand actually what I mean

    Peter Pan fame gained even more distinction through Peter Pan Bus Lines

    The Peter Pan name now was a people moving motorcoach

    No way in comparison to a stagecoach

    Highway all the way

    Even to this day

    Peter Pan Bus lines gets his history from New England

    A place known as Springfield, Massachusetts

    The countryside, Hills, Lakes and the beauty that makes New England

    Peter Pan Bus Lines is part of it all

    It all echoes Peter Pan

    The ride and comfort


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    Dynamic and fantastic


    Buses having their own statistics

    No domino black and white dots

    A game of bus theory organizing a thinking slot

    Cleverness and logic

    Sounds like chess

    It’s all domino reaction with a chain transaction

    Inspiring project

    Domino road

    Bus philosophy to understand

    Diagonal, Across and variations

    Thinking on target


    Paying attention

    Moving strategy

    How will you make your bus game move?

    Do you have what it takes to prove?

    Domino. Uses testing your mind

    Thinking carefully before you make your move

    Just don’t hesitate

    Bus dominos watching

    Every move


    Bus domino effect

    Ready set your move




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    A house on Thriller Blvd
    It was empty

    It looked haunted

    I wasn’t sure if I should step in or stay out

    My mind went on caution

    Yet curious
    As I entered the house and moved around

    I was confronted by a mysterious image, and it surrounded me

    It started chanting and the voice was eerie

    At least that was my theory

    It turned out to be a Ghost
    Unfortunately, it was Casper nor friendly

    Chills went up and down my spine

    I felt the urge for some serious wine

    That haunted house had plenty of moans and groans

    I thought maybe I should leave this house and the Ghost alone

    A mouse was frightened and shaking in a corner

    My every moment was a dare

    Yet curious with care

    What was I thinking?

    This was definitely a mystery

    Then again, I could be history

    This would be the perfect time to run<...

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    The vision of colors

    Words that intensify with every varying assortment

    When it comes to spectacular, it’s the amazement in what is to come, and what was transcribed

    Beauty in every letter in what they provide

    Suppose with no oppose

    Every thought captured at the right moment of the angle

    A Poet composes every night within

    Sometimes bright stars or nightmare element dialog

    Imagine fireworks surrounded by the dazzle Poet with their own writing explosion


    The mind with on a river in mine capturing all the components of delight

    Picture the Poet like a Lighthouse being a guiding light

    Expectation beyond
    Fireworks after fireworks

    Preparation and detail
    Poet on sight

    Get ready for the writing explosive night

    No look up just a hook up

    Razzle and Dazzle




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    America came through

    Jubilee Purdue

    Making history

    Another year

    Being a preserver

    America strong

    We the people

    Gathered together

    From Towns to Major cities

    Shining seas with blowing breezes

    America then and now

    Battles that came with victories

    America’s story

    Red, White and Blue glory

    Happy Birthday America

    Star Spangled venture

    Fireworks and all, what a delightful picture

    America America all to see with excite

    I am proud to say

    Happy July 4 being your day

    Let’s party!








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    Alpha letters in responses

    The heart well connected

    Words of truth and confession

    It could very well be a lesson

    At times a reflection back

    At other times it became hard to even keep track

    The mind serving the purpose

    Words making sentences all obvious

    If I said it, would you believe?

    If I wrote you it, would you understand?

    A moment in a Poet’s time

    Sometimes while I am drinking wine

    You saw me, but didn’t recognize

    Inspiration calling

    You felt encouragement, but desired more

    It was your mind that assured you in explore

    Brief pause

    You started thinking with more ideas

    At that point it was the rush of fear

    Point to point

    Suddenly persuasion set in

    Continuation from where you began

    Writing and not missing a single beat

    No retreat nor defeat


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    Fall down

    Get up


    Life learning






    Hard Knocks guideline


    Putting one in the know

    Process being slow



    No coincidence

    Day by Day

    Week by Week

    Year by Year

    Month by Month

    Buy and Buy

    Functional into able

    Being stable

    Accepting with complex

    Effort with every try

    Ready to enter

    Concept in effect

    Sometimes a reject

    Hard education

    Life’s presentation


    Negativity and Positivity

    Full blown

    Hard knocks

    Over and out





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    Once upon

    A clock


    Midnight special

    Right in the square


    A Thief struck during the night

    The clock had been stolen, but out of sight

    The wonder became who and how

    The citizens thought oh wow

    Everyone was horrified

    Some were even petrified
    The clock was the attention of the town

    Distance far enabled from surrounding communities

    Swiss time town was about unity

    The clock made Swiss Time Town famous


    The question that came up was why was the clock stolen?

    The clock had value in the hearts of the people, and meant everything to the town’s people

    The Thief saw fortune

    The long hand made the short hand into a theory

    But it was still a mystery

    Search after search

    No find

    The Thief was certainly not kind


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    Places to be, but have I arrived?

    Every defeat a discouragement

    Every teardrop farther from achievement

    What seems close is a distance

    Yet within reach

    Determined search

    Responsibility in action

    At times thinking failure

    But that is a bad picture

    I must overcome


    I will do it alone

    This is a conquest

    A test

    Pass or fail

    The mind explores

    I am challenged

    Step in or step out

    Determination burning

    Desired hot

    Courage is mounting

    Endurance is counting

    Journey on

    No stop nor expire

    The hourglass is temporary on pause

    I have my own mission clause

    Excel into conquer

    A door to enter

    A go through


    Heaven’s will

    I can’t wait and be still

    There are ...

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    Space detail

    Moving to the Moon without fail

    My odyssey

    My address would be 117 Crater Road

    Away from Earth being behold

    Cheesy thought

    My sought

    Beam me up
    Take me away

    Seeing the Earth from a distance in a whole new way

    A new environment is what I need

    No need to wait for NASA

    I am ready to go

    Moving fast not slow

    My new frontier

    My home age where I only can preserver

    My Moon soon

    I could be at Noon
    My place to be

    My wait and see

    It will only be me

    My personal crater

    Where I could enter

    Moon stalker

    I would be the owner

    No uninvited guest

    My request

    The moon would continue to have its shine

    Considering the moon would be mine

    Moon and look up

    There’s a new resident on moon space


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    I can contest

    Put me to the test

    My heart in confess

    Honest and true

    Greyhound bus in my soul

    I am a walking behold

    My younger years my start

    The Greyhound dog stretched always seen on all sides of the bus always caught my attention

    The highway representation

    I am a walking Greyhound bus presentation

    The Greyhound bus wear

    Proud and honored with care

    Of course, I always get a stare

    That is no more than fair

    The Go is within me

    The Greyhound bus I want people to see

    No secret no regret

    Thinking of the hound, I cherish the engine sound

    Accelerate as I appreciate

    The Greyhound bus in me today, I will continue all the way.




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    Have a seat, we need to talk

    Some say buses have no friends

    That might sound like a pretend

    Am I really serious?

    Why yes

    Buses capture a multitude of hearts

    That is just the start

    Transit buses are the ones that pick up and drop off passenger’s curbside

    It’s the convenience they provide

    It’s more than just the ride

    Motorcoach buses are the ones where you recline back and observe

    Relaxing moment, but embracing in comfort

    Buses are people movers

    It doesn’t matter the force of bus exhaust gets in your throat

    It’s reality, but it is a funny joke

    Imagine chasing a bus and you actually miss the bus

    Everyday routine, but life itself

    Buses travel the highways regardless transit or motorcoach as they are the off ramps arriving at various locations whether it be curbside or a terminal


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    Yeah you

    Play me a melody that’s smooth

    My heart needs music that will soothe

    My mind in the senses

    Sounds embraces

    Racing to new heights

    Moving on from a plight

    It’s a lady friend I remember

    We danced being loss in the music

    That was once upon time

    We dined and drank wine

    The environment with the dazzle ball

    The scene that was our song

    That dance floor was where we belonged

    The Piano man hit all the right notes

    Those ivories had tempo of their own

    There was no need to take a vote

    Every dancing step was our jolt

    It didn’t matter whether it was uptown or downtown

    We were a couple in whatever town

    Every note a sound to hear

    It made our love so sincere

    We kissed being our own sound track

    Piano man, take me back to a time that was

    I ...

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    We got a week to prepare

    But let’s be fair

    There will be a lot of stretching

    Limber up

    The music being just right

    The stage and you in the spotlight

    There can’t be any mistakes nor miss steps
    We must rehearse and capture the music with every dramatic



    Every twist and turn feeling like a test

    You alone will be the outcome of confess

    Dance dramatics to the audience

    Dance and feel the music

    Let your feet and arms be your compass

    Think of the orchestra as your Music Director

    The rising curtain your chance to fame

    It will be your name

    Dance like the sun being bright

    Let your movement radiate warmth

    Show your love for entertainment and the audience

    The raw of applause in what you have established and accomplished

    Grace and creativity with every ste...

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    You think you are so tough

    You act rough

    Your mannerisms are enough

    Everywhere is your turf

    When it comes to the beach and swimming, you don’t even know how to surf

    Your diamonds say bling

    You are playing the big and bad thing

    You think you are like a pimp

    Some see you as the Goodyear blimp

    Contrary of your mind

    Women no how to tame

    You are just lame

    You might act tough on the streets

    Gangs are strong and they know how to bring you down to defeat

    Your aim with a gun misses the target every time

    You are gentle on the inside

    Yet show exterior of power on the outside

    Your demeanor tells a whole different story

    You think you are in your glory

    But wait

    It will be shown that you are not tough at all

    Power is what you think you have

    You can’t control which you d...

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    Where have you been

    Darkened with uncertainty

    No place to be found

    Chanted spiritual songs within one’s encouraging thought

    I need to be free

    I pray to thee

    Thunder raw

    Lightening outburst

    Slavery was hard and tormented

    Beaten and torn

    Sunrises being a forbidden rise

    Working on those cotton fields

    Plantation ordeals for real

    Wounds showing the many rebels

    Trapped in a prohibited society

    No pity

    Freedom only a thought

    Praying and constant praying

    Singing upon singing

    The slaves hope surrounded up in Heaven

    Numerous cries heard

    In 1862, the Emancipation Proclamation was documented, and Freedom became the word’s that Afro-Americans needed to hear

    No more worry some of fear

    It took place in Galveston, Texas

    Years upon years of denial


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    The depth of life

    Mystery having a history

    Untold story

    The life of one person


    Beaten words that were never torn

    Angry thorns

    Unexpecting eruptions within

    Approaching storms

    Names beyond given

    No appreciative centerpiece

    Remaining strong and holding one’s own

    Fought individual battles and wondered about victories

    Newer complaining

    Silent voice within the heart


    A story no one knew

    But no matter what, head up and pursue

    Man up

    The moment was always the place
    No pause

    Smiled through circumstances

    Tacked situations head on

    No choice just responses


    Still here

    It will always be

    Chosen to survive

    Learning experiences in strive

    A story told

    Bold and behold


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    Finding one’s way

    What seems loss is always found


    Keep walking and searching
    Don’t tire

    Don’t let time expire

    Distance is how you see it

    Knowing how you got there

    Approach is your maneuver

    Embrace is the taste of understanding

    Struggle in sustaining
    Journeys are never close

    You shall find

    Just believe and hope will accompany you

    By and By

    Time after time

    Your footsteps in your own discoveries

    Beath path

    Learning values

    Disciplines and courage

    The sun will guide

    The moon will encourage

    Your feet will be sore

    But don’t stop now

    You are almost there

    Press on

    Distance is your gateway being your only advancement

    Your tomorrow that was came early today

    You thought you would never arrive


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    Bus traveling church on the road
    Congregation Mission with a behold
    Traveling East to West and North to South
    Where the acceleration wheels take them, it is a stop
    Spreading salvation through the land
    Directed by Heaven at his command
    Teaching the Spiritual word
    Congregation singing and praying that could be heard
    The Pastor preaching on the bus and various points within the USA
    This is not just any congregation bus
    It is the Intermodal Gateway Church
    On assignment being determined
    Discerning heart
    Being caring souls
    Connecting salvation to America
    That is praying and connecting the Savior’s spirit
    The congregation and Pastor deserve merit
    It’s about song and praise
    Everything that follows is from the amaze
    The road frontier
    Always keeping the spirit near
    From back roads to major highways
    Into towns and major cities

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    Bite taken out of the negative fight

    Darkness into the marvelous light

    Being tough was reversed in out

    Replaced with everyday spiritual while moving about

    Spiritual Gangs are now spiritual brothers

    Inspiring words

    All spiritual being heard

    The motto, “Spiritual Brothers Outtake. Surround and be found. Give thanks and let praise be the sound”

    Spiritual gangs with a word for you

    Are you ready to pursue?

    Men Of Faith

    Going the length

    There days were rough and tough

    The spiritual brothers finally said enough

    A new aim

    Heaven’s target

    Bulls eye on the mark

    We are the Ready Set Go Gangsters

    On the move with a message to prove

    Goodness in heart with appreciation on high

    The reason they have an eye on Thy

    From beginning to end

    No pretend


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    Standing alone with its own stature

    The beauty behind the picture

    Captured moment



    Just observe
    Pick by pick

    One blow

    Horizon gathered within

    Determination with a hold on

    Every pick, a time to relish

    Blowing blue flowers extending for all to see

    Inspiration beyond anyone’s wildest dreams


    Upon Upon Upon

    Among, Among, Among


    One thought with one wish

    Blue in the dew

    One heart one slew

    If there were ever words


    Blue Flowers enchanted

    Blue to you

    On with pursue




    Wonder from above

    Blue Flowers


    Blue Flowers


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    B       BEGIN



    U      UNITE



    S       SUCCEED



    I       INSPIRE



    N      NOTE



    E       EXCEL



    S       SUPPORT



    S       SUCCESS


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    Where there, the sun brings warmth

    Where is in a ruler extends measurements of length

    Where there are clouds comes inclement weather

    Where there is joy follows happiness

    When one thinks comes an idea

    Where there is a mirror reflection appears the image

    Where there is praise followed by a blessing

    Where there are many possibilities

    Where there is life brings situations

    Where there

    From where in can

    From there in shall




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    Could this be a Revelation warning?

    The last days

    A matter of time

    Sun and Moon with no shine

    Smoke screen elements all combined

    Scientist call haze

    I call it Heaven’s amaze

    Message doom
    The hour and second could come soon

    Scientist say wildfires from Canada

    Do we really know?

    The Earth is on notice having a show

    A time to continue to pray

    Heaven’s attention to Earth being no time to walkaway

    Observe and listen with a message like a relay

    Back to wearing a face mask

    Scientist say back to the task

    Moment now
    Oh wow

    No one knows when this smoke screen will lift

    Heaven’s way, catch my drift
    Stay indoors

    Avoid outdoors

    Be patient and wait

    Don’t hesitate
    Nothing no one can do

    Live your life out and continue to pursue


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    It was a supernatural

    Beyond human eye expectation

    It seemed like a creation within

    Motions took place on the body outside

    I thought illusions

    Forward thinking in conclusions
    Doubt full of being confused


    Journeying into something good

    Beyond moving in my stood

    I began to see life different

    The skies began to associate into my destiny of the new frontier in living

    Reason having a purpose

    A calm voice said welcome

    The voice sounded awesome

    Encouraging and suddenly I was enriched inspiration

    For the first time in my life, the struggles were more tolerate in not worrying

    I stepped into my fountain of refreshing

    I was now coming out of the forbidden fruit

    Through spiritual thinking, I was on the top of the mountain

    Distance far below in the valley
    Beyond the ...

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    A time of lack of Faith

    Refusing to believe

    Plenty of doubt

    From Ancient to present

    Heaven’s Faith recaptured

    Through motions of the spirit

    From reflections from above

    It took time after time

    Even when souls were drinking wine

    It wasn’t an easy task

    Through revolving time Faith came fast

    Suddenly Faith had a meaning

    But it took convincing

    From past tense to current tense

    Faith was tested within itself

    Faith is independent and is its own self

    Testimonies confessed

    Miracles supported on contest

    Victories became conquest

    Faith found its way into the world’s heart

    Believing was the key start

    Accelerated from one heart to another

    Faith goes to every I

    But can Faith be maintained?

    Here are the key elements of Faith



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    Echoes everywhere

    Stomp Stomp

    Who’s there?

    A Giant says he

    Being tall

    The Giants call

    I can destroy

    People are like toys

    Looking over the colony

    Think of me as your majesty

    King high above

    A tall tree

    My footsteps are my mark

    Traces of where I have been

    I am tall from the top to the end

    Witty and smart

    The colony fears me

    I am sight to seek

    The Earth shakes when I move

    It’s powerful in what I want to prove

    That Jack is always being my search

    He wants a battle with me

    Who do you think will win?

    Destiny my reward

    A battle with a sword

    I have a cold colony heart

    Don’t let my temper stir up

    I don’t get none

    Alone and among

    The Giant needs love sometimes

    Happiness is si...

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    The Grill is set

    The words are ready for effect




    Ingredient words

    Sentences dressing

    Pinch alpha here and there

    Watchful with care

    Inspired heart


    Let the emotions flow









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    Greater than

    Praises in why

    Mighty in power

    Hour by hour

    Strength in courage

    Above all

    Conquering beyond any stall

    The world knows

    Refusing to accept

    Even during slept

    Greater than I


    The beauty to the highest

    Heaven’s finest

    Far beyond man’s comprehension

    Heaven’s attention

    Truth in measure

    Equality reality

    One speaks

    Gets understanding

    One disagrees

    Forbidden fruit

    One gospel song

    Guidance that comes along

    Greater than

    Greater will



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    It finally happened

    I am old

    My own behold

    Every step an effort

    Every movement determination

    Pain I won’t let hold me back

    Years of living my track

    Honored to be old

    Wisdom gained

    Young bones become old bones

    Not ready for the grave

    Wonder behind every shave

    Getting some shade

    My hair might be white

    Wisdom and don’t take it light


    The bones flexible


    Old bones

    Knowledge with a threshold

    Old bones

    Movement every length

    Senior Citizen to the world

    Listen young bloods

    Getting old is an honor

    Young bloods, you have yet to see what I have seen

    You think you know, but don’t

    Keep living and you shall

    The pudding is in the movement

    Old bones are golden tre...

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    Greenery effect

    One breeze

    One blow

    Essence of Daisy’s

    The wonder of Mother Nature

    Beauty within the breezes

    Relaxed and at ease

    Daisy’s Daisy’s Daisy’s

    Mind intact and not crazy


    Spring if what you represent

    A time to live

    Respect to give

    Living among

    A world still revolving


    The creation

    Picking up more Daisy’s

    Blowing causing coordination

    Distinction of green healthy grass

    A moment to last

    One Daisy at a time

    Several breezes of all kinds

    An environment that is genuine



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    A world that changed

    No Inner characteristics rearrange

    Mirror reflection broken

    Forbidden words spoken

    Hearts full of hate

    Tomorrow may very well be too late

    No eye to eye

    No reason why

    Respect went out of the door


    No care

    Spells beware

    Forgotten purpose


    A wonder indeed

    According to the world, this is how one should proceed

    No forgiveness

    No understanding

    Tomorrow is supposed to be what the world projects

    True effect

    No thinking

    No reason

    Tomorrow locked into a dark shade

    This is not what Heaven made

    Tomorrow Tomorrow

    No day

    Where do we go from here?




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    Praying being the only way

    No time for going estray

    Praying is vital every day

    Perilous times

    A world that refuses to be kind

    Pretend with no genuine

    Uncertain ways

    Surely during these uncertain days

    A world that is corrupt

    That is not the Lord’s make up

    Faith embraces joy and peace

    The world needs to believe that at least

    Love that has gone to hate

    Not God’s appreciate

    This the world must hesitate

    Accept him before it’s too late

    Earth to the Kingdom

    The Lord is wise

    Our spirit can be energized

    The Almighty I must emphasize

    Promise and purpose goes along way

    Certain on every bound

    Hallelujah having a sound

    The removal of the doubted curtain


    Praying is the key

    Understanding is what you will see

    58  0


    A reason to rise

    A reason to give thanks

    A Day to rejoice

    A Day to honor

    Glory being lifted voices

    Testimony having a story

    The multitude of tears

    The presence having no fears

    Fulfilled promise

    The Lord said

    Pray and be filled

    The Lord’s will

    Loud Hallelujah

    Turnaround to a new beginning

    Lord Lord Lord

    Hallelujah again





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    We don’t need another Hero

    Private Dancer

    Rolling on the River

    On Silent Wings

    There’s only one Tina Turner

    These are only a small sample of the many songs recorded by Tina Turner

    She flew into her tomorrow

    Fans around the globe feeling sorrow

    Ms. Turner performed always her powerful dance

    Fans always excited at her concerts being captivated like in a trance

    She moved in pulsating motions and a voice of an angel

    Transcended peace

    Ms. Turner will always be remembered as an ICON

    Her own blend even to the end

    Ms. Turner’s determination always had a preserver

    Her soulful spirit soaring through the skies

    The Legend roaming with Thy

    Ms. Turner having a story of contemporary

    The moment of pause only temporary

    Yet her soul will be among our hearts forever

    Ms. Turner lived her ...

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    Humpty Dumpty they say had a fall

    He actually stood tall

    Every child’s dream

    At least that’s what it would seem

    It was a only a slight crack

    It was because he got a smack

    He made have been formed from an egg

    Humpty Dumpty wanted to be heard

    It was his way in beg

    He was a Fairy tale celebrity

    He was every kid’s reality

    Throughout the world and US cities

    Humpty Dumpty’s emotions were witty

    Some might say ahead of his time

    Some might even say, he wasn’t genuine

    This is my updated version in my mind

    Vision beyond

    Yes, I am still young

    Living among

    Something to think about upon

    Humpty Dumpty dialogue as a child was fun


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    Information to find

    History captured before my time

    Years of World action

    Wars in reaction

    Mysteries resolved

    The story of lynching mobs

    The years of space

    Historical dates in chronological trace

    Time never seen before

    Pages upon read galore

    Marvel within wonder

    The skies yonder

    Earthquakes that destroyed ancient ruins

    The Earth’s inner core

    Discovery in explore

    Scientist find in sure

    Earth’s creation

    Mounting to sensation
    New beginnings

    Research after research



    Faster, Faster and still faster

    Pause and wait


    Where history left off

    History in the making

    Understanding with plenty of reading

    Accomplishments in amazement

    New Frontiers

    Courage and de...

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    No name

    Not famous

    No blame


    No tomorrow

    No morrow


    Dreams all nightmares

    Trouble within

    No mixture nor blend


    No pretend


    The end


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    DETERMINED TO WIN Tribute to Superstar Billy Graham

    What do persistent and pursue have in common?

    It’s the sensational Superstar Billy Graham

    Wrestling champion czar

    I met and spoke personally on several occasions at Tom Minichiello’s Mid-City Gym in New York City

    Wrestling vision with characteristics for winning

    Inspiration, Idea and Fulfillment coming together

    Mr. Graham’s concentration of exploration

    Wrestling courage accomplished

    His purpose forming established

    Connection with precision

    Professional champion throughout

    Eyeing the opponent’s eye to eye

    Thinking strategy wise

    Maneuvering with a mindset

    Roars of Fans chanting, Superstar Billy Graham

    No holds barred

    In any given Friday night, I would be glued to the TV of professional wrestling

    Total enjoyment

    Total excitement


    The thrill of challenge ...

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    Beyond the stars

    From the past to the present

    Mission of war
    The battle begins
    Ammunition fighting taking place

    Efforts made and striving for victory

    Galactic story

    It will take longer than expected

    Enemy amazement in action

    Position control

    Holding my own on the battleground

    No illusion as the fighting is for real

    Fought battles on Earth and now space

    Frontier movement

    Missiles and explosions

    Danger at my feet

    Space Soldier thinking enemy defeat

    Determined with no retreat

    No thought of one’s own death

    Eye on enemy target

    Agenda plan

    Captain for team taking command

    The forces with me

    Going forth in detail

    Without fail

    Spaceships after spaceships being taken down

    Responses ...

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    Come my saints

    Let’s acquaint

    Don’t be weary and faint

    Blessings come

    Don’t feel lonesome

    The Lord is always close

    He observes

    You may feel you don’t deserve

    Faith must have a believe

    Doubting won’t relief

    Worrying makes you scare

    The Lord will bring you comfort and care

    He is the roadrunner heart

    Always there with love

    The Lord is the soaring Dove

    Watching over in need

    The continuation within Proceed

    Heaven’s Leader indeed

    The time will come

    You will call on me

    Wait and see

    I am the Almighty

    Straight and narrow

    My spirit hits like an arrow

    Take the time to know me

    Everlasting comes out, and you will see

    I am the Lord being genuine and kind

    I always have time

    Show me that ...

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    It was his younger years in being a competitive Bodybuilder He competed in numerous Bodybuilding Contests and won It was his sheer dedication in not being out done It was other sports just for fun The Old Man saw a challenge in what sacrifice that came with Bodybuilding The weights were the Old Man’s determination from lifting back then But his career with the weights didn’t have to end It was encouragement from another to continue to train on Train the Old Man did and it was hours long The weights became the desire with the fire This has always been the Old Man’s regime in being the principle It’s just that simple Age may have accelerated on The Old Man was inspired to continue to be strong His muscles greeted the weights with every given lift As an Old Man, you don’t have to be Stift Intensity was in the Old Man’s eyes Yet he has acquired wisdom and experience of wise Train until Bodybuilder still The mind for training in will Old Age won’...

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    Pillar Of Strength






    Loving Soul

    People supporter

    Turning rough seas into calm seas


    Future living preparation alert

    Legacy Holder

    Woman Of Faith

    By and By

    After while

    Remembrance always in realize





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    But sometimes you will fall

    It will become a stumble

    Get back up

    It’s life preparing you

    It’s called Trial and Error

    It started at your very school pointing that out

    Pitfalls in what you can expect

    It became the learning concept of adaption
    Prepared in advance


    Every opportunity is giving you the reason to excel

    Purpose has set the stage

    It’s you being the commodity of your own

    The spotlight is on you

    Go out and use what you learned

    It won’t be easy

    There will be challengers

    It will seem difficult

    Stumble and Fall

    But always get back and plan your strategy

    Don’t set boundaries, but organize your standards

    Don’t accept excuses, but prove abilities

    Tomorrow is your today

    Establish has formulated this very...

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    Avid Fan

    Picture moment




    Bus Nut




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    Guide me through where I need to be

    Direct me to my destination

    Distance between Day and Night

    Total darkness

    Headlights through the unknow n territories

    Trucks signaling in changing lanes

    Overhead in the sky a flying plane

    Detours leading to wrong exits

    Unfamiliar towns

    You wonder if you breakdown in will you be found

    Deserted backroads

    Nothing scene for miles

    Being worried while

    Still one headlight being the only one driving

    Signs everywhere through towns reading Entering and Leaving

    Lonely highway all around you

    Suddenly night is becoming the next day of sunrise

    A yesterday became a tomorrow

    Anticipation and hope sets in

    Continuing journey from begin

    Getting closer to the destination

    Hesitation ceases

    Expectation becomes high

    Finally arriving at designat...

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    Think before you write

    You have been going through a plight

    Yet your emotion will shed some light

    Add the sentences that will surface might

    Perhaps mentioning the sunshine in how your thoughts came bright
    It was during that very night

    You were alone

    The sky was clear and full of stars

    You visualized and imagined seeing Mars

    The words held true

    But you thought that this was nothing new

    However, it seemed like it was a clue

    I know now, it was writing for me to pursue



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    Pray and observe

    Today and not tomorrow

    You need to be prepared

    I am being fair

    The day will come

    Judgement on the Earth

    New birth

    Change your ways

    Don’t go from my goodness estray

    The outlook is coming down upon the Earth

    Chosen will be lifted up

    Heaven the target

    Goodness in my market

    Roam with Heaven with me

    Heaven is definitely a place to see

    This is where I want all to be


    Blessing with praise


    Some people will refuse

    They are just confused

    My Thunder is a message of listen up

    My lightning with be ready

    Hold Steady
    The signs of my coming

    The times closing in

    Jesus Arrival

    The Almighty Marvel

    Hold on my children

    The wait won’t be long

    Heaven is where all belong

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    The battle is too win

    Rats get no give in

    Not a fact, but reality

    Pest always want to invade

    Sometimes glue traps don’t work

    Different methods as a perk

    The idea is to rates defuse

    When Rats don’t want to leave, refuse

    They will tell your home into a hotel

    No vacancies to rats in get out

    Put measures in place

    That includes getting rid of garbage waste

    Show them you mean business

    Become the victor being your own witness

    Be careful when using chemicals

    You don’t want to harm any pets nor small children

    Electronic devices may do the right trick

    Just make that measure stick

    They encourage them to leave

    Catch your breath and feel relieved

    You don’t need a Jerry in your house

    That also includes any mouse

    Tell them to go back to Disney

    Be h...

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    A storm had arrived

    That moment was taken in stride

    A lesson was learned

    A heart burning like an urn

    It was like a volcanic eruption

    There was distinction in the information

    Don’t worry just write the story

    The mind focused on the words

    Something the Poet wanted to say

    The Poet thought, they had put Poetry on hold

    Now the words were about to take whole

    Tomorrow might be too late

    It was no time to hesitate

    It was the need to create

    A day begins

    Writing continues even after the evening sends

    Poet sighting



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    Poetry is words

    Shared emotions

    Poetry is the feelings

    Just like a Novelist



    Narrating line by line

    Situations after situations while moving around

    Open doors of poetry

    The mind on pause

    Moment to reflect

    The scholars who came before

    The exploration of words they saw

    The sentences becoming their legacy

    Maybe one is right, but can also be wrong

    Refreshing wind

    Embracing the words from prior from while

    A storm later came wanting attention

    The purpose in don’t be alarmed, no danger in harm

    It was a lesson coming from the skies in observe

    A how to and when


    Words of wonder in showing me the light

    What can be said, but can’t wait?

    Nothing can be spelled out

    Fighting fear

    Struggling with my heart...

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    One step forward

    One moment to reflect back

    Journey on

    Footsteps every turn

    Distances being mountains climbed

    Detours being a turnaround

    Wanting time to slow up

    Needing time to just time

    Wanting doubt to be eliminated

    Wonder within yonder

    Footprints extending into experiences gain

    Hope being assurances made

    Every footprint with its own distinction

    Every shadow being the image of presentation

    Bare feet with open ideas

    Into the unknown of tomorrow


    The footprints having what was achieved in life

    One’s legacy left

    Solid theory

    Footprints motto, “Carry me into the horizon with no tire nor expire. Direct me beyond doubt, but into assurance. Let me be totally prepared in what is to come. Let the footprints be able into enable and stable in being determined. Blueprints be...

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    A&B Surround me


    C&D What do you see?


    E&F Dancing with plenty of time left


    G&H Country style


    I&J   Are you still with me?


    K&L There’s a ranging of a bell


    M&N Dance while you can


    O&P We the People


    Q&R Head home far following couples


    S&T Dancing partner swing


    U&V Country style music doing its thing


    W&X Relaxed no longer perplexed


    Y&Z. The HO Down accomplished and now applaud

    67  0


    A man with full charge

    Totally electrified

    Knows how to intensify

    The night skies streaking through lightning

    The night shines like day light

    It’s the energy that Lightning Bolt Man generates

    The skies dazzle in a form like a create

    This is Lightning Bolt Man’s identification

    He would be considered a crime fighter

    Quicker than the marvel hero flash

    Quickness with a dash

    Lightning Bolt Man proves to the world who he is and his power

    He would give crime a real jolt

    Charged up and ready to strike

    When it comes to crime Lightning Bolt Man is not polite

    Always ready to the world like a Marvel hero

    Heroes win

    Criminals become a defuse

    Their powers end

    Lightning Bolt Man with amaze

    He can cut through any haze

    Lightning Bolt Man electrified

    Look out for the charg...

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    The summer night was hot with intense humid heat

    Sweat was pouring down

    It wasn’t a night for the ultimate obvious

    Writing becoming curious

    Taking the alphabet letters on a journey

    Places unknown

    Turning up discoveries

    Hesitant becoming assured

    Confident confessing courage

    Combinations of possibilities

    Setting the time and place

    Organizing the thoughts with a purpose

    Destination with an arrival

    Beginning extending transcending

    Unlocking the door being the mind having the key

    Echoes upon echoes in hearing


    It’s time

    Write and hold nothing back

    Let your mind keep track

    Journey to anywhere

    Focus on vision

    Testing logic with reasoning

    Proceeding in precise

    Flavoring the ingredient of words

    The senses of spice in the mind...

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    Love is sweet
    Kisses sincere
    Heart humble
    Voice echoes for love
    No time to hesitate
    Affection in create
    The night sometimes in cries
    The mind captures realize
    Moment thinking of love
    Love having both will and won’t
    The heart confesses can’t
    Assure and embrace me
    Love truth
    Love me while I have breath
    Time is short
    Times waits for no one
    Now or never


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    Concept to take in

    A lesson to begin

    It’s learning typing being transcend

    Perfection, isn’t that what you seek?

    Having a typing skill for the future that will put you ahead being so neat

    Feel the typing keys

    Be patient, relaxed and at ease

    Up the ladder in the keyboard

    Alphabet by alphabet

    Eventually you will become a pro

    Don’t say although

    It’s a matter of how much time you spend on typing

    Practice makes perfect is what my grandfather said
    Just a matter of time

    Your typing skill will become genuine

    A valued skill

    All it takes is will

    Typing without looking at the typing keys

    Feel assured and confident

    Not afraid in avoid

    Type away

    Never go astray

    Practice every day

    Go from beginner to advance

    Typing is your career chance


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    Calypso spread throughout the world

    People person being a heart that swirls

    The name behind Harry Belafonte

    The music having flavor in the calypso moves

    Essence with music smooth

    Mr. Belafonte’s life expanded commodity throughout his life

    His name rang the music charts

    But there is more to his story beyond music

    Mr. Belafonte’s was quite active in the Civil Rights Movement

    He worked determined alongside Dr. Martin Luther King

    Mr. Belafonte encouraged everyone to be involved and connected in the cause for justice for all

    His achievements and desires have been fulfilled

    Heaven said come home and rest

    Your work is complete

    Mr. Belafonte’s music will never be forgotten

    Heaven has music for you to pursue

    Lifted up in spirit and lived the way God wanted him to live

    You will always be remembered having a ...

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    Observe the skies and surroundings

    Feel the breezes

    Capturing the senses

    The smell of the flowers

    Love in the air

    Preserver at is best

    Living testimony

    The thought of creation

    The blessing

    The high mountains

    Vast land of America

    Living life to the fullest

    Wonders don’t cease


    Always pray

    Thankful in every way

    Fresh air

    Happy thoughts

    Life rewarding





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    Honest and true

    Alumni who always pursue

    I will never forget my education and Degree from CUNY Medgar Evers College

    I graduated many years ago

    I just want you to know

    I wasn’t sure what to expect

    I knew it would be Theory, Concepts and Analysis

    Medgar Evers College taught me always be determined and you will have a following

    For me, it was intervention

    For that, it is appreciation

    College classes that offered insights

    The Professors would often encourage me directly and say, “You will make it”

    There were times doubt entered my mind

    Yet assurance came directly through my professors

    They saw in me which I didn’t see in myself

    Trial and error approach

    When it came to Midterms and Final exams, I didn’t panic, I simply studied in preparation and buckled down

    The advice I offer to all incomin...

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    The distance between Hallelujah to the highest

    The Soul being ready to be lifted up

    The spiritual voice cries out glory

    That’s the biblical story

    The pain and agony that was on Earth

    But Heaven has given me an enriched new birth

    My time will come quick

    Like an on and off switch into Glory

    The Angel shall reveal conceal

    I will be welcomed and want my room to be ready

    Honored and soul holding steady

    Cry not, but rejoice in Praise to the Almighty King

    Blessed being the whole thing Heaven bound

    I want to be in that Heavenly home

    Hallelujah throughout in echoing sounds

    Everlasting, I will never ever be alone

    The Lord and I




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    Not Tick Tack Toe

    Not even a Crossword Puzzle you know

    I am trapped in a word maze

    Trying to find my way out

    This will not be a snap

    I wish I had my thinking cap

    I am confused like a mouse

    I feel like I am in a haunted house

    Everywhere a detour

    In is where it all begins and with exit

    Did I mention I am in the dark with no light?

    This is what I call a plight

    Words block every path

    Direction having no find

    This word trap is certainly not kind

    No getaway nor trap door
    I know that for sure

    Escape will not be easy

    Perhaps there is escape

    A motto keeps popping into my head, “Seek and you shall find”

    Easier said than done

    Trapped like a fly

    This is definitely going to take awhile

    Word trap has its own style

    What will I do now while?


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    People on the move

    Walking in a rush like highway speed

    Every turn at every corner

    Entering through life’s revolving skyscraper doors

    Thinking minds and voices

    Seeing eyes on observations

    One turn one thought

    One pause being a slow down

    Accelerations started on quick

    Movement has no fix

    Like an Action Figure in a flick

    Take charge and be ready

    Hard to hold steady

    Every move with something to prove

    Every situation doesn’t always run smooth

    Movement strictly on the mover

    Evolution wonder

    The sound of Thunder

    The rain starts, and people are running looking for cover to stand under

    Mishaps turn into blunders

    Evolution moment



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    A day gone through

    Home to relax

    Relaxing and not perplexed

    Time being a wonder

    Completed job assignments

    It wasn’t easy

    Certainly not a day cheesy

    It was a matter in being organized

    Understanding while remaining wise

    The thought caught up in the moment

    Enterprising mind

    Getting a good night’s sleep

    Dreaming deep

    My soul not necessarily mine to keep

    A day that was

    Tomorrow doing it all again

    A let be

    Another day to come that will be something to see.




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    A      ABSORB

    B       BEAUTY


    D       DETERMINED

    E       EFFORT


    G       GRATITUDE

    H      HEADING


    J       JUBILEE

    K      KEEN

    L       LANGUAGES


    N      NEWESS


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    Every church has an Amen Corner

    But sometimes not exactly in that order

    The church building is perfect, but people are not

    It was a sermon preached by a Pastor that got attention

    It’s something that must be mentioned

    The Theme, “If God said it, it’s definitely a Promise”

    As the Pastor was preaching, it was Amen here and Amen all over the church

    The. Congregation could feel the anointing throughout

    The spirit was moving

    That is who the Lord is all about

    The theme itself has power

    It doesn’t matter the hour

    Scriptures are never undone

    One must participate being among

    Shout in rejoice

    Praise with an uplifting voice

    Holy biblical songs only set the praising stage

    One must observe in the Lord’s amaze

    Believing in receiving

    Behold and watch the Lord work


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    What will I find?

    Could it be buried treasure from years ago

    Perhaps ancient ruins from a town destroyed by a massive Earthquake

    Value with a thought

    Human life into bones and dust

    Time’s reflection

    So much in discovery having a selection

    One’s life of who they are and how they came too be

    Inheritance of relations to the genes
    What a discovery

    The truth behind existence

    Past discovery

    Decades old

    During that time period

    When and then in wonder

    Discovery booster

    Facts coming to life

    Discovery with a new vibe

    Discover until

    Do it at will

    A mission to fulfill



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    From the valley to the skies

    From the oceans through the seas

    As Thunder cracks

    Journey through the cosmos

    Lightning flashes for good measure

    A time when

    The moment then
    Through the atmosphere

    The next decade

    Away away without fear

    Go to where you will preserver.




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    No chimney nor fireplace

    A place of love

    Joyous family gatherings


    A journey with a look back


    Memories of the various streets

    My teachings in not to be beat

    Getting around factors of defeat

    A park I will always remember

    A loss family member thought of as I slumber

    Home was yet home

    My roam

    A Grandparents love was a caring love

    Legacy precise

    We didn’t have much

    Food was always on the table

    I was raised by my Grandparents who were mobile and able

    Home was where I learned to grow

    The sun would often capture the home image in a glow

    Pacific Street I will never forget

    My Grandparents passed and that is my only regret

    The memories

    A timeline that accelerated

    Day in and out

    Home always on my mind when I am moving about


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    Observing the skies

    Wisdom becomes wise

    I began to think

    Heaven comes to mind

    The thought of prayer

    Looking for a blessing

    When it comes being devoted

    Committed spirit in my heart


    A moment of praise

    When understanding seems so far

    Knowledge rushes in being expelled

    Assurance sometimes becomes a lack

    Faith is strengthened at every length

    The thought of being a creation

    The mold of true self built just right

    Purpose having an assignment

    The thought of a refreshing fountain

    Clear waters that quinch my thirst

    I am hungry

    Solid ground of plenty

    In a matter of thinking beyond

    Heaven’s permission living among and embrace in the days to follow.





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    Save yourself

    A world that could end today

    Are you ready?

    The skies around Earth collaborating together

    The signs of approaching eternity

    Heaven and Earth daily meetings

    Tomorrow could very well become the moment

    Minutes, hours and seconds counting

    Echoes from the mount


    Revelation and Elevation

    Impact on target

    Be prepared and ready

    The weight like Atlas on all shoulders

    Heavy load




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    Mary Poppins name change with a new blend

    The new name being Mary Hardcore

    Pumping stretch galore

    Ms. Hardcore who shows intensity with the weights in exercise

    She is now with a new enterprise

    Lift approach

    Mary Hardcore is no joke

    Concentration and Vision

    A new attitude having a reason

    Exercise tips with formulating dips

    The umbrella left behind

    Mary Hardcore toned and doing fine

    Genuine one of a kind

    Back in the day, it was sing and dance

    Exercise has become the level of advance

    Transforming her own spirit into merit

    Strong in mind and soul


    Mary Hardcore is in control.



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    Every word I say is trust

    Every thought behind is a promise

    My heart being honest

    You are probably thinking in how can I be trusted?

    That is for you to believe and observe

    Look at my stance on value and commitment

    True to my name

    No shame to blame

    Get to know and understand me and watch the actions confess themselves

    I am not perfect and would never say

    It’s a matter in not to judge, but just observe

    The story in the truth

    True speech and words

    Trustworthy always a follow through

    A can do pursue

    You will know
    No although

    Trustworthy within itself

    Trust me





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    Dark Night

    Write of Day

    Words slurring

    Sentences becoming like a black curtain

    Certain not being certain

    Night fright block

    Bloody Moon

    Word attack

    Sentences attempting in fact

    Alpha letter A being a fierce raging animal

    Hungry for words to relief the craze

    Beware what you read

    It is up to you in how you will proceed

    Letters at a time in big screams

    The scene has been set

    Thunder and Lightning making you scare


    Unexpected could be your fear

    The Devil wants to know you better

    He wants Blood but less chatter

    One bite to feel nourished

    Devil teeth

    No relief

    The night of torment and no rest

    No peace

    Fiery on every turn

    Suddenly morning arrived with a sunrise in sight

    The Devil departed before the sun even started to...

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    Received a sat of exercise weights

    It was given to me as a gift

    The suggestion was exercise, catch my drift

    I decided to make good use of the weights

    It was lift and breathe

    Intensify and feel the exercise
    I began to get strong

    My body began to show transformation

    Exercise books gave me all kinds of information

    The old me started becoming the new me

    Mirrors don’t lie as I saw progress

    Currently on pause for a short recess

    Enough being still
    Mind over matter at will

    Body chemistry in change

    Total body experience in rearrange

    A gift well received

    Weighty thought

    Exercise being the key

    Imagine the transformation that one sees

    It makes the efforts worthwhile in results the way it should be




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    T               TOLD


    H               HISTORY


    E               EXISTENCE



    C                CONNECTION


    R               REVELATION


    O               OBVIOUS


    S                SIN



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    My time in fear

    Rejection in not wanting anyone near

    My tears are my experiences I saw

    My mind told me to completely ignore

    No flourish to soar

    My tears pour heavy

    They are like a Dam levy

    But they are holding steady

    How do I overcome?

    I am surrounded by lonesome

    My tears are next to none

    I must step out in courage

    That is the only way to nourish

    Tears come at a moment’s notice

    My tears show I have no confidence

    It’s obvious in an instance

    No matter how tears fall

    I must be able and not stall

    I feel more of a regret

    My tears have that effect

    Stop now tears

    This is the right time to preserver

    Encourage me and come near

    My tears have drawn back

    My darkness is no longer black

    I am responding now in just reflect


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    Step in, but never step out

    Portal through inspiration

    Open door

    Seeking with the need to explore

    Word motion like moving ocean waves

    A word of caution in acknowledging to beware

    Heart and mind geared up

    Direct the thought through words and sentences

    Let the horizon rise like a new day sunset

    Destiny rebound

    Hear the letters one at a time making sounds

    Echoes being the instances

    Expectations in what is needed

    A Poet stands being the image

    Introductory words

    Poet’s walk and talk

    Word battles fought

    Day in and Night

    Poem finally complete

    Defeat loss

    Prosperity won

    Poet’s own song to write along

    Write ready for a fight

    The sun will always provide light

    The night moon shines with delight

    Darkness only a moment

    Short pau...

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    Life is full of increases and decreases

    Mounting in fear

    Forming like nightmares near

    Far off journeys

    Beyond my reach

    Perhaps understanding that needs to be figured out

    Could it be anticipation?

    Maybe even information

    My Grandmother would often say in biblical words, “By and By, you will understand

    Would my inner soul be enhanced

    I am no Moses, David nor Paul

    I am scare for failure

    Sermons can become get it right

    I could be standing in God’s sight

    A face that can’t hide

    Circumstances after circumstances in what they will provide

    Heaven will always observe

    My Grandmother would explain, “Grandson, Life will not always be sweet, but there is a man who is truly neat”

    Seek and you shall find

    The answer will approach you as you keep living

    The puzzle is starting...

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    Sundry and hot

    Deep south in Alabama

    Two loving couples kissing under the Magnolia tree

    The Dew capturing the moment

    Setting mood

    Two hearts in heat soothe

    Proving love

    Emotions on fire

    Full of desire

    Dramatic kisses

    Loins with a peel

    Hungry for love for real

    Chemistry between

    Lean to Lean

    The Bayou glistening in the sunset


    Love in and out

    The attraction surfacing about

    Love on board

    I love you


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    A storm approached

    Alone in the middle of the field

    Lightning striking everywhere

    Then there was a loud crack

    Scared with fear

    There was a storm near

    Through the mind of thought, would the lightning strike me?

    The rain poured in heavy showers

    Thunder roared as if Heaven’s fiery

    I felt the need to surrender myself

    Wonder circulated through my mind

    I found myself looking yonder amidst the skies

    All I saw was overcast, flashing of lightning and rain

    Was this my kingdom come?

    I started singing spiritual

    Help me get along

    Without warning, the storm seemed to ease down

    A rainbow appeared along with the sun

    I was allowed to be alive and still among

    My call from Heaven to Earth

    Fate being an understanding

    Danger on caution

    One thing that will always remain is assurance...

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    Poets come in all shapes and sizes

    Personal realizes

    Words Poet writes

    The way their words come out

    Journeys they share

    Mindsets formulated beyond compare

    The truth facing reality

    Emotions experienced

    Showing directions with twists and turns

    Hearts that never separate

    Words and Sentences in how they circulate

    Poet motion control

    Increase then decrease

    Poet to the world

    Heart to heart

    Devotion and dedication

    Poet’s creation

    Fair weather into storms

    Embracing moments

    Poets dazzle in alive


    Poet understanding and knowledge

    Poet amaze

    Appreciation phase

    Poet Poet Poet

    The way to show it









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    There was a code of silence

    One note at a time played thereafter

    It was melody of joy

    The rhythm was oh boy

    Tone full of essence

    The piano hitting all the right notes

    Pleasure for listening

    Piano story of its own

    A Baldwin bollard

    Every note getting everyone’s attention

    The blend soothing to the end

    Remembrance of a Death

    A life risen within the tempo

    A time of when and how

    Rhapsody from then
    Reflection being the selection

    The piano was the representation

    The piano keys said it all

    Then came the curtain call


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    B I B L I C A L A S P E C T S

    J          JOURNEY


    E         EVERLASTING


    S          SALVATION


    U         UNIFICATION


    S          SANCTIFIED



    C         COMMANDMENTS


    H         HOLY




    I          INSIGHT


    S          SINCERITY


    T         TESTIMONIAL



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    I have fond memories

    My life from Beginnings to Present

    I also have bad memories

    Life hasn’t always been perfect


    Perhaps less deserving

    Trust wasn’t always on my side

    Questionable responses

    Through circumstances I gained living experiences

    Encouraged through influences

    Craftsmanship in carving abilities

    Letting my past be my learning experiences

    Pitfalls breakthroughs

    Turning garbage waste into lifelong possibilities

    One thing assured, I was loved

    Memories whether good or bad and maybe both
    They become always remember

    Character is built up

    Ready to conquer the world in where one never thought possible
    Tomorrow becomes a checklist of one’s life

    Preparation beyond
    Beyond dreams

    Memories helping me to always be involved and take part in life


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    Adventurous with continuous encores

    Exploration spirit

    Discoveries beyond

    Purpose with inspiration

    Assured within

    Breaking barriers

    Proving abilities


    Always facing realities

    Feet planted on solid ground

    You are always famous in your daily tasks

    Triumphant and Conquered

    Heroes within your own right

    Managing and Coordinating

    Goals into destiny’s

    Always a follow through

    It doesn’t matter if you are not a celebrity star or heritage with a legacy

    You are stars that twinkle every given day

    Surpassed opposition

    You know your position

    Believing in yourself


    Setting standards

    Not settling for defeat, but always seeing victory in the horizon

    Mystery within your techniques

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    One kiss

    One breath

    Lips of endure

    Total loving heart

    Beauty and the Prince essence

    Romance soaring through the air

    The kiss like a fairytale


    Kiss everlasting


    Expensive wine


    I am your man and you are my woman

    Soaring Doves of love freedom


    Like no other


    Kiss after kiss

    Loving you tender

    Multitude kisses

    Sustaining again and again

    Love having no end

    Kiss Kiss Kiss

    Bulls eye love





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    Dr. Betty Shabazz, Widom of Malcolm X

    I had the honor and pleasure to have Dr. Shabazz as a Health Class Professor at

    CUNY MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE in Brooklyn, New York

    Dr. Shabazz, a name known throughout the world

    Determined in all her pursuits

    Civil Rights was a commitment alongside her alive husband then Malcolm X

    Devotion in spirit in contributing change that followed Dr. Shabazz entire life

    Being Black and a woman, but was standing for all women regardless of race

    Achiever being a believer

    Leader within her own right

    Discrimination just made Dr. Shabazz more focused with a Civil Rights mission at hand

    Dr. Shabazz wanted to break the chains of stereotypes and accept a person among those being a women

    She observed in her eyes in what society was doing to all people of color

    Dr. Shabazz educated herself through higher learning and worked ...

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    There was once a child 10

    This was no pretend

    A child would read Poetry

    To the child, the words and meaning were a mystery

    The child started to write his own words

    Turns out, it became Poetry

    Words and sentences popped up into the child’s head

    The child put his thinking cap on

    Soon after, the words started to come along

    Words became the leader and the sentences formed proceed

    Full of inspiration and imagination

    The child began to understand what poetry was all about

    Confusion was all worked out

    Poetry made sense to a 10 year old

    Words of another all flocked together

    Understanding of a child

    All that within the child while

    The child now was a Poet

    Showing it

    Now the child was now an adult

    Impact of poetry fulfilled in child growing up

    From a child Poet to an adult being a...

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    Paul who was once in jail

    Thunder and Lightning that carried a warning tail

    Once there was David’s song

    Moses voice said come along

    Disciplines having full of questions

    The Lord said, I am the suggestion

    The nation shall be out of bondage and free

    The Devil will always have no choice but to flee

    The Lord speaks that he is behold

    The seas that shall be still

    His command being his will

    The skies shall open and there will be rain

    Purity in heart that will remain

    Darkness will turn to new light

    The Sun shall bright warmth upon the land

    This is the Lord’s demand

    My assurance being a promise

    But the world must truly be honest

    Confession shouldn’t be taken light

    Consequences have a plight

    I am the risen king

    I am not a thing

    I am the spiritual bling


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    Caught in the Devil’s jail

    Pulled in without fail

    Hot fire

    The Devil’s desire

    His agenda a set up trap

    All could be said is oh snap

    In the Devil’s lair

    The Devil’s evilness not fair

    Hell is no Earth compare

    Total evil on the Devil’s mind

    Wicked powers and fire combined

    Devil, I am not yours to keep

    Higher powers to your defeat

    I just call on that Heavenly name

    I will be free

    Now you will flee

    Heaven is the key

    All thanks to Thee





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    Thy word

    Thy moment

    Thy heart

    Thy spirit

    Wondering if thy reach

    Open up and listen

    Spiritual voice calling

    Destined words

    Fulfill until complete

    Words magnificent

    Interlock significant

    Observed of word path

    Spiritual connection being obvious

    One needs to understand

    Separation verses distance

    Hearing yet believing

    Confessing being the truth


    Moment of advice

    Mind and Soul results

    Being hungry, but the soul not fully fed

    Thy word has a mission

    Thy word is the promise

    Thy word is the truth

    Thy mind being the understanding

    Intertwining into Heaven’s wisdom

    Words showing you are the witness

    Being ready for what was promised

    Thy word

    It has already been spoken.



    95  2
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    Spiritual Home




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    Ready set go into center stage

    Let your heart show your amaze

    Heritage produced the women of yesterday striving in tomorrow’s virtues

    It’s women you know and others you don’t

    Those are the one’s behind the scenes, but courage put them on the front line

    Women who believed in themselves

    Cutting through the negative stereotypes

    Making your strides in accomplished actions

    Determined in desires

    Believing while contributing

    Courage while walking in Faith

    Setting your own standards

    Women use what they have been taught being a discovery

    Knowing that you can cut the boundaries that bind

    Society isn’t always so kind

    The question is sometimes what can women offer?

    Give a woman a chance and they can become whatever they desire to be

    It could be a Teacher, Sports related of any kind, Doctors, Lawyer...

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    Once upon a time

    The Rap setting the tone

    The word praise became full blown

    Stand on your feet

    Let the Lord’s name be known

    Heaven that is above

    Worthiness to think of

    One day, we will all be Heavenly bound

    The promise with a spiritual full sound

    The Devil wants to corrupt and have control

    But this Earth is the Lord’s threshold

    There’s a battle between good and sin

    Believe and let the Lord take you in

    Think about who he is and how he made an impact on your life

    Recommend and encourage

    Reflect on when you were sick and how you got healed

    The connection was your seal

    Emphasize the Lord’s goodness with you being his witness

    The moment was your turnaround

    Blessings seemed to multiply

    It was all possible by Thy

    The closer you remained the better the understa...

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    Shocked and devasted

    I suffered in a Health Condition and Heaven saw

    Uplifted being Heaven’s call

    There wasn’t much anybody could do

    Heaven was my only pursue

    I know on Earth you are heart broken

    Don’t be sad

    Don’t feel bad

    You took excellent care of me well

    Pure love and everyone could tell

    You couldn’t have done anymore

    You did your best and that was for sure

    It was my time

    Heaven’s schedule

    On my journey like a module

    I will miss you

    Remember me on Earth

    No more pain nor suffering again as Heaven is my new birth

    Our love was strong

    That is how I want you to live along

    Bonding in thinking how I gave you inspiration

    Remember the voice in my bark

    Think of my paw touching your lap

    One bark for love

    Second bark fo...

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    A man with only being known as Joe

    A story that will move slow

    Joe was a homeless man living on the streets

    He felt less of a man drowning in defeat

    Joe often cried morning, noon and night

    People would ignore Joe and had no pity

    This was happening and you name any city

    Suddenly something miraculous happened that night

    A miracle took place

    A voice called down from Heaven to Stand Up

    Joe had no idea who the voice was and was frightened

    In fact, Joe thought he was dreaming

    It was the Lord getting Joe’s attention

    The Lord stated, Joe, I know you felt on hard times

    I am Faith and hope with blessings combined

    I sit high and look low

    You need to accept me and believe

    Joe, I want you to level and not be fed up

    I had heard your cries

    There’s going to be a turnaround

    Joe, I want you t...

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    A Muscleman spotted on the street

    Well Developed and contour

    People passing couldn’t ignore

    The Muscleman filled out his clothes

    The muscles extended length and width

    One day, a person asked the Muscleman to flex

    Men walking felt perplexed

    Definitely jealous

    The Muscleman was humbled

    Women couldn’t take their eyes off the Muscleman

    Walking masterpiece was walking the streets

    Too some people it was a treat

    Envy after envy from people

    The Muscleman definitely had a body

    It was obvious that the Muscleman worked out and took care of his body

    A mountain of muscle being on a man

    Observed like a superior God

    Muscles made the Muscleman

    Now one quick flex



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    Every church has an Amen Corner

    But sometimes not exactly in that order

    The church building is perfect, but people are not

    It was a sermon preached by a Pastor that got attention

    It’s something that must be mentioned

    The Theme, “If God said it, it’s definitely a Promise”

    As the Pastor was preaching, it was Amen here and Amen all over the church

    The. Congregation could feel the anointing throughout

    The spirit was moving

    That is who the Lord is all about

    The theme itself has power

    It doesn’t matter the hour

    Scriptures are never undone

    One must participate being among

    Shout in rejoice

    Praise with an uplifting voice

    Holy biblical songs only set the praising stage

    One must observe in the Lord’s amaze

    Believing in receiving

    Behold and watch the Lord work


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    Wages on a racing horse

    The urge in the mind behind the force

    Lady Bell having a bet

    The horse loss

    No win

    Sums of money loss at the end

    What was a sure thing

    It all went down the drain

    No money to even catch a train

    The Gambler was begging on the street

    Feeling down and defeat

    People were just passing back

    No one even gave anything to the Gambler in try

    All the Gambler could do was just cry

    Suddenly a miracle took place

    Someone on the street gave the Gambler a One Hundred Dollar bill

    I hope the Gambler learned his lesson and don’t bet again

    You can’t say a bet is a sure thing

    You could lose everything at the end
    Bet wisely

    The Motto, “The Bet today won’t always win”.




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    The Wonder

    The Understanding

    The Lessons

    The Blessings

    The Healings

    The Struggles










    All surrounding FAITH





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    Once was loss, but now found

    Hear my praise with a loud sound

    Among being alive

    It’s a blessing of strive

    Tomorrow and moment is never promised

    One must be honest

    Blessings don’t just come, it must be deserving

    You must have true Faith and hungry for a spiritual serving

    The Lord is our rock

    The world is his flock

    The Cross is his uplifting symbol

    We are his creation

    We represent throughout the nation

    Blessing from his mold and behold

    We walk and embrace in his grace

    As a Believer, we are in a race

    Heaven bound

    We shall be lifted up.



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    There once was a race

    No competition being a trace

    The only face was a lonely Hound Dog

    Kicking Up dust in a run like fog

    Yet fast on target

    No roar of encouragement

    Just a brisk carefree breeze

    The Hound Dog ran as fast as it could

    It was the moment where it stood

    The Hound Dog was feeling adequate

    He was missing the competition

    It was all a test in precision

    Endurance and courage extending into influence

    It didn’t matter speed

    It was the idea be confident and proceed

    The Hound Dog felt the strength of preparation

    The test runs were all indications

    Being the victor within

    All followed by conditions

    Molding into possibilities

    The Hound Dog knew at some point there would be competition

    The spirit to win and be admired

    Being alone no longer mattered

    It ...

    72  1
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    No assurance

    Questionable spectrum

    What would have I become?

    Darkness with no light

    Life that wouldn’t be shining bright

    No anticipate

    Changes would come being great

    The Lord took my hand

    His goodness is throughout the land

    Struggles would lead to breakthroughs

    Chains unlocked with the Lord being the key

    Sadness would turn to happiness

    Testimony making me God’s witness

    Hate risen to love

    Determined being inspired

    Doubt nourished to believe

    Pain seeing tomorrow

    A start finally achieved

    Praises rejoiced feeling relieved

    Old into new

    Salvation having a mission to pursue






    63  1
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    There’s a song

    A melody

    The world won’t be kind

    Keep yourself genuine

    Peace won’t always be still

    Follow God’s will

    Time in accelerate

    Mind, Body and Soul

    The wonder of behold

    Be patient and wait

    Goodness comes to those who appreciate
    Some say, but don’t truly believe

    Heaven’s watch brings relieve

    The Sunshine high in warmth

    Let love sustain in your heart

    Goodness will always follow

    Don’t be shallow

    Tomorrow’s melody being a uplift

    It’s living being the gift
    Yesterday’s tone being a reminder

    Rhythm in spirit

    Inspiration to carry you on.



    95  1
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    Sunrise has begun

    The Trucker is living among

    Every road turning bend

    A Trucker’s job never ends

    The road just brings the Trucker a step closer to their destination

    Sometimes there’s a pause

    A reason with a cause

    Journeys fulfilled

    The Trucker can be off schedule

    Delays unavoidable

    Weather conditions making travel unstable
    The mission being the assignment

     Beaten path

    Endless wait

    No appreciate


    Vision thought


    Truckers with drive



    Determinations and commitments


    Truckers with delivery matters

    Keep to the minute, seconds and hours

    Trucker vow, “Keep on Trucking”

    Motto, “Arrive Alive”

    Doing what Truckers do best

    Drive and conti...

    102  1
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     A Poets castle

    Where inspiration strides

    Where composition derives

    Thoughts and ideas

    Emotions and fears

    A closed door

    Disturbances to ignore

    Truth in the words

    Moment of silence

    Details without fail

    Sentences ready to set sail

    The Poets domain

    Sometimes complain

    Doing what a Poet does best


    Sometimes joking

    Other times writer’s block

    Some say, Poets have no game

    But it depends on who is challenging

    I have also heard that Poets are nuts

    Poets eat nuts for protein

    Keeping their mind open and lean

    Poets trust their own spirit

    Sustaining from everywhere

    The quality is merit

    A quiet place offers the right environment for a writing create

    No time to waste

    Meeting words and sentences head on face to face

    115  1
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    The battle between good and Evil

    Influenced war from the Devil

    Heaven verses Hell

    The Devil who corrupts minds

    He uses all resources combined

    Heaven wants to set the record straight

    The Holy One is who is great

    The Devil hates

    He puts the world in dangerous fate

    Heaven wants everyone to have everlasting to enjoy

    The joy of goodness

    Heaven wants the world to embrace becoming a witness

    Evil wants to destroy

    People become the decoy

    Heaven full of joy

    The Devil plays with people’s thinking in acting like his puppet like a toy

    The battle continues

    Joy verses fire

    Hour by hour

    Minute by minute

    Christian’s armored for war with Evil

    It’s about defeating the Devil

    It’s a matter of time

    The Holy Spirit will always reign supreme

    The D...

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    Marquee shines bright and tall

    The stage spotlight says it all

    A purpose to perform

    Music and drama the norm

    A time when lives are torn apart

    Separation causing a depart

    My name is Jordan, I travelled far and wide

    I don’t know what my life is suppose to provide
    Determined with desire

    I live in the Deep South

    A place called SAGGINGVILLE, South Carolina

    It’s where the Sun and Heat come together

    Many days, I walked down dirt roads in my bare feet

    Blisters would often be found beneath my feet soles

    Shoes served no purpose

    Miles to towns and having no car

    Walking and thinking

    I would often be found by the river playing my Harmonica
    The song would be show me my Bayou

    Glazing at the river and observing my reflection

    As I began to see my image, I seem to wonder

    Being a poor boy ...

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    Not famous

    No name

    I am the focus of the statue

    Representing courage

    Scripted for determination

    Solid principles and morals

    Distinction mold

    A masterpiece to behold

    Beauty within

    Integrity intact

    Observe, but step back

    My moment in time

    Designed in concrete



    No name and not famous

    The pester which I stand

    Solid fact

    Scripted to prove

    All me


    A statue meant to be



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    Tormented and verbally abused

    Storms turned into struggles

    Criticisms felt were like road blocks

    Journeys learning experiences

    Death knocking at my door throughout the process

    Anguished and bitter

    Cries agonizing

    Tomorrow that almost wasn’t

    Suddenly, sunset was my new day

    My promise for the first time being realized

    New life energized

    Dreams were my influences

    Voices echoing Perfection

    There was balance in my life

    Options full of choices

    A mind thinking

    Heart pounding

    Determination on course

    Somewhere affirmative showing

    I am the successor

    It wasn’t through a professor

    My terms and ability only

    Heaven mission granted

    No doubt being fulfilled

    Objective the achiever

    Doubt was on temporary pause

    No doubt ...

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    Higher Learning in Spell Casting Unity

    Using the mind to move objects at will

    The concept having a wand approach

    Understanding what it is to be a Witch or Warlock

    The distinction between good and bad

    Transformation into perfection

    Turning a broom into a vacuum cleaner in making a clean sweep

    Learning the fundamentals of fly

    Making every effort to try

    Turning any object into something else

    Turning human body copy into a duplicate

    Mind control the total focus

    How to turn people into frogs

    Transforming clear skies with fog

    Theory within every witchcraft definition

    Every movement with precision

    Reason having a cause and effect

    Wand control

    Threshold of gifted powers

    Witches and Warlocks University drills

    Studying hard and doing well

    Witches and Warlocks University student populati...

    79  0
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    Shortcut in deceit

    Turmoil at its best

    Confused and undecided

    Deadly Poison tongue

    Burning fire eyes

    No realize

    Journey to nowhere

    Coldness in harsh approach

    Every turn

    Motive taken

    No remorse

    Body action guided by the mind

    A rebellious world that doesn’t understand nor care

    Every wrong being a right


    Beware crowd


    Rebellious thoughts all around us

    Unsure in evening the score

    Living on the edge

    No privilege




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    I grow old and weak
    The sun shines
    But my heart bleeds
    My eyes see darkness
    Surrounded by curses of Vengeance
    My cries have no meaning
    Echoes are all silence
    Death turning from flesh to soul
    Sword boldly held
    My will must be done
    Wickedness is my voice
    Blood must be shed
    My mind corrupted
    Lightning and Thunder are my conviction
    Suspect being the reason
    I stand alone being guilty
    There is no reason to pity
    I will die here in the city
    You would be killed if it was left up to me
    Kill Kill Kill Kill is all I feel
    I have been beaten and torn within
    Don’t search for my soul
    It’s nowhere to be found
    I am not worthy for jail
    My whole life was unfulfilled with fail
    Don’t try to kill me
    Let me do that thyself
    I am the wretch of never after
    I will kill no more
    The sword touche...

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    Beauty in the eyes of the skies

    The assortment being a color of its own

    Quality in contrast

    Boldness that lasts

    The feeling of inspiration

    Blue being an added color with another


    Uplifting blue

    Conditional blue

    Sustainable blue

    Resisting blue

    The color blue in pursue

    Refreshing blue tone

    Blue distinguishing you

    Defined and dignified



    Eye catcher

    Stand out








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    Mind Control

    Whispers echoes

    Thinking Beyond mortals

    Vision seen far and wide

    Time being what is too come

    Future being no imagination

    Wicked that were killed with swords


    Forbidden fruit

    The mind journeys on its pursuit

    Time will never be still

    Discerning minds on will

    Beyond the test of matter

    Spirit and merit


    Voice familiar and recognized

    Souls roamed the Earth in the flesh

    They roam now to inspire

    Discerners have the gift

    Moving forward in time

    Listen and follow wisdom

    Validated by the Kingdom




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    A World searching

    Confused by the Devil

    One that is Evil

    Heaven above high

    Earth watcher being Thy

    Thy is the reason to pray

    Faith behind the relay

    Living each and every day

    Spiritual blending

    Mercy and Grace bonding

    Blessings to look upon

    Longevity beyond

    Thy who here’s prayer

    One who is never alone

    The test of time

    Thy who is genuine
    Heavenly one being gentle and kind

    Weather any storm

    This is the norm

    Praying in the asking

    Honest heart in receiving

    Until being Thys will

    Be still

    Peaceful and humble

    Thy is able

    Wonder being Heaven’s Marvelous

    It’s all obvious

    Truth in trust

    It involves all of us






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    My Soul had risen to Heaven

    Arrived at the Pearly gates

    An Angel opened the Gate and told me my room was ready

    I entered holding steady

    I was welcomed by the Lord and the Angel’s

    City of song and praise

    I had already received on Earth many times of amaze

    Heaven being clean and righteous

    The momentum Rendezvous

    Freed from Pain and Death no more

    Praying in rejoice

    The Heavenly choice

    Arrived in Heaven because of preparation

    Thanking the Lord in my appreciation.






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    I wonder if you really care

    Your mannerisms say one thing, but your voice says another

    You are all about yourself

    No one is an island

    I feel isolated within

    Your cause is my effect

    It becomes a reject

    We don’t talk anymore

    It seems I have to ask you permission just to have conversation

    There is no appreciation
    Silence has become a virtue

    Our menu has nothing to offer

    I feel like I paying a cover charge

    I don’t feel free being your companion

    For all I know, you might have a trap door

    Escape route for your own means

    You are acting just like the world with the don’t care attitude

    There is no smooth and our togetherness is a conclude

    I have put myself on seclude

    Our togetherness is not going get it

    You are just not fit

    I quit

    You are not for me being it

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    Steering the words through the seas being your only suggestion

    Inspired and at ease

    Take a walk on your deck and take in that breeze

    There will be stormy times

    You will notice the thymes

    You will get a push like a jolt

    It’s your inspiration being felt

    Imaging the sunrise in the distance

    A calm sea of thought being the instance

    You are Captain Poet and let your courage mount

    It will become a word count

    Poetry having its own lighthouse

    The eyes that guide

    The vision of composition in sight provides

    The waves from the many piers

    The encouragement stating have no fear

    Be the Captain Poet in steering your way

    Pursuing your destiny

    The Sunset in knowing you maneuvered

    No one can stop you now

    Being skillful in knowing how

    Anchors away
    Keep your writing engines revered up...

    72  1
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    Fascinated being enchanted

    Your lips to mine

    The embrace combined

    Love filling my entire soul and spirit

    Harmony connection on merit

    Romance like expensive wine

    I am hungry for your heart

    You quenched my thirst

    Love being our outburst

    Your handsomeness my weakness

    You are pulling me like a magnet

    Your charm superior

    You broke through my walls of doubt

    There is nothing to work out

    Your personality became my fortune
    I am suspended in your arms

    The kiss I will never forget

    Let’s tell the world

    Love me, but don’t ever leave

    The moment, minute and hours counting


    Love is on hot

    You are the ocean and I am the shore

    We docked together

    Connected in the kiss

    Our story tail having no conclusion

    We are loss in love in our ...

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    First time in New York City’s history

    Meteorologist find the Tornado a mystery

    The Tornado touched down in the heart of Midtown

    Travelling straight down Seventh Avenue

    It happened during the evening rush hour

    Precise at the hour

    Citizens were frenzied with fright

    New York City never saw a Tornado up close in plain sight

    This was definitely no ordinary day

    The sky darkened

    Panic on the eyes of New York City

    Skyscrapers that graced the skies

    They were rocking back and forth being an emphasize

    The winds were fierce with fury

    Everything was blowing everywhere

    Not your average day compared

    Everyone was thinking was this the end of New York City?

    Would God have pity?

    Wrath of God’s power

    Repent while you got time

    The Heavenly Hour Glass moving like a stop watch

    Observe a...

    126  3
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    I would definitely be vintage
    Structure of a bus never seen

    Wheels that would be superb
    Conditioned Engine

    That works

    Built to withstand all kinds of weather

    Headlights that flashed showing clever

    Long lasting forever

    Seats that would recline with passenger feet raising for relaxation like no other

    No malfunctions

    Really, but couldn’t promise
    Ok, maybe I am over emphasizing

    Crystal clear winds bringing passenger scenery up close and personal

    Devices to keep the Motor Coach Operator awake and alert

    Remember, I am a one of kind bus that no one has seen

    A crash is not an option, but vintage is only a reminder

    I would be a bus that no one will ever forget

    However, that goes without saying

    What kind of bus you ask that I would be?

    That is a secret

    I will never tell

    Don’t bother ...

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    What are words to inspire?

    What are sentences to expel the message?

    Words responded to me and stated, “You have come a long way”

    A journey through the pains and struggles

    Inspiration was never easy

    A road of torment like fire

    Burning deep and raging wild

    No one had any idea

    Emotions were on fear

    I refused to let what I felt out

    Somewhere somehow my destiny is circling all around me

    Storms come but stay awhile

    I feel trapped within my own time zone being nowhere

    What was strength has become weak

    What was assured is now doubt

    My heart throb has no enthusiasm

    My mind blinded

    Darkness seeing no light

    What direction to I take?

    I can’t stop now, but must push on

    Standing alone

    Even my tears wonder

    My soul has gone yonder

    My drea...

    147  2
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    Get rid of all clutter of your mind

    Transform your memories of bad experiences

    Let new beginnings relish

    Surface your thoughts from ocean deep to the shore

    Start a totally new slate


    Today is your tomorrow

    See regrets as encouragement in truly forgetting

    What seems far is closer than you think
    Hold true fulfillment close and near

    Forget the fear

    Accomplishments start by efforts

    Possibilities in moving agenda’s

    Finish and complete

    A clear desk becomes content with a mindset of assurance

    Utilizing full control of one’s own influence


    Fulfillment of your life can begin

    Clear and ready

    Holding steady

    All clear being uplifted

    Mindset full of ideas


    Edited mindset

    Go and complete your assignment



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    My Funeral is here and now

    Your tears aren’t sincere

    You are full of guilt

    You really didn’t care when I was living

    You are probably glad I departed

    You are only at my Funeral just to see for yourself I am truly deceased

    Friends and Family in pretend

    My final chapter came to an end

    Don’t look down at me in the coffin
    There was no love for me on Earth when I was living

    I am flyting in spirit like a Dove

    Heaven is my new home

    Peace and comfort to roam

    Time moved on

    I am where I belong

    My days on Earth meant nothing

    I gave my all on Earth

    The world took my life for granted

    It meant nothing

    I am on Transcend mode

    Forget me

    You are not worthy

    My enriched my beginning

    My fulfillment complete

    Tomorrow is my new day

    I did my best<...

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    Words don’t always come

    Sometimes my mine is lonesome

    At times Poets feel they aren’t Poets

    Storms torment the spirit

    It feels like a detour having a blockage

    Emotions sealed like a hidden trap door

    The battles between the words and sentences

    No beginning. Nor ending

    Sustain within

    Loss for expression

    One letter at a slow call

    Unable to respond

    Inspiration down

    The Poet being nowhere to be found

    Failure in own right

    Poet relishing plight

    The battle strong and intense

    A Poet’s life could very well be past tense

    Words missing the bull’s eye

    All a Poet can do is cry

    Letters from words

    Mind and voice, we need to talk

    Every pause is a Poet’s stalk

    There must be a mindset

    Writing is about creating the effect

    Then ...

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    Mountains are not easy to climb, but one must be determined

    Obstacles become circumstances

    Challenging yourself through endurance

    Staying positive working through negative influence

    A mission one must pursue

    Distance far and beyond

    Standing on your own morals and disciplines

    Dr. King’s voice said, “I am going to win”

    Civil Rights Movement caught the attention of the world and Washington

    Enough was Enough of being deprived

    It was time to receive dignity like any other Ethnic group

    We must continue the fight in Dr. King’s legacy as the work is not done

    Dr. King made his commitment and fought a good fight

    His devotion of Civil Rights must continue in all of our efforts

    Dr. King is looking down on us from the Mountain Top

    We must fulfill where Dr. King loss his life and strive in his honor

    Hold steady


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    Blessings fulfilled
    Blessings one can’t count

    Praise to the Mount

    Believing throughout on every score

    Faith accomplished with relishing soar

    Assurance felt

    Goodness that followed

    Trust made that obvious

    Multiply after multiply

    Praying upon praying being the reason why
    Reason for praise

    Acknowledge the amaze

    Overloaded blessings

    Achieving in honesty

    Purpose destined

    Mission to be involved

    Stand and Praise who resolved

    Ready and prepared

    Let the heart praise out

    Take the blessing in


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    Dream of buses

    The mold of craftsmanship

    Honor in the bus name

    Destination striving from the heart

    Tomorrow’s open road calling

    The sun has risen in a new day

    Suddenly a bus glistens for all too see

    Vintage bus appears

    A Bus Pioneer shares his bus storytelling soul

    The day he drove and the experience he felt

    The dream became a reality

    Buses of the past were relived in the present

    You never know what bus will pass by

    You simply wave and embrace

    You think to yourself, “Thank you for showing me the Bus way”

    Bus recognition making its mark

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    As the music raises in rehearsal

    The Dancer alone in preparation

    Represent will be a present

    Talent in perfection

    Moving the audience into performing arts appreciation

    Dance assemble motion of flow

    Contour stamina

    Music being high and low

    The dance sometimes being with the tempo slow

    Immediately an upbeat tempo mighty and strong

    Dance Feet Dance

    The audience is caught off guard into a trance

    Their minds are transcending like an avalanche

    The spotlight adding to the effect

    Echoing sounds of being a free spirit

    Dance Dance Dance

    The moment of merit

    Perfection delight

    Endurance assured with might

    Audience applause

    The dance with a purpose and cause

    Goodness and quality

    The curtain comes down

    Another Dance performance well done

    The marquee had it righ...

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    Life’s promises

    A sense of purpose

    What has been achieved

    Efforts that led being accomplished

    Ups and Down’s

    Committed to live

    Desired to strive

    Assurance of the heart

    Birth of determination

    Freedom within rejuvenation

    Refreshing morning winter wind

    Love nurturing like a warm sun

    Welcomed in living

    Possibilities within

    One voice that knows and eyes that show

    Seeing beyond the clouds and the shores

    Imaging dreams as reality

    Knowing what how one is supposed to live

    Remembering all the advice that made encouragement possible

    Stepping out on Faith in courage

    Moment in time to think

    A time to wonder

    Looking yonder

    Moment of thought

    Prepared to live and excel



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    John Wayne couldn’t be found

    The Indian’s all left town

    John Wayne wasn’t on the seen

    The Indian’s refused to be mean

    Marshall Dillon moved from Dodge City

    The west was thinking oh what a pity

    The Stage Coaches loss their map for direction

    Show me the way to Hollywood

    Not by way of chopping wood

    Even the Mountains didn’t applaud

    Oh Lord

    The west always thought they won

    Somewhere they were outdone

    The west having a name

    That will remain

    Some think the west was lame

    Who are you going to blame?

    Fuss Fuss Fuss

    Back on the road on a bus

    On a mission being a must

    The west you thought

    No battle fought

    East went West

    I feel I am testing a test

    Free spirit at least

    The Indian’s put their arrows in storage


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    Eat, Cook and Serve

    Feel the flavor you deserve

    Blender galore

    Add the Hamburger for sure

    Seasoning adds to the goodness

    Let taste be your witness

    Sloppy Joe at its best

    Many have eaten can contest

    Enjoy and sit back

    Watch TV and relax

    Weekend ending fun

    Sloppy Joe is ready and done

    What more than can be enjoying than Poetry Sloppy Joe being the words among.


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    It all started without a Poet effect

    The words similarly thought of the Poet being a reject

    It goes back to a Poetry book

    There was no Poet to take a look

    The sentences and words collaborated together

    The Poet became no other

    The sentences and words held their own meeting

    They felt they were the purpose and meaning

    What do you think a Poet would think about that?

    The Poet would say they are no longer needed

    It wouldn’t matter because the words and sentences have their own concept

    The sentences and words have their own amaze

    The Poet always gets the praise

    Poet’s minds are the ideas

    The sentences and words felt left out

    The door is always open for them to enter

    The sentences and words made their point

    Poets out

    Sentences and words in

    The sentences being the words were now Editor In Chi...

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    Food with a twist

    Eating being a miss

    A Duck that went into the oven

    There was no need for stuffing

    Suddenly the Duck flew out the oven and hit the ceiling

    When the host went to check

    No Duck in the oven having an effect

    As the host bent over at the oven, the Duck felt from the ceiling onto the host head

    The guest was served Hamburgers instead

    Rice that was cooked on the stove

    There was too much Rice in the pot

    It was like it or not

    Rice that couldn’t be served

    No Cookbook and the host got what they deserved

    It was a won’t get it meal

    Reality came to life for real

    Poetry Food took its place

    You now know the trace

    Poetry moment of food face to face.





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    Santa’s Elves shop in the stores

    Gift possibilities to explore

    Debit and Credit Cards put to work

    Online shopping convenience in confess

    What will be a Christmas gift?

    Sometimes gift cards are the thrift

    Nonetheless, money will be spent

    It will be total involvement revolving how time went

    Christmas will soon approach

    Last minute shopping becoming a next brooch

    The Toy Department being Front and Center

    Such assortments to see as Santa Elves enter

    Checking a child’s wants on their list

    A child’s wish

    Sometimes on the list will be a miss

    Santa Elves venture on

    It’s a move and get along

    The holiday season a big thrill

    At least for the child’s will

    Imagine seeing a child’s face happy in delight

    All the gifts gathered in plain sight

    After all that...

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    Concentrating over the world

    Arrival from the Valley

    I had lessons to learn

    Sacrifice my wonder

    Inspiring surprises appeared

    Mysteries understood

    Understanding assured

    I learned of myself

    My capabilities and possibilities
    The world became my mirror

    Reflections of where I fitted into the world

    Goodness began to surround me

    However, there were many tears I shed
    Cries that shouted

    Experiences endured

    One Heaven One Voice

    Alphabets to several sentences

    Destiny thought

    Live right and rejoice

    Blessings came many

    Nothing uncanny

    Hope and prosperity came together as one component

    I am a leaf that won’t whitter

    My leverage rebound

    The breezes with sweet sounds

    All is set and I am ready

    Holding steady
    Mind control take hold


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    A man named GORILLA STRONG
    His last name Strong describes him perfectly

    Strength in his own right

    Strong and Might

    Gorilla Strong started on his journey as a Weightlifter

    He would lift weights beyond expectations
    In fact, when he lifts weights at the gym where he trains appropriately called “INTENSITY BEYOND”

    Every weight he lifts sounding like an Earthquake around him with shakes and vibrations

    It surrounds Mr. Strong’s training formation

    His body parts seem to muscle flex without Mr. Strong doing a flex

    Mr. Strong has received numerous Weightlifting awards and top honors in sportsmanship


    You are probably scratching your head in wondering who is this Gorilla Strong is a person who I made up in my head

    However, it would be surprising if Gorilla Strong really existed

    So where did the first name of Gorilla originate?


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    The cow got tired of hearing the cow jumped over the moon

    The Moon always smiled

    All that while
    The Cow had an idea in trying a totally different approach

    Some might laugh and say this must be a joke

    The cow will be attempting in climbing a mountain

    How fitting for a big cow

    Big task

    The Cow prepared for the challenge

    This was going to be the Cow’s biggest leverage

    Why would the mountains think?

    How would reader’s respond on a different agenda for a cow?

    A Cow climbing a mountain is something to see

    The Cow was determined being his battle

    Preparation was all set

    The Cow was ready as one would expect

    Slowly, but surely, the Cow started the hill upgrade

    In everyone’s mind being achieving with waiting in believing

    The Cow had to take careful steps and not misstep nor going over the mountain int...

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    The Night of the Christmas Bus

    Holiday accented all decked out

    People observed as it was moving about

    Santa was aboard

    Ho Ho Ho accord

    Santa told a Christmas story of the Christmas Bus

    The children were aboard being a plus

    Children were all sitting in their reclining chairs

    They listened carefully with care

    The Christmas bus that journeyed to the North Pole

    As Santa narrated, the wonder became behold

    The bus arrived at Bus Toyland

    All kinds of scale buses were there

    Each had their own stories to share

    All the scale buses were of all kinds

    They all unique and genuine

    Some had operating lights

    Others made engine starting sounds

    There were some that were remote controls that were found
    The scale buses would capture a child’s delight

    However, Santa has a bus story to tell tonight


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    Love on hold

    Hate on told

    Appreciation with hesitation

    Please give me your divided attention

    I am hated by many

    To some people that might sound uncanny

    I consider myself avoid

    Bitterness in people’s heart with no joy

    I did nothing wrong

    I feel within the world I don’t belong

    But I have flavor being God’s create

    In his eyes, I am his appreciate

    My name should be called Shame

    People want me to be the blame

    Cherish me while I am alive

    Through Mercy and Grace is how I survive

    Death will strike me one day

    Tomorrow is not promised

    But your hate of me is not honest

    No matter what I say or how I say will still muster your continuous hate

    I am human and deserve respect

    Love and Joy should have enduring effect

    I am the sea to the shore

    Standing like...

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    It was an Arizona Sunrise

    A new day to recognize

    It was a Greyhound bus pulling into a Terminal bus stop

    Passengers felt alerted and confused

    Suddenly winds began to blow

    Tumbleweed surfacing in moving and it they weren’t slow

    Shutters were hitting what looked like deserted homes

    It was a town that was all alone

    The Arizona winds blew hard and strong

    Passengers on the Greyhound bus felt the bus should move along

    A new passenger stepped aboard

    He had a Spanish accent

    The Mighty winds continued to blow

    The Greyhound bus finally pulled out

    Destination being Los Angeles

    A Ghost town that will always be remembered

    Thoughts even through slumbered

    Winds surrounding a Greyhound bus stop being an Old Rusted once Gas Station

    There’s your presentation

    The wind that caught everyone’s attent...

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    Run Turkey Run

    Don’t even go on a prowl

    Turkey knife

    No cut

    No Cook

    No seasoning

    This Turkey is running for its very life

    I am not stopping to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

    This is living that needs to be made

    No stuffing

    No eating from this turkey, and if you are disappointed, tough

    Enough is Enough

    If meat is what you want, try duck

    I will not be plucked

    You are out of luck

    I am running as far as I can go

    When I become breathless, I will move slow

    For now, I am on deadline time and all systems go

    Eventually, my turkey legs will thump me for a ride by way of hitchhike

    Being a Turkey, I am expected to be polite

    I am in a plight

    Turkey run on never to be done

    I want to live among

    I am running anywhere from any oven

    I will never be ...

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    Several stars in the night

    They were shining bright

    A child made a wish

    He waved to them a kiss

    Held several dreams

    Embarking like moving streams

    The child wished for a Toy Robot of his own

    Too a parent might find that a bit blown

    But that is what the child’s dream being shown

    There were many other wishes

    Yet too many to mention here

    The child even prayed to the stars in making his wish happen

    The Toy Robot was always his number one goal

    The child asked his parents for the Toy Robot, but his parent felt it was too expensive
    Be careful what you wish for as you might just get it

    There was a knock at the door

    The parents said “We are not expecting any company”

    When the male child opened the door, it was a toy robot at the front door in a box

    It was definitely a surprise, and the parents had no ...

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    Day into Night

    Anticipate of Thanksgiving in plain sight

    Uniting families and friends

    Thanksgiving offering no pretends

    Total inspiration at the end

    Giving thanks

    Smiles with Laughter

    Food that comes after

    Bringing people together in the multitudes

    Beginning until conclude

    Destinations to numerous destinations

    Mercy and Grace following

    Seeing people face to face

    The thought of the Thanksgiving Feast

    Worries behind and stress carefree

    Where ever your journeys take you whether at home or destination to

    Let Thankful pursue

    If you are alone, be Thankful to be among the living

    Every day is Thanksgiving

    Living and Breathing is a reason

    It doesn’t matter the season

    Reflect on memories gone by

    Table setting with food to eat

    Various desserts adding to the trea...

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    I am thinking back when

    Autumn being the sign
    The assortment of colored leaves

    Capturing moments to retrieve

    The Fall Winter Winds

    Moments to just observe and feel

    Winds blow with an although

    Are you prepared for what the winds will continue to blow?

    Windy advance with the feel here and there while holding on to your hat or cap

    It’s plain facts

    Coldness that is brisk

    Individuals who can’t resist

    We are in the Fall Season

    It is within reason

    The Good Lord is in control

    Adjust in clothing and take hold

    November winds will continue to blow

    November is preparing us all for what December will be

    Anticipation to see

    The winds always have their say

    It’s always been that way

    You probably don’t want to think ok

    Go with the flow

    November has us i...

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    You think you are bad and rough

    For you being Mr. Big Stuff is not enough

    You going around acting tough

    But you are surrounded by a Gangs that call your bluff

    Your ever living moment is characterized on stake

    You think you are King Pin

    You need to think again

    You are not a Leader, but a follower

    Gangs don’t even look up to you nor have respect

    They think pursue

    You don’t even lead to follow through

    There’s no promise

    You don’t know how to be honest

    You are not even modest

    Gangs are to steal no matter who they are

    You don’t have what it takes to go far

    You walk around like you are a Czar

    Your own Mother you ignore

    Yet she adores

    You nothing more than a punk

    Low Scale

    Lack understanding

    No destination with an arrival

    Acting a her...

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    A Professor lectured and said “Wait Until”

    A student replied why?

    The Professor’s response was “Understanding in knowing to be Emphasized”

    As the Lecture went on

    Realize was starting to form from that short pause prior

    The Professor wanted to highlight his lecture of observe and pay close attention

    Making the concept of complex into simplicity

    Reality being the actual

    Points added being factual

    Real life encounters in what students could face in situations

    Put yourself in the Professors place

    Preparations for the students being an organized process

    Answering questions in the best dignified matter

    Sometimes one must be quick thinking with a response while standing on your feet

    Why if you were in a business meeting trying to persuade a major client to come to your company in being a business deal

    One must be...

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    Words of Crime

    Justice done on a dime

    The Story of a Comic Factory

    There were Thugs who wanted to make a fortune off Comic Books

    All for the taking

    The Thugs are about to find out they were mistaken

    It didn’t matter who the Comic Book character was

    It was a Thug buzz

    They were determined to steal

    Too them it was a big deal

    Demonstrating throughout

    Illustrating out

    Unknowingly to the Thugs, Poet Joe was on their trail

    But Investigation conducted without fail

    Word surprise

    Resisting words on the Thugs side

    The fist being the power in extending vibrating sentences as enforcement

    So many comic books with the Thugs caught in the act

    Not fact, but evidence

    Fighting between the Thugs and Super Hero Poet Joe

    Pow, Wow, Blunder and aftermath

    The Police arrive and took the Thugs to...

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    Participate to Associate

    Create then Demonstrate

    Think but don’t hesitate

    Present in illustrate

    Be understanding and wise

    Remember, you are the surprise

    Always energize

    Prove your own realize

    Show the world how you analyze

    Always emphasize

    Assured through CUNY

    Alumni at heart

    CUNY is where my intellect got its start

    The concepts made their mark

    Purpose and reasoning

    I am the secret ingredient of seasoning

    I got CUNY know how

    Watch me now

    Now you can say Wow



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    Around the world

    Voices of Veteran stories being heard

    Waving flag

    Victory for Veteran’s

    Torn flag

    Wounds encountered and Veteran’s loss in the battles

    Sacrifice with dignity and honor

    Darken skies turned to a new sunrise

    Refreshing breeze in the surprise

    Veterans being every day a reminder to always remember

    A Code of Silence for Veterans loss

    Salute, remember and cherish in our hearts

    Veterans are the Red, White and Blue

    Their mission in pursue

    Respect and honor due

    It doesn’t matter military rank

    It’s a matter in giving thanks






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    Seasoned words

    Aroma of the senses

    Sentences being the secret recipe

    Serve while it is hot

    Tasteful perhaps being like it or not

    Into the oven awaiting to be served

    Cool off only for a minute followed by read and observe

    Fresh ideas with servings you didn’t expect

    Nourishing the mind with words protein

    Words that have been clean

    Fire being fully cooked and words stirrup

    Refreshing blends of words from around the world

    Ready to serve

    Sit down and pull up a chair

    The reader can take it from here

    The dessert being assortment of pudding words

    Dining pleasure with every given word

    No need to speak nor lecture

    Wording cuisine

    Just right and lean

    Tender to the heart and spirit

    Heart and mind have been fulfilled

    Words that were eaten one letter at a time

    My c...

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    The call of the open road

    Greyhound is stating, Come on and Ride

    The added comfort they provide

    Watch the scenery as it unfolds

    America’s history up close and personal bold

    Greyhound sets the stage through the open road

    Observe the mountains in amaze

    Greyhound country with praise

    Changing formations of Clouds and Sun

    Opportunity of still living among

    The Hound bus every step of the way

    A wave to all the town folks

    Even laugher with a few jokes

    Greyhound spent

    No pretend

    Destination to Destination including in between

    A might storm that can be mean

    A Greyhound Driver’s thoughts to always pursue

    Rolling wheels rolling out

    Determination is what I am talking about

    The idea of travel in just marvel

    Not a dream, but reality

    Greyhound has the go, and need passen...

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    The strives for freedom

    Voices singing through pain

    Cries for hope and dignity

    Slaveless thoughts

    Beaten night after night

    Wounds are the scars that be

    Moans sounding like a lonely Wolf

    How long do I have to live?

    The tears are only mere examples of how I feel

    I am a Slave for real


    Sometimes I yell out, but it is my own echoes that echo back

    No one knows my distance

    I am my own assurance


    Walked miles during the hot summer months

    Picking cotton while working the fields

    The Slave Masters call me “THUNDER” because I am mighty in the fields and the slave with the most endurance

    But my heart expels revenge

    My rage within

    The words formulate, “When one shall, one should”

    Those words Thunder lives by

    Every given moment ...

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    Unrest spirit


    The skies opened up like a fiery hell

    The Evil Witch

    The unfold is being told in tell

    The Witch could no longer cast spells

    Her evilness suddenly fell

    The witch vowed to pass wrath on the world

    Good Witch overtook the Evil Witch in swirl

    Be gone Evil Witch

    Your powers no longer work here

    The community finally has freedom from your unity

    The citizens over you no pity

    Salem wants you back where you belong

    You are a mere mortal

    The mind having no desire

    Into the fire

    You will be chained forever

    Never to invade again

    Be gone Evil Witch

    Eternity will be your everlasting

    Burn Burn Burn Evil Witch

    The bell rings for your endless Soul

    The Evil Witch is dead to never show her angry face

    Your flesh is now ash

    No Tombstone nor...

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    Hungry for microchips

    That could also include dips

    Electronics give technological protein

    Fit in excellence

    Computer food sources in essence

    Energy for the Hard Drive

    Computer User and the Apple Eye

    Feed me or I will delete

    Handle my request or I will shut down

    All your data won’t be found

    I am hungry for a treat

    Not feeding me won’t be neat

    I am not called the Apple Mac for nothing

    My name is well known

    I am under Apple being full blown

    Don’t take it lightly in fact

    Apple Mac’s have an appetite

    What we see, we eat in sight

    There no telling what I would devour

    Hour after Hour

    Never sour

    It doesn’t matter if it is printer paper

    I eat to function

    Data information

    Apple Mac formation

    I believe I got your attent...

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    Darkness On

    The spirits beyond

    Your Soul to depend

    Everlasting end


    The sidewalks move

    Trick or treat prove

    Do you run or stand still?

    Scare at will

    Mind totally hypnotized

    The Moon has no shine

    Totally hidden

    The night forbidden

    It’s a very foggy night

    Lurking fright

    You wish you could disappear

    Fear accelerating near

    Possible victim

    Halloween vibe

    Perhaps jive

    It really doesn’t matter

    Your teeth are in chatter

    Hungry treat

    Tricks up the soul’s sleeves

    No relieve

    Moans turn into yells

    Midnight with the ringing of Death bells

    Treat or trick

    It’s safe to sleep

    Your Soul might not be your keep

    Eerie in the air

    A word of caution in beware


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    A call to pray

    Preparation for the day

    Mine on Faith

    Believing at every length

    Time is moving ever so swift

    Heaven’s call, catch my drift

    We just don’t know

    The skies of watch being the show

    Wisdom teaching us how to be wise

    That is not a surprise

    Blessings being the emphasize

    Guided by Mercy

    Permission through grace

    We are in a Heavenly race

    Are you on the finished line

    Take nothing for granted

    Our lives are on a schedule

    Arrive and Depart

    The clock ticks, there is an hour and a second

    Be ever so ready

    Pray and hold steady

    Circumstances will be a turnaround

    Step into the light being found

    Darkness night

    Analyze your spiritual life in plain sight

    Is your spiritual Soul packed and ready to work?

    Are you carrying the ...

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    Heavenly One

    Can never be out done

    Brings amaze

    Purpose with amaze

    Voice of Thunder

    Guidance in through understanding

    Falling Rain

    Soul purification

    Man wants to take away

    One must take hold

    The bible says read and abide in his goodness told

    Mercy and Grace

    This is where salvation forms the trace

    Say Amen

    I say Hallelujah

    My life from uncertainty

    My spirit to everlasting

    The Lord of my life

    Guided by his advice

    No one knows what tomorrow holds

    Yesterday was only a preparation

    God say it, but you must believe it

    The truth in spirit

    Honor in merit

    God is the only all

    I stand for him with no stall

    Now you know

    Don’t ever let go

    Just feel the spiritual flow

    Don’t ever let go


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    All it takes is one thought

    Searching for understanding sought

    A voice from Heaven

    A life well lived

    Think on your own life with possibilities that could follow
    The Lord dies on the cross

    The Thunder in wisdom the force

    Assurance for us

    The Lord rose from the Grave

    Our Hope gained
    Healed in miracles

    Showed possibilities in our lives

    The Lord walked across the oceans

    Demonstrated for us to always be courageous

    The connection







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    A name not from outer space

    Yet a name that will ever be erased

    Greyhound Bus Lines is where the name originated in trace

    It deprives from my devotion to the Greyhound name

    On Target in aim

    But it goes beyond all that

    Follow me in the dialog track

    My Commitment to model buses

    It doesn’t matter if highway or transit

    Connection fit

    But I am more into Motor Coaches of the highway

    My personal take away

    My time as a Bus Historian

    Vintage in my own right

    A life of participation and appreciation

    Fulfilled bus life

    No advice

    Structure and wheels

    This is my big deal for real.




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    My location in viewing was Regal Union Square in New York City

    October 15, 2022

    Mississippi was where the story took place

    Medgar Evers on the case adding to the trace

    It was injustice and hatred portrayed

    The analogy of being black

    The opposition in wanting black to take back

    The movie was more than a flick

    The lies told throughout that stuck

    Anger with emotion

    Cries feeling the pain of Emmett Till’s Mother

    The open coffin of her son’s reality

    The world saw and remembered

    The lifeless body of Emmett Till

    Justice wasn’t served

    A mixed menu of what was not ordered

    I held this movie close to my heart

    Legacy influence from Thurgood Marshall and Civil Rights Leader, Medgar Wiley


    There’s a connection, and I personally felt the experience of the movie throughout


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    Growing up, I had lots of friends

    Joy in laughing, communicating and playing games

    Happy times

    But as time went on, friends moved away like a drifting tide

    It was as if they were trying to hide

    They began to not call

    I was no longer hearing from all

    Family began to treat me like a loss sheep

    At least I had my self-respect in my soul to keep

    Coldness began center around me

    It was the feeling that so called friends and family were giving

    I don’t pity myself

    I am not like everybody else

    My life has freshness and newness

    Every day, I never know what to expect

    But that is good thing

    Prosperity always breathes within my soul

    You might think I am ordinary

    If you are uncertain, try using the dictionary

    Reject can have negative effects

    It’s nothing I did

    If so, God forbid

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    Thinking back

    It’s hard too keep track
    Time for me that almost wasn’t

    Loss important people in my life

    A wonder of how I got through

    The plan was ready in perspective

    Inspiration started



    Guided by Heavenly voices

    Echoes of encouragement from numerous choices

    Mission to advance

    Heaven granted me a chance

    Tears are mounting

    Being alive

    Contributing still

    God’s will

    Praying that keeps me focused, and my feet on solid ground

    Determination sound

    Shout with praise

    God’s amazed

    Battles won

    Living among

    No pun

    Pure joy in living fun

    Each day to look upon

    Tomorrow’s analysis


    Tears of Joy



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    Sharing Events

    Times Spent

    Time went

    Memorable forever




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    What would the applause be without inspiration?

    What would entertainment be without creation?

    The rush of excitement

    The practice makes perfect phase

    The mind forming wonders of ideas becoming amaze

    Stamina and Energy

    Determination in being the best

    The smell of achievement

    The effort of commitment

    Essence being excellent

    Impact unknowingly until the given try

    Disappointments a learning experience

    Keep the inspiration high

    Trial and Error theory

    What one puts in their own mystery

    What you will find out being your own history

    In time and the right moment

    Echoes upon echoes of applause you worked so hard for

    Establishment and connection complete


    Conquering overflowing waters

    Compromising through the differences

    Climbing the highest mountain

    Believing f...

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    Multi-talent of Stage and TV

    Ms. Lansbury lived to be 96

    Longevity of life and spanning career

    I remember Ms. Lansbury in MURDER SHE WROTE that appeared on CBS-TV

    When it came to solving mysterious murders, she was no joke

    Clues were in Ms. Lansbury’s grasp

    Broadway lights with Ms. Lansbury’s presence of amazement

    Dazzle in every given line

    Ms. Lansbury’s acting was genuine

    The feeling with emotion along with the musical vibes

    Thank you for sharing your joy in entertainment

    The Teapot and Cups will miss the dynamic server, Ms. Angela Lansbury

    No one could bring out the Teapot and Cups in Beauty and the Beast

    She brought them to live

    Her sheer talent of excellence

    Ms. Lansbury marveled audiences all over the world with her technique of Beauty and the Beast scratches, which she was known for

    When Ms. Lansbury ...

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    I Stand

    My voice my Demand

    Standing for all

    It seems, you wonder my words

    I deserve to be heard

    I am exercising my rights

    Prepared for a fight

    Your opposition like a violet storm

    I am not alarmed, but will continue to push on

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Congressmen John Roberts and many others who educated me

    It’s knowledge that stood out

    My reason for moving about

    Beyond the shadows and into the marvelous light

    Not frightened and shaken

    I speak extensions

    A presenter of persuasions

    Words greater than anyone could imagine

    Several letters at one time


    Truth is what I stand for

    No hesitation


    Marked because of my Race

    Ran because of a Chase

    Broken promises

    Told numerous times, I nothing to offer


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    Mission of war

    Deterioration saw

    The thought of becoming a Casualty

    Prayed hard in reality

    Bombs and heavy ammunition that surrounded me

    Ashes of destruction

    Comrades either wounded or dead

    I had to be strong in mind and heart

    It seemed assurance was distance off

    I was thinking will I survive?

    There are many war stories to tell

    Victory close sounding like a bell

    I truly was alive

    A Soldier never knows what to expect

    War can have that effect

    A Soldier can find themselves in all kinds of predicaments

    Maneuvering in kinds of weather elements

    But I can confer

    Because of war, my mind can get a blur

    This Soldier made it out

    Numerous wounds making it hard to move about


    War story never forgotten

    Chosen being the example

    Just that simple

    267  0







    Beyond the Soulful body













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    Words you know my desire

    I don’t feel the fire

    Words you know

    Please catch my flow

    I just don’t have the go

    I am stuck on pause

    Writer’s block cause

    Need to express

    That’s confess

    Alphabets say it best

    Inspire me now

    Embrace the how

    Energize me like a rushing breeze

    Let me be at ease

    No pretend

    Let’s begin

    Let my mind transcend and take everything in




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    A sense of purpose

    Making life obvious

    Living with a positive attitude

    Don’t think conclude

    Cool and smooth


    Defeat may sound like delete

    Have a table set of appreciate



    A reason to live and think

    You won’t find in written ink

    Live and keep living

    No Doubt


    Your influence

    Your life has already been planned to live out

    No Doubt



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    There once was a post

    A positive comment being an uplifted boast

    Words that didn’t satisfy

    I didn’t respond in a try

    There was something wrong with a Facebook fella

    Negative jive

    I survived

    Moved on

    I am at where I belong

    Life is short

    I did abort

    Energy saved

    I know how to behave

    My life fulfilled

    Feeling at ease

    Give me a break please

    Negativity is not who I am about

    Problem person needs to work it out

    Man in the mirror, make a change

    Reflection out.


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    Decisions after Decisions

    Provisions like conditions

    Promises. Not holding through

    Hesitations warrant pursue

    Dependency being questionable thoughts

    Suggestions actually are excuses

    Nothing more than refusing

    Favors from extending into desperations


    What becomes then after

    Uncertainty with no possibilities


    Rewarding coming from within

    Establishments with fusions

    Element being fact

    That ends that





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    The thought of Media Broadcast

    History in communicating that made Media last

    Radio that made you think

    TV somehow made you wink

    A time when NBC Peacock made you appreciate

    Stories that had an associate

    Now back to our sponsor

    Shows that made you laugh

    Drama that made you cry

    Yet kept you awake

    We seemed too loss one viewer, I hear snoozing
    Wake Now Wake

    Goodness Sake

    The Radio tube being a time the Shadow only knew

    There were clues that made you want to pursue

    Who knew?

    Remember I love Lucy

    The famous line, “I got a plan”

    Plan or revenge with I want to be in show biz
    Fizz Fizz, what a time it is

    Comedy with a reason to laugh

    TV Thrillers saying you were warned and I told you so

    Don’t sleep tonight

    You are all so full of fright


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    The beauty of expression


    Transformation of words from one body

    Steady as it goes

    Descending and surfacing
    Into the unknown

    Understanding buried treasures of words deep

    Precious and elite



    Beyond imaginations

    History for appreciation

    Letters into words

    Echoing voices waiting to be heard

    Deeper and Deeper into thought of the open mind

    The depths of learning

    The thirst rewarding

    The smell of the sea using words fulfilling

    Aqua City where words originated

    Individual hearts where words once got their start

    Never a depart

    Cruising the mind about

    Destination arriving at determination

    Water Color Finish




    Words spread out for miles

    Aqua Style


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    Dear Faithful:

    You are never alone

    My spirit in your heart should be full blown

    Life will always have pitfalls

    Always pray and don’t stall

    Truth is everlasting

    My words always inspiring

    Yet with an encouraging voice

    Blessings turn into shall

    What doesn’t is no understanding

    Take a moment to reflect and see your best life now

    You had a time back then you didn’t know which way to turn

    Left or Right

    But I got you through your plights

    Radiant light

    Shines Bright

    Be encouraged



    Continue doing your best

    You never know, it could be a test

    Don’t accept anything for less

    Faith is what will always be

    Living and learning is what you will see

    Picture yourself cruising on a smooth sea

    Your horizon a wai...

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    What are your expectations for me Lord?

    I am poor and have nothing to offer

    Be still and listen

    You have a heart of Gold

    I am the Lord, just take hold

    I will show you wonders beyond the world and your imaginations

    Journey with me as your tomorrow unfolds

    You have discerning virtues

    Your thoughts will surpass the world’s comprehension

    You will have greater understanding

    Follow my guidance and listen to my spoke words

    Tell the people of the world

    “Time is accelerating far greater than man can keep up, but the bells are sounding, and the clouds gather like a meeting that is urgent. Redemption is at hand”

    The world that refuses to understand

    It takes obedient to just listen and wait
    I feel I am not worthy of such a task

    I am the Lord who will bring It to pass

    The world will listen and your voice will conf...

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    The thought of understanding

    Knowing life is about sustaining

    Love is and will always be

    The Moon smiles with a clear sky shine

    It turns into life being genuine

    Enchanted but true

    A woman approaches and stands in front of me

    Captured my heart

    I cry for joy

    Romance to cherish and enjoy

    We are a couple among the stars

    We are in our own universe

    Embarking in romance best

    My assurance attracted you to my heart influence

    You are my Cinderella and I am your Prince

    Royal in our own right

    We laugh and smile with pure delight

    Pure and simple

    Enchanted being magnetized

    We move through the woods, we are the goodness, and there are echoes of applause

    We found each other

    Our love is crystal clear being our own reflection in the kiss

    No end, but enduring



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    Surprises with realizing

    Moments of emphasizing
    Plastic lined questionable

    Words that are never digestible

    Evil that wants to stir up

    Mannerisms that could fill a cup

    Personality ways

    Move astray

    Breakable, but can be fixed

    Obvious with careful observation

    What’s the conversation?


    Body Movements

    The Heart and Mouth

    Deadly tongue poison expelling

    Dare to say

    A trap to step that way

    Reaction before thinking

    What were you expecting?

    What will you accept?

    Plastic that can always pull you in
    What will your reaction be then?

    People show their character

    The image of who they are

    Know the true pursue in what plastic does

    Don’t cave in




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    September 11, 2001 is a reminder for me because I was supposed to work for Marsh & McLennan, Inc. on the 96th Floor in World Trade Center Tower One, but the company never called me. I am blessed that I wasn’t called. My name could have been written in the memorial. Yet, I feel sorrow for all those that did lose their lives and the families left behind without their love ones. I loss some friends in 9/11. God is good as I am covered under his Mercy and Grace.


    The hour and that precise minute

    Precision at every turn

    Shows how the world can turn upside down

    Lives that were never found

    Devastation and ash having the final sound

    We honor the loss being their story, and now they are in glory

    It also states never take life for granted

    We don’t know what will take place in our lives

    Today and Tomorrow is not promised to any of us

    Life is precious and time cont...

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    I am now the Heaven Anchor

    Spiritual and true

    My assignment is a new pursue

    My words are now praise

    My heart is full of amaze

    I am beyond the clouds and Cameras

    CNN and CBS were my Earthly past

    My years did last

    Remember how I brought you news

    Stories that made you wonder and be enthused

    I travelled the world

    Captured stories that had effect

    My final destination being Heaven

    I caught God’s attention

    I am now his representation

    God simply said, “I have Heaven News for you to spread”

    Rise and follow me from your bed

    You are among the many chosen

    No cameras, but my light of glory

    This is the Bernard Shaw story

    Spotlight on what he achieved on Earth

    Enriched into a new horizon

    Eyes always on Bernard Shaw

    Virtues with lessons learned


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    Grandma, I remember your departure

    Visualizing your stature

    It is like it was yesterday
    You went to your Heavenly home

    Everlasting where you will always roam

    You reminded time after time, I am never alone

    You often stated, “Let your praises be full blown”

    Your sincere voice spoke, “I wish I could take you with me”

    But it wasn’t my time

    You will be waiting at every bus terminal, Airport and train station anticipating my arrival

    You told me to always pray

    Everlasting is the gate way

    Don’t ever grieve

    I am at peace and relieved

    I am with the Holy King

    But I left you with one thing

    Wisdom relishing throughout your life

    When situations come always remember my golden advice

    A world that won’t be nice

    Life itself is not sugar and spice

    Goodness comes from...

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    I saw my distance

    It was my miles in journeys

    Blisters on feet like sores

    My struggles provided understanding

    They prepared me in what to expect

    My tears previously flowed like water falls

    The thought of my fellow Slaves who died

    But I stayed focused in knowing what God who provide

    No matter how hot the sun became

    Freedom was going to be my aim

    The thought never entered my mind that I may not make it

    I knew it was going to be a battle, and I couldn’t change the world’s thinking

    My inspiration had to continue being sustaining

    Deep in my heart, I couldn’t let the world change my spirit

    I had to be determined

    Blockades were everywhere

    Echoes of preserver within

    Escaping through rivers was my only chance

    My freedom was how I would advance

    Yet a voice from Heaven saying, “Push ...

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    How can I pay you?

    You always come through

    When struggles arise

    You arrive on time with your surprise

    When a circumstance becomes a problem

    It is always solved

    I don’t use my understanding because you are involved

    You keep your promise

    Your words are true in honest

    Your presence is obvious

    You are better to me then I am to myself

    I am your creation

    Your guidance is understanding always giving me information

    Your goodness is beyond great

    It reigns supreme

    You made me whole and spiritually clean

    Never late

    My praise has no hesitate

    Energized and wise

    I had to emphasize

    You are my enterprise

    Every day you teach

    My soul became your reach

    Lord of Lords

    King of Kings

    Skies on high

    Voice of compassion from Thy

    Today an...

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    Open seas

    Relaxing while feeling at ease

    Remembrance in focus of the Old Highway One

    Journeying while seeing Flying Fish to look upon

    Two bodies of waters, Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico

    Salt and Fresh water not mixing together

    Difference then the other

    4 Hours stretch from Miami

    “For Whom the Bells Toll”, a novel by Ernest Hemingway being a Long Time Resident and Author

    Eyes of adventure

    Feeling welcomed as you enter

    Fun and galore

    Sun and the shore

    Lots to see in Key West to explore

    Enjoy and tell others

    Come back and always keep Key West in mind

    You will find the people warm and kind

    The Key being Tourist are our number one

    Then West being the best for tourist enriching in their own Key West test

    We are only Oceans and driving away

    Make Key West your getaway


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    Reservations taken every day

    Believe in every way

    Heaven could transcend on you unexpectedly

    It will take place immediately

    Are you prepared?

    Up or down?

    Where is your destination bound?

    Reservations are set

    It just needs your decision being the effect

    Only you being sincere in direct

    Hotel Heaven or Hotel Furnace

    Just that simple

    No Computer, Internet nor IPhone is needed

    You have a choice of Beauty and Quality

    Or facing the Devil’s tormenting reality

    You must be certain

    You might be hidden behind a darkened curtain

    Hotel Heaven, you are always welcomed

    A place fruitful and home some

    Reservations are being taken daily

    Don’t take the invitation likely

    Your room is reserved

    Let it be Heaven in what you deserve

    A thought to think


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    Said and read over and over again

    Biblical states then

    In the present, it became can

    The Ten Commandment were created being a creed

    It is how we are supposed to live in proceed

    The world has failed under grace

    Biblical is the trace

    It didn’t say let every man have a man

    Nor did it say let every woman have a woman

    Failure on all counts

    On high from the mount

    Men and Women were created in what all human was supposed to have

    The world makes excuses to satisfy what they believe

    In other words, leading to their own understanding

    The Biblical Constitutional document being the Almighty demand

    We are at Heaven’s command

    Our image being of the Heavenly Father

    We kill at will

    But pause and be still

    Who gives anyone that right?

    The world is in a plight

    Darkness with no light<...

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    No whisper nor echoes

    Only silence being a reflection

    Your session

    Perhaps a confession

    Your soul expelled

    But the spirit disappeared

    Thoughts went yonder

    The heart only wonders

    Living voice was full of words and discussions

    At times being emotions

    Wave after wave being like oceans

    You heard once, but no more now

    Honor with remember

    Voices wanted you to hear

    The voices vanished

    You didn’t want to listen because of your pride

    Silenced your heart

    Hardened like a rock

    Dependability moved on

    Now you are stuck in your code of silence

    Wasn’t obedient

    No ingredient

    Voiceless and useless

    You thought of the souls before

    Feeling the sore

    Code of silence for sure

    You can no longer ignore

    Code of Silence settling the ...

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    One who doesn’t pretend

    Yet one who will defend

    A Patriot is a true friend

    It goes beyond the military

    It’s pure elementary

    The Patriot is someone loyal

    One that doesn’t act royal

    Supporting one’s well being

    When one thinks of a Patriot, they usually associate with a battle war

    Patriots are a down to Earth person

    Golden in heart

    Superior in spirit

    The Patriot earns that merit



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    Beauty and looks

    Captivated pictures around the Palace of her took

    Princess Amber looks to be adored

    In fact, all the Villages applaud

    The Palace of royalty

    A Princess who shares her generosity

    She moves with pause

    Princess Amber who is modest and Solace

    Her gowns are crafted in fashion designs

    It matches her personality being intelligent, elegant and kind

    Sequence extending from your head to her toes

    Dazzle with sparkle

    Princess Amber every move an attention getter

    Many men want to be her Prince

    They try to convince

    Enchanted by her charm and wit

    Her body is just it

    Princess Amber wants a guy who is fit

    Well received throughout the community

    She inspires unity

    As she boards her horse drawn carriage, Princess Amber is marveled as she rides by

    A women of wealth


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    I remember living in a Log Cabin nestled among the Forest and Mountains

    It wasn’t the North nor West

    It wasn’t even the East

    It was the deep south

    Grandma would be singing spiritual songs and praying throughout the cabin day and night

    Confusion and not understandable for a young boy being raised in the middle of nowhere

    Grandma would always say, “God is able, and always follow his spirit that sheds light being your guide where he wants you to be”

    Questions after questions

    Grandma would often offer suggestions being encouragement

    She always told of her Folk tail about her past life

    As I listened, I felt it was like advice

    Son, I was a slave from way back

    I was beaten until I almost had no flesh

    I didn’t let that stop me from thinking Freedom, but I knew it would be the Lord’s wisdom showing me understand...

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    My Roots


    A place where I reside

    Prudence Trail

    Wide with High Mountains

    Railroad tracks run the entire mile stretch

    I often lurk among the wooden trees as the Memphis Marvel passes by

    There are times I even cry

    I think on the many journeys with being a passenger aboard

    Farm life is a bore

    I want to travel to destinations with possibilities

    Hope I waited for far too long

    I am stuck on a farm doing chores after chores

    No town folks to talk too

    Always farm work to pursue

    The hot sun from morning to dawn

    The moments of a quick yond

    Endless work within the fields

    Desperations being no contest

    Memphis Marvel is more than a train name

    It’s travel to a new world

    Places I don’t see

    Yet places I wish I could be

    There will be a time when I will...

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    More than sex

    Starts with a kiss

    Holding hands

    Romance builds

    Love becomes a thrill

    Moon sparkles

    The heart will beat approved

    The sensation becomes soothe

    Night among the stars

    The thought of a carriage ride

    Glazing at the night sky

    Love on relish being wise

    Eye to Eye

    Heart to Heart

    Moment into moment



    Endless love

    Endless kiss


    Love being internal and external

    The kiss always being a reminder

    Being loved and staying in love

    The heart always welcomes enter

    Front and center

    Love until

    Enduring forever






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    It felt like a race during time

    Every hour the clock would sound

    But human mechanics wasn’t getting anywhere bound

    The long hand looked like it was moving fast

    The short hand actually remaining still

    Foot maneuvering steps felt like it had no will

    Time was definitely moving

    Breathless became no sooth

    But there was something humans had to prove

    It was a matter of time

    Electronics moved organized than human power

    Hour by hour

    Minute by minute

    How does one beat time?

    Unless one is the Marvel Flesh

    One who could dash

    Challenge being a struggle

    Human speed being its own pace

    There is time for a soft drink

    Not waiting to think

    If time has its way

    We can all go astray

    The time is mine

    Maybe being too kind

    The time schedule is just fine


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    The church that comes with praise

    Singing in amaze

    Congregation coming together

    Welcome doors to enter

    Testimonies encouraging one another

    Biblical with understanding

    Faith strong in sustaining

    The Almighty involved

    Hope in situations solved

    The thought of behind in behold

    Spiritual threshold

    Preaching within teaching

    Following the biblical words for one’s greatness

    Being the witness

    Enriched and determined

    Truth and genuine

    Loving and Kind

    The church is and will always be

    Letting the light shine for all to see

    The church being a search

    The understanding being an experience

    Faith adding the assurance

    Finding one’s way

    The church is the open door

    Let it be your gateway

    Know you are welcomed


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    The thought of yesterday

    Tomorrow unknown

    The Soul awoke

    The spirit shaken

    Hatred of past times

    Racial tension still reigns supreme today

    The world that didn’t treat me kind

    I was acting genuine

    Names called not being my name

    Lies told

    A racial community being bold

    This is my story told

    My life had promise
    My Mother raised me giving me advice

    Through it all, I had to face opposition that wasn’t nice

    Being Black wasn’t an easy road

    Yet rocky and dangerous

    My years made that obvious

    I was tormented until Death

    My life had no meaning

    My color was a curse

    If I had the chance, I would have battled in a reverse

    My Soul survived

    My flesh is no more

    Civil Rights still a fight

    Don’t settle nor take it light

    There is...

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    Poets who say it right

    Words coming out like dynamite

    Poets who write Day and Night

    They don’t take their words light

    Poets share their experiences from plight

    Determined with desire

    Their own encouragement to inspire

    Poets tell what they are thinking

    Word connections

    Own expectations

    Poets alone

    Words letting it be known

    Poets into their crafts

    Talent within

    Beginning until the end

    Poets are like Librarians full of word organization

    The idea being appreciation

    Impressing the reader with sensations

    What the Poet says must be taken within

    This is how writing begins

    Poets write to explore

    Their words are the open and close door

    What you heard the Poet added think

    It is always written in ink

    The theory

    The mystery

    All for th...

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    Bold and Beautiful

    Vintage still youthful

    Distinct from Front to Back

    Specifications to detail giving the facts

    It’s move and maneuver

    Nothing particular

    Simply a bus

    A People Moving time machine

    Past to present


    One can always remember

    Step aboard and enter

    Through the many dreams as one slumbers

    The thought of the mighty bus

    Its enriched history being a must

    It’s the bus in all of us

    Fascination adding to the plus

    Turning on the engine

    The power of the exhaust

    The transmissions being the force

    The manufacturer approved of course of course

    The bus like no other

    Many will follow being another

    Buses to always remember

    History will always be on the move

    Buses are simply smooth

    Vintage is the evidence of ...

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    Heavenly heavy heart bleeds

    He is now seen as hope

    The world prefers to their own understanding in cope

    Refuses to recognize

    He is the power and energize

    Mighty and a world that loses sight

    Throughout Earth being light

    Mirror of our own Lord’s creation

    Miraculous, Excellence and Golden

    We must be withholden

    The Lord prays for the world in tears

    He is not welcomed near

    A world prefers to live in fear
    Lord Host

    He is someone to boost

    Navigator and Creator

    Lord cry

    A world who won’t give the Lord a try

    He doesn’t want to see the world perish

    He is love and distinguished


    The Lord is guidance and advise
    Biblical tools and commandments

    Turning away and astray

    The Lord sheds tears for the world that is not ok

    Hold onto the Lord...

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    I wear it well

    The world can tell

    A name given to me by the Greyhound Bus Company

    I am the arrive with no depart

    The Greyhound eyes

    Because I am wise

    I am Greyhound’s energized

    The thought of lead

    My words in how I proceed

    The eyes of Customer Service

    Travelling bus passengers made that obvious

    But Houndman Cometh goes even further than that

    There’s a following and it’s hard to keep track

    My passion for Greyhound goes way back

    It started when I was a tot and moved up into today

    Greyhound is relished into my heart in every way

    I have toy scale Greyhound, and many other bus models on display

    It’s the Houndman Cometh relay

    Arrive with a never to depart

    Now you know where that name got its start

    This is where I will depart.



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    MONDAY                  BEGINNING



    TUESDAY                 KNOWLEDGE






    THURSDAY             PREPARATION      



    FRIDAY                    LESSON       



    SATURDAY             THANKFUL



    SUNDAY      &...

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    Beyond the galaxies

    Journeys into the unknown

    Ms. Nichelle Nichols, best known for her role on Star Trek

    Characterized as Lieutenant Uhura, Communications Officer

    Ms. Nichols has gone where many have gone before her

    It was Higher than the Star Trek Frontier

    It is her Soul maneuvering in spirit of preserver

    She is among the many Souls

    Ms. Nichols leaves her name in remembrance of behold

    Space being her threshold

    The name Starship Enterprise

    Ms. Nichols wants her fans to rise and continue to live

    She would say “I finished my work on Earth”

    I have a enriched new birth

    I have another role to play

    It’s Heaven’s way

    Watching Earth on high and rejoicing with Thy

    Don’t cry for me

    I have been lifted up you see

    Only applaud my achievements

    Remember how I opened close...

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    I am on the street

    No roof

    Sleeping on the pavement

    Once lived in a Two Bedroom Apartment

    My apartment had assortments

    One night there was a knock at the door

    I thought should I open or ignore?

    It was the Landlord

    He stated, “WHERE IS YOUR RENT?”

    You see, I was working, but was laid off after working for a company for 12 years, the company was doing bad

    It was good bye to this lad

    I was on unemployment and received my Severance

    I was living off the two sources

    I was the only forces

    Now the sources have been exhausted

    I hadn’t paid the rent in months

    The Landlord evicted me at once

    The Street is where I nest

    Living outside is not the best

    The Shelters are not for me

    They are not safe you see

    Pavement life

    Living my own advice

    The thought of...

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    No Logs

    No Fireplace

    No Cookout

    The wood was used to craft into Toy Scale Model Buses

    Sounds strange?

    Yes, Wood was used in creating Genuine Authentic Moving Models

    Visualize highway buses, and think of the wood being part of the setting

    I am a witness to it

    I have in my collection of actual buses made out of wood being the work done by a Deceased Susquehanna Trailways Motor Coach Engineer

    How were these buses carved into a bus

    It was careful study being the tracing and using cardboard to capture the right detail once the analysis was done

    Then came constructing the wood one Carve into design at a time

    I am honored to have in my bus collection of 7 Wood bus models from the creator himself and remembrance of a Trailways Motor Coach Engineer

    A Motor Coach Operator with more than just drive, but a vision to create into sculpture

    Eyes of Wood


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    Day was like night

    I wasn’t going to be polite

    Blinded by darkness

    The Winters were bitter

    Coldness being my emotions

    Cries with no tears

    Desperation with every shout

    What I thought was mine I could no longer control

    Walls were closing in

    The finale being my possible end

    Alone and broke
    No advise

    A world that wasn’t nice

    People who just don’t care

    Trapped in my own dealings

    Beaten down to my own selfishness

    I was the only witness

    Suddenly, I humbled down

    I prayed

    Never in my life did I pray before

    There was a wonder made me explore

    Through the many voices I thought I heard

    What I was going through was struggles and I wanted them to end

    No more hurt and no more suffering

    Storms have been all part of my life

    No recovery


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    It was a Newspaper caption that caught my attention, “RISE AND THINK”          

    I felt inspiration in those two words

    But within, there was hesitation

    I was asleep in my mind not wanting to think

    I was meant to excel

    My own accomplishment having a tell

    The rise being my every step of progress

    No time for recess

    Think being the strategy in making. My life different than any other day and year I have ever experienced

    My moment captured in time

    Turning point

    Rose through the rotation



    Rose to the radiant sunshine

    Overcame what has been holding me back


    Just rise





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    Nightmares that come to life

    Directions needing advice

    Through the subconscious mind no one expects

    Be still as the dreams manifest


    The action straight out being bold

    Wonders through the mysteries

    The focus on your own history

    Untold stories circulating through your mind

    Almost near Death

    Fear you hold dear

    The Outer Limits of your own extremes

    Standing along by a stream

    Transcending possibilities

    Face to Face with your realities

    Still on pause

    Dreams are the reason being your cause

    The body responds

    Yet no yond

    You are trapped in your own cave

    Disobedient as you didn’t behave

    Troubled spirits within


    Take everything of your dream in

    Still dreaming



    Dreams are waiting for your ...

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    Dear Diary

    My moment taking a minute

    I write because I found love

    At first, I wanted love, but wasn’t being loved

    It all changed in a big turnaround

    The kiss on my lips is what started it all

    It caused my body to have expelling eruptions

    Then it was followed by sensations

    Love had taken me over

    My Loins were being fed because I was hungry, but became full

    I am the witness

    My room felt like a hot summer night

    All intense

    Temperatures seemed to rise


    No need to

    No need to emphasize

    Love was in control

    Took hold

    I went over the rainbow

    I was truly loved

    Now you know

    Got to go

    Diary moment

    Definitely no let down

    Heart to Heart pump

    Blood rushing

    Diary out




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    Intercity bus travel that takes you far

    You don’t need your car

    Small Towns and Major cities

    State to State

    Scenery that passengers will appreciate

    Picture taking to formulate

    Rural Bus Stations to Terminals

    The road with the Greyhound Bus in Control

    America’s Icon Company that has been around

    Destinations anywhere can be bound

    A Bus company that operates around the clock

    Maneuvering that never stops

    On-Time performance in arriving on schedule

    Sometimes buses can be late

    Yet it is situations that the company doesn’t anticipate

    Greyhound buses roll Day and Night

    The headlights tell the story in plain sight

    Bus Drivers greeting one another with in on and off flashing lights

    Road bound

    Now that describes the bus Hound

    Greyhound then

    Still now

    That is t...

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    It all started with World Wars

    Drafts for men were expelled

    Some men who didn’t want had to compel

    But Highway buses had to continue to operate

    Bus travel is how passengers associate

    Men were caught in war details

    Bus operations couldn’t just fail

    How would highway buses still operate being dominated by men?

    Women applied for the task

    They were hired in numbers fast

    Women knew they had what it took to drive a bus

    The country was going into war and there was no fuss

    Some women drove trucks

    Driving a bus would no problem

    It was a matter of putting on the bus uniform

    Operating on schedules being the norm

    Praise the women who had the courage to pursue the highway bus driving career

    Today, women are driving in the Greyhound preserver

    The chance to pursue

    Men might say, th...

    153  0
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    Some say a day of the ordinary

    Others might say extraordinary

    Wives that were married to Husband’s who cheated

    No honesty, but pure deceit

    Husbands would prance out with other women on the side

    Some Husbands would even do it where they used to reside

    There was no Wives love

    It was all Forget Me Not

    Wives tried to be faithful, but how do you be faithful when Husbands were cheating on the side

    Wrong was going to be right as the Wives themselves were going out doing their thing

    Partake was going to be called for Heaven’s sake of love

    Seems like a relationship battle

    It was by way of Tick Tac Toe

    Even score


    249  0
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    152  0
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    Around and Around

    Traveling through destinations one journey at a time

    Where your journey takes you, nobody knows

    Expectations feeling like sensations

    Efforts leading into opportunities

    There’s no telling where journey’s will make their mark

    But it becomes learning experiences to fulfill

    It won’t be complete until

    Pass your own possibilities quiz as the drill

    Circulation should be flourishing appreciation

    Seeking advice as suggestions

    Thinking on what you never thought

    Forgetting on the never will

    Yet, only you yourself who knows their true self

    It is not about everybody else

    Think of yourself in a Time Capsule with a mission

    It’s about precision

    Coming to your decisions

    Followed by purpose and reason

    Why the journey?

    The only way to find out is too explore


    285  0
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    Feet go in and out

    Walking pavements moving about

    Sometimes shoes fit just right

    At other moments feeling tight
    Sometimes shoes make feet ache

    The thoughts that surround being for Heaven’s Sake

    It’s all about comfort and style

    Being confident while thinking while

    Shoes having the right look
    A picture taking session in took

    It doesn’t matter if its Casual, Formal or Business

    You are the only that can testify being the witness
    That is what makes you a Shoe In.



    174  0
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    M              MISSION


    O                OPERATION


    V               VISION


    E                EFFORT


    M              MANUEVER


    E                EAGER


    N               NAVIGATE


    T  &nbs...

    132  0




















    150  0


    A barstool sit in don’t you move

    I am here to get my drink on and frustrations to prove

    I have a job which I am not enthused

    Drinking might sound overused

    I am at the bar to think

    I am drinking away troubles

    I can’t even imagine how my day went

    I know it wasn’t good with no heaven sent

    Getting my drink on

    For me, it is like an anecdote to help me move along

    I know what you are thinking, a bar is no place to get away from situations

    It only adds to more extensions

    The barstool has become my friend

    I am drunk and won’t pretend

    Drinking is my therapy to relax

    Yet I am still feeling a little perplexed

    Getting my drink on

    I am at where I should belong

    Now I felt off the barstool

    I am looking like a fool

    Perhaps I should jump into a pool

    Someone helped me up ...

    187  0


    Eyes on the nation

    Situations occurring

    No narration needed
    How did America even get into serious situations?

    Situations that have caused people to be murdered and even hospitalized

    Throughout all this turmoil not even an apology

    Guns in the hands with a purpose to kill

    Missions with strategies to fulfill

    The world often asks themselves in will they be next?

    Sometimes wonder circulates as people even step out their doors

    Media news you can’t ignore

    Anguish runs through America’s minds

    It’s not something sublime

    Its reality being truth

    Everyone says change must come

    But change comes from within everyone who thinks differently in these dreadful


    But the same scenario keeps continuing

    Its people that must change in order for a change to be a reality

    Change must rise in ho...

    124  0


    The story in how words influenced the world

    It caused sentences to translate

    Helped readers to appreciate

    It started centuries ago

    Follow me and let me show

    Going back as far as Ancient Rome

    A Ruler wanted to implement laws

    Documentation of clauses

    It took words explaining in sentences of do’s and don’ts in provisions

    From the point on, words and sentences began with power in life

    Electrified and intensified even today

    Words have always been expressed through Legacy Historians along with Poets leading today


    Sentences explaining good and bad experiences

    The thought behind the influences

    It also comes down to instances
    The encouragement has always been felt

    Heart given joy being an honor to write

    Every Poet, and even the ones who don’t think they are not a POET has inspiration

    161  0


    Ready Aim Fire

     Bullets that don’t tire

    Never Expire
    Only Kill
    At Will



    Past Tense

    No Chance




    Sometimes wounded

    Other Times Dead



    157  0


    R      REVOLVING   


    O       OPEN




    H      HISTORY






    L       LIVING


    E       EARTH



    V      VALUE


    I       INVITING


    L       LEADERSHIP


    181  0


    Writing being the ammunition

    A war between the thinker and the words

    The battle between onward and forward from the heart in thoughts

    The battle rattles on

    Words that destroy

    Sentences being the decoy

    Defense running through the mind

    Opposition ready to attack

    Organizing supporting the facts
    The writer being the General

    Letters forming the Cornell

    Sentences are the Throop’s

    The force behind winning the writing battle

    Opposition trying to corner and conquer
    Strategy being the defense

    Hours of time in sweat

    Alphabet by Alphabet falling down

    However, inspiration encouraging and urging sentences to take a stand

    Word strength in numbers

    Alphabets rise and got up
    Finished the battle in being a complete write

    Victory formed sight

    Opposition defeated

    Sentences reigned...

    193  0


    Any highway with a surprise

    Life focused on realize

    Always be encouraged to emphasize

    Travel with an open mind

    Watch as the scenery unfolds

    The picture windows being the narration of story told

    Greyhound who shows you towns that might not be on any map

    Don’t forget to wear your thinking cap

    The Greyhound rolling wheels not needing a road map

    Recline and lean back and take a nap

    Greyhound bringing your destination closer than you think

    I just saw America’s Uncle Sam give a wink

    Greyhound showing you possibilities

    Your life you haven’t thought about

    A turnaround will be worked out

    Greyhound and you united as one

    Greyhound with your destiny

    Enrich and embrace in the Greyhound way

    Think Greyhound always when you want to travel any given day

    Leave and arrive

    Drive our way

    168  0


    Preparation in helping you become your own Man or Woman

    Shared personal life experiences

    Helping you to not get stuck in life’s pitfalls

    Taking responsibility while standing tall

    Enforcing values with maturity

    Learned importance of one’s character and well being

    Educated to continue being educated

    Substitute nothing surrounding excuses, but venture with achievement of fulfillment

    Don’t listen to false hopes, but expand your dreams

    Can’t is not an option unless proven in efforts

    Explore your own horizon of success

    Keep your mind open with understanding

    Gave you my wisdom, but now excel in your own expectation

    171  1



    F  -  FRIEND


    A -  ADULT


    T -  TEACHER


    H - HERO









    D - DAILY




    Y - YEARLY


    313  1


    Darkness casting as an image

    Face unknown

    Features unknown

    Captivation relishing on fear

    Who is this shadow near?
    Wonder of the minds in wanting to analyst

    But frightened in what could be a surprise

    It could very well be a prospect of someone to die

    But whose life?

    However, the shadow is all around

    Surrounded within the darkness

    Light can’t pierce

    The shadow is a force to deal with

    How does one do battle?

    One must be caution and idle
    The shadow appears but doesn’t vanish

    The darkness makes the shadow mysterious

    Nothing distinguished

    The shadow walks among

    No wonder to look upon

    A moment could be any second

    All minds are on reckon

    The shadow doesn’t speak only creeps

    Are you the next victim?

    Screams won’t help

    Worrying w...

    180  1


    I was raised by my Granddad

    He thought of me as his Lad

    He taught me right from wrong

    He also expressed in how I should get along

    My thoughts are his legacy he gave me

    “Be everything that you are meant to be”

    “Become a Commodity”

    It was all related for what my Granddad expected for me in life

    My Grandad had me practice typing 4 hours every day, and helped me build up my vocabulary intellectually
    The whole process was preparing for College Education

    My Granddad would often say “I don’t care other young people are doing, but for you it will be Higher Learning”

    Higher Learning it was

    He saw me being an achiever

    However, it was my Granddad being a Believer instilling assurance within me

    I thank my Granddad often for his influence

    If it wasn’t for my Granddad, I don’t think I would have pus...

    289  0


    Help the world to believe in hope

    Understanding is how one copes

    I pray for covering in enemy protection

    A defense that the Evil can’t touch

    I also pray for encouragement for the world

    A world of Peace

    Let your frustrations be released

    Make every second and moment a time to pray

    Devotion surrounded by blessings

    Turn hate into respect

    Turn rebel into obedience

    Let spiritual promise be your assurance

    I pray for the world in endurance

    Turn patience into tolerance

    The Lord can supply all your needs

    Let every day be a blessing to proceed

    This I pray

    Always believe throughout the day

    Don’t go astray

    Be covered by Heavenly hands

    The truth being the caravan
    My prayers go out throughout the land

    You will be ok

    The Lord will keep it that way.


    142  0


    Be appreciative

    Expect the blessings

    Be grateful for life

    Don’t complain unnecessarily

    Your Tomorrow has meaning

    Today it becomes a blessing

    Understanding leading to wisdom
    All valued from the Kingdom

    Humanitarian of you

    Presence of your image

    You being you

    Be Thankful in all things

    It’s Mercy and Grace

    Never let Thankful be erased

    The thought is be blessed

    Take nothing for granted thinking less

    Being thankful makes you the best





    152  0


    What do I mean by that?

    Be active in everything you do in life

    Don’t settle and never be too idle

    Stay inspired

    Be connected


    Beat your own drums of accomplishment

    Meet our own individual objectives

    Keep living until Heaven calls

    Accelerate at your own pace

    Test your mind being your own race

    Sit only for a brief pause

    Always be on the move and ready for possibilities

    This is your own retirement to prove

    Just because you are retired doesn’t spell OLD

    Illustrate by being bold

    Remember, you are the best story ever told

    Retirement is a life revival

    Opportunities to meet new adventures

    Exploring many ventures

    Retirement continues until time’s out

    Until that time, keep moving about

    This is your time and establishment


    163  0











    Getting through Barriers







    Mercy and Grace





    182  0


    Summer Fun

    Sunshine among

    Beaches and Tan

    The outdoors using no fan

    Vacation time

    Anywhere bound

    The seashore sounds

    Time to do absolutely nothing

    Now let me plan a trip

    Somewhere I can let my toes dip

    Travel Travel Travel

    How Nobel

    Won’t be reading any novel

    Summer a wait

    Time to appreciate

    I can’t wait


    Soak up the rays


    Now let me be on my way

    Anywhere destination will be my getaway









    179  0


    A night full of dreams

    Possibilities that could come true

    A closed door that opened

    Opportunity trying to get my attention

    I was my own representation

    What I thought I was shown what I could do

    The time to pursue

    Acting moment

    Imagining myself on the Broadway stage

    Captivated and amazed

    Speaking words from a rehearsed script

    It was happening on the Great White Way Broadway

    That is where my dream wanted me to be

    My name in lights for all to see

    My tomorrow was yesterday

    As the music and curtain came up

    I felt certain

    Perform I did

    The finale being the audience applause in approval

    Nothing unusual

    My moment with a cause

    They say if you wish hard enough, dreams do come true

    It was a moving moment for me to go through




    157  0



    What a night

    Delighted and enchanted

    Glancing at the stars as they twinkle

    Made my wish

    I have my Lady by my side

    We walked holding hands

    She is my woman and I am her man

    We kissed at various intervals

    As we walked, we saw other lovers in their embrace

    It was as if we were seeing love tails that came to life
    Fairytale night

    Full of hope and dreams

    Imaginations beyond expectations
    Night Watch

    Love Catch

    Not a dream, but what love is supposed to be

    Sleepless within the heart

    That’s where it all starts






    161  0


    Started with a sip of wine
    Two hearts pounding genuine
    Loving between us so kind
    The Moon sat the mood
    Music that was Smooth
    The tenderness maneuvering Soothe
    Love had already begun
    Togetherness among
    Arms around
    Aah and moans
    Shoes and clothes took off
    Interlude into the night
    Heart to heart
    Lips to Lips
    Love on desire
    Both on fire
    Every kiss caused our bodies to erupt
    It felt like an Earthquake
    It was us in Heaven’s sake
    It was passion between us
    Sweat pouring down our intensifying bodies
    Electrified connection
    Kisses and arms embraced
    We scored a touch down
    Winners on both sides
    An evening none of us will forget
    There was a departure surrounding regret
    We will meet again
    It will be for as long as we can
    It’s Sunrise and Good morning
    I had a reason to yawn

    134  0
























    199  0


    To arrive or be late

    Start into finish

    Appreciate yet criticize

    Mad but never apologize

    Simple but complex

    Reaction with effect 

    Cooked until burned

    Enjoy with dislike

    Live unto Death

    Living to Die

    Weak to Strong

    Respect needing to get along

    Cloudy then Sunny

    Good or Bad

    Child into Adult

    Pain into Mobility

    Home traveling to Hotel

    Earth into Space

    Teach to Learn

    Work to Earn

    Responsibility with Survival

    Walk to Run

    Yesterday leading to Tomorrow

    Finish arrived at done



    149  0


    You feel alone

    Life has no meaning

    Struggles surround you like closing in walls

    Feel heavy and bound

    But wait, I hear an inspiring tone from the hills

    Now just be still

    Hope is found above

    It’s the Almighty you should think of

    Knee and pray

    The Almighty is the relay

    He will show you the way

    Darkness will turn to light

    He will direct you in plain sight

    Tomorrow will be a blessing

    Its understanding being the lesson
    Your hope will be from Heaven’s help

    Believe and don’t doubt

    You are experiencing a temporary bout

    Turnaround is on the way

    Be strong and don’t astray

    Time and moment

    Straight and center

    Open the door and let the Almighty enter

    Golden sunrise like never before

    Sunset with a heart embrace

    This is your now

    130  0



    J       JOY


    E       ESTABLISH


    S       SALVATION


    U      UNITY


    S       STRENGTH






    H      HEAL


    R      REVIVE


    I       INSPIRE


    S       SAINTS




    161  0





    Distance from

    The heart within

    Fireplace joy

    Anywhere to enjoy

    Journeys through life’s streams

    Galaxies unknown

    Words make it clear

    The test of one’s mind

    The promising heart genuine

    Words endure

    Applaud the effort

    Surprises along the way unexpected

    Voices echo in question

    Consider suggestion
    Moment in time

    Heaven guided the path

    Footsteps after footsteps in finding your way

    Sentences feeling like a glide

    Open words not needing to hide

    The sense of letters aroma that provide

    Words straight to my eyes


    Maybe apologize

    Sudden situation

    Needed to write

    The battle was between Write and thoughts in fright


    Words finally came out


    324  0


    It’s the gun
    Lessens life among
    Nothing to look upon
    News talk
    Person stalk
    Person weapon enthused
    Mental Health confused
    Bullets that kill
    Shortened life not at free will
    Split second
    No minutes
    Kill gun kill
    Person’s will
    Guns all over the streets
    They win and dead defeats
    Murder after Murder
    No vote on Gun Reform
    This is a warn
    The Senate can’t even justify
    How many more will have to die?
    How many more families will cry?
    Democrats and Republicans can’t even see eye to eye
    Bullets have no specific names for victims
    It’s a song like anthems
    Time will come
    The world is becoming next to none
    Lives will be no more
    Guns are nothing to ignore
    Minds want to even the score
    It doesn’t matter if it is a Gun or R...

    149  0


    Welcome to “THE PRICE IS WRITE”

    I am your host, Poet Sense

    let’s begin, Words Come on Down

    Here’s how the Price is Write works

    Think of words behind the merchandise

    If there is a match you score points

    The more points, it brings you closer to the winning circle

    Think on certain

    You never know what’s behind the curtain

    It could be a wordy prize

    Perhaps an unsuspecting surprise

    The idea is to think of words advise

    However, your mind must analyze

    The key is to beat the clock and arrow before it reaches the top

    But you must be quick as there a limit and the clock will stop

    185  0


    I wonder all the time surrounding my family

    There doesn’t seem to be any care

    I feel on alert of beware

    There should be love

    There is none to think of

    Excuses with refuses

    I am picturing my own Funeral

    My family didn’t communicate with me when I was alive

    They are nothing but jive

    I am actually living in my own strive

    Family love was mentioned to me

    It wasn’t from their heart

    No sincerity

    My tomorrow could very well be soon

    It might even take place at western terms, “High Noon”

    Family needs to talk to me while I can answer

    Otherwise, it will be disconnected to everlasting

    What did I do so wrong?

    I don’t see a get along

    I often wonder, is this the family I belong?

    I deserve better than this

    This is nothing to pass by and miss

    When g...

    201  0


    One time thing

    I didn’t need to flex

    I did feel a little perplexed

    A Female Bodybuilder and I met at a Bodybuilding show

    It involves a competition with music and posing muscles you know

    A Male Bodybuilding Champion himself introduced me to the Female Bodybuilder

    Her smile and personality caught my attention

    My charm signaled to her my representation

    The Female Bodybuilder wasn’t overly muscular in extreme’s

    She had shape and was well contoured

    We got to know each other

    One thing led to another

    Each time we talked the stars twinkled

    With glancing moment, the Moon smiled

    We didn’t have an interlude

    I felt proud that she was willing to go out with me

    I guess it was meant to be

    As our evening ended, we kissed goodnight

    It felt like fireworks in the night

    We became the memory o...

    247  0


    Regulation of point

    Emotions from within

    A past from then

    Formulating from when

    Time capsule mind cometh words

    Open forum of voices

    Dialog being choices

    Quietness with no disturb

    Enlighten by every given word

    Time that said

    Sentences that amplified

    Poet’s moment

    Hear me now and hear me good

    Time doesn’t wait

    Be patient and appreciate
    Many Poets have said “Let your words be remembered”

    Into the light

    The focus from darkness

    Before into after

    A matter of fact

    Muster the feel

    Make it personal being the seal

    Only Poet’s knows for sure

    Ship to shore

    Balancing the score

    A storm that came

    Survival from witness

    Eyes saw

    A moment I couldn’t ignore

    The truth that was told


    143  0


    A man Mighty who sits high and above

    All the goodness to think of

    Blessings that come alive

    It’s praying being the strive

    You must connect to Almighty in order to receive

    He is the Redeemer, and he doesn’t deceive

    But you must be the believer

    Look within your heart

    Never hardened as you won’t find

    The Almighty who is kind

    Truth within being genuine

    You can call 24/7

    It doesn’t matter if it is at night at Eleven

    There’s no internet nor email to connect

    Pray having the effect

    The talk and walk

    Not a stalk

    When in doubt, let the Almighty work things out

    Daily as you move about

    Give a chance

    This is how you advance

    Struggles that bind

    You are covered by Heaven’s kind

    A refreshing blend

    A man who doesn’t preten...

    165  0


    It wasn’t a gun

    It wasn’t a knife

    They say Bullets kill

    But not in this fulfill

    It was a disturbing mouth


    Not yet, don’t draw your conclusion

    Mouth extremes that triggered circumstance

    Powerful words causing blood and pain within

    Slowly dying from insult

    Little did you know

    The mouth killing formation

    It’s facts with information

    Murder anybody can say

    It can be he or she

    There’s your murder verbal 101

    Are you the murderer among?

    Something to think about

    Your emotion erupting forming a bout

    Watch your words and what you say

    What’s your Verdict?

    Guilty or Innocent





    156  0


    Somewhere somebody

    Be the somewhere not the somewhat

    Be the someone in encouragement

    Illustrate the how being the show

    Somehow from anywhere

    Somebody having a care

    Suddenly from somewhere

    Be somebody inspiring in don’t be lonely

    There’s never only

    Someone having a resolution

    Somewhat can’t just draw conclusion

    Be someone with no inclusion

    Somebody needs to avoid confusion

    Somewhere through somebody work it out

    Now that somewhere understands

    Somebody needs to fulfill across the land

    You are the somebody

    You came from somewhere

    Your mission is to do good anywhere








    161  0


    Not a Country

    Nor is it immigration

    A tomorrow came

    But I am living it today

    Sounds like a riddle

    But there is no fiddle

    It’s the Earth’s inspiration

    Learning lesson

    A lot to understand

    I am standing on solid land

    Sometimes I wonder

    Why having a lot of questions?

    Yet no answers

    I have been granted

    Permission on my part

    The Earth making it my start


    Having a lead

    Amazing Earth beyond my expectations

    Yet thankful and appreciative

    One who refuses to live don’t know

    One who embraces opportunity excels
    Some say, “Who am I”?

    A person for all generations

    I am the image from who and where I was created

    Legacy in part, but comes further than Earth’s reach

    I know you don’t understand


    145  0




    One Soul one body

    Praise with a blessing

    Into the horizon

    Lifted up beyond Earth’s understanding

    Wisdom under mercy and grace


    The clock with pierce

    Everlasting reality

    What was taught came to pass

    That city

    Those loss, what a pity

    Beaming rise

    Pearly having a surprise

    Follow until

    New beginning awaits




    154  0



    This is your tomorrow

    Walk the straight and narrow

    Don’t cry, but rejoice

    I set the standards

    You have living to do

    I will always be your Mentor Guide

    It’s what my goodness will provide

    People will make your mind feel week

    Don’t relish listening to their defeat

    Look up at the skies, and stand strong on your feet

    The wonder comes from above

    It’s everything to think of

    Fulfill beyond your dreams

    Illustrate like flowing streams

    You will be directed if you are loss

    The skies are the force that sets the course

    Sustain is remain

    Be inspired and encouraged throughout

    This is daily as you are moving about

    This is brought to you by Spiritual nourish

    Be assured and established





    175  0


    Mold me into your expectations

    Inspire me in representations

    Give me the words in what and how to say

    Carry me all the way

    Let my tomorrows be enriched

    Establish my goings in and out in moving efforts

    Keep my mind always learning and understanding

    Encourage me and help me to take away from fear

    Be close and always near

    Let me be humble and share

    Give me an open mind

    Thankful and kind

    Help me truthful and genuine
    Help me stand and win my battles

    Even when I am uncertain while sitting in the saddle

    Let every storm be my circumstance in don’t be alarmed

    You are Heavenly and won’t harm

    Keep me obedient

    Let my words be radiant

    Turn my emotions into tolerance

    Let my encouragement to others have influence

    Let me always be content

    Thank you in advance in this prayer...

    166  0


















    God’s Foundation stones


    163  0




    Totally observed

    Piece by Piece










    Pieces to figure out

    Sudden curve

    Do you deserve?

    Master authority


    Puzzle complete



    211  0


    So where did it begin?

    Sat and wrote

    I thought this must be a joke

    Letters formed before my eyes in plain sight

    They turned me into a Poet I was meant to be

    Directed by own ability

    But it was through Heaven’s guidelines

    I became an automatic Poet

    My inner thoughts needed to be expressed

    You could call a testimony of confess

    Being like cotton through the nylon

    My own daily words to look upon

    You never know unless you give a try

    My fears felt like a war cry

    I became a Poet being I

    It was Heaven that gave me the inspiring gift

    It was the moment that came swift

    Time became my words to the world

    A revolving swirl

    My beginning until end

    No hold bars nor pretend

    No worries nor fear


    Stop only for a short pause

    My purpose had a cause


    123  0


    The Sun told me good morning and rise

    I seem to feel energized

    A smile on my face

    The way I was moving, anybody would have thought I was in a race

    If I was going to be on time for work, I had to keep up the pace

    This was a week day of work

    The warmth and Clear Blue skies felt good

    It didn’t matter where I stood

    This was a day too think should

    Yet flourish on if I would

    It was a day however on acceleration

    I was prepared for my Meeting Presentation

    It was dash for the bus and train

    Arrived at work on time

    Fulfillment notated throughout my day

    This is a blessing I can say.




    216  0


    It started from my very birth

    It was your love flourished to me on Earth

    A time when I was sad

    Even when I was mad

    You took care of me when I was sick

    That memory will always stick

    It was your love no matter what

    Your wisdom taught me that the world won’t be kind

    Your words were genuine

    Your love was sun up to sun down

    You were always around

    I cherish the moment of your bed time kisses

    Your hearty meals being your fixes

    Pulling the bed covers over me

    It was a true Mother for me to see

    You support me in every way

    I still remember this day

    When I graduated from High School, it was your loud cheer

    When I finished college, you said “Show the world your preserver”

    You made me the adult I am today

    You died many years ago, but your legacy lives on

    Our bond together ...

    190  0


    A world I thought I knew

    But I don’t know

    I can’t even describe go

    Thoughts and values have changed

    This goes beyond the Pandemic as it goes into life of rearranged

    People won’t even say Hello

    Respect is no longer led

    There is hate to the score

    Earth is wounded with a sore

    It’s wounds that will never heal

    This is how the world makes people feel

    Death is for real

    There is no reason to conceal

    Extended hand of friendship is pulled back

    Guns upon Guns making track

    It’s a known fact

    Nationalities fighting each other and for what?

    Love has no meaning anymore

    It doesn’t matter if it is land or shore

    I don’t understand anymore


    Humble is a stumble

    A world of hate they will accept

    Inner emotions what comes out


    123  0


    A bark that was so direct

    The alert that had effect

    It was cousin’s dog named King

    He was King of the house

    He didn’t even have a spouse

    There wasn’t even a mouse

    King was an obedient Dog

    In fact, he was well trained

    His mind was sharp

    Mark my word

    King was definitely man’s friend

    Right to the end

    King died from old age on May 1, 2022

    His eyes were saying Goodbye

    I tried holding back my tears

    But they poured throughout the atmosphere

    I always brought King a gift

    My family would say “Lucky Stiff”

    I called King cousin King

    He was part of the family

    King would always stay by me

    I was always his petter

    But when it came to King’s bed

    He let everyone know that his bed was his lair instead

    His message was “...

    345  0


    My heart suddenly stopped

    Yet I was still breathing

    My Soul wondered am I having an out of body experience

    Heaven crossed swiftly through my eyes

    Somehow, I felt energized

    I was flying through space

    But it was at a steady pace

    Just floated

    It was as if I was a moving boat just cruising along

    But my heart still wasn’t beating


    Through it all, I wondered what was going on and did I die?

    I was numb

    My eyes opened and I was in a hospital and hospital staff revived my heart and the heart monitor was beating steady responses

    I lived

    No one understands how my heart stopped but I was still breathing


    I survived to tell my story





    141  0


    It’s the Hounding roadways code

    The running dog in behold

    Depart with arrive

    But it is varying times not Nine to Five

    Schedule that is intact

    Greyhound Bus Lines, Inc. acceleration to be exact

    Drivers cruising behind the wheel

    Satisfaction Customer travel a big deal

    Greyhound being an Icon with a long operating history

    It’s no mystery

    The stretched out hound many destinations bound

    Terminal announcements of Departures and Arrivals in sounds

    Go moving with a flow

    Leave the Driving to Us you know

    Terminals being the start to finish

    This is what makes Greyhound so distinguished

    To some travelers a dream come true

    To others, do I want to pursue

    Greyhound being a roadrunner’s friend

    To the very end

    One hound thought at a time

    But please no nickels and dimes


    202  0


    What happened to love for one another?

    Where did respect go?

    Smiles turned into hate

    Where is the appreciate?

    It’s now Hesitate

    The world doesn’t even want to communicate

    Assurance being forgotten

    This is totally rotten

    Encouragement loss its fulfilled

    It is not in the world’s will

    We are Brothers and Sisters on this Earth, it doesn’t matter Race, what happened?

    The world’s focus was surrounded by love

    Laughter and joy to think of

    It seems departed ways these days


    Not ok

    What’s the cause?


    209  0


    World I showed you my signs

    I am the King of Kings merciful and kind

    I need everyone to listen

    Through goodness I make radiant

    Yet world you hesitate

    Remember I suffered on the Cross

    I am the victory being the force

    I see a world so confused

    I want to defuse

    There is so much Racial tension with hate

    This I don’t appreciate

    I am a Heavenly King with love

    Even my Angels are like flying Doves

    My name is not a test

    It’s pure confess

    My patience grows thin

    Take me in

    Days and Nights are getting shorter

    It’s the prophecy progressing in order

    The moment could be in an instance

    I waited and waited

    Before you know it, it could ready or not

    You see people coming home

    They are not alone

    Pray world pray

    That is my relay


    188  0


    I don’t know what I have done

    I have with favor with the Lord among

    I thought I had friends

    The response was all pretend

    The Lord enlightened me

    He is moving me forward

    A different direction onward

    I can’t even emphasize

    It’s wisdom that makes me wise

    I have doing God’s will and I am not finished

    I have encouraged many to my ability

    But now I am considered the enemy

    I am a sincere person

    Yet friends had no meaning and a deleted pursue

    I don’t have hate

    I guess I was never an appreciate

    There will be a day where people will wish they would hear my voice, but the connection of friendship would be no more

    That day will be my end

    I will be with glory

    It will be my Heavenly Spiritual story

    I request the world look into the mirror and see what image needs to be i...

    200  0


    The Earth sky draws dark

    The torment of Thy

    It was the Hour, Minute and moment Sacrifice

    The Lord being beaten and torn
    Being forced to wear thorns

    The cross standing tall being set

    Heavy Rain and Thunder adding to the effect

    The flash of lightning being the words from Heaven

    The sacrifice begins

    Birth to end

    Jesus praying and speaking words of gestures during his final hours hanging on the cross

    His last words “It is Done”

    The Lord’s mission was completed, but we still have a beginning to fulfill in the gospel

    He rose from the grave redeeming our souls

    King of Kings

    Lord of Lords

    Easter being the day of Revelation

    We are the image of the Lord’s creation

    The Savior is the Present, Tomorrow and Future

    We are connected in Spirit and Truth

    Blessed it is all who believe...

    176  0


    Don’t settle for the moment

    Think on achieve now

    Age is only a number, but proves you are ready to take flight

    Visualize your expectations

    Create preparations

    Organize the agenda

    Add the concepts

    Realize purpose

    Analyze and expect results

    Experimental test for possible pitfalls


    Imagine accomplishment


    Talent on target

    Now Branch Out





    217  0


    Let my testimony be encouragement of tell


    My moments through time

    The seconds in hours

    People show me hate

    This I don’t appreciate

    I am friend to anyone being truth

    It all started during my youth

    I was looking for understanding

    What came out was wisdom

    Centered from God’s kingdom

    An encouraging voice said “Look no further than Heaven”

    The Lord said to me, “Son, I am the way”

    From that very moment everything came together like a completed puzzle

    Yet I wondered and couldn’t understand why there was such turmoil and confusion

    The first word that came to my mind was “Decision”

    My thought being making good and avoiding evil

    People thinking within their own understanding instead of being guided by true understanding that only the Almighty can give and that&rs...

    191  0


    Many yesterday’s ago

    Words put Recruiters in the know

    Feast your eyes

    What was accomplished will be a surprise
    I am a candidate you would appreciate

    My influence in what I could create

    I am prepared for any task

    Can master concepts fast
    I performed on Broadway in a small role

    Possess an Office background showing behold
    My skills are in the multitudes

    Technology is also an include
    I have been exposed to numerous business areas

    It’s knowledge you know
    From Small Businesses to Fortune 500’s

    It all surrounds me in being effective

    Knowledge upon knowledge I possess

    Put my mind to the test

    My Resume spell success

    The Resume words say it best

    I am the Knight in shining Armor

    Ready to expel

    Assurance you will tell

    There’s no music to accompany

    I ...

    221  0


    Blessings on high

    It all surrounds Thy
    When there is a need for understanding

    One thinks on everlasting

    It’s the guidance from the Almighty

    Every day being a blessed rise

    Thankful being Heaven’s surprise

    When struggles come

    You are never alone

    When the Devil wants to attack

    Defense in barrier makes a strong fact

    When people see one as a Child of God

    Some people avoid and criticize

    Because one is a Child of God, you have favor with a reason to feel energized

    The Lord knows our name and we are all recognized

    Through the spiritual teachings

    We understand

    Through the praying, our praises lift’s up

    When showers pour

    We are cleansed being pure

    When Thunder roars, we must be obedient

    When we smile, we become radiant

    No matter what, pray on

    When stru...

    195  1


    To read or not to read


    Understanding enforces from learn

    Have you mattered the concept theory?

    Your life could very well be a mystery

    I am only giving a second that equals only to my minute


    You said words, but do they hold true?


    As I reflect back everything surrounded fact

    True or False?

    Tomorrow could never come


    Time revolves, but there are problems to solve


    Only then being what was


    I leave you now to think on how

    What do you do?




    222  0


    This is a true story

    I witnessed with my own eyes

    Follow the realize

    Watch the words advise

    The story takes place in Bethlehem, PA at the play simply called “NATIVITY” outside in the Open Winter Air

    The cast is ready, and the many animals including one Camel

    It wasn’t a moment for a Camel Smoke

    It’s a play, and words that were spoke

    The trainer puts a Red Cloth over the Camel before the play begins

    Things are about to change and listen to the rearrange

    The Camel throws the Red Cloth off

    The trainer attempts to put back on

    Once again, the Camel throws the Red Cloth off again

    The trainer forever tries to put the Red Cloth on, but the Camel throws the Red Cloth off again and again

    Finally, the trainer got a reminder from the Camel, didn’t I show you I didn’t want that Red Cloth on me, and the Camel takes his back...

    174  0


    How do you respond to situations?

    First thing you do is analyze

    Explore what the situation looks like

    Then utilize the possibilities of what might

    That is work or not

    Throughout the whole process is common sense

    College knowledge doesn’t teach that theory

    Some might see common sense as a mystery

    Yet common sense is simply good judgment in practical matters

    What makes sense in how one sees situations

    Common sense is a trait that everyone is born with

    It’s a tool being the element of the mind

    Defining the problem and resolve physics

    It’s like a Math Equations and seeing the formation in what is needed

    This is how common sense comes into play within life

    Do people always use common sense?

    It depends if one is thinking doing careful analysis

    But it can become give or mistake

    Common Sense can ...

    153  0


    A Mouse who refuses to leave

    A Home Owner who is not relieved

    The Mouse seems to enjoy the Living Room

    It is now a mission of Doom

    The Home Owner needs a decoy

    One that will bring the Mouse Joy

    Extermination is good advice

    The Home Owner doesn’t intend to be nice

    A Mouse who avoids all trap trays

    The Home Owner is determined in relay

    The Mouse eyes Garbage, but won’t reach

    This sophisticated mouse needs bleach

    Yet this mouse is so smooth and sophisticated

    One would wonder is this mouse educated

    Cheese the mouse totally ignores

    Its garbage the mouse wants to explore

    I guess the mouse wants Champagne and Caviar

    The Mouse thinks he is a Czar

    Sophisticated or not

    A home is not his spot

    Time will come

    The Mouse will be getting lonesome

    There is no water or foo...

    144  0


    A place of wonder

    It’s far and yonder

    You don’t just walk in

    You are requested

    What place am I talking about?


    It’s described as Pearly Gates

    You will never be late

    Yet preparation throughout

    No bags to pack

    All spiritual in fact

    It starts being Earthly bound

    It’s where life starts

    Heaven is beyond one’s eyes in peek

    It is a place worthy to seek

    Imagine me

    A place I want to see

    It is a thought


    Earth constructs disrespect and hatred

    No trust

    There is a hesitation

    Add no appreciation

    Imagine beauty and light

    Heaven sounds like a miraculous sight

    Flesh is never welcomed

    You must be spiritual to get the invite

    Goodness throughout

    Death and sickness no more

    193  0





    Turn after turn

    Into the unknown



    Wheeling and Dealing



    Turn left then right

    Destiny in Sight

    Mission Accomplished

    I will sleep comfortably tonight



    368  0


    Daylight causing the shadow to accelerate

    Speed Control

    Destination for arrival

    When night falls

    Shadow cruising within the darkness

    Through the countryside in the wilderness

    Headlights focus

    The sight of the Greyhound bus

    At times, headlights flash

    Travelling dash
    Trained leader at the controls

    The Bus Commander behold

    The hound dog in determination

    Look at me as we pass by

    Observe my dust

    Travelled miles

    Greyhound Bus Style

    Notice the passenger’s wave

    Town Folks thinking those passengers are brave


    The moving shadow with secrets of its own

    The highways will never be told

    The moving shadow always knew

    It’s destiny to pursue

    The Leader progressing to finale

    Getting to the terminal maneuvering through an alley


    211  0


    Journey to anywhere

    Having time to spare

    The last moment

    The thoughts of the beginning

    Moving ever so to the ending destination

    The destination is no specific place

    From I-95 to I-80 being the trace

    Vast countryside and farmlands

    Scenery of the mountains seen for miles

    All this while

    Reflection back of my past life and what will be in my current

    Those encouraging moments from advice

    But my journey on being anywhere permanent

    I am driving into my new horizon

    Don’t know what to expect

    It will either be promise or reject

    My new Frontier

    The thought of it makes me shed a tear

    Perhaps it could be out of fear

    There’s no telling where I will settle down

    But now nowhere bound

    I feel inspired smelling the fresh country air

    The skies are fair

    Wish me luck...

    228  0


    Mindset thinking on the possibilities

    Concept on realities

    A Story theory from

    A place to need to be

    Words. Become what the heart believes

    Illustrating to the reader who will receive

    The promise




    Image is not a Poet

    Being confident in words in knowing how to show it

    Gifted tale3nt being an accomplishment

    Words are the establishment

    You don’t know where a Poet is going

    But you must understand where the Poet has been

    It’s called share

    The idea from anywhere

    A moment from time

    Pause to just reflect

    Seconds comes the words

    Mountains with the echoes of words out

    Quest for tomorrow

    Sometimes sorrow

    Words chant

    This is the Poet’s advance

    Poet’s arrival

    Words have a...

    210  0


    Singing far off in the distance

    Fathoms below

    A Soul has been lifted up

    The seas heard the cries of many

    Sea Gods connected directly to Heaven
    Souls are embraced beyond space

    No visibility nor trace

    The waves showcased numerous lives

    Remember the before into the after

    Souls are welcomed high above

    Musical sea tones

    What was flesh is now transformed into a living soul

    Storms spoke of struggles

    Lightning flashes establishing overcame

    The seas can’t hold any soul down

    Soul’s descended being Heaven bound

    They need no more

    They conquered the seas and soar

    Rain only purifies what any heart always was

    The breeze only refreshes one is never alone

    A look up, but now becomes a look below

    Shores upon shores being nowhere to be found

    Birds flying enjoying the wonders ov...

    238  0


    Far from once upon a time

    The place was Brooklyn, New York and the street being Pacific

    I lived on Pacific and Classon

    It was a 2-Family Brownstone

    The exact address was 1100 Pacific Street

    I gave the address being fact

    Atlantic Avenue rang behind the Brownstone

    I was born during a blinding Snowstorm

    It was February at the height of Winter being the norm

    The Snowstorm was truly full blown

    I had to be taken by Ambulance to Kings County Hospital to be born

    It was over the ice and through the Snowstorm

    But the Ambulance made it on time

    However, my birth had complications as things had gone wrong

    Health issues had materialized

    My Mother and Family were surprised

    This could have been a finale

    Death was on the lips of the Doctors

    But through God’s grace, I am here still today

    Despite that ordeal,...

    208  0


    I said I apologize

    I thought and realized

    Perhaps I was wrong in how I said it

    But at the time that was my words that fit

    Friendship shouldn’t be loss over this

    Let this be a hit and miss

    I know words are had to take back

    They are like a Library fully stacked

    I can’t make you accept

    At least my apology was an attempt

    We have been friends for a long time

    Please keep that in mine

    Friendship means everything

    The extended friendship is the sling



    176  0


    Once upon a time

    No comfort combined

    A bus was the start being the Stagecoach

    But the Stagecoach doesn’t get my vote

    There was Dust that made any traveler choke

    Hilly Frontier

    Are we there yet in Preserver?

    Rainy Days and Nights during violet Thunderstorms

    Lightning flash

    Stuck in a stagecoach with no dash

    However, did I mention how Indians would stagecoach attack

    Perhaps John Wayne would fit this track

    However, you can history back in fact

    Stagecoach travel through the countryside

    It did wonders on one’s backside

    From destination to destination

    Stagecoach travel for me would be a hesitation

    Passengers had to take in the bumps

    Lead me to the next Saloon

    I hope I arrive soon

    There were times the stagecoach was a praying event

    Now look where time went

    This ...

    212  0


    Lord, I often worry

    Remember, I am the glory

    You sit in the kingdom

    You enriched me in wisdom

    Your spirit will always sustain

    My Faithfulness will always remain

    When struggles become more than you can bare

    I am Lord who is fair

    But it is my compassion in care

    Always pray

    I am the connection in relay

    Even when the Devil wants to attack

    Behold I am the fence of protection that holds back

    It becomes the Devil Set Back

    My soulful hands got you covered

    Don’t worry

    You have a testimony being your story

    You are home in salvation

    Welcome to my revelation

    You were loss in darkness

    I pulled from the wilderness

    You have seen storms throughout your life

    From Heaven to Earth, I gave advice

    You are now my sheep

    I am your God to keep

    I will guide...

    180  0


    Come Closer

    A woman and a Man

    The scene of all set

    Everything is ready for the effect

    The needle is on the record

    The sound of rhythm


    The start of pleasure had begun

    Moans of loud shouts in measure

    Love making on the prowl

    It’s sight by sight like an owl

    Lows and highs like a sea saw

    Precision with explore

    Like a Horse Race with a start off

    Everything on course

    The start of loving making with a finish

    The idea of distinguished

    Temperatures rise with a cool down

    Established love

    Satisfaction complete

    Hungry Sex souls full

    Thank you for coming to my lair





    224  0


    I have crossed the Everlasting Bridge

    I am overlooking below a ridge

    My days on Earth has been a privilege

    You got to know me, and I got you know you

    My Hourglass says my time is up

    These final words I would like to offer advice

    Respect each other and be nice

    Come together in Unity

    It doesn’t matter what City

    It can be any community

    We were all created within society

    Every minute is a time getting shorter

    That’s the tall order

    Don’t cry for me

    Think on my Legacy

    Stand firm on principles

    Voice out on questions

    A destined mine being a fulfilled soul

    Look at me through the clouds and smile

    I will smile back in spirit

    Heaven called, and my soul answered


    I am at Peace



    249  0


    Everything is not always in history books

    Visual artifacts adding to the history look

    Reflecting back

    Dates and Description giving facts

    The past circulating into tomorrow

    Sorrows and struggles

    The outcome of morrow

    A concept being theory

    The end of the uncertain mystery

    History holding strong on words

    Echoes of being heard

    Utterance with tolerance

    Challenge mustering endurance

    The confirmed assurance

    The aftermath of influence.




    187  0


    Every hour and second living among

    I can always look to you upon

    It’s more than a day

    It’s everlasting pushing my way

    One breath fulfilling into life

    One voice with encouraging advice

    A moment to just reflect

    One spirit having that effect

    Thank you even more

    You bring enriched galore

    I just kneel and pray

    You make everything ok

    It’s a God given day

    Thank you for the inspiration

    It’s goodness in appreciation

    Endless promise

    Truth in honest

    My advance to praise you more

    Heart ...

    208  0


    Holy within the Roof

    Heaven is the proof

    Blessed is we

    A house for all to see

    A house prayed up to see beyond darkness

    The light is the evidence in witness

    All through the house

    I am alone with no spouse

    Yet alone in spirit

    But never away in God’s sight

    My house is covered under Divine Light

    It is how my house is enriched with might

    A house doesn’t stand unless solid

    Faith can’t be sustained without prayer

    Welcome to my house lair

    My house is an example of true Faith

    It is surrounded by biblical words saith

    185  0


    Every crackle of Thunder

    The Lord is establishing his word

    The Flash of Lightning

    The Lord wants you to listen carefully

    The thought of you in let me remind you

    Don’t think of a minute I don’t exist

    It’s the Devil that you must resist

    I am pure and true

    The only thing I ask is that you pursue

    Make no mistake

    Tomorrow may already be too late

    Today is now

    I will bring assurance

    All you need to do is acceptance

    Blessed it is he

    These are my words being Thee

    Tomorrow will never be promised

    Yet world you must b...

    249  0


    Every second and minute

    I feel I am in a Time Capsule

    My inner feelings are lifted up and I am off on a mission

    Time being the precision

    Journey through an Hour Glass

    I must fulfill the task

    Acceleration on impact

    A reflection back

    My moment to explored

    Promise and honest finally coming together

    I am walking through a Portal

    Feels more like a funnel

    My past is revealed

    Nothing is concealed
    The Portal showed my life mattered

    The truth being told

    It’s understanding to take hold

    Never mind presence deleted

    Truth in...

    206  0


    Let it start with the battle within

    It is not the end

    It’s a time to think possibilities

    It is for you to not be troubled or alarmed

    But think above and be calm

    No matter if it is being human or the Natural storm

    This is too weather

    Yet not think whether

    Storms can be for teaching and understanding

    The preparation in sustaining

    Pray while

    Blessings poured down the avenues of isle

    Faith style

    Rule out doubt

    The Almighty is moving about

    Overcome and be still

    Everything falls under the Almighty’s will

    Wait and just ...

    204  0


    Think on encouragement as a recline

    Think Positive and let it run through your mind

    Visualize a place of possibilities

     Blueprint Joy and Fun as a Place

    Travel to destination you never thought

    But now let your mind think on sought

    These words of my own come to mine, “Eyes brought the shore close, and I saw adventure

    I was my moment in time being well spent

    But it was Heaven sent

    I remember the waves in Florida and the Sunshine giving me a Tan

    I applauded with my hands

    It didn’t stop there I was somewhere else beyond compare

    It was “Go West Young Man”

    I felt myself in Los Angeles

    377  0


    It was July 10, 1995 with Summer being in high swing with humidity, and temperatures rising in the high 90’s across the country. However, distances far away, Jeff Masters and Mary Sanders had intense sex urges of their own. Jeff was living in Malibu in the state of California. Mary was living on the East Coast in New York City. They both being far apart, and living alone. The one thing that was on their minds was in search for a love connection with sex hitting the Richter scale. Jeff wanted love feeling like an Earthquake in the bedroom. Mary on the other hand was in steamy heat and used water as her sex dance. But Jeff and Mary found themselves on a dating service, and that is how they found each other. The question comes up in who was going to pursue who? Jeff quickly made a flight reservation, and flew to New York City. He wanted to meet Mary, and perhaps create a love connection. When Jeff arrived at Mary’s door, and she opened. Once inside, Jeff ripped took off his...

    250  0

    P R O D I G Y
























    230  0


    I love you now starting where it all began

    My heart relishes can do

    Together we will pursue

    My love for you will never stop

    We were friends then came love

    The kisses everlasting

    I cherish you more than ever

    I am enriched

    I see elegance in your eyes

    We are Man and Wife

    Together the sugar and spice

    The Flavor is genuine

    My words are true

    You are my Peaches and I am your Herb

    My heart says it all

    I Love You I Love You

    Kiss me




    184  0


    Biblical came to life

    MOSES, DAVID, JACOB AND PETER stepped out of the book

    Scriptures had their own narration

    The words were God’s creation

    Each Ambassador gave their account of Jesus involved

    There were many struggles that needed to be resolved

    Foes tried to attack

    This is spiritual with a look back

    Jesus who suffered going to the cross

    The Chief Priest being the force

    Jesus utilized prayer

    He prayed everywhere

    Yet Sin was a penalty

    The Ten Commandments being the reality

    But when walking with Christ, the blessings became ever so nice

    Throughout biblical history, Jesus a...

    204  0


    J                -                 JEHOVAH JIREH






    E                -                 EXPLORE





    S                -                 SALVATION





    U                -               &...

    221  0


    Don’t worry about angry waves

    I can’t make the seas behave

    I can lead you through

    Captains of every Ship and Boat be calm and not be alarmed

    The waves I can’t control

    My spotlights in circular are behold

    Sea to Sea

    Shore to Shore

    I am a lighthouse that ships can’t ignore

    Waves can undertake a ship

    It’s sidewards and downward dips

    I am your eyes through the waves

    God is the one that causes the seas to behave

    I am the Sea Navigator
    You are the Ship and Boat Operator

    Let your courage be in your heart

    Relish inspiration through your mind

    I will definitely pull you through

    A Lighthouse knows

    The spotlight proves

    Stormy Seas understand

    My shine in vision offers assurance

    Bravery throughout into endurance

    Of course, make sure you have in...

    216  0


    The story surrounding a 10 Year Kid with talent in his hands

    His name is Jeremiah Harris known through the land

    He plays the Piano with the tone of aroma of Sugar and Spice

    Jeremiah’s tempo is superbly nice

    I listened wisely to his Parents advice

    Practice makes Perfect

    The ivories always respond to Jeremiah’s precision fingers

    Sometimes when Jeremiah’s hits various notes, the audience becomes spellbound in a pause like they are in a trance

    His Concerts are always a sell out

    Jeremiah Harris is known about

    He States, His Grandfather was an extraordinaire back in his day on the Piano

    One Generation to Another

    Jeremiah Harris being his own other

    His story coming to life

    It’s Piano time
    Jeremiah’s Friend being the Piano keys

    Rehearse creating the elegance

    This is Jeremiah Harris time


    209  0


    What’s going on at Capitol Hill

    The House and Senate have Bills to fulfill

    GOP and Democrats must connect with will

    Voting Rights is nothing that should be passed over

    The Constitution was a discovery giving us that right

    The American People and Capitol Hill shouldn’t take it light

    The late Congressmen John Lewis was a true fighter on Capitol Hill for Voting Rights

    He was the voice that had might

    We can’t go backwards into time

    Yet we can reflect

    Voting Rights can’t be a reject

    Voting Rights Bill gives the American People assurance having an effect

    We can’t let the GOP turn America into a Dictatorship

    We are not Russia nor China in Communism

    The Constitution clearly states, ‘WE THE PEOPLE”

    That identifies all people of creeds

    Capitol Hill must think with understanding


    397  0


    I have spoken to you on many occasions

    You ignored and went your separate ways

    Remember, I sit high in Heaven

    But I look down and enrich the Earth

    I instill new birth

    I have work for you to do

    My scriptures are for you to read

    It’s living and understanding in how to proceed

    But your spirit must be connected agreed

    Praying gives you strength

    Faith is the hope at every length

    You must be obedient

    My blessings make one radiant

    My task is a mission

    I call from Heaven and all around

    Time in the tuck

    Feed my flock




    160  0


    Think before you write
    You have been going through a plight
    Yet your emotion will shed some light
    Add the sentences that will surface might
    Perhaps mentioning the sunshine in how your thoughts came bright
    It was during that very night
    You were alone
    The sky was clear and full of stars
    You visualized and imagined seeing Mars
    The words held true
    But you thought that this was nothing new
    However, it seemed like it was a clue
    I know now, it was writing for me to pursue


    241  0


    I hear oppose

    It is followed by suppose

    Hatred throughout in response

    I was born with a lesson

    The World won’t be nice

    I was raised on advice

    Oppose said, “I will always be a Slave”

    Now be quite it and behave

    I am no Slave to anyone

    My name is “Freedom”

    I stand on the grounds of Independence and Mobility

    You can’t stop where I already arrived

    Heaven understands, but why don’t you?

    You are stuck on woes


    My timing being just right

    It’s my understanding in plain sight


    You don’t want me to achieve nor establish

    You feel frightened that I will go where you have no courage

    I am nourished by Faith

    I am Black

    I totally stand on that

    I learned but you are trying to figure out

    You worry and tha...

    245  0


    Fear not, but be courageous on

    I see wisdom in the sunrise

    Hope within the sundown

    I hear cries for Justice

    Shouts to end separation

    Anguish through the struggles

    I won’t turn back, I will move forward

    The mission is onward

    It’s the fight for Civil Rights

    It was travels I am observed

    Understanding helped me to be aware

    Opposition upon Opposition just didn’t care

    I the fight was going to be a long haul

    It was Night and through Daylight

    I stood on promise and being honest

    I grew weary and felt tired

    Civil Rights remained strong on mind in don’t let time expire

    I encouraged people we must carry on

    Chant after Chant, “We Shall Overcome”

    I saw the image of God, and his words was, “KEEPING MOVING MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS”

    Stay the course like I d...

    207  0


    Think Positive

    Stay Inspired

    Analyze Your Purpose

    Formulate Reason

    Function within your own Census

    Resist the Negative Moment

    Stay away from Negative Vibes

    Enrich in your own happiness

    You Are Your Best Witness

    Participate With Your Own Personal Project

    Embrace In All Joys Through Life

    Pray for hope always in advice

    Yoga Will Strengthen Your Mind

    Feel at Ease

    When life becomes unbarring say, Lord help me please

    Breathe in then release

    Stay Focused on your determination

    Handle Your Presentation

    Keep Commotion of the Confused World Out

    Now try this exercise process

    This is now a recess

    Just go out and utilize confess







    202  0


    They range from Coast to Coast

    But don’t try to boast

    They are wise

    It’s every day feeling energized

    Understanding in knowing who I am

    Words and sentence embedding me in knowledge

    It’s a blessing forming privilege
    Every sunrise a praise

    Every sundown being amaze

    It’s that moment to just pause

    Just to say thank you in the cause

    Honoring the Mighty One

    This is what keeps me among

    Through the skies words become my inspiration

    Doubt is ruled out in speculation

    My expression through Mercy and Grace

    I am the Human Creation being the trace

    Hope is evidence through the skies

    I am embraced instilling wise

    I have weathered many storms

    But always told in not to be alarmed

    I am never harmed

    I stand for myself in my soul


    The skies k...

    270  0


    Sidney Poitier, you were a wonder

    Your talent spans from yonder

    Mr. Poitier were his in how he expressed dramatics to the world

    You inspired many to travel in your paths of Acting

    Your footprints being your wisdom

    Your achievement earned you the award to the Kingdom

    You were a master in whatever role you played

    Speech with assurance your character

    Dramatics was your high point

    You were a man who stood on principles

    I remember Sidney Poitier on HEAT OF THE NIGHT with his affirmative, “THEY CALL ME MR. TIBBS”

    Heaven calls you ‘EXCELLENCE”

    You were extraordinary

    Yet well established

    It doesn’t matter what land one comes from

    It’s the determination with the spirit towards effort

    Those would be your very words

    Your name will always be remembered

    In fact, it is spread out all ...

    197  0


    Blessed Assurance

    Thank you for your influence

    You were a friend

    It was that golden blend

    Your tomorrow came ahead of schedule

    Heaven was your Birthday surprise

    The gates of Heaven were awaiting your arrival

    Your personality was genuine

    You were the texture of any elegant wine

    You showed the world your love for animals and people being kind

    But you heart was always genuine

    You were a woman of courage and showing no fear

    It was your laughter that was always near

    Betty White was one of a kind beyond compare

    Your life being full of laughter and joy

    You were your own original and no decoy

    You enriched the world’s hearts

    Your inspiration being well done

    No matter what role you played, you were superb

    You are now reunited with your Husband in Heaven

    It’s a splash Dance moment


    248  0


    I thought I had family

    They became my enemy

    I wasn’t wrong in my thinking

    I was put in a corner alone

    I was a family member no one talks about

    The Families reasoning feeling like a Violent Thunderstorm

    I was assured they wanted me dead

    There’s no instead

    Suicidal thoughts

    There was a bottle of Poison on the table

    There was a certain unable

    My mind said, “DRINK, DRINK, DRINK”

    At first, it was one sip of the Poison with every gulch

    Suddenly I felt weak

    My eyes were dim

    The Poison was taking effect

    I felt sleepy and conversing in...

    192  0

    2021 PAST TO 2022 FUTURE

    2021 with another uncertain year

    One wondered, where do we preserver?
    So many things were happening during 2021

    Virus Strands

    It spread quickly throughout the land

    Masks and Vaccine’s held true

    This is something for 2022 to pursue

    Racial Unrest and rage

    It didn’t matter what age

    Senior’s Attacked

    Breaking News showed the fact

    Murders and Road Kills

    The reason behind with a pause still

    The day the Capitol was seized and broken in

    It was surrounded by an Election questioned

    For the world, it became a learning lesson

    Black Lives Matter


    203  0


    It is now Christmas Eve

    Buying a gift for someone to receive

    The question is what to get?

    Don’t let it come up to regret

    Christmas goes beyond presents under the tree

    It’s joy and blessings throughout the year being the way it is meant to be

    However, if you need to buy a quick gift

    Perhaps a Gift Card, catch my drift

    You are struggling in a quick shopping mode
    Show love in being kind

    Let the gift come from your heart being genuine

    Giving one’s self is better than any gift on Earth

    Remember the baby Jesus being the Holiday birth

    Mercy and Grace is what it is worth

    Christmas atmosphere

    It is real

    It becomes the world’s reality reel

    Get the message?





    174  0


    Built from Ice and Snow

    Her erected breast puts the neighborhood in the know

    The Snow Prostitute stands out like two French Musical Horns

    The formation being just right

    Morning, Noon and Night

    It is all shown in plain sight

    Some call the Snow being the Snow Wonder Woman

    I wouldn’t exactly call her A Marvel Avenger
    It’s her stance

    The effect the Snow Prostitute has on men

    I hear relationships are trying to amend

    Men might be on a prowl

    Yet maybe keen eye like an Owl

    Men sometimes fight with their own emotion

    Yet relationships sometimes form commotion

    The Snow Prostitute brings Ecstasy in the air

    Her artistry is beyond compare

    Every Snow Man would be her command

    Creativity being her demand

    The Snow Prostitute brings life to the yard

    Maybe she might need a guard

    The warm...

    242  0


    I met Chris Dickerson a long time ago when I was a teen

    You could see he was built and lean

    It was that meeting in coincidence at Former Gimbel’s Department Store

    I would often see his pictures in the various Muscle Magazines, and it was Bodybuilding to explore

    I watched Mr. Dickerson compete in many Bodybuilding shows

    His training was intensity and strategy in one sentence

    Mr. Dickerson was David and other the competitors were Goliath

    He never felt defeated, but was assured with his own confidence

    But victory became his story

    Mr. Dickerson won Mr. America and Mr. Olympia

    He was David the Conqueror

    He was known for having well shaped detailed calves

    Every maneuvering muscle stood out

    Fans from around the world would give approval shouts

    I also met Chris Dickerson again at the Former New York City Mid-City Gym on West 49th Street


    146  0


    There was once a house

    It was shared prior with a mouse

    The house nestled in the hills of Vermont

    It was in the town of Maple Square

    It brings the maple syrup of surprise

    But what makes the Maple Square house so unique, it brings every year Christmas alive to all passer drives

    It strived back in its day, but not sits alone forgotten

    However, the house will always be remembered

    I recalled seeing a Fireplace in the living room

    The room was fitting for a Wedding for a Bride and Groom

    Back in the house’s day, there would be Christmas Caroler’s would sing outside the house and move to other houses

    Vermont would have the Christmas Snow falling, but it was the warmth from the Fireplace

    The Christmas tree in the house would stand tall fully decorated

    But there were other Christmas trees decorated outside surrounding the house

    The thought wou...

    230  0


    With every Chocolate Hershey Kiss

    It’s the sweet taste that no one can miss

    The chocolate colorful holiday wrappers

    The thought of holiday shoppers
    One wishes Christmas could last forever

    The tasteful feel

    The Hershey Kiss making the holiday complete

    The feeling is like the Bethlehem Star, what could be so neat?
    Joy with excitement

    Blessings in anticipation

    Gathered together with family and friends in participation

    The Hershey Kiss is the holiday appreciation

    Don’t leave the house without the Hershey Kiss

    The holiday Bliss

    Embrace in family and friends

    Savor the flavor as a togetherness blend

    Hershey Kiss out



    249  0


    As a child, I remember my days back home

    It was Deep Creek, Wisconsin being the fun times on the Farm where I roamed

    Holiday times with the Winter fallen Snow

    It was the cold wind with soothing warmth of love

    Home was everything to think of

    I remember the Hot Chocolate being refreshing accompanied with Marshmallows

    We had a Fireplace

    Because I lived on a farm, we chopped our Christmas Tree and decorated it in the house

    The Christmas Tree would be placed on the right side

    I had a Union Pacific Passenger Train Toy set, and it added the effect going around the Christmas Tree

    It would be my Father and I together admiring the whole scene of the Christmas Tree and Train set

    You can imagine the joy on my face in the Christmas season

    All for good reason

    My Dad told me stories from Charles Dickens, “The Christmas Carol”

    The story was an awkwa...

    218  0


    He thinks he is DON WAND
    A kid Romeo believing he is the man to look upon
    He has a forbidden romance scorecard
    Doesn’t understand true love
    The Little Romeo thinks he is every Woman’s dream to think of
    He breaks woman’s hearts
    Never finishes what he starts
    Yet when woman see Little Romeo, it becomes a depart
    Little Romeo calls himself “Romance”
    Yet he adds “Chance”
    Little Romeo wants to advance
    Fat Chance
    It becomes for Little Romeo to love
    Nothing really to think of
    Little Romeo really doesn’t know
    He needs someone to show
    Little Romeo chants
    Woman call it cheat
    It sounds more like deceit
    Woman trick Little Romeo at his own game
    He becomes the woman’s prey to tame
    Little Romeo’s mission is totally lame
    Grow Up
    Understand what love is
    Know exactly what you wa...

    209  0


    The Reindeers felt tired

    They were no longer inspired

    Christmas is only moments away

    Santa paced back and forth

    Santa needed help with his sleigh

    That was his getaway

    He didn’t want to let all the Girls and Boys down

    It was a night Santa had to be bound

    Santa heard echoes in chant of “Leave and US”

    Santa thought, “He was dreaming”

    Suddenly, the chant got louder and clearer


    Santa realized the Hound Bus

    Santa immediately called Greyhound and asked if they could be his sleigh for the night

    Greyhound felt that was out of sight

    Greyhound was ready and Greyhound told Santa not to worry
    Everything is ok

    Santa was happy he won’t disappoint the kids

    The Toys and all kinds of Gifts were loaded under the bus Luggage bins

    Santa suggested,...

    218  0


    Civil Rights, Civil Rights and Civil Rights

    Freedom with a fight

    Fed up with plight

    It was walk and talk

    A battle that had to be fought

    The message got out

    All that happened moving about

    Greyhound took the message across the nation

    It became the Freedom Riders presentation

    Opposition tried to stop

    Name calling in mock

    Freedom stands for all

    It was no time to stall

    Greyhound’s rolling wheels focused enroute

    The company supported what the Freedom Riders were trying to do

    It was a mission the Freedom Riders had to pursue

    Civil Rights being a follow through

    Freedom Riders knew they couldn’t tire

    The struggle couldn’t be an expire

    The multitude of voices in shout

    The Freedom Riders stood hard on principles

    They were the anecdote with a cure

    Freedom simpl...

    152  0


    The curtain has risen with the eyes of a child

    The Greyhound bus fulfills a child’s dream

    The Greyhound bus is the headlight on target being the beam

    A child’s dream in meeting Santa Claus

    The child wants to journey to the North Pole

    Greyhound will provide the behold

    Little Tim as the child is called is awakened

    Wake Up Wake Up Tim

    Are you Santa, no, I am the Greyhound Driver that is going to take you on your destiny to Santa in the North Pole?

    Tim, get dressed

    Your Hound Bus a waits

    Little Tim steps aboard

    Suddenly, there was an applaud

    It Santa’s Elves journeying with Tim to his Santa adventure

    It will be a venture far and wide

    Greyhound is at your service and Tim, lean back and recline

    Little Tim was amazed

    Little Time sits in his seat, and its journey on

    Hours Later, The Greyhound bus...

    247  0


    There once was a bus

    A question came, and what is all the fuss?

    It was bus passion coming alive

    The purpose in making sure buses survive

    The idea was preservation

    Buses were travelling up and down the road

    Suddenly there was a behold

    Buses became more in talk

    Bus Enthusiast had to stalk

    Bus creation became presentation

    Bus hearts was the representation

    Buses are now alive and well

    You see my “DO TELL”

    When you see a bus pass by, just wave

    Buses have been awakened to the sunrise, and have an ongoing sunset

    The vintage bus just got noticed

    Bus passion made that obvious

    Your bus has rolled out

    It is somewhere moving about

    Take time to Marvel any bus, and check it out.







    197  0


    The town just got its first snowfall

    It’s fun time the Kids foresaw

    Some Kids were busy making Snowmen

    Some even rolled over in the snow
    But two blocks away, the other Kids were having a Snowball Fight

    Snowball battles to the finish

    Who would remain standing Distinguished?

    The snowballs were hard as ice

    But within the air was the smell of refreshing spice

    What could be so nice?

    Suddenly more snow fell again

    Fun in the snow still until

    Let it snow Let it snow

    Snow Bright putting the Kids in the know.






    239  0


    It was pouring rain and Heavy Thunderstorms

    But my bedroom was don’t worry and don’t be alarmed

    The moment suddenly became the urge to write

    It all happened during the night

    I got out of bed to pray

    There was a connection to Heaven

    Immediately following came inspiration and I knew I was ok

    Words were moving like a sparkling stream in come

    Sentences accompanied from letters being lonesome

    I was writing with a particular urgency

    The story came too life

    It all started coming together from the night advice

    Somehow purpose was a reason

    Soon later, the skies began to clear

    I was no longer thinking fear

    Transcend was can

    There was no need thinking negativity in pretend
    Even with the night darkness, I had light

    Doubt was no more

    I was finally thinking confident for sure

    Night guided me...

    210  0


    Comfort in Peace

    The Essence of Joy

    Stars Inspired

    Animation of Hope

    Dreams showing possibilities

    A Birth assuring Holy

    Journey in and Journey out

    In the distance, there is uplifting singing moving about

    A Night being so Eventful

    The showcase so beautiful

    The Radiation of Love

    Heart to Heart established


    Holy Night having a verse

    The Moon applauses

    The Stars Twinkle

    The Presence of a Born King

    Its fellowship being the thing





    Wonder throughout the air

    A Breeze beyond compare

    Everlasting like no other

    Tomorrow being a promise

    Golden in honest

    Oh Come

    The Kingdom

    A Babe being Faithful

    Our introduction to Majestic and Glory<...

    225  0


    Its relax and lean back

    Let me narrate that

    Santa decided he would do a change of pace

    Christmas is about timing and no race

    e gave the Reindeers a vacation

    Santa’s ride will be his own Private Greyhound Bus Provocation

    He will be travelling on Christmas Eve night

    The Greyhound bus will be seen in sight

    Santa wants to ride in style

    Journeying refreshed and relaxed

    It’s all about the kids and Santa can’t be perplexed

    Now Santa will have to change his usual motto, he usually tells his Reindeers to Dash away

    But since it is Greyhound, he will have to Jingle all and thanks for Santa being the call

    Leave the Holidays to us and let Santa avoid the fuss

    Santa is definitely travelling on the Greyhound bus

    The Hound bus will be fast

    A big difference from Santa’s sleigh

    Why should Santa let the Reindee...

    449  0


    Court has commenced

    Everyone is in court and the Jury is all set to begin

    Grandmas Lawyer’s is ready

    Santa is representing himself holding steady

    The Judge has entered the court and the proceedings give begin in the gravel

    Grandma is on the witness stand and sworn in

    The Prosecutor asked Grandma to identify Santa in the room, and she points on the right

    Grandma gives her testimony on what happened on the day in question

    I had Egg Nog with a touch of Alcohol for the Winter cold for warmth before going out

    Grandma explained as she walking, she was caught by surprise and run over by Santa’s Reindeers and Sleigh

    The Prosecutor then responds to Grandma that she wasn’t alert in her right mind

    Grandma’s Lawyer responds with an outburst bullying the witness

    Judge responds with over ruled

    The Prosecutor asks Grandma, Did you hear any jingle...

    409  0


    While you waited for the play to start, you were uplifted with music from gospel greats

    Your spirit was given a new revive


    The play brought the Cuisine of Joy

    The healthy portion of praise

    Collaboration of Laughter

    A moment of rejoice

    In the distance, a song of the gospel

    Yet there was a Funeral of a family member which surrounded the play

    The Sermon, you will be ok

    A family having fellowship problems in coming together

    Missing virtues and interpretations

    You can’t serve the Devil and use God as your personal pleasure

    God is Divine and one of a kind

    Salvation is the empowerment in more the family needed

    God’s requirement of Love

    Yes, gospel songs giving the understanding

    Family members learning from each other in how love and respect come together into one

    God is not looking at the circ...

    423  0


    You remember the story of Grandma got runover by Santa’s Reindeers

    If you don’t know, let me fill you in

    Grandma was walking down the street, and as the reindeers were flying and coming down for a landing, Grandma got run over by the Reindeers

    But Grandma wasn’t fully alert before the incident

    At that time, Grandma had Egg Nog with her added blend of joy

    On Boy

    She drank according to Grandma’s account in needing warmth from the Wintery winds during the Joyous Holiday Season

    That was then

    This is now

    Grandma is all well now and Sober

    But not necessarily in that order

    Grandma visited a Lawyer in getting a case to sue Santa’s Reindeers

    Now I don’t know if that will damper Santa’s preserver

    Nonetheless, the Legal Papers have been served

    Grandma wants Santa and his Reindeers to get what they deserve

    381  0


    Thumbs up

    Walking down the highway

    Looking for an escape

    This is something any Turkey would appreciate

    Thumbing for a ride

    Perhaps a Greyhound Bus could provide

    The Hound could take any Turkey bound

    The smell of freedom having a sound

    Suddenly a Greyhound bus pulled to the side

    Got on the bus and the Turkey took it in his stride

    Traveling on the dog

    At least I am not crossing a lake by log

    I am on my way

    Destination bound to anywhere
    My life is focused in not being killed

    I have living to fulfil

    Yet more determined at will

    Thumbs up being free

    I am a Turkey on flee

    There are no Dinner Tables this Turkey needs to see

    A Turkey’s response, “It’s all about me”

    It’s life the way it should be





    198  0


    Embrace the blessings

    Give Thanks

    Families and friends united in harmony

    Value time

    Precious life

    Enjoying foods of all kinds
    Rejoice having a combine

    A Turkey thinking having no luck

    I have been slaughtered and plucked

    Being the Main Serving

    I am the one and only deserving

    Having all the stuffing and flavor

    Dinner tables will all enjoy in savor

    I am the usual Butterball



    232  0


    Embrace the blessings

    Give Thanks

    Families and friends united in harmony

    Value time

    Precious life

    Enjoying foods of all kinds
    Rejoice having a combine

    A Turkey thinking having no luck

    I have been slaughtered and plucked

    Being the Main Serving

    I am the one and only deserving

    Having all the stuffing and flavor

    Dinner tables will all enjoy in savor

    I am the usual Butterball



    197  0


    I happened being an unknown event

    That is how the Earth’s Environment went

    Suddenly a plight hit the Earth

    Transformation into a new species

    Living and walking Turkey’s

    This is what humans had become

    Gobble here and there

    Humans could no longer speak the English language

    Perhaps it was years on Turkey’s being the honored table guest

    Turkey’s warned Earth everywhere and would get their revenge

    Through time

    The Earth didn’t take the Turkey’s Serious

    But now Earth is furious

    However, Turkey’s always got the raw deal

    Humans now are the element being the feel

    Scientist have no idea in how to combat the Turkey reverse

    Now it becomes an everlasting curse

    Gobbling effect

    Forever Turkey’s

    No wonder anyhow

    Turkey’s say, “That is what you...

    414  0


    I am surrounded by Doubt

    Voices keep talking to me in my head that everything will be worked out

    I am in shame

    Perhaps, I should take full blame

    I am a loser


    If Death was to come, I wouldn’t be surprised

    Destroy me, I have no need to rise

    I have fallen, just leave me there

    The Sun turned black

    I have no reason to turn back

    My heart is torn apart

    Tears after Tears mounting

    I am in desperation

    I am between separation

    Money doesn’t know me

    Riches are only dreams

    Speculation with Assumption

    I never existed

    Weathered fiery storms

    Forget me always

    Loss within my own ashes

    Dust never cleared

    Wonders with unanswered questions

    My hand stretched to the Heavens, but I am not worthy

    Alone and Despite

    Everlasting is my fini...

    204  1


    Harmonica sings

    The Morning Dew enterprises

    Life is full of realizes

    One wonders of their destiny in purpose

    Thoughts start to surface

    Immediate establishes as obvious

    Thinking relishes serious

    Sitting at the Bayou Bank, one’s life becomes clearer through depth

    Will tomorrow be cloudy with no understanding?

    One thinks hard, but must look beyond the past and into the current

    The Future is uncertain that haven’t arrived

    The Bayou seems to know my heart

    It becomes a movement of where to start

    I am seeing overcoming from life’s wear and tear

    Getting through all the beware

    Bayou says it is about you

    I see my urgency

    Let your life direct

    You are the effect

    See reason

    They are resolutions

    Pause and see no conclusions

    They are the elements to survive


    171  0


    Every year it is always the same

    It’s enough to make a Turkey go insane

    We are the feast

    This will be my getaway at ease

    I will hop on a Greyhound bus

    I am definitely avoiding the fuss

    My travelling is a must

    This will be a permanent vacation

    I am feeling the appreciation

    This will be the Turkey’s thanks

    I intend to always be a Turkey among

    Greyhound will take me to my journey being nothing but fun

    A lane changer being no pun

    This Turkey is on a scheduled run

    A Turkey only understands

    The same old tradition of dinner tables having the Turkey as the main course

    I am taking action being the force

    Feeling at ease while taking in the refreshing breeze

    Lying on a Florida beach

    They can’t catch me now as I am hard to reach

    The sun will be me a Golden tan

    Dinner tab...

    176  0


    Let me take you back

    I have a mouse invade

    I am not starting a parade

    I am on a serious mouse attack

    The Sun is high and it’s time for combat

    Mouse beware

    You entered the wrong lair

    Mighty Mouse can’t save you

    I am on a mission to pursue

    You should have stayed in the Disney Kingdom

    It’s battle time using my wisdom

    I am responding like an Exterminating Mob

    I intend to get this mouse problem solved

    They don’t pay rent

    They are not Heaven sent

    Out will be went

    They cannot stay

    They will getaway

    My Defenses all combined

    They don’t call me Killer for nothing

    I don’t intend to be kind

    I am serious and genuine

    My house is not a Hotel for Check in

    I suggest you get out while you can

    It’s check out time


    185  0


    Letters rearranging in formations

    Alphabet letters making no sense

    Past and Present tense forming as one

    Evil Spirits within sentences

    Words starting in reverse

    The written word starts with a curse

    Words circulating back and forth in moving forward then back again

    Spirits are controlling how messages come ac4oss

    I try to shout “SPLEEN THE BLOOD”, but sentences have my mouth and hands surrounded

    Evil reverses into live

    It’s a chiller being a Thriller

    Evil Souls say we filter what human beings can’t do

    Our Nah on the cross

    Your mind is our force

    Your inner creations set for our course

    Breathless in theory

    You are your own mystery

    Heaven’s put down

    Our evil Collaborations beyond expectations

    We are beyond Heaven and Earth

    You can’t redeem

    Evil ...

    190  0


    This is War

    Battle fight with an encouraging flute

    You stand in many dangers of the Front Line

    A lot things run through your mind

    Will you will be another military statistic or return in victory

    Each Soldier has their own story

    Sometimes it can be glory

    Then there’s another story of War taking one of their own

    But your Military commitment should be full blown

    You stand behind the RED, WHITE, and BLUE Stripes on your uniform

    You are America’s greatness

    We as American’s are your witness

    America’s war

    Your wounds being scars

    It’s been said, ‘WAR IS HELL”

    War stories the world can tell

    You stand proud being considered a Veteran

    It doesn’t matter if it is your past or present

    You represent America

    Your courage and commitment established

    The Bat...

    403  0


    The Holidays are steadily approaching

    It’s all about Spent Spent and Spent

    Shopping with no end

    Credit Card Charges to the max

    It’s a Financial Fact

    No direct cash flow


    Credit Cards can fill in the gap

    With credit cards, there is a cap

    Santa would have to give me some cash

    I could add my own stash

    That would be a perfect gift from Santa, catch my drift

    Buying this one and that a gift

    But some people act like a sift

    Now who I am buying a gift for I hope they appreciate

    Otherwise, I will depreciate

    I am already picturing my statement in advance

    It will be over spent at glance

    After the Holidays come to a close

    I will be Broke

    The Holidays are certainly no joke

    I will be in Debt Detail

    No pass, but a Fail

    This is my moment of truth

    231  0


    My Grandmother prayed for me

    She is no longer alive you see

    My Grandmother often stated, “THE DEVIL IS BUSY”

    Being a teenager with no understanding then, I thought Grandma was dizzy

    My Grandmother and I would pray together

    I got the foundation of what praying was all about

    My Grandmother was showing me the elements of prayer instilling in Faith

    She would pray Morning, Noon and Night

    My Grand other wanted Heaven to watch over

    She wanted the spirit of the Lord’s hands to cover
    My Grandmother was preparing me for life independence when God took her home

    I saw purpose as an adult that I will never be alone

    Grandma left her legacy

    It is now all through me

    Grandma was my start up

    Now it is my praise with a full shout

    I always pray before moving about

    The world is in turmoil

    I belong to God’s...

    349  0


    There is talk of love

    But why doesn’t love last?

    What is love without a kiss?

    What is compassion without true feeling?

    It’s more than just being intimate

    But the question is, can you honestly commit?

    I want love that sustains

    Fire with desire that remains

    I don’t want to hear love me today

    Then love walks away

    Love takes two hearts

    A golden paradise of essence
    The beauty in being called love birds

    Landing on the runway of solid love

    It comes later with everything else to think of

    Treat me right

    I don’t want love to become a plight

    I want my mind and soul to feel like a soothing moving stream

    Love having true meanings
    Honest, true and fulfilling

    That’s my kind of love

    Knowing I am loved and sharing love being to my personal admirer

    Eye to Eye

    171  0


    I learned on Earth to understand

    I am my own Man

    My thinking beyond any person’s thoughts and speech

    It was my inspiration to others to reach

    I am a Spiritual Soul

    I am not ashamed, just being bold

    My moments in talking to the Lord

    My cries in despair for the World

    I am heading for a distance journey

    Tomorrow my everlasting

    My soul ever sustaining

    I want my legacy on Earth to be, I did my best

    I want to be remembered for being involved

    It doesn’t matter in what Aspect, I want my following to have a track

    But I am a person who offered explained fact

    I know I am hated by some, but established love from others

    My life had accord

    I am an image from the Lord

    Knowing is always connecting

    Commitment at all costs

    I enjoyed life to the fullest

    But now Heaven is what I hold ...

    198  0


    It all came from an open book

    All I had to do was take a look

    It was reading pages of chapters about my life from the start

    Ok get ready this is my mark

    Death wanted to attack, but subtract played its part

    All the pages went on

    I am still here moving along

    I saw my life showing me honest and purpose

    I am sure you found that obvious

    I figured I would have drowned, but stayed close to the surface

    Darkness turned into light

    I went from weak to might

    Struggles came, but overcame despite

    There was plenty uncertainty

    But it all formed reality

    My directions were turnaround’s in forward

    Too some people that might sound awkward

    But I wasn’t guided by myself, it was a Superior King being somebody else

    He’s Heaven’s King

    But you can’t call him a thing

    He’s Spiri...

    236  0


    The Writer’s thought being what shall the Writer write?

    Should it be Adventure or a Thriller?

    Perhaps a love story of romance

    However, the Writer’s mind was focusing on Impulse

    Create beyond paper what one would expect

    The Writer decided to illustrate with present

    It would be a journey where Star Trek travelled before

    But with a different flair

    It was Galaxy upon Galaxy


    Space Travel the way it was meant to be

    Astronomy to see

    Black Hole known through educating, but never really explored

    Spaceship moving steadily with experimental views

    A world far from yesterday could become tomorrow’s residence

    Yet a feeling of Independence

    But what adventures would be encountered

    Aliens seen in human vision unseen

    The connection of Earth and Space

    Compulsions of planets surrounding ou...

    320  0


    Sitting and waiting playing my Harmonica at the Rivers edge

    The moment is my privilege

    The Bayou helping me get over my struggles

    Feeling tense

    Need the Harmonica to help me relax

    I am all perplexed

    Bring harmony together is what the Harmonica does best

    Thinking on worries less

    Looking ahead to Dawn

    Being blessed feeling the yawn

    Through the Dew of expectancy

    The Night Stars are certain

    The wonder and bright

    The Harmonica sooth

    Understanding that is smooth

    In the eye of struggles

    One can overcome

    The spirit of hope

    Simplicity on target

    The Harmonica Bounce

    Elevation of tune

    Storming the feet

    This is a time to refine and be triumphant

    Defiance having a cause

    The Harmonica set the record straight

    Just take in and let appreciate set in


    178  0


    Welcome to Poetry U

    Let our curriculum help you pursue

    Words will be taught through the Poet Professor

    Sentences are your successor

    You will learn Poetry with flair

    Your own spoken word handled with care

    What can be circulated through your mind is always a suggestion

    Words will educate

    At Poetry U, you will see how we illustrate

    You will know what happens when

    Our inspiration in encouraging on can

    Poetry U has a lot in stored

    All your questions will have answers

    Our process is simple and genuine

    Our techniques will open your mind

    Impossible will turn into possible of able

    What you never knew

    You shall pursue

    We bring out the Poet within you

    Words will become your own personal Dashboard

    Directing and Coaching

    So let Poetry U include you

    Then watch as the Poet in you c...

    199  0


    All Halloween decorations were carefully hung

    This Halloween is going to be out done

    Scare will turn into intense fright

    It will be this very night

    Total Darkness with no lights

    Halloween costumes that will glow in the dark

    Movement of spirits of all kinds will be making their mark

    The sound of loud screams

    This Halloween will have a theme


    Dracula will quench his thirst

    Spirits will appear in a big outburst

    Music will be played by a Dramatic Organ

    The song, “EVERLASTING Is yourDEATH”

    Echoes of Enter if you dare

    A Halloween that will not be forgotten beyond compare

    Surprises with unknown expectations

    Sounds with moans and cracks

    Touches from everywhere having a track

    A Night the Stars and Moon don’t shine

    Disturbances of all combined

    131  0


    The world seems to worship the GOP

    But everlasting comes from the GOD

    People relish money like a Church Collecting Plate

    Yet won’t support GOD before it’s too late

    People let wordly things as their possession

    But GOD wants your true confession

    It’s the lesson of the spoken word

    GOD’S goodness and mercy in being heard

    GOD being the hope

    GOD’S surrounding the Faith

    GOD’S Deliverance

    Guidance is an influence

    GOD’S look on Earth in tolerance

    Occurrence after occurrence

    But the world gives the GOP praise

    GOD is overlooked in amaze
    What will it take to get the world’s attention?

    The GOP represents a party of Doubt

    We are the image of the GOD who works things out

    Honest and true

    Yet, no following with a pursue

    GOP doesn’t hold your t...

    207  0


    A Scenicruiser Bus that was left in an abandoned field

    The bus was from the past for real

    It was stripped and decayed

    The. Bus was starting to fade

    But Halloween will soon arrive

    A situation will occur with drive

    This is no jive

    It was told by a Bus pioneer that on this very day, the Scenicruiser will come alive and ride again

    It was the Midnight hour when the Scenicruiser was given new life

    The spirits rose from their graves and started the engine in the field of that Scenicruiser bus

    Quiet became loud

    It was the time for the Scenicruiser being allowed

    Tires and interiors began take place

    It was 7270 once again on its ride

    A Night of moans and cries

    It was the spirits encouraging the Scenicruiser to rise

    The Scencruiser flash its headlights three times

    It gave the signal it was ready to move

    It maneuvered...

    154  0


    Drink Up

    I am a true Texan

    Came from a small Texas Town

    Travelling on a Stage Coach kicking up dust

    I came to a town called “REFRESHING GULCH”

    That town has the right name

    But I am just being lame

    Those folks drink Sun Up to Sundown

    Now I don’t drink along those lines

    But then again, have I truly lost my mind

    However, all I can remember I was knocked out drunk

    It happened in the Pleasure Saloon

    I had arrived on that Stage Coach at noon

    What a way to begin a journey

    By the way, my name is Ernie

    Somehow, I was so drunk, I was put into a hotel room in town

    It was called “SETTLE YOURSELF

    I woke up and found myself in nothing but my underwear

    Talk about an embarrassing moment

    Barely holding steady

    I have a hangover the size of ...

    136  0


    Written words

    Beyond measure

    My heart having no pleasure

    Every thought with a doubt

    Concentrating as I am moving about

    Yet the pages have no imagination

    It is just pages of here and there

    The whole situation within beware

    There’s no destination

    No explanation

    Stuck on page jam


    When will I overcome at the surface?

    Pause is ever so obvious

    Pages upon pages full of rage

    Perhaps it settles with my old age

    The sentences don’t mount

    Each letter is beyond count

    I am totally dissatisfied
    I am in reside
    This is life in provide
    It is become my stride

    But all I want to do is hide

    But for now, I must reflect and take everything in

    Start all over with a new page of begin

    I can’t be still and pretend

    This can’t be an e...

    171  0


    You say you are unsettled

    But your mind is uncertain

    You feel stuck in your struggles

    You have loss your way

    That’s ok but don’t astray

    There is a direction from the Almighty being the guide

    He knows the way in helping you feel ok

    Jesus is his name

    He is the truly in remain

    Look up and seek

    Knee down and pray

    Lift those hands in praise

    Watch the turnaround in amaze

    You will have peace and comfort in your spirit

    See the blessings being God’s merit

    Today you got a reminder

    Guidance beyond

    The blessings to look upon

    Unsettled is now enriched

    When in despair

    The Lord will clear the air

    His reaction is beyond compare

    Unsettled is released




    252  0


    Through the ages of Pumpkin time

    It all started within the Pumpkin patch

    It went beyond the Halloween catch

    Happenings involving a moonless night

    Occurrence after another

    Pumpkin’s from around the world were rising and turning into blood thirsty Zombies

    They were stalking Human life

    No time to explain in advice

    I am too busy running for my life

    The night is about survival

    The Pumpkin’s are walking among us

    They search and moan for a hearty meal

    The pumpkin’s want to rejuvenate

    This is the night of “Pumpkin Retreat”

    Lock all your doors and keep your windows closed

    It’s the Midnight hour

    The pumpkins rejoice and not turn sour

    In the eyes of pumpkin sight

    Darkness prevails with no light

    There is a reason for fright

    The night is alive and the pumpkins sha...

    163  0


    Words that turn cold into hot

    At times the warm feeling whether you like it or not

    Temperature rises

    The after effects in surprises

    No one knows what will come next

    It leaves a feeling of being perplexed

    Maybe even in the mirror doing a quick flex

    Yet words that could cause a sweat

    Spreading the word

    A moment in needing to be heard

    Word sick

    A thought that would stick

    Temperatures Elevate, but it is up to the fever words to illustrate




    246  0


    Welcome aboard and buckle up

    Prepare for takeoff

    Let me introduce myself, I am the Pilot of words

    On this flight, you will learn about this flying bus

    The company is well known and you will be surprised

    Now it is time for me to emphasize

    You heard of flying cars that turn into a plane

    That’s the future, and moving forward will remain

    But my story is about a flying bus

    Yes, it surrounds the Greyhound bus

    Imagine a stretched hound being the trademark on an actual plane

    It is a known fact, but let me take you back

    It was in 1996, the Greyhound Air started its Canadian Flight

    Passengers left from the various Canadian Airports

    Greyhound had taken to the friendly skies that became an enterprise

    The Parent Company was Greyhound Canada

    However, the airlines business was short lived, and ceased operations in 1997

    If so...

    249  0


    Fright and Scare

    A Night to remember in aware

    The Night Clouds hiding the Moon

    Reactions coming soon

    Moans full of cries

    Soul’s Rise

    The Dead will be emerging from their graves

    They will be looking for Soul’s for their appetite

    The flesh will be the sight

    Seconds to precise

    There is no offer of advice

    Evil on the Deceased Minds

    Roam with revenge

    Living flesh on the edge

    Blood Thirsty Soul’s

    Threshold Night

    But Beware

    Eerie is in the air

    No other night would compare

    Where do the living go from here?

    Sleep with your eyes wide open

    Once you fall asleep

    It will be too late

    You will become deceased yourself

    Beware Beware Beware

    The Clock has stopped on pause


    Dead Reign



    191  1


    Finding who I am

    What one is supposed to conquer?

    The pain for understanding

    Separating one’s self from the environment of hate

    Life teachings through fate

    Liberty the first step

    Embarking on a journey truly my own

    Eyes to see

    Ears to hear

    But throughout having no fear

    Listen to me and believe

    Release the tension and feel relieved

    The world started from Heaven

    Creations of color shades years ago

    I am who I am

    My principles are my thinking

    I stand on fact

    That is how I keep track

    I am welcomed as a person in Heaven’s eyes

    Yet to the world it might be a surprise

    My name is associated with the skies

    This is how I am wise

    Intrigue to Lead

    But never let be misled

    It’s determination to proceed

    Long to be free

    Color ...

    224  0


    My time in fear

    Rejection in not wanting anyone near

    My tears are my experiences I saw

    My mind told me to completely ignore

    No flourish to soar

    My tears pour heavy

    They are like a Dam levy

    But they are holding steady

    How do I overcome?

    I am surrounded by lonesome

    My tears are next to none

    I must step out in courage

    That is the only way to nourish

    Tears come at a moment’s notice

    My tears show I have no confidence

    It’s obvious in an instance

    No matter how tears fall

    I must be able and not stall

    I feel more of a regret

    My tears have that effect

    Stop now tears

    This is the right time to preserver

    Encourage me and come near

    My tears have drawn back

    My darkness is no longer black

    I am responding now in just reflect


    211  0


    I feel a story coming on

    The Characters are carefully placed where they belong

    Words are the narrations

    Dialog with no intimacy

    Letters formulated from the Alphabet

    A time with hours to write

    Alone in thought

    Inspiration of sought

    As the words opened up

    A theory appeared

    It was romance being only a test

    But there was an interruption throughout

    War took place

    It wasn’t a warrior war

    It was a war of two hearts

    Together was separate

    The words behind were the illustrate

    The storm of two minds

    Don’t speak


    Emotions had no thoughts

    It was a stand alone tormented

    Leave me

    The sunset had settled down

    Now no one can be found

    Path’s go down different roads

    This wasn’t something that was told

    This ...

    436  0


    I have come so far

    I was getting further and further away

    I asked the Lord to help me on this day

    My life needs salvation in every way

    A voice said, “Now Come Home”

    I knew than I wasn’t standing alone

    Suddenly Joy and Praise came my way

    A shout echoed, I will never go astray

    The Devil blocks what he doesn’t want you to understand

    He encourages anyone to his caravan

    The Lord opens to door to a blessed extension

    It becomes a total Christian lesson

    Truth in the Holy Spirit

    Rejoice as it is embraced in merit

    Time after time

    I understood more and more

    I knew there is much to Christianity I needed to explore

    I shouted Mercy and Glory

    But that is only half of my story

    My Biblical eye was on search

    I was told to go to a place of foundational worship

    My mind was...

    239  0


    If When and How

    Can and Shall

    Will and Did

    Could with Should

    Compose with Suppose

    Before into After

    Word Clusters

    I thought you knew

    Now You Know

    Imaginary Although

    True to Life from the Heart

    You Suspected

    But one word must be deleted

    The time that told

    The Moment of Truth

    Expanded within the dialog

    All talk and no action

    Let Me Show you my True Reaction

    You were cut off in our discussion

    Accomplished which you didn’t

    The Mind was truly set

    The Sun and Daylight added to the inspiration

    What you see is the illustration
    The Banner is clear

    Poet’s hold words that closely dear



    477  0


    You moved like a slow moving vessel steamer

    Time you thought you had

    You totally forgot

    You seemed to be stuck on being still

    But time was on full acceleration

    Tick Tuck was your time

    You thought you could keep up

    You figured the long was your extended time

    But the short hand said you were out of time

    The Midnight Hour was your finale

    You no longer had any seconds nor minutes left

    Every component of time captured your every pause and movement

    You were now trapped in a clock

    You will never get out

    Time controls all you about

    You didn’t understand what precise time meant

    It was a lesson you never knew and didn’t try to find out

    Time surrounds you within the walls

    You are now sustained in your stall

    In essence, your fault being your fall

    Time tried to warn you, but you totally ...

    199  0


    The ivories seems to say through the notes, we have an inspiring tone

    A note that played here and there

    Your today is certain, but tomorrow is followed by a question

    Every note symbolic being like a prophecy

    But one’s life has no guarantees

    Warrant on caution

    You seem to think you are stepping out

    You don’t even realize you are fighting your own bout

    It’s the battle of your heart and inner soul

    Your mind has become like a wallet billfold

    Your relish expense, but you are broke

    Laughter surrounds you but you are the joke

    Harmony has passed you by

    Withy every given tear, it was a moment of your own fear

    Your life having no direct pattern

    If I were to choose for you a planet, it would be Saturn

    Because you see constant pause without knowing the cause

    Separate emotion into sacrifice


    232  0


    I remember a song stating, “Don’t be afraid of the storm, but hold your head high”

    You questioned me about my own storms

    I fell down, but got up

    I then walked on

    Faith surrounded me

    My arms were raised in praise

    I knew it was God’s amaze

    Yet you kept questioning me again about my storms

    But do you even know what your storms were in your life?

    A storm can be devastating, but also a learning experience through one’s living

    Faith is the answer and behind it is the Lord in don’t be alarmed

    Lightning is the advice

    Rain becomes the many showering blessings

    The wind is comfort in being at ease

    Hail is the battle, but victory comes from on high

    Praying that sustains into Lord help me please

    The storm is a reminder, the Lord being the Great I Am

    Storms are struggles that everyone must go t...

    173  0


    The image of your face, Eyes and smile

    I wondered during my while

    You said me being a Poet and how my words captured you

    My words went all through and through

    Our loving came together like a full moon

    I searched for a very long time for a female mate

    Blue eyes when you came along it was pure fate

    Your blue eyes caught my attention

    It was like a Hawaiian night

    My heart pounded with that very first kiss

    I knew then I wanted you to be my miss

    Blue eyes you are so down to Earth

    I was enriched like a new birth

    Oh Blue Eyes

    You make me ever so wise

    Our moments together are energized

    Let us both journey together to the next level

    It’s marriage on my mind

    The house with you and I combined

    Perhaps form our own family

    You nourished my soul

    You are my behold

    Blue Eyes


    204  0


    At first, I was using my own senses

    I was getting loss and further out of my way in all the wrong directions

    I asked citizens, and I was running into detours

    Blinded by darkness

    I started using my Directional Finder

    But I was still a long way from home

    A voice echoed, “Don’t roam come home”

    I can direct your path

    Suddenly Salvation got closer, and I found my way

    All the roads that I had taken was leading me astray

    I had been travelling on the wrong roads all my life

    I had no idea in how to even reach my destination

    A voice had to show me in illustration

    In the beginning tomorrow seemed ever so far

    I was way off track

    It seemed someone was trying to hold me back

    Intervention came into play

    The voice told the roadblock never on any day

    It was salvation I had been searching and needing all m...

    184  0


    As I recall you didn’t want me anymore

    We argued all the time

    Your rebuke being my move on

    I responded with I will get along

    There was no love only cheating on both sides

    Get out, you can’t reside

    Commitment has no meaning

    It was simply lies

    I am not a light switch being on and off

    When you stepped out

    Your cheating was known all about

    From sunset to sundown you were nowhere to be found

    I now have peace and tranquil

    I have no tears

    I don’t want you ever to come near

    I am able to move on

    My heart being a locked secure door

    You are a person I will always ignore

    You only want to put me down

    But I am not falling to the ground

    You are long distance by my standards

    I have a totally different approach

    My words are no joke

    You say you want, but re...

    250  0


    Each given step of excellence

    Charisma within essence

    Soaring deep into harmony

    Perfection from the soul

    Rise up and down

    The movement in practice from many lessons

    Be tough as each step from the beginning that was rough

    Golden style

    The slippers providing no slip

    Elevation upon elevation of performing arts illustration

    Dazzle having a phrase

    The musical tone adding to amaze

    The accomplishment descending of praise

    The Golden Slippers are the excel

    Each constructed movement having a story to tell

    Golden Slippers

    Accounted for

    Finale in galore

    The rhythm settled down the golden slippers

    Take a bow



    138  0


    Harmony tick tock

    Precision right on the dot

    Tone around time

    Each clock sounded like a musical blend

    It was totally breathtaking within

    It was the clock’s version of “The Hand Of Time”

    The moment in the hour

    The second at the minute

    The place being any place

    The fact of time having no waste

    Serene yet gentle

    The clock’s playing the skies song of “The Rhythm of the horizon above”

    A place in time to think of

    Your time is now

    The sounds

    Acceleration of time

    All being one of a kind

    The time instrument of delight

    The thought of suggestion in might

    Time opening the eyes and seeing today well into tomorrow’s daylight

    Fast moving hands of time

    Now settle down and unwind

    Your time you didn’t expect

    Time after time


    145  0


    Harmony in family unity

    Strength in support coming from the community

    Rochdale Wives all have different stories to tell

    But you will find commitment in shell

    One particular Rochdale Wive has a loving story

    Read on with all its glory

    It was 1970 when a Shareholder named Mary Lister moved into Group One

    She was single and moving into a One Bedroom Apartment

    It was going to be furnished with all her assortments

    Then John Benjamin was also single and moved into Group 2 in the same year

    Watch as something is going to preserver

    Somewhere a love affair was going to become a moment by moment with romance getting a very little chance
    It’s love that was going to build and grow

    So it becoming an relationship moving very slow

    Mary Lister and John Benjamin really took to really knowing each other and their backgrounds were exchanged

    Mary Lister ...

    221  0


    Her story wasn’t always so sweet

    Slippery in fact

    Listen as Miss Butterworth traces back

    It was at the Oak View Plantation

    It wasn’t a place full of fascination

    The City and State was Clever, Alabama

    Her life was full of struggles

    Miss Butterworth was often beaten morning, noon and night

    Her whole life was life with unquestionable plight

    Miss Butterworth wanted to see freedom as her guiding light

    That night, Miss Butterworth made her escape

    Vast rivers surrounded the Plantation all over

    When it rained she found cover

    But her determination to be free rang high

    Here’s why

    Miss Butterworth often talked to other slaves of Freedom ways in the East

    That was her vision in encouragement at least

    Miss Butterworth thought back that all she could think about running through her mind was, “I had to be fr...

    177  0


    Medgar Wiley Evers, a name strong and powerful

    The college, a mission of knowledge, Understanding and Education excellence

    The beauty of essence

    CUNY Medgar Evers College being my discovery

    Yes this is the story

    Medgar Evers College showed me the way in being the person I was seeking and supposed to be

    I became the graduate the world did see

    I was a truly believer in Evers Teachings

    It was the transformation enhancement of the Medgar Evers College uplift

    Coming to Medgar Evers College was the balance of what can be achieved and the offset of Social Justice
    I learned knowing where I belong

    Being prepared for the challenge in getting along

    Yet, Medgar Evers College enriched my educational soul like an upgraded electronic component

    Stand on purpose with a mission in mine

    Set the standards while drawing the line

    The discovery of Medgar Evers ...

    186  0


    An image is walking

    Somewhere a legacy is stalking

    There are cries with emotions expelling

    But distance is truly far

    It’s not a place driven by a car

    But understanding being clarified

    In fact, the image was of someone I once knew

    I had to really put the pieces together through

    It was a friend who died many years ago

    But there is an although

    Who was this image, and why did they appear?

    I felt fear

    I didn’t want that image near

    But the image said, “Don’t you remember me?”

    When the image got closely, I realized it was an old female friend from college being like a Grandmother too me

    Her name plain and comforting being Lois Copeland

    So that distance seemed far, but came near

    The image was encouraging in continuing to preserver.



    156  0



















    465  0


    Yo Buddy, you are on this exact bar stool every day well into the night

    You are trying to drink away your plight

    Your problem won’t go away gulping down booze

    It will only make your problem even more confused

    Put the booze glass down for a moment

    You and I need to chat

    The Bar Stool wants you to share your facts

    What exactly led you in thinking booze is the way to work problems out?

    Your mind becomes fuzzy and understanding has no about

    You are in a Bar drowning your sorrows

    Live and face the problem, there is a tomorrow

    The idea is to work all struggles out

    Are you sleeping at night?

    You keep focusing on whatever your plight

    When uncertain try to pray

    When things are not ok

    Pray in guiding in showing you the way

    Drinking only separates in causing you to go astray

    Just say to yourself, my plight will...

    234  0


    A Novelist thought clever in wanting to write a trivial story

    He had all the details with bringing all its glory

    How will the reader respond?

    It’s anybody’s guess

    The Novelist controls the theory being his trump card

    But the story has a strong tail

    Now let me illustrate without fail

    The conclusion is the start with a turnaround

    It was murder in the start being a conclusion of the dialog

    Later the story becomes a turnaround with knock at the door that led to the murder

    Now there is no specific order

    The idea is too visualize in your mind what the outcome should be

    The Novelist is only setting the background with the situation

    Yet there is a lot of reverse in the turnaround

    The identity of the murderer is not really clear

    But there is uncertainty being fear

    The Novelist write, and suddenly pauses

    He thinks...

    175  0


    I feel trapped in my own emotions

    I see myself drowning in an ocean
    My Soul seems far away

    I feel the decay

    Voices tell me Die Die Die

    I have no questions of why or if I should even live

    Family don’t seem to have an interest

    I have no one close dearest

    I wonder how my suicide would be

    No one would even care and see

    I don’t need a push

    Suicide is my only wish

    I wouldn’t even say goodbye nor cry

    My tomorrow came today

    I have no story

    Let me aim towards glory

    Distance in separation

    This is my Depreciation

    A creation that once was

    Now a destiny of a different nature

    Too late, suicide wins



    230  0


    You thought you broke my heart

    But it is unbreakable

    It’s because I am prayed up being stable

    You were trying to make me relish in pity

    Well not on any day in any city

    I am a thoroughbred being unchangeable

    Your words had no power

    You talked hour after hour

    You still lacked power

    Now you paused being your own sour

    Excuses having no sense

    I am shatterproof worth more than cents

    You on the other hand is feeling tense

    I have been granted the Heavenly sense

    My spirit is too strong and you can’t defeat me

    I am shatterproof

    You were trying to subtract, but I got multitudes in add

    Later came divide, and you got mad

    Now you wonder and feel sad

    That makes me glad

    I was built being shatterproof




    228  0


    Straight from Paris, France

    Style no one has ever seen

    Eye on quality

    Fabric with a blend

    Carefully tailored from the beginning to the end

    Glitter adding to the glamour

    The model walks down the runway with pride

    Being confident in stride

    The Fashion Designer sits in the audience as the model passes by

    Eye of Fashion in his eyes

    The design dazzles being a Paris surprise

    The Model makes that turn and shows

    That’s the fashion flow

    The Paris Fashion Designer was in the know




    156  0


    Lie after Lie

    We never see truth eye to eye

    The fact that truth is never told

    There is always a withhold

    Your lying is what keeps us apart

    Now that is just a start

    Every questionable thought being a coup

    Misleading after misleading like an Alphabet soup

    Let truth sat your free

    Lying is your hidden trait from the truth

    You cheated on the test

    Yet you won’t even confess

    You cheated on your wife

    Now you are expecting advice

    You have a hidden past

    Your lying won’t continue to last

    I need you to be truly honest

    There is a witness

    Your lying must stop

    Nothing you say I believe

    Every word that comes out of your mouth spells deceive

    Your lying is your true perceive

    Liar Liar Liar

    One day your lying will cause you in the Justice fire



    528  0


    My DC is direct and fully charged

    I feel the Prudential Rock

    My missile is ready to explode

    Let the passion just unload

    Your loins are just prelude

    Loosen your clothes and let them drop

    Let our love call out all the stops

    I am ready for our new frontier session

    The Moon being our coach

    The heat is so intense

    Sweat pours

    My emotion roars

    Contract after contract

    Followed by the extract
    Hotter with every pounding moment

    We both start to pulsate

    Our passion is like an Earthquake

    My heart is beating like a rush of the wind

    Desire with intense fire

    Our temperatures rise

    I feel the energize

    Moan and scream my name

    On target being aim

    We are King and Queen

    There’s nothing in between

    Rough, hard and victorious

    Our hearts became one

    199  0


    If you don’t say

    How can I respond in relay?

    What words did I say?

    It must not have been ok

    Because as I speak you walk away

    You just look at me and stare

    Your eyes tell me in caution in beware

    Your body movement does me you don’t care

    What can I do to make this misunderstanding right?

    I know this continuation could go through the entire night

    Did I hurt you in anyway?

    If you don’t say I will just go astray

    I will move on my way

    Like I said, I want to make this situation right

    As a person, I don’t take this light

    Whatever I did, I apologize

    Seriously and truly in emphasize



    200  0


    A day to celebrate

    America’s Birthday was an illustrate

    Battles past and present became wars

    America has the wounds being scars

    Yet Racism is a battle within itself

    Felt near and far

    From Towns to cities

    Loss of love one’s always has a pity

    Freedom for some but not for all

    The voice for Freedom continues to be the call

    Songs of God Bless America and America The Beautiful

    This is what has kept America youthful

    My Country Tis Of Thee

    America rose from the ashes for all to see

    It wasn’t easy, but became a determined task

    The strength of a Nation

    It’s America’s narration

    The Statue Of Liberty stands for all immigration

    Forefathers who gave a speech

    We The People the declaration reach

    America still stands today

    Get in touch with your fellow American&rs...

    244  0

    ROLL ‘EM

    Love doesn’t come home anymore

    Our love used to be surrender at every core

    We don’t talk nor look at each other

    What went wrong in our relationship?

    Our vows were understanding and trust

    Our love doesn’t even feature must

    Even that’s a question

    I even offered some suggestions

    You acted as if it was digestion

    Still our relationship is on a pause

    What is the cause?

    What would it take to bring that passion back?

    Our love for each other had an impact

    I cry day and night for our love to return

    Yet my heart feels like a burning urn

    I am truthful and need you to be the same

    The focus should not be on blame in shame

    Our hearts must be on target on aim

    The love I believe is still there

    It comes at an instance

    But we can’t live together on resistance

    We mus...

    442  0


    Words and sentences setting the stage

    Watch how a PO-IT turns to amaze

    Walk with me down Alphabet Alley

    Marvel at each letter

    Think in your mind of the Human Creator

    The Entertainer of words

    Every cloudy day and sunshine being a day to write

    Every moment could be a storm forming the battle to write or not to write

    It’s not a question, but a shackled plight

    Every PO-IT is a master in overcome

    The understanding establishes wisdom

    Welcome to the PO-IT kingdom

    It’s words and sentences like a day at Adventure land

    What is hidden in the mind can be written

    Censorship is a forbidden

    Yet written possibilities being Indealistic

    But be alert in observe can also be mysterious

    Yet makes one wanting more in curious

    Word become nothing more than mortals

    PO-IT’s are the kings in being superior...

    205  0


    Confession of a Man

    It descends throughout the land

    My Queen you are in demand

    Show me your carass

    Massage me says it best

    Feelings within the heart

    Fire with desire

    Kiss in delight

    Dining by candlelight

    Becoming intimate in plain sight

    A man will always be a man

    Searching my Female Queen

    You and me with no in between

    My sweat is starting to pour

    I am your King Dejour

    You found love being in me

    There’s always talk about between the sheets

    Yet I know that is neat

    But I want to know you as my Love Woman Successor

    Now I want to be your Love Professor

    You and I loss in love

    We both are enchanted on our own Fantasy Island

    One sip

    The ocean our dip

    Surrounded by the ingredient of passion

    Let’s multiply and let love add up

    437  0


    Changes in the atmosphere

    Mobile throughout the Hemisphere

    What’s in the Crystal Ball?

    Imagination on accelerate

    What the mind can create

    Transformation stories into motion

    Cruising on the ocean

    Running fast trying to escape

    I am confronted with King Kong the Ape

    If I could fly having wings to travel where ever in global delight

    Pulsating in my own authority

    A Trap Door leading to nowhere

    So I keep falling and falling into endless

    I become totally breathless

    Seeing possibilities come to life

    Being a Counselor give advice

    Dreams showing illusions

    A beginning with no conclusions

    Yonder are my dreams, but my own horizon I see

    Dreams having dreams showing my own destiny

    It’s anywhere being a city

    Rising with no self-pity

    Come to my mind and show me the way

    178  0


    Mountains upon Mountains

    Highways onto countryside roads

    I have been traveling days in miles

    Picture taking during while

    Cowboys riding their horses

    Up close and personal with Farmers in their crops

    It closed me to make a little stop

    Ranches upon Ranches

    The Towns people in their welcome wave

    Looking for shade

    Sleep at sundown and rise at the Morning Sun

    It’s a new day to wake up being among

    Always a new beginning with every tomorrow

    Mountains high

    Hills with a highway rise

    Around the bend being always a surprise

    At times, there was a detour

    But I felt a discovery like being on a tour

    I saw flashing Greyhound Bus lights

    The Greyhound Dog stretched out in plain sight

    Distance from East to West

    I covered territory and I can confess

    I felt the test of inspiration ...

    239  0





    An Airline being spiritual

    Feeling relaxed and carefree

    The friendly skies bringing you closer to Thee

    It’s not a pack your bags and fly

    There are guidelines created by Thy

    Your Soul must be ready for journey at a moment’s notice

    Servings are you have the opportunity in being chosen

    There are no Refunds

    You are blessed to be among

    What is served on the plane is blessings and praise

    Heaven control’s the skies domain

    It is just that plain

    So if you are ready, fasten your seats belts

    This is truly a Heavenly felt

    So welcome aboard Air Heaven

    This plane is number Seven

    Its not everyday people fly on Air Heaven

    Thee is no turning back

    The Schedule is set and staying on track

    So into the air we soar


    282  0


    Grandson, there will be a world you will never understand

    You will learn of God’s goodness through the land

    Through God you will be able to stand

    As you walk through life in living you will understand

    Living is a learning experience

    You will walk through endless storms

    But that is part of life being the norm

    You may think you are loss, but God has you in found

    Echoes upon echoes is inspiration in sound

    Listen as I embrace you in wisdom

    There is a place far away known as the Kingdom

    In that place you will find everlasting

    The preparation starts with salvation

    The continuation is Deliverance

    I taught you how to pray

    Through prayer everything will be ok

    In that moment and hour, pray

    Now eventually I will be called home

    But it will be everlasting to roam

    No matter what, my spirit of legacy will...

    453  0


    Being a Black Man my voice can’t be still

    My strength at my will

    I have a mission to fulfill

    As a Black Man scared for my life

    I feel trapped with no advice

    Brutality only leads to Death

    I don’t know how much time I have to live left

    But I stand representing myself as a Black Man

    I have thoughts and dreams

    Yet my thinking could be taken as a questionable in what it seems

    Gun Bullets kill and don’t know innocent until proven guilty

    Racism has turned backed time

    I am considered a threat

    I have done nothing wrong, but I am trying to stay upbeat

    Perhaps Racism doesn’t matter to others

    But it matters to me

    My skin color is all that the world sees

    I am a Black Man with inspiration and hope in what life should be

    As a Black Man the opposition wants my voice to be silent


    145  1


    Who could forget the opening intro for Channel 5 10:00 PM NEWS, “Do you know where your children are?”

    I knew where I was at home waiting for the 10:00 PM NEWS, and the image of the anchor Bill McCreary to speak

    I was taking a Broadcast Journalism course at CUNY Hunter College

    I witnessed first hand at Channel 5 Metromedia Television Station now known as FOX 5 Television Studio in New York City

    My Hunter College class took part in the Live Studio Taping of the BILL BOBBS TALK SHOW           

    It was after the taping, I briefly spoke to Mr. Bill McCreary

    How do I describe Bill McCreary, Professionalism and his words giving viewers his purpose in his stories

    Mr. McCreary had explanations in what made his stories come to life

    One particular news story was MALCOLM X, and Mr. McCreary had interviewed Dr. Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X


    228  1


    Let the words dazzle and dance

    Come alive in entertainment in trance

    Words have their own presence

    No one knows what is inside as the Poet thinks

    The Poet controls the words and letters using the alphabet

    Like a Piano key, it’s the words that set the tune

    The Poet introduces the tempo

    Open heart

    A Poet’s theory

    History and mystery

    Unknown until proven

    Follow me to our destination

    We reached sentenceville

    In your heart until

    You thought

    But a Poet showed

    You read

    But now you understand

    A Poet knew from the very beginning

    You wondered but wasn’t sure

    There were clues along the w4ay

    The Poet makes it clear

    But the Poet always draws you near

    A time being the moment

    Write in constant action

    Yet wanting your reaction


    209  0


    Destruction going through my head

    It’s attack on instinct being the instead

    Struggles through the ashes

    But I must rise above

    There’s a story within a story

    Chapters of fight

    Vengeance with might

    Darkness controls

    But I see uncertain light

    The mind says focus

    I am surrounded by time

    But why do I feel so unkind?
    There is fire burning within my heart

    Lost soul

    I stand alone being bold

    Perhaps I should kneel and pray

    I remember my Grandmother saying praying makes everything ok

    Lord, help me reach beyond what I can’t control

    Be my guide

    Turn my spirit into centralize

    But let me apologize

    Let my struggles become victory

    Your presence being your glory
    Story to tell

    Show me that straight line

    You said walk and continue to walk


    192  0


    Eye to Eye

    Voice to Voice

    The love they bring

    Embracing being the thing

    It’s a time when a child is sometimes sick

    Mother’s to the rescue is what stick

    Responsibility never a question

    Discipline in my eyes is a life suggestion

    Learn from when you are wrong

    Having respect when becoming an Adult is how one gets along

    Mother’s have no specific schedule

    They work around the clock

    Their compassion never stops

    Mother’s know how to be a Mother, because they act like a Mother should

    Mother’s don’t sit still

    They know they have duties to fulfill

    So on this Mother’s Day

    I had to take a moment to say

    I cherish you more than you know

    Don’t ever let go

    I know at times you wonder if you are loved

    Every day you are the honor

    Every tom...

    470  0


    Road mighty and king

    It was always Greyhound doing its thing

    Flashing lights and the stretched hound

    Move out the way traffic and move aside, I am Greyhound

    Greyhound being America’s Icon

    But these days, First Group has became a con

    Greyhound has a name that captures hearts being fond

    What would happen if Greyhound were no longer on the road?

    The sunrise and Sunset would have no behold

    It would be a darken highway

    No Greyhound seen on any freeway

    A sad day with Greyhound losing its bark

    But with no bus you will find a place to park

    The Go Greyhound could become leave the driving to someone else

    So avoid the bus would actually be a fuss

    First Group is selling Greyhound being the Parent Throop

    Silently and quietly unnoticed scoop

    Employees including Drivers have made Greyhound it’s own institution


    186  0


    It was that town having a small population

    But everyone got along, and of course that was the appreciation

    I would often walk miles just to energize my mind

    The Sun would be shining among the high trees

    There was at times a refreshing breeze

    I often sat by the Lake and glazed at the night skies

    Wished upon one star after another

    I knew this one town was my purpose

    The surroundings made it all obvious

    All one has to do is believe

    Life expectancy is what one would receive

    I often heard Folk tails, and it made my mind to wonder

    But I didn’t think yonder

    I learned who I am

    Also what my life ahead being fulfilled

    Dreams only give you possibilities

    But true revelations come true being hope

    I knew I was only solid ground

    It was the peace that surrounded all around, and being at ease within my heart


    173  0


    Innovation and Precision

    Honor the Judge

    The court does not serve any fudge

    Prestige in here comes the Judge Fancy

    Justice setting

    Quality cases

    Jurisdictions being money wasted

    Taste within the courtroom w4alls

    Lawyers in designer Fancy Suits

    Cases after Cases full of investigating pursuits


    Justifications with no courtroom fights

    The Judge Fancy wearing a distinctive robe

    Judge Fancy is known all over the globe

    Fancy with essential fashion

    Judge Fancy’s verdicts seem more like a cushion

    Some might think all an illusion

    Yet everyone draws conclusion

    But everyone in the courtroom wants seclusion

    Judge Fancy is that moment of truth

    It all started in his Judging youth

    Judge Fancy, a man of elegance

    He knows just the right fragrance

    You scent the p...

    222  0


    You believed in yourself

    You tested the educational waters beyond all things else

    It was a task you were determined to do

    Your focus was on the Diploma or Degree to pursue

    Your voice highlighted your inspiration

    Your contributed supplementation

    It all applied down to illustration

    Concepts and Theories all coming together

    This is your story of “Achieved”

    But learning doesn’t stop here

    It’s continual until your brain says enough

    This is what will keep you on top

    Always be ahead of the game

    You passed the test and your bull’s eye hit the target


    Educated is now your domain

    But remember the educational institution that fulfilled your dream

    Achieving in believing

    Don’t forget the encouragement you got along the way from your Parents or Guardians for knowing just how imp...

    208  1


    You see fail

    But I am talent

    You want me to be silent

    But my name is ECHOE

    You told me I am surrounded by defeat

    But I have been encouraged by delete and I will retreat

    I am influenced by applause in can

    I am inspired on my terms of when

    You see me being no more than I am

    Assured told me you are your own setback

    This is my tomorrow

    Your yesterday long gone

    I know where I belong

    You flourish on dwell

    But I have stories to tell

    You want me to bend like a pretzel

    But my talent tells me to excel

    You can’t step into my shoes because they don’t fit
    Ability forms it

    You just don’t measure up in size

    Essence is my energize

    Determination leads me

    But that is not what you see

    Watch me move and swirl

    Captivation in attention from Earl


    270  1


    In Jail for life

    You didn’t listen to the Lawyer giving advice

    All you do is stare at the Cell walls

    Within the Jail Cell, it is you and a stall

    Through the Jail Cell Window, you see the night Moon and Stars

    You visualize your life living on Mars

    Your life now is no longer your own

    Your name in society is no longer full blown

    A letter and numbers represent you are an inmate

    Jail is now your fate

    You write letters to family for inspiration

    You are trying to compose communication

    You pray for wisdom and understanding

    But you are in a situation

    You are God’s creation

    The Devil wants you to reflect condemnation

    Other Inmates see you as a failure and loser

    You made mistakes

    The thought of it makes your body shake

    Jail is no joke

    Your mind is fighting revoke

    Your punishm...

    200  1


    Prayer to

    Heaven from

    Words of despair

    Our connection to share

    Heart sustaining

    Your guidance yet waiting

    Lord I pray

    It’s a struggle on this day

    Help me overcome

    I feel lonesome

    I know you are everywhere

    You sit high and look down with care

    It’s patience now

    Your miracles in response in wow

    It’s a matter of Faith

    I must hold on

    You are powerful and great

    You know how to turnaround fate

    Your arrival is never late

    Your time being your will

    Praying for you to fulfill

    This I pray

    Now and Forever



    223  0


    A past reflection

    A look that had distinction

    Total recognition

    Unforgettable yet wise

    A look that captured the eyes

    Memorable for the future

    A perfect picture moment

    Essence within the encore

    Witnessing from before

    Beauty and character with all it’s galore

    Yesterday with tomorrow in mine

    Dream come true

    Reflection having its own accord

    A face not easy to forget

    Having avion with no regret

    Yesterday’s face devoted to my heart can never be erased

    The thought and the moment coming together

    A face like no other

    Yesterday’s look being tomorrow’s imagine


    464  0


    It’s been a while since we talked

    The last time was a reject

    No matter what the discussion it had no effect

    I even used compromise

    Your response was absolute surprise

    We just couldn’t see eye to eye

    I thought what must I do to get your attention

    But it came to hesitation

    Yet there still wasn’t any communication

    I was explaining everlasting within your soul

    Showed you miracles in behold

    Illustrated a story that was never told

    I even tried to be bold

    The reality came to no respect

    Again it was reject

    I offered peace

    But your emotions you wouldn’t release

    In fact it was full of commotion

    It felt like a wavy stormy ocean

    Time after time I wanted to talk

    You took it as a stalk

    I ant you to live a better life

    I wanted to offer some advice


    200  1























    240  2


    Bags packed

    Open Road a awaits

    My hearting striving on journey no hesitate

    Enjoying life in appreciate

    Destination anywhere

    Certainly no square

    Feeling the breeze

    All at ease

    Routes will be miles

    I am caught up in the scenery

    My stays could be towns along the way

    I am away with what I called home

    This is my true life to roam

    I am exploring who I am

    Something I never took the time

    The minutes and seconds to reflect

    Somewhere out there I am meant to be

    This is my opportunity to surely see

    I lived alone in a small house

    Well I wasn’t totally along as shared with a mouse

    This journey was first a dream but thought possible

    It was just a reality being a reminder

    So the road is my chance while I still have breath

    I don’t know how much living I have lef...

    217  2


    Walls that separate

    It’s love ready to create

    Ever after a wait

    Yet romance is spreading throughout the land

    I am captivated at your command
    Smells so sweet

    The essence of a Bird tweet

    The visualization of Roses in a moving heart

    My soul thirst

    Fulfilling my Quench

    The moment is accelerating

    The Moon has pushed the sun from light into dark

    We are finally among

    The thought of night

    The candlelight that adds to the delight

    Feed me until I am full

    At your will

    This is our story tale

    Enchanted without fail

    The kiss makes our love complete

    Come closer, your kiss was unique

    Love whispered silently in my ear

    But that is every time you are near

    You are mystique

    Our Souls are bonded

    Enchanted beyond any fable

    The bull’s eye hit...

    193  1


    How and when?

    The finale finishing at the end

    Your mind telling you to write

    Your thoughts encouraging being possible

    Your words you seem to muster

    But are you words wanting you to be their master?

    Cluster after cluster

    Words becoming more dominant

    But are you true in being imminent?

    Words are telling you awaken

    But you think you are dreaming and still asleep

    Your thoughts get deeper

    Words are all circulating through your mind

    Stories that are developing within your self-conscious

    Suspicious speculation in theory


    But it is making you furious

    You are angry because the words command you

    Your mind is fighting the words in a writing battle

    The midnight oil has you sitting in the saddle

    You are writing poetry you never thought possible

    You have the advantage, because the...

    200  1


    Hours into days

    Scenery as we accelerate astray

    Downtown along with towns

    America’s bus

    Leave the driving and don’t forget about us

    The beauty of reclining and relaxing back

    Communicating with all passengers in acquainting chat

    That stretched out racing hound knows the way

    But it is the skillful driver who does this every day

    Routes recorded into miles

    But this is surrounds the Greyhound bus style

    The bus wheels turning in schedules precise

    Noon Day into sunrise the next day with arrival nice

    Covered state after state

    I have seen America and that is no hesitate

    Nothing but time

    The getaway being genuine

    The hound took me away

    I have my Hotel when I arrive that I will stay

    I am picturing Banjos, Trumpets and any other musical instrument that I can think of as I ride


    187  0


    It’s goodness at every sip

    Rejoice and be counted being the inspiring tip

    Enriching blend

    Everlasting taste at the end

    Let my cries of joy shout out

    Pure encouragement as I move about

    Turn uncertain into deserving hope

    Let struggles have engaging cope
    Flavor the thought

    Insignia the truth

    Let the skies open wide understanding

    Open heart in loving

    Values in respecting

    Sip and enjoy the thirst

    I know who controls being the ultimate first

    A cup filled with assorting spiritual vibes

    A deserving refresh

    Nourished and prepared

    Good to the last drop





    230  0








    Foreign Translation

    English usage language

    Sentence awareness

    The Writer being the witness



    Adjectives and Verbs





    232  0


    A narration of a Warrior and a Sword

    To Protect within anarchy rights

    Strength being the force

    Battle forming the course

    A Castle nestled in Featherson Valley

    Royalty having no alley

    Yet there is a defense

    Battle until the end

    A Warrior using the mighty sword

    It is lifted up to the King Lord

    The sword being a reminder

    Talent in the skillful hands

    It’s royalty in demand

    The Warrior is at their command

    Death could in being bloody flesh

    The moment in time in the struggle left

    Bondage under virtue

    The seize of the Warrior Bounty

    Fight to the finish

    The Warrior stands alone being distinguished

    One wish one life

    Sunrise from darkness

    One tomorrow survived today

    The thought of battle

    Ashes into victory won



    504  0


    A world in despair

    The heart with a don’t care

    How much too bare?

    Tears having no meaning

    The logic in where it is leaning

    No sense of purpose

    Reasoning a question

    The trouble the world is in

    A begin with no end


    How long in the world cries?

    No truth in the world’s eyes

    No seeing I too I

    No answer

    Just be patient and wait



    283  0


    Imagine the possibilities

    Facing true realities

    Search within the understanding

    Looking beyond to find truth

    Deep yonder in thoughts

    Caught up within the moment

    Short pause

    Exploring perspectives

    Yet analyzing one’s own objectives

    Figures forming equations

    It’s knowledge surfacing in education

    Rhetoric being the Logic

    Physics odds

    The conclusion

    Perhaps nothing more than an illusion

    But there might be some confusion

    Think until resolved

    But all analytical activity involved

    The mind tells you so

    So you are in the know

    Your mind painted a picture to show

    Its all systems go



    191  1


    Marvin Gaye’s song, “What’s going on?”

    A question

    Perhaps a suggestion

    What’s happening to an untamed world?

    A word full of hate

    Change can ‘t penetrate

    A rising voice won’t stand to illustrate

    Cries into moans

    Tomorrow on daily sorrow

    The world’s hearts flourishing on being shadow

    Fist up ready for every fight

    Guns adding to the might

    What’s going on?

    A world that was once on love and respect

    It has come to reject

    A world nobody knows

    But is there understanding in the asking?

    It’s the search for change in participate
    But it becomes greater into getting enough

    Some see it as a bluff

    We can’t let go

    We must follow through

    What can we all do?

    Let’s look to pursue

    That’s what ...

    470  1


    The clock stopped on pause

    News Bulletin with a cause

    DMX was announced dead

    His life being full of promise

    It was a Rapper in artistry

    But Heaven called, and he was lifted up too thee

    DMX lyrics were words in helping him survive

    It was his inspiration to strive

    DMX felt his tomorrow could end at a given moment

    Yet he was a Rapper determined

    He made a name for himself

    It was a Rapper not like everybody else

    DMX had problems in life with the law

    He conquered and saw

    DMX will always be remembered

    Now sleep in Heavenly peace

    You are free and are with the Lord at least

    His spirit descended

    Now he is home

    DMX new life is in Heaven to roam

    His Rap days endured with a conclusion, “If I be lifted up”



    159  0


    Welcome to relax and soothe

    At Hotel Poetry, we have something to prove

    You notice around your room words surround

    It extends in inspiration all around town

    So Hotel Poetry is different

    We want you to feel the insight

    It’s beginning and into the night

    It’s while offering comfort to excite

    You will get rest

    But we must emphasize we consider Hotel Poetry the best

    We are more than lay your head and rest

    In fact, our slogan says it best,  “Write on where you belong”

    We want you too take our words and energize

    Hotel Poetry offers its own surprise

    So open up and write

    You read our story, now share insight

    So rest easy

    All that while feeling at ease

    Hotel Poetry is like an open shore with a refreshing breeze

    Write and enjoy your stay

    Consider Hotel Poetry your geta...

    227  0


    A land Egg Yokes and Cracken Town assortments

    Duracell Bunny being full of energy

    But today the Duracell Bunny narrating the surprises

    It is the time and place

    The Town of Easter land is where our story is the trace

    It’s the citizens being Rabbits and eggs

    Then we encounter Mr. Egghead

    He is the Governor of Easter Land

    Now every year the citizen folks of Cracken Town and Egg yokes have a challenge every year

    You may want to step back and not be near

    You could have egg on your face

    Over in Cracken Town is where one crack deserves another

    Each competitor is different than the other

    Cracken Town Gang are determined to remain the reigning champion’s

    But are they ready for a possible defeat?

    I don’t want to make this story over easy

    Perhaps even cheesy

    So everything is set, and the atmosphere is in the ...

    218  1


    Night unwinds

    The skies unfolds

    Only a Night Writer dares tell

    The midnight hour with the sounding of the bell

    Thunder of the mind

    Lightning flashes not acting kind

    Words one letter at a time

    They are more than alphabetic phrases

    Captivation in amazes

    The Night skies grow even darker

    The shade of the marker

    A night of suspense

    Time came and went

    Scientist all confused

    The atmosphere no one can defuse

    The Earth on destruction

    The Moon and Earth formed like a team

    But what does that all mean?

    The end of civilization as we know it

    Prophecy foreseen what events would happen

    Man just brushed it aside

    The word is now out in the open with no place to hide

    A world trapped in damnation

    It’s not an illustration

    It’s a strong indication

    247  2


    I praise to the Lord boldly

    This is the week to be steadfast and Holy

    The reflection back is how Jesus is merciful and sweet

    It is not something that you will find in a tweet

    It’s the spoken gospel words that speak

    Jesus went to the cross to abolish our sins

    Our praises should be often, but not now and then

    Jesus is the beginning and end

    The course was set

    It was hours of agony that Jesus spent

    Yet the cross is our reminder are we ready to stand

    An hour could be our second

    The minutes the precise time

    It’s Heaven our aim

    It’s the blessings behind that remain

    Anguished and torn

    Everyday we should make the Jesus name full blown

    Jesus prayed until he couldn’t pray anymore

    Mocked and beaten

    But it was the prophecy that had to be fulfilled

    The idea of accepting Salvat...

    212  1


    We have a love affair

    But anguish separates us

    It’s our love not a struggle

    It’s the battle’s that surrounds

    It is war that wants to invade our town

    Anarchy that wants us to be their slave

    Our love is strong, but wars want to separate us apart

    There are no boundaries, and my loins lust for your continuous lips against mine

    I refuse to let love make us detour

    We could meet in the hills where war won’t find

    Yet the struggles below won’t be kind

    Ashes could be both our hearts

    Danger and constant alert

    Destruction that captures our moment

    I want your love and need your love

    We are meant to be together

    War only makes our love even better

    I will go where ever you go

    Our journey will be far

    It will be endless miles into a new horizon

    It doesn’t matter if Dea...

    229  1


    Love on my mind

    The candlelight shining bright

    Love in romance all through the night

    Kiss into bliss

    Enchanted being a lot too list

    But my heart won’t let love miss

    My love is about everlasting

    Love me now into forever

    Love to me is something to sliver

    I am the silver and you are my gold

    It’s our love story that was never told

    Bring your love energize

    I will add to the surprise

    Let our spirits rise

    I want you to be my bull’s eye

    Because you are the understanding and wise

    My love goes beyond tomorrow

    It is on the straight and narrow

    Love having no shadow

    It’s the sunshine that only love can make

    I am the intrigue and you are my distinction

    A picture perfect setting

    So let our love connection begin



    254  1


    Stepped into the wrong direction

    Fear all through me in indication

    I don’t want to be any animal’s prey

    My mind says just pray

    I feel alone

    I am surrounded by nothing but forest

    It’s trees upon trees

    I don’t feel at ease

    I could be pounced by any fierce animal in a second

    But not I am on caution in beckoned

    The forest environment says be prepared

    I guess the animals are thinking welcome to my laird

    There’s no time to declare

    But I do need get out of here

    But I am truly scared

    This is forest is beyond compared

    But the darkened make my vision impaired

    Yet I am wide open in the wilderness

    I have no accord being a witness

    I am my own accord

    There’s no water being a fount

    I must keep moving about
    This is a bout
    There’s no way ...

    241  1


    You used to pray to me

    I am the one that nobody can see

    But I am referred too as Thee

    I am very concerned for the world

    I make blessings happened, and uplift spirits in swirl

    I control the Earth

    I enrich in new birth

    Now I died on the cross

    It was prophecy being the force

    It sins focused on the course

    You need to sustain in praying

    This is my request in relating

    I am the tomorrow

    I assure hope

    My guidance is what helps you cope

    You didn’t do it alone

    My name is powerful and full blown

    Scriptures say I am well known

    Every day is a blessing shown

    Now don’t forget to pray

    It means daily every day

    Can’t means you won’t

    My mercy is compassion

    I am the Holy One

    You live because I keep you among

    So haven’t heard

    180  1


    Caution, Alert and Look Out

    Hatred seems to be moving in multitudes about

    Hatred definitely needs a rebound

    Respect in values and morals having a sound

    Race should not be a discipline

    At the same level, it shouldn’t be a resent

    All Races were put on this Good Earth for a reason and purpose

    It wasn’t meant for Hatred to surface

    Blacks know all about Racism


    But now Asian’s are being attacked

    It seems Hatred is running like a pack

    No Race is better than the other

    All Races were created to come together


    A mirror only sees the outer image

    But change of the mind comes from inner thought

    Because one of different descent and language doesn’t give anyone to the authority to bully and kill

    This certainly is not in God’s will

    God knew what he was doing when we all...

    258  1


    Still and motionless

    Tears are silent within the soul

    Alone in sorrow

    Tomorrow with no morrow

    Fear surrounds me

    My heart pounds like a violent storm

    It’s the battles of woes fighting struggles

    Trapped and no way out

    Troubled with a pause

    But there is a cause

    Tears are on freeze

    No feeling at ease

    The wonder has no thought

    The spirit stuck on doubt

    Still being for how long?

    Motionless inspiration

    Yet having no aspiration

    I am the center of my own situation

    Death focuses my mind

    Suicide is the offset of combine

    But a voice says wait

    It extends into it’s not too late

    No, this isn’t your fate

    You must hesitate

    My tears rolled back

    It automatically became fact

    Live until you reach everlasting


    237  1


    The muscles are intense

    They are hard and won’t condense

    They are energized

    I see from your eyes you are mesmerized

    But there is a realize

    This is fitness self transformation

    My muscles flex on their own moving in motion

    Watch as my Chest pulsates like an ocean

    I needed to change before into after

    I am the subject of my own chapter

    One can reconstruct their body, but must be determined

    Think results

    Then watch as your muscles being felt

    My flexing moment

    But body composition gained



    228  1




    But you look like you don’t believe me that way

    You seemed to move away

    My heart is my spirit

    My words being my merit

    Love is what I cherish

    This is what makes me standout being distinguished

    It goes beyond looks

    It’s not seeing a picture took

    It’s face to face to admire together

    Don’t compare me with any other

    Talk to me and you will see

    Don’t stray away and let be

    Let’s talk and your heart see

    Together we form the we

    I want to be yours

    My love has no detours

    Let me show you my assures

    Our love will be our togetherness of insures



    252  1


    The thought of spring

    Bee’s having that ting

    The fragrance of smell within the Flowers

    Refreshing showering rains frequent every hour

    A refined Earth

    Embraced Soil

    Enriched Spirits

    The beauty of Birds in Flight

    The radiant sun in how it casts light

    Warmth bringing spring to life in energizing bright

    Season’s blend

    But there is a beginning and end

    Breathless focusing on wonder

    Take in that fresh spring air

    It is nothing compare

    Spring opening the door, but prepare for summer

    A mellow tone of music a hummer

    Spring now, but prepare for summer



    267  1


    Darkness bind

    Surroundings that are unkind

    A storm to disturb

    But there is nothing to observe

    The thought of courage, but doubting hope

    Shadows all centered through the mind

    Everything concealed

    Yet nothing is revealed

    Connections are for real

    All I can do is maneuver and feel

    It’s a wonder

    But one can only wander

    Images with no substance

    Darkness controlled in full instance

    Trapped shade

    No light being made

    The darkness causes me to be still

    My nervousness being my will

    Yes shadows that has ...

    204  1


    What an honor to celebrate

    Women all over the world to appreciate

    Yet we honor that is each round

    Hooray is the sound

    Women have a achieved in their own right

    But throughout history, the world took it light

    There progress through determination

    The results being their Representation

    The proven fact in the women’s illustration

    The women proved to the world that they are thinking machines

    The strides through many entities

    The struggles through many hurdles

    It doesn’t matter if it is Scientific, Managerial, Preaching the Gospel or even Performing Arts using Creativity and Dramatics

    Capable in any form showing action in prosperity

    It was the inspiration of advance

    Women simply stepped out to opportunity being their chance

    They cut through the Discrimination

    The women said no to Condemnation

    Their th...

    510  1


    You are a stranger

    Your mind focuses on attack

    I am on caution, and I am stepping back

    It goes beyond fact

    You are about stalk

    There’s no reason I should talk

    There are boundaries

    You are simply a mystery

    You are a possible threat

    You are a person that the world dreads

    You want to invade the atmosphere

    This is called fear

    No one wants you near

    You are a person that doesn’t compare

    It’s your preserver

    You have a mission

    Your motive is precision

    So let me stay away
    Intruders I always stay astray

    I will not become one of your victims on any day



    290  1


    It was my journey at TOWN HALL on West 43rdStreet in New York City

    It was being in a cast part of “I NEED A MAN” on BROADWAY

    It was a Gospel play

    I had one single line to say

    I played a Date

    It wasn’t a big part, but I did appreciate

    But as my story goes on, there’s an although

    I was raised my by Grandparents who forbidden me to go into show business

    But God is my witness

    It all happened when my Grandparents passed away

    It didn’t happen on the same day

    In fact, Broadway came too me, and that is what I want to emphasize for all too see

    I am a Natural Actor

    Never had any Performing Arts training

    But I have been around Broadway Stars

    Yet my heart says forever yours Broadway

    But I am thankful for that moment on that day

    The show must go on

    But the Pandemic extended really long


    227  1


    Journey yonder

    Portal to adventure

    It’s book chapters to enter

    The worlds add to the detail

    Dialogs with their own meanings
    Face with Death

    How much time do I have left?

    Omitted from Death in life precise

    Confused and not sure

    Thinking score

    But the aftermath ended in ignore

    I am far away in an unknown land

    But there is no parade of a caravan

    I see comfort and peace

    The frustrations can now be released

    However, a sudden calmness takes over

    A storm rages and need to take cover

    A clear voice says, “Be Brave”

    Suddenly, there was no within fear

    I knew inspiration was near

    A book showed a past

    The timeline that accelerated fast

    Situations that just couldn’t last

    Wonder became understanding

    The book full of answers

    Yonder ...

    237  1


    Father, the world needs a spiritual seek

    Guide the world in how to take a peek

    The world needs a better tomorrow

    They are stuck on sorrow

    It’s Deliverance in the after ever

    Hour by hour

    Your word being the revelation

    Father, we are your creation

    The world needs Faith in representation

    You died so we could have life

    It’s your guiding light that gives advice

    Lord, I pray for the world

    Enrich in your name

    Let love and joy remain

    Put peace in everyone’s soul

    Hallelujah in the behold

    This I pray

    I know the world will be ok

    Hope in Faith all the way

    It’s the footsteps of walk

    Your encouragement being that little talk

    Now and Forever




    179  1


    I want to see again

    Tell me the day of when

    Our chemistry seems to have an effect

    Our date is truly a connect

    Love that is felt deep

    In fact, I am no mood to sleep

    I am energized like the Duracell battery

    You keep me charged

    You are my crossroad

    I say I love you being bold

    My destiny in the right direction

    You are my personal selection

    Yesterday I looked upon

    Tomorrow is another day

    I want another date so what do you say?

    My love is not a moment

    It is true to my heart

    I want to relish you with roses

    A sip of wine to enhance the evening

    Then let nature take it’s close in what I am feeling

    A heart can’t be loved unless it is actually loved



    214  1


    So you need some advice

    Response will be concise and precise

    You say your life has control over you

    You need to change the balance in going to go through

    Don’t let others give you negative advice

    Yet I can’t sugar with a sprinkle of spice
    In order to achieve you must also believe

    Hope is worth accepting

    Trying requires adapting

    Change is about rearranging

    Thinking positive within your mind

    Surround yourself around inspiration

    Let knowledge give you that education

    Hold your head up

    See yourself in the long term

    Practice what you seek

    Being inspired is what makes you unique

    Don’t see your self outdated comparing to an antique

    However, essence is essential

    You have the power to control

    All you have to do is take hold

    Let your mind direct you to where you need to be...

    251  1


    Fighting crime

    Getting rid of the slime

    Protecting the citizens of the world

    Justice at every course

    Yes it does take using force

    Beating villains at their own game

    Keeping peace in order that is the remain

    Sometimes Super Heroes get in sticky situations

    It’s the villains test to Super Heroes just to case condemnations

    Yet Super Heroes prevail in their own recommendations

    Sometimes it feels it is the end of Super Heroes

    But strength of Character suddenly prevails without fail

    Villains look out

    Super Heroes are out to get you and they are moving about




    504  1


    Dance floor temperatures rise

    It is the total environment energized

    The music sets the mood

    Dancing having no conclude

    Couples dancing close

    The Disco Ball glistens

    Music in helping the Dancers to listen

    Romance coming into motion

    Music that unleashes the love emotion

    Dancing straight and narrow to each others hearts

    Hips moving in attraction

    Affection and seduction

    Dance fever turning up a sweat

    The focus into the music, and just let it take effect



    264  1


    I showed you a fake reflection

    That was my way being a deceitful election

    Words I said had no truth

    It all started within my youth

    Rage went to anger

    It took all of my strength to muster

    I went to great lengths

    I took you to my other side

    Straight out and didn’t bother to hide

    You believe in me

    I pretended for you too see

    I am not everything I should be

    I was descended

    The Devil played with my mind

    I was once kind

    Now my personality no one can find

    So my soul is in bondage in a bind

    I see myself being drunk with satisfying wine

    But there is more combined

    I am simply wild

    But you don’t know my style

    All that under your eyes while

    I don’t know who I am supposed to be anymore

    It’s like a distance between the sea and shore

    You ...

    208  0


    Fire burns within me

    No extinguisher can put my flames out

    Transformation is moving about

    I am in heat and sweat

    Hunger for feeding my crave

    I am going crazy and can’t behave

    Oh I wish I could shave?

    Hotter and hotter

    I am no longer in control

    I am a stalking breast

    My clothes are torn

    My eyes are an Evil Red

    Dare not get in the bed

    Full of desire

    The moment is now and not later

    I can no longer wait

    There is no hesitate

    I must embark and leave a trace

    But don’t dare look at my face

    I must keep up the pace

    I am hungry to be touched

    There is much

    The heat is on

    The Moon is in control

    This night has made me bold

    But don’t get close

    My hunger could turn into being gross



    206  0


    Behold the gospel word

    Praises that could be heard

    Looking for a uplift

    It’s not a catch my drift

    My voice rang out in the Holy Spirit

    It is the goodness as God is merit

    It happened at Praises up Baptist Church

    It was a night of praying and preaching

    There was plenty of knowledge surrounding teaching

    My Soul was totally enriched

    That’s where I got my uplift

    There was no more doubt, but assurance in hope

    Pure inspiration in blessing in cope

    The Spirit fed my Soul

    Embrace having an unfold

    The Holy Spirit is mighty and bold

    But Salvation is a need

    It’s daily living in order to proceed

    Advice from the Most High

    King of Kings being Thy

    Rejoice being the fulfill

    Heaven’s creed being the worthy will




    250  2




    Laugh with Joy

    It is ok to cry

    Smell the beauty of the flowers

    Cherish every given hour

    Marvel the skies seeking understanding

    Observe the stars at Night

    No need to wish just observe

    It’s not the stars twinkle, but it is the Night shine

    Observe the ocean waves

    The waves are suggesting, “Be calm and behave”

    It’s a new day and a new moment

    A time to live

    Appreciation and encouragement to give

    Moment by Moment

    Hour by hour

    Minute by minute


    See tomorrow

    But remember yesterday

    Feel the glory

    You are the story

    Just cherish

    You live to see

    But give thanks to Thee

    Just cherish more






    198  2


    Not from a book

    Race character in look

    Yet always thinking

    However, being a Leader

    Thinking ahead

    Striding in an affirmative stead

    The mind steadily concentrating on assembly

    It is able

    Start until complete

    Beyond measure

    Success forming the pleasure

    The equation quo

    But there might be an although

    Doubt within opposition

    The Black Mind set in position

    But it all mounds to decision

    Promise with a purpose

    Won’t drown but will reach the surface

    The Black Mind knows, but won’t let go

    Opposition thinks, but the Black Mind follows through

    Guided in excellence

    The proof formulating assurance

    Teaching and encouragement providing the influence



    But you can’t take away what the Black Mind is thinking


    220  1


    You tried to fool

    You used deceive being your tool

    But I saw through you

    It wasn’t hard

    You put me on guard

    Now I must disregard
    I must depart

    I am thinking smart

    You thought you were talking to a retard

    But you fooled your own self

    You personality has no understanding

    Your facts weren’t even sustaining

    So your words were totally staged

    But you wanted the response to come to rage

    So I saw caution, and simply acted my age


    286  1


    Everything you do move along

    Every achievement is a blessing

    Every accomplishing came from courage

    But add knowledge to the nourish

    Talent that you refined in preparation

    Think forward

    But only for a moment reflect back

    Look at your achieving track

    Remember your experiences in your efforts

    You found your purpose

    Like an Ocean, you learned how to reach the surface

    The journey being your own

    You did it guided by Heaven alone

    You proved to yourself to accelerate

    Now that is something you should appreciate

    Well your efforts became show and tell

    At times trial and tribulations you fell

    But you got up and managed to move forward

    Continue to walk and talk your ability

    It seemed hard

    But believing made it easier

    It all comes down to assurance

    Being committed in your enduranc...

    239  1


    Lord descend on us your blessings of Freedom

    You have given us wisdom

    Yet we have been beaten and torn throughout

    Our scars from streaks of whipping thorns

    Lord we Slaves pray to the Heavens that we will once be free

    This plantation of turmoil makes us want to flee

    However, your spirit is wise and strong

    Our Faith in believing is where we belong

    No matter how long

    We have spiritual songs to help us get along

    Slavery is totally wrong

    It’s those struggles that come along

    We Slaves shall rise

    The Plantation Owners are in for a surprise

    We Slaves are fully energized

    But this situation will be puzzled faces with a realize

    It’s God’s Heaven I must emphasize

    We will see our new sunrise

    We Slaves will never have to apologize

    Our hope is in the Heavens

    Tomorrow will be a wonder...

    479  1


    There was a haunted house

    It was invaded with a many mouse

    Neighbors on the street felt afraid

    Even through the sunshine, it was always darkness being the shade

    It was reality surrounding the made

    Many people walked into the haunted house, but never came out

    Spirits and Ghosts were all moving about

    You would often hear moans of despair

    But to the actual human that doesn’t even compare

    I would suggest that you not be alone

    Electricity is out and no phone

    Spirits will invade bodies in search for eternity

    It will happen right in your city

    The spirits have no pity

    The Moon is darkened and the skies have rage

    Lightning and Thunder call for the moment

    Awaken and rise

    1177 Monster Lane is the enterprise

    Humans will be the reign by the spirits

    Flesh has no merit

    Scream until you are hoars...

    196  1


    Music the introduction

    The Curtain rises

    There is only one individual act

    The dialog will add to the fact

    An Actor steps out

    The audience applause

    The dramatic presence will have a clause

    As the Actor moves, so does the spotlight

    The dramatic feel, “ HELP ME HELP ME”

    A moment pause

    Wait and listen

    You don’t know what is in my heart

    My wounds were of trouble I been through

    There was a time I was in Jail

    My times in school were a fail

    I was at a place at the wrong time

    I started hanging out with people I thought were my friends

    My life in then

    This is my story while

    These so called friends had me taking drugs and stealing

    I was also Gambling in dealing

    My time was all rearranged in my life

    I got warnings with advice

    But I thought the suggest...

    183  1


    Smooth talk

    Smooch kiss

    Romance of silk

    Music within the hearts of tone

    The idea of love about to be full blown

    No need for candy sweets

    Being together is our tweets of delight

    Eating by Candle Light

    Eye glazing into one another

    Our love is cherished like no other

    Our love our own story

    We are Valentine in our glory

    Our hands holding together

    Love is truly in the air

    Our love is sustaining in care

    Elegance of the rose

    Embracing lovers suppose

    The fragrance that takes our love into essence

    We were descended together

    Click clack of our Wine Glasses

    Every sip from the heart of devoted love

    Our love spreads through the skies like flying Doves

    Embrace me now into continuous

    So on this Valentine’s Day

    I blow kisses heading your way

    We ha...

    216  0


    Competition letter by letter

    Alphabets take all

    Words being the subject

    Sentences compelling what they elect

    Between the both accelerate the effect

    It is what words say add to the meaning

    Sentences determine the information behind in learning

    Debate in a participate

    The words are the enameled

    But the sentences argue that they stress the surface

    The challenge from beginning to end

    But the words illustrate when

    The sentences highlight can

    The balance between words and sentences equal understanding

    What theory one doesn’t know may have not figured it out

    Words suggest, and sentences narrate about

    Without the words there are no complete sentences

    Words and sentences utter the details

    The navigate in the trail

    Perhaps even a fail

    So the debate pretty much equals out

    Words and...

    228  1


    Emotions that overflow

    Despair in uncertainty of the know

    Fear beyond the depths

    Movement having careful footsteps

    But tears can also be for happiness

    Joy within the moment

    Nonetheless, tears are moving fountains

    Sensations with reasons

    It doesn’t come within seasons

    Tears fall

    Disturbances that’s all

    Perhaps a vision of caution too stall

    Yet tears that release the fear

    However God is the preserver

    Shed no more tears


    237  1


    I think on the strives our Black Ancestors made

    It was a struggle to get done

    Yet maneuvering and proving made their name among

    Names that come to mind such as George Washington Carver, Medgar Wiley Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Owens, Joe Black, Jackie Robinson and the list goes on and on

    So what makes their specific Black Achievers great?

    It was their focus on achievement and continuing no matter what

    It was their understanding

    Their purpose being their own contribution

    So have names on educational institutions for example, MEDGAR EVERS, CUNY MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE

    I am proud to say, I am the product of CUNY Medgar Evers College embracing in the Medgar Evers Legacy

    I was honored too be taught at CUNY Medgar Evers College by Dr. Betty Shabazz, Widow of MALCOLM X

    I was inspired in her teachings and values

    So Black History had and continues to be an impact on m...

    227  2


    Cicely Tyson who played numerous dramatic roles

    A Broadway Spotlight calls her behold

    Dramatics within realization

    Ms. Tyson was God’s creation

    She took Acting seriously and standing for all civilization

    Yet her talent deserves every appreciation

    Ms. Tyson encountered discrimination

    But it was all damnation

    Ms. Cicely Tyson was a talented Black Inspired Woman

    She cannot be denied for that

    It’s not a fact, but forward back to her acting life, and she stands alone in her craft

    If Cicely Tyson were alive today, what wisdom would she portray?

    “If it’s acting you want to achieve, then prepare, and be ready to act. Find tone your approach, and let the spotlight be your shine, and just the applause be your inspiration continuous”

    Ms. Tyson conquered all racial barriers

    Determined to succeed, and not setting for negative wo...

    85  2


    You say let’s talk

    But you surround me like a stalk

    You said you want to the truth of who I am?

    I have morals and integrity will continue to stay in my head

    No I don’t love you, and won’t jump into bed

    I am a Man of honesty

    I have virtues through and through

    Trust is my honor

    Assumption comes from you

    Value your heart

    But now I must depart

    Obviously you don’t believe in me

    It’s your eyes relating the message I see

    I see you don’t want my love

    So long my loss

     I have no choice but to be single my force



    544  1


    It was 1984 when I decided to vacation in San Francisco, California

    It Toured Downtown and the Suburbs

    But there was a port of San Francisco that Tour Companies wanted Tourist to avoid

    So I wanted to explore why this specific area was off limits

    I spoke to the Tour Escort, and he told me how I should dress

    I had my Jean’s torn and everything out place and wore a Do Rag Bandana around my head

    Yes head

    So I ventured up to the area of question

    No time to talk out in suggestion

    Now it could have been my Death

    Nonetheless, I had to see for myself

    Because I am not like everybody else

    Courage with assurance

    No I wasn’t under the influence

    I was in an Alley surrounded by Motorcycle Gangs had arrived

    I acted tough

    I even called their bluff

    I was told by one of the Motorcycle Leaders, I didn’t fit in


    202  1


    Walk with me I sacrificed my life for you

    Come out of Sin

    I am the Great I am from beginning to end

    Heaven is more than a secrete place

    It can never be erased

    Glory is who I am

    Blessed of the Solitude of Faith

    Again I say, “Walk with Me”

    There is much I want you to see

    My Brothers and Sisters be encouraged

    I am the Joy and Peace

    It’s the struggles I shall release

    Break the chains that are holding you down

    Being the Savior I am all around

    Man wonders

    But I educate

    Man researches

    But I am the way

    I am the truth by myself

    Let me lead you to the fountain of Forgiveness

    I am well known with lots of witnesses

    Praise me and come out of being bound

    Let your over pouring praise be the sound

    I am the Lord of everlasting

    One day I am coming...

    170  3


    Larry King’s name spans like an Enterprise

    His viewpoints were all for us to realize

    Radio and TV and Larry King was the truth

    Searching for what makes sense or analyst

    I would watch Larry King as if he was giving me a personal understanding in lesson being his own wisdom

    He shares that thought in the Heavenly Kingdom
    Larry King’s talent will always have recognition

    He voice being precise

    He gave the world never ending advice

    Larry King set the tone

    But it was words becoming full blown

    Larry King was the man for words to live by

    His determination was always give a try

    His virtue was be true to yourself and others

    Farewell to a Media Icon

    Larry King flew away on Heaven’s wings

    But he leaves his legacy being the thing

    Embrace me close

    I am in Heaven and have a reason to boast

    My life...

    213  2


    Let’s play ball

    Hank Aaron’s achievement that was seen by all

    Through the years of discrimination

    But it was talent that echoed out being Hank Aaron’s attention

    Being Afro-American, he made history illustrating his presentation

    He was a man of honor and truth

    Hank Aaron who felt consequences but conquered them

    Yet, he offers this encouragement, “Never give up, but always continue believing”

    Believing in the impossible, but comes as expectation

    The wonder surrounding inspiration

    Hank Aaron the man no matter what

    He believed in himself while others had doubt

    But seeing Hank Aaron perform on the Baseball field, a determined and destined Baseball Player

    Civil Rights was a plight during his generation

    But he brought all barriers to achieve history in his life

    Atlanta Braves was the team he made victory


    274  3


    I have my own expectations

    I am legend

    Wisdom my voice

    You summon me like a slave

    You compel me to behave

    When you speak, a storm reaps within my soul

    My moment being my precious time

    My assurance flourishes courage

    You want me to shed tears

    But I don’t have any fears

    I stand within my own principles

    It’s just that simple

    You seem to have complexity ways

    This is why I stay astray

    Your mannerisms are not ok

    I am guided by the Sun and Moon

    My revelation will come soon

    I speak on chosen words

    But all you want to do is be heard

    Utterance is not my tolerance

    You have no influence

    You say move away

    But that is ok

    I have my independence

    I will not surrender

    My heart and soul have blocked you in not to enter

    I am standing o...

    182  3


    It was a hard previous four years

    America wondered if she would ever preserver

    But the sunrise came up being hope

    A new day in showing us in how we will cope

    Today, President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn in

    This is America’s true democracy to begin

    Separation will now come together as one

    The world will now be coupled among

    Yet the task of the new President won’t be easy

    But through God’s guidance, President Biden will succeed

    It will responsibility from the world in proceed

    Today, America has a reason to smile

    But it was turmoil during while

    America’s moment is now

    Tomorrow is a new day

    Darkness finally has light

    Hearts have become open and not tight

    The pressure has truly eased off

    America is not ready for a new course

    The mission to defend America’s ...

    199  1


    Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision

    His footsteps our floor plan

    The mission was Civil Rights for all

    We must all stand up and fight being the call

    Dr. Martin Luther King, a man guided by God

    Let the Heaven’s set our stage

    Lift our voices showing the multitude amazed

    Let the past spiritual Negro music be in each of our hearts

    Let the Civil rights Movement be our start

    We must move forward, and not stay back

    It’s reality and not fact

    So come aboard
    We are accompanied by our Lord

    We must make Civil Rights our assured

    Dr. King was as true leader

    Let us be the flock that carries on Dr. King’s work

    We must turn problems into solutions

    Turn struggles into prosperity

    We are fighting for society

    Yes, we are all King

    We must bring togetherness, and Racial Harmony for all being t...