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    Drink Up

    I am a true Texan

    Came from a small Texas Town

    Travelling on a Stage Coach kicking up dust

    I came to a town called “REFRESHING GULCH”

    That town has the right name

    But I am just being lame

    Those folks drink Sun Up to Sundown

    Now I don’t drink along those lines

    But then again, have I truly lost my mind

    However, all I can remember I was knocked out drunk

    It happened in the Pleasure Saloon

    I had arrived on that Stage Coach at noon

    What a way to begin a journey

    By the way, my name is Ernie

    Somehow, I was so drunk, I was put into a hotel room in town

    It was called “SETTLE YOURSELF

    I woke up and found myself in nothing but my underwear

    Talk about an embarrassing moment

    Barely holding steady

    I have a hangover the size of ...

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    Written words

    Beyond measure

    My heart having no pleasure

    Every thought with a doubt

    Concentrating as I am moving about

    Yet the pages have no imagination

    It is just pages of here and there

    The whole situation within beware

    There’s no destination

    No explanation

    Stuck on page jam


    When will I overcome at the surface?

    Pause is ever so obvious

    Pages upon pages full of rage

    Perhaps it settles with my old age

    The sentences don’t mount

    Each letter is beyond count

    I am totally dissatisfied
    I am in reside
    This is life in provide
    It is become my stride

    But all I want to do is hide

    But for now, I must reflect and take everything in

    Start all over with a new page of begin

    I can’t be still and pretend

    This can’t be an e...

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    You say you are unsettled

    But your mind is uncertain

    You feel stuck in your struggles

    You have loss your way

    That’s ok but don’t astray

    There is a direction from the Almighty being the guide

    He knows the way in helping you feel ok

    Jesus is his name

    He is the truly in remain

    Look up and seek

    Knee down and pray

    Lift those hands in praise

    Watch the turnaround in amaze

    You will have peace and comfort in your spirit

    See the blessings being God’s merit

    Today you got a reminder

    Guidance beyond

    The blessings to look upon

    Unsettled is now enriched

    When in despair

    The Lord will clear the air

    His reaction is beyond compare

    Unsettled is released




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    Through the ages of Pumpkin time

    It all started within the Pumpkin patch

    It went beyond the Halloween catch

    Happenings involving a moonless night

    Occurrence after another

    Pumpkin’s from around the world were rising and turning into blood thirsty Zombies

    They were stalking Human life

    No time to explain in advice

    I am too busy running for my life

    The night is about survival

    The Pumpkin’s are walking among us

    They search and moan for a hearty meal

    The pumpkin’s want to rejuvenate

    This is the night of “Pumpkin Retreat”

    Lock all your doors and keep your windows closed

    It’s the Midnight hour

    The pumpkins rejoice and not turn sour

    In the eyes of pumpkin sight

    Darkness prevails with no light

    There is a reason for fright

    The night is alive and the pumpkins sha...

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    Words that turn cold into hot

    At times the warm feeling whether you like it or not

    Temperature rises

    The after effects in surprises

    No one knows what will come next

    It leaves a feeling of being perplexed

    Maybe even in the mirror doing a quick flex

    Yet words that could cause a sweat

    Spreading the word

    A moment in needing to be heard

    Word sick

    A thought that would stick

    Temperatures Elevate, but it is up to the fever words to illustrate




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    Welcome aboard and buckle up

    Prepare for takeoff

    Let me introduce myself, I am the Pilot of words

    On this flight, you will learn about this flying bus

    The company is well known and you will be surprised

    Now it is time for me to emphasize

    You heard of flying cars that turn into a plane

    That’s the future, and moving forward will remain

    But my story is about a flying bus

    Yes, it surrounds the Greyhound bus

    Imagine a stretched hound being the trademark on an actual plane

    It is a known fact, but let me take you back

    It was in 1996, the Greyhound Air started its Canadian Flight

    Passengers left from the various Canadian Airports

    Greyhound had taken to the friendly skies that became an enterprise

    The Parent Company was Greyhound Canada

    However, the airlines business was short lived, and ceased operations in 1997

    If so...

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    Fright and Scare

    A Night to remember in aware

    The Night Clouds hiding the Moon

    Reactions coming soon

    Moans full of cries

    Soul’s Rise

    The Dead will be emerging from their graves

    They will be looking for Soul’s for their appetite

    The flesh will be the sight

    Seconds to precise

    There is no offer of advice

    Evil on the Deceased Minds

    Roam with revenge

    Living flesh on the edge

    Blood Thirsty Soul’s

    Threshold Night

    But Beware

    Eerie is in the air

    No other night would compare

    Where do the living go from here?

    Sleep with your eyes wide open

    Once you fall asleep

    It will be too late

    You will become deceased yourself

    Beware Beware Beware

    The Clock has stopped on pause


    Dead Reign



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    Finding who I am

    What one is supposed to conquer?

    The pain for understanding

    Separating one’s self from the environment of hate

    Life teachings through fate

    Liberty the first step

    Embarking on a journey truly my own

    Eyes to see

    Ears to hear

    But throughout having no fear

    Listen to me and believe

    Release the tension and feel relieved

    The world started from Heaven

    Creations of color shades years ago

    I am who I am

    My principles are my thinking

    I stand on fact

    That is how I keep track

    I am welcomed as a person in Heaven’s eyes

    Yet to the world it might be a surprise

    My name is associated with the skies

    This is how I am wise

    Intrigue to Lead

    But never let be misled

    It’s determination to proceed

    Long to be free

    Color ...

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    My time in fear

    Rejection in not wanting anyone near

    My tears are my experiences I saw

    My mind told me to completely ignore

    No flourish to soar

    My tears pour heavy

    They are like a Dam levy

    But they are holding steady

    How do I overcome?

    I am surrounded by lonesome

    My tears are next to none

    I must step out in courage

    That is the only way to nourish

    Tears come at a moment’s notice

    My tears show I have no confidence

    It’s obvious in an instance

    No matter how tears fall

    I must be able and not stall

    I feel more of a regret

    My tears have that effect

    Stop now tears

    This is the right time to preserver

    Encourage me and come near

    My tears have drawn back

    My darkness is no longer black

    I am responding now in just reflect


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    I feel a story coming on

    The Characters are carefully placed where they belong

    Words are the narrations

    Dialog with no intimacy

    Letters formulated from the Alphabet

    A time with hours to write

    Alone in thought

    Inspiration of sought

    As the words opened up

    A theory appeared

    It was romance being only a test

    But there was an interruption throughout

    War took place

    It wasn’t a warrior war

    It was a war of two hearts

    Together was separate

    The words behind were the illustrate

    The storm of two minds

    Don’t speak


    Emotions had no thoughts

    It was a stand alone tormented

    Leave me

    The sunset had settled down

    Now no one can be found

    Path’s go down different roads

    This wasn’t something that was told

    This ...

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    I have come so far

    I was getting further and further away

    I asked the Lord to help me on this day

    My life needs salvation in every way

    A voice said, “Now Come Home”

    I knew than I wasn’t standing alone

    Suddenly Joy and Praise came my way

    A shout echoed, I will never go astray

    The Devil blocks what he doesn’t want you to understand

    He encourages anyone to his caravan

    The Lord opens to door to a blessed extension

    It becomes a total Christian lesson

    Truth in the Holy Spirit

    Rejoice as it is embraced in merit

    Time after time

    I understood more and more

    I knew there is much to Christianity I needed to explore

    I shouted Mercy and Glory

    But that is only half of my story

    My Biblical eye was on search

    I was told to go to a place of foundational worship

    My mind was...

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    If When and How

    Can and Shall

    Will and Did

    Could with Should

    Compose with Suppose

    Before into After

    Word Clusters

    I thought you knew

    Now You Know

    Imaginary Although

    True to Life from the Heart

    You Suspected

    But one word must be deleted

    The time that told

    The Moment of Truth

    Expanded within the dialog

    All talk and no action

    Let Me Show you my True Reaction

    You were cut off in our discussion

    Accomplished which you didn’t

    The Mind was truly set

    The Sun and Daylight added to the inspiration

    What you see is the illustration
    The Banner is clear

    Poet’s hold words that closely dear



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    You moved like a slow moving vessel steamer

    Time you thought you had

    You totally forgot

    You seemed to be stuck on being still

    But time was on full acceleration

    Tick Tuck was your time

    You thought you could keep up

    You figured the long was your extended time

    But the short hand said you were out of time

    The Midnight Hour was your finale

    You no longer had any seconds nor minutes left

    Every component of time captured your every pause and movement

    You were now trapped in a clock

    You will never get out

    Time controls all you about

    You didn’t understand what precise time meant

    It was a lesson you never knew and didn’t try to find out

    Time surrounds you within the walls

    You are now sustained in your stall

    In essence, your fault being your fall

    Time tried to warn you, but you totally ...

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    The ivories seems to say through the notes, we have an inspiring tone

    A note that played here and there

    Your today is certain, but tomorrow is followed by a question

    Every note symbolic being like a prophecy

    But one’s life has no guarantees

    Warrant on caution

    You seem to think you are stepping out

    You don’t even realize you are fighting your own bout

    It’s the battle of your heart and inner soul

    Your mind has become like a wallet billfold

    Your relish expense, but you are broke

    Laughter surrounds you but you are the joke

    Harmony has passed you by

    Withy every given tear, it was a moment of your own fear

    Your life having no direct pattern

    If I were to choose for you a planet, it would be Saturn

    Because you see constant pause without knowing the cause

    Separate emotion into sacrifice


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    I remember a song stating, “Don’t be afraid of the storm, but hold your head high”

    You questioned me about my own storms

    I fell down, but got up

    I then walked on

    Faith surrounded me

    My arms were raised in praise

    I knew it was God’s amaze

    Yet you kept questioning me again about my storms

    But do you even know what your storms were in your life?

    A storm can be devastating, but also a learning experience through one’s living

    Faith is the answer and behind it is the Lord in don’t be alarmed

    Lightning is the advice

    Rain becomes the many showering blessings

    The wind is comfort in being at ease

    Hail is the battle, but victory comes from on high

    Praying that sustains into Lord help me please

    The storm is a reminder, the Lord being the Great I Am

    Storms are struggles that everyone must go t...

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    The image of your face, Eyes and smile

    I wondered during my while

    You said me being a Poet and how my words captured you

    My words went all through and through

    Our loving came together like a full moon

    I searched for a very long time for a female mate

    Blue eyes when you came along it was pure fate

    Your blue eyes caught my attention

    It was like a Hawaiian night

    My heart pounded with that very first kiss

    I knew then I wanted you to be my miss

    Blue eyes you are so down to Earth

    I was enriched like a new birth

    Oh Blue Eyes

    You make me ever so wise

    Our moments together are energized

    Let us both journey together to the next level

    It’s marriage on my mind

    The house with you and I combined

    Perhaps form our own family

    You nourished my soul

    You are my behold

    Blue Eyes


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    At first, I was using my own senses

    I was getting loss and further out of my way in all the wrong directions

    I asked citizens, and I was running into detours

    Blinded by darkness

    I started using my Directional Finder

    But I was still a long way from home

    A voice echoed, “Don’t roam come home”

    I can direct your path

    Suddenly Salvation got closer, and I found my way

    All the roads that I had taken was leading me astray

    I had been travelling on the wrong roads all my life

    I had no idea in how to even reach my destination

    A voice had to show me in illustration

    In the beginning tomorrow seemed ever so far

    I was way off track

    It seemed someone was trying to hold me back

    Intervention came into play

    The voice told the roadblock never on any day

    It was salvation I had been searching and needing all m...

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    As I recall you didn’t want me anymore

    We argued all the time

    Your rebuke being my move on

    I responded with I will get along

    There was no love only cheating on both sides

    Get out, you can’t reside

    Commitment has no meaning

    It was simply lies

    I am not a light switch being on and off

    When you stepped out

    Your cheating was known all about

    From sunset to sundown you were nowhere to be found

    I now have peace and tranquil

    I have no tears

    I don’t want you ever to come near

    I am able to move on

    My heart being a locked secure door

    You are a person I will always ignore

    You only want to put me down

    But I am not falling to the ground

    You are long distance by my standards

    I have a totally different approach

    My words are no joke

    You say you want, but re...

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    Each given step of excellence

    Charisma within essence

    Soaring deep into harmony

    Perfection from the soul

    Rise up and down

    The movement in practice from many lessons

    Be tough as each step from the beginning that was rough

    Golden style

    The slippers providing no slip

    Elevation upon elevation of performing arts illustration

    Dazzle having a phrase

    The musical tone adding to amaze

    The accomplishment descending of praise

    The Golden Slippers are the excel

    Each constructed movement having a story to tell

    Golden Slippers

    Accounted for

    Finale in galore

    The rhythm settled down the golden slippers

    Take a bow



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    Harmony tick tock

    Precision right on the dot

    Tone around time

    Each clock sounded like a musical blend

    It was totally breathtaking within

    It was the clock’s version of “The Hand Of Time”

    The moment in the hour

    The second at the minute

    The place being any place

    The fact of time having no waste

    Serene yet gentle

    The clock’s playing the skies song of “The Rhythm of the horizon above”

    A place in time to think of

    Your time is now

    The sounds

    Acceleration of time

    All being one of a kind

    The time instrument of delight

    The thought of suggestion in might

    Time opening the eyes and seeing today well into tomorrow’s daylight

    Fast moving hands of time

    Now settle down and unwind

    Your time you didn’t expect

    Time after time


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    Harmony in family unity

    Strength in support coming from the community

    Rochdale Wives all have different stories to tell

    But you will find commitment in shell

    One particular Rochdale Wive has a loving story

    Read on with all its glory

    It was 1970 when a Shareholder named Mary Lister moved into Group One

    She was single and moving into a One Bedroom Apartment

    It was going to be furnished with all her assortments

    Then John Benjamin was also single and moved into Group 2 in the same year

    Watch as something is going to preserver

    Somewhere a love affair was going to become a moment by moment with romance getting a very little chance
    It’s love that was going to build and grow

    So it becoming an relationship moving very slow

    Mary Lister and John Benjamin really took to really knowing each other and their backgrounds were exchanged

    Mary Lister ...

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    Her story wasn’t always so sweet

    Slippery in fact

    Listen as Miss Butterworth traces back

    It was at the Oak View Plantation

    It wasn’t a place full of fascination

    The City and State was Clever, Alabama

    Her life was full of struggles

    Miss Butterworth was often beaten morning, noon and night

    Her whole life was life with unquestionable plight

    Miss Butterworth wanted to see freedom as her guiding light

    That night, Miss Butterworth made her escape

    Vast rivers surrounded the Plantation all over

    When it rained she found cover

    But her determination to be free rang high

    Here’s why

    Miss Butterworth often talked to other slaves of Freedom ways in the East

    That was her vision in encouragement at least

    Miss Butterworth thought back that all she could think about running through her mind was, “I had to be fr...

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    Medgar Wiley Evers, a name strong and powerful

    The college, a mission of knowledge, Understanding and Education excellence

    The beauty of essence

    CUNY Medgar Evers College being my discovery

    Yes this is the story

    Medgar Evers College showed me the way in being the person I was seeking and supposed to be

    I became the graduate the world did see

    I was a truly believer in Evers Teachings

    It was the transformation enhancement of the Medgar Evers College uplift

    Coming to Medgar Evers College was the balance of what can be achieved and the offset of Social Justice
    I learned knowing where I belong

    Being prepared for the challenge in getting along

    Yet, Medgar Evers College enriched my educational soul like an upgraded electronic component

    Stand on purpose with a mission in mine

    Set the standards while drawing the line

    The discovery of Medgar Evers ...

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    An image is walking

    Somewhere a legacy is stalking

    There are cries with emotions expelling

    But distance is truly far

    It’s not a place driven by a car

    But understanding being clarified

    In fact, the image was of someone I once knew

    I had to really put the pieces together through

    It was a friend who died many years ago

    But there is an although

    Who was this image, and why did they appear?

    I felt fear

    I didn’t want that image near

    But the image said, “Don’t you remember me?”

    When the image got closely, I realized it was an old female friend from college being like a Grandmother too me

    Her name plain and comforting being Lois Copeland

    So that distance seemed far, but came near

    The image was encouraging in continuing to preserver.



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    Yo Buddy, you are on this exact bar stool every day well into the night

    You are trying to drink away your plight

    Your problem won’t go away gulping down booze

    It will only make your problem even more confused

    Put the booze glass down for a moment

    You and I need to chat

    The Bar Stool wants you to share your facts

    What exactly led you in thinking booze is the way to work problems out?

    Your mind becomes fuzzy and understanding has no about

    You are in a Bar drowning your sorrows

    Live and face the problem, there is a tomorrow

    The idea is to work all struggles out

    Are you sleeping at night?

    You keep focusing on whatever your plight

    When uncertain try to pray

    When things are not ok

    Pray in guiding in showing you the way

    Drinking only separates in causing you to go astray

    Just say to yourself, my plight will...

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    A Novelist thought clever in wanting to write a trivial story

    He had all the details with bringing all its glory

    How will the reader respond?

    It’s anybody’s guess

    The Novelist controls the theory being his trump card

    But the story has a strong tail

    Now let me illustrate without fail

    The conclusion is the start with a turnaround

    It was murder in the start being a conclusion of the dialog

    Later the story becomes a turnaround with knock at the door that led to the murder

    Now there is no specific order

    The idea is too visualize in your mind what the outcome should be

    The Novelist is only setting the background with the situation

    Yet there is a lot of reverse in the turnaround

    The identity of the murderer is not really clear

    But there is uncertainty being fear

    The Novelist write, and suddenly pauses

    He thinks...

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    I feel trapped in my own emotions

    I see myself drowning in an ocean
    My Soul seems far away

    I feel the decay

    Voices tell me Die Die Die

    I have no questions of why or if I should even live

    Family don’t seem to have an interest

    I have no one close dearest

    I wonder how my suicide would be

    No one would even care and see

    I don’t need a push

    Suicide is my only wish

    I wouldn’t even say goodbye nor cry

    My tomorrow came today

    I have no story

    Let me aim towards glory

    Distance in separation

    This is my Depreciation

    A creation that once was

    Now a destiny of a different nature

    Too late, suicide wins



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    You thought you broke my heart

    But it is unbreakable

    It’s because I am prayed up being stable

    You were trying to make me relish in pity

    Well not on any day in any city

    I am a thoroughbred being unchangeable

    Your words had no power

    You talked hour after hour

    You still lacked power

    Now you paused being your own sour

    Excuses having no sense

    I am shatterproof worth more than cents

    You on the other hand is feeling tense

    I have been granted the Heavenly sense

    My spirit is too strong and you can’t defeat me

    I am shatterproof

    You were trying to subtract, but I got multitudes in add

    Later came divide, and you got mad

    Now you wonder and feel sad

    That makes me glad

    I was built being shatterproof




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    Straight from Paris, France

    Style no one has ever seen

    Eye on quality

    Fabric with a blend

    Carefully tailored from the beginning to the end

    Glitter adding to the glamour

    The model walks down the runway with pride

    Being confident in stride

    The Fashion Designer sits in the audience as the model passes by

    Eye of Fashion in his eyes

    The design dazzles being a Paris surprise

    The Model makes that turn and shows

    That’s the fashion flow

    The Paris Fashion Designer was in the know




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    Lie after Lie

    We never see truth eye to eye

    The fact that truth is never told

    There is always a withhold

    Your lying is what keeps us apart

    Now that is just a start

    Every questionable thought being a coup

    Misleading after misleading like an Alphabet soup

    Let truth sat your free

    Lying is your hidden trait from the truth

    You cheated on the test

    Yet you won’t even confess

    You cheated on your wife

    Now you are expecting advice

    You have a hidden past

    Your lying won’t continue to last

    I need you to be truly honest

    There is a witness

    Your lying must stop

    Nothing you say I believe

    Every word that comes out of your mouth spells deceive

    Your lying is your true perceive

    Liar Liar Liar

    One day your lying will cause you in the Justice fire



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    My DC is direct and fully charged

    I feel the Prudential Rock

    My missile is ready to explode

    Let the passion just unload

    Your loins are just prelude

    Loosen your clothes and let them drop

    Let our love call out all the stops

    I am ready for our new frontier session

    The Moon being our coach

    The heat is so intense

    Sweat pours

    My emotion roars

    Contract after contract

    Followed by the extract
    Hotter with every pounding moment

    We both start to pulsate

    Our passion is like an Earthquake

    My heart is beating like a rush of the wind

    Desire with intense fire

    Our temperatures rise

    I feel the energize

    Moan and scream my name

    On target being aim

    We are King and Queen

    There’s nothing in between

    Rough, hard and victorious

    Our hearts became one

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    If you don’t say

    How can I respond in relay?

    What words did I say?

    It must not have been ok

    Because as I speak you walk away

    You just look at me and stare

    Your eyes tell me in caution in beware

    Your body movement does me you don’t care

    What can I do to make this misunderstanding right?

    I know this continuation could go through the entire night

    Did I hurt you in anyway?

    If you don’t say I will just go astray

    I will move on my way

    Like I said, I want to make this situation right

    As a person, I don’t take this light

    Whatever I did, I apologize

    Seriously and truly in emphasize



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    A day to celebrate

    America’s Birthday was an illustrate

    Battles past and present became wars

    America has the wounds being scars

    Yet Racism is a battle within itself

    Felt near and far

    From Towns to cities

    Loss of love one’s always has a pity

    Freedom for some but not for all

    The voice for Freedom continues to be the call

    Songs of God Bless America and America The Beautiful

    This is what has kept America youthful

    My Country Tis Of Thee

    America rose from the ashes for all to see

    It wasn’t easy, but became a determined task

    The strength of a Nation

    It’s America’s narration

    The Statue Of Liberty stands for all immigration

    Forefathers who gave a speech

    We The People the declaration reach

    America still stands today

    Get in touch with your fellow American&rs...

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    ROLL ‘EM

    Love doesn’t come home anymore

    Our love used to be surrender at every core

    We don’t talk nor look at each other

    What went wrong in our relationship?

    Our vows were understanding and trust

    Our love doesn’t even feature must

    Even that’s a question

    I even offered some suggestions

    You acted as if it was digestion

    Still our relationship is on a pause

    What is the cause?

    What would it take to bring that passion back?

    Our love for each other had an impact

    I cry day and night for our love to return

    Yet my heart feels like a burning urn

    I am truthful and need you to be the same

    The focus should not be on blame in shame

    Our hearts must be on target on aim

    The love I believe is still there

    It comes at an instance

    But we can’t live together on resistance

    We mus...

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    Words and sentences setting the stage

    Watch how a PO-IT turns to amaze

    Walk with me down Alphabet Alley

    Marvel at each letter

    Think in your mind of the Human Creator

    The Entertainer of words

    Every cloudy day and sunshine being a day to write

    Every moment could be a storm forming the battle to write or not to write

    It’s not a question, but a shackled plight

    Every PO-IT is a master in overcome

    The understanding establishes wisdom

    Welcome to the PO-IT kingdom

    It’s words and sentences like a day at Adventure land

    What is hidden in the mind can be written

    Censorship is a forbidden

    Yet written possibilities being Indealistic

    But be alert in observe can also be mysterious

    Yet makes one wanting more in curious

    Word become nothing more than mortals

    PO-IT’s are the kings in being superior...

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    Confession of a Man

    It descends throughout the land

    My Queen you are in demand

    Show me your carass

    Massage me says it best

    Feelings within the heart

    Fire with desire

    Kiss in delight

    Dining by candlelight

    Becoming intimate in plain sight

    A man will always be a man

    Searching my Female Queen

    You and me with no in between

    My sweat is starting to pour

    I am your King Dejour

    You found love being in me

    There’s always talk about between the sheets

    Yet I know that is neat

    But I want to know you as my Love Woman Successor

    Now I want to be your Love Professor

    You and I loss in love

    We both are enchanted on our own Fantasy Island

    One sip

    The ocean our dip

    Surrounded by the ingredient of passion

    Let’s multiply and let love add up

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    Changes in the atmosphere

    Mobile throughout the Hemisphere

    What’s in the Crystal Ball?

    Imagination on accelerate

    What the mind can create

    Transformation stories into motion

    Cruising on the ocean

    Running fast trying to escape

    I am confronted with King Kong the Ape

    If I could fly having wings to travel where ever in global delight

    Pulsating in my own authority

    A Trap Door leading to nowhere

    So I keep falling and falling into endless

    I become totally breathless

    Seeing possibilities come to life

    Being a Counselor give advice

    Dreams showing illusions

    A beginning with no conclusions

    Yonder are my dreams, but my own horizon I see

    Dreams having dreams showing my own destiny

    It’s anywhere being a city

    Rising with no self-pity

    Come to my mind and show me the way

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    Mountains upon Mountains

    Highways onto countryside roads

    I have been traveling days in miles

    Picture taking during while

    Cowboys riding their horses

    Up close and personal with Farmers in their crops

    It closed me to make a little stop

    Ranches upon Ranches

    The Towns people in their welcome wave

    Looking for shade

    Sleep at sundown and rise at the Morning Sun

    It’s a new day to wake up being among

    Always a new beginning with every tomorrow

    Mountains high

    Hills with a highway rise

    Around the bend being always a surprise

    At times, there was a detour

    But I felt a discovery like being on a tour

    I saw flashing Greyhound Bus lights

    The Greyhound Dog stretched out in plain sight

    Distance from East to West

    I covered territory and I can confess

    I felt the test of inspiration ...

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    An Airline being spiritual

    Feeling relaxed and carefree

    The friendly skies bringing you closer to Thee

    It’s not a pack your bags and fly

    There are guidelines created by Thy

    Your Soul must be ready for journey at a moment’s notice

    Servings are you have the opportunity in being chosen

    There are no Refunds

    You are blessed to be among

    What is served on the plane is blessings and praise

    Heaven control’s the skies domain

    It is just that plain

    So if you are ready, fasten your seats belts

    This is truly a Heavenly felt

    So welcome aboard Air Heaven

    This plane is number Seven

    Its not everyday people fly on Air Heaven

    Thee is no turning back

    The Schedule is set and staying on track

    So into the air we soar


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    Grandson, there will be a world you will never understand

    You will learn of God’s goodness through the land

    Through God you will be able to stand

    As you walk through life in living you will understand

    Living is a learning experience

    You will walk through endless storms

    But that is part of life being the norm

    You may think you are loss, but God has you in found

    Echoes upon echoes is inspiration in sound

    Listen as I embrace you in wisdom

    There is a place far away known as the Kingdom

    In that place you will find everlasting

    The preparation starts with salvation

    The continuation is Deliverance

    I taught you how to pray

    Through prayer everything will be ok

    In that moment and hour, pray

    Now eventually I will be called home

    But it will be everlasting to roam

    No matter what, my spirit of legacy will...

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    Being a Black Man my voice can’t be still

    My strength at my will

    I have a mission to fulfill

    As a Black Man scared for my life

    I feel trapped with no advice

    Brutality only leads to Death

    I don’t know how much time I have to live left

    But I stand representing myself as a Black Man

    I have thoughts and dreams

    Yet my thinking could be taken as a questionable in what it seems

    Gun Bullets kill and don’t know innocent until proven guilty

    Racism has turned backed time

    I am considered a threat

    I have done nothing wrong, but I am trying to stay upbeat

    Perhaps Racism doesn’t matter to others

    But it matters to me

    My skin color is all that the world sees

    I am a Black Man with inspiration and hope in what life should be

    As a Black Man the opposition wants my voice to be silent


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    Who could forget the opening intro for Channel 5 10:00 PM NEWS, “Do you know where your children are?”

    I knew where I was at home waiting for the 10:00 PM NEWS, and the image of the anchor Bill McCreary to speak

    I was taking a Broadcast Journalism course at CUNY Hunter College

    I witnessed first hand at Channel 5 Metromedia Television Station now known as FOX 5 Television Studio in New York City

    My Hunter College class took part in the Live Studio Taping of the BILL BOBBS TALK SHOW           

    It was after the taping, I briefly spoke to Mr. Bill McCreary

    How do I describe Bill McCreary, Professionalism and his words giving viewers his purpose in his stories

    Mr. McCreary had explanations in what made his stories come to life

    One particular news story was MALCOLM X, and Mr. McCreary had interviewed Dr. Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X


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    Let the words dazzle and dance

    Come alive in entertainment in trance

    Words have their own presence

    No one knows what is inside as the Poet thinks

    The Poet controls the words and letters using the alphabet

    Like a Piano key, it’s the words that set the tune

    The Poet introduces the tempo

    Open heart

    A Poet’s theory

    History and mystery

    Unknown until proven

    Follow me to our destination

    We reached sentenceville

    In your heart until

    You thought

    But a Poet showed

    You read

    But now you understand

    A Poet knew from the very beginning

    You wondered but wasn’t sure

    There were clues along the w4ay

    The Poet makes it clear

    But the Poet always draws you near

    A time being the moment

    Write in constant action

    Yet wanting your reaction


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    Destruction going through my head

    It’s attack on instinct being the instead

    Struggles through the ashes

    But I must rise above

    There’s a story within a story

    Chapters of fight

    Vengeance with might

    Darkness controls

    But I see uncertain light

    The mind says focus

    I am surrounded by time

    But why do I feel so unkind?
    There is fire burning within my heart

    Lost soul

    I stand alone being bold

    Perhaps I should kneel and pray

    I remember my Grandmother saying praying makes everything ok

    Lord, help me reach beyond what I can’t control

    Be my guide

    Turn my spirit into centralize

    But let me apologize

    Let my struggles become victory

    Your presence being your glory
    Story to tell

    Show me that straight line

    You said walk and continue to walk


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    Eye to Eye

    Voice to Voice

    The love they bring

    Embracing being the thing

    It’s a time when a child is sometimes sick

    Mother’s to the rescue is what stick

    Responsibility never a question

    Discipline in my eyes is a life suggestion

    Learn from when you are wrong

    Having respect when becoming an Adult is how one gets along

    Mother’s have no specific schedule

    They work around the clock

    Their compassion never stops

    Mother’s know how to be a Mother, because they act like a Mother should

    Mother’s don’t sit still

    They know they have duties to fulfill

    So on this Mother’s Day

    I had to take a moment to say

    I cherish you more than you know

    Don’t ever let go

    I know at times you wonder if you are loved

    Every day you are the honor

    Every tom...

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    Road mighty and king

    It was always Greyhound doing its thing

    Flashing lights and the stretched hound

    Move out the way traffic and move aside, I am Greyhound

    Greyhound being America’s Icon

    But these days, First Group has became a con

    Greyhound has a name that captures hearts being fond

    What would happen if Greyhound were no longer on the road?

    The sunrise and Sunset would have no behold

    It would be a darken highway

    No Greyhound seen on any freeway

    A sad day with Greyhound losing its bark

    But with no bus you will find a place to park

    The Go Greyhound could become leave the driving to someone else

    So avoid the bus would actually be a fuss

    First Group is selling Greyhound being the Parent Throop

    Silently and quietly unnoticed scoop

    Employees including Drivers have made Greyhound it’s own institution


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    It was that town having a small population

    But everyone got along, and of course that was the appreciation

    I would often walk miles just to energize my mind

    The Sun would be shining among the high trees

    There was at times a refreshing breeze

    I often sat by the Lake and glazed at the night skies

    Wished upon one star after another

    I knew this one town was my purpose

    The surroundings made it all obvious

    All one has to do is believe

    Life expectancy is what one would receive

    I often heard Folk tails, and it made my mind to wonder

    But I didn’t think yonder

    I learned who I am

    Also what my life ahead being fulfilled

    Dreams only give you possibilities

    But true revelations come true being hope

    I knew I was only solid ground

    It was the peace that surrounded all around, and being at ease within my heart


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    Innovation and Precision

    Honor the Judge

    The court does not serve any fudge

    Prestige in here comes the Judge Fancy

    Justice setting

    Quality cases

    Jurisdictions being money wasted

    Taste within the courtroom w4alls

    Lawyers in designer Fancy Suits

    Cases after Cases full of investigating pursuits


    Justifications with no courtroom fights

    The Judge Fancy wearing a distinctive robe

    Judge Fancy is known all over the globe

    Fancy with essential fashion

    Judge Fancy’s verdicts seem more like a cushion

    Some might think all an illusion

    Yet everyone draws conclusion

    But everyone in the courtroom wants seclusion

    Judge Fancy is that moment of truth

    It all started in his Judging youth

    Judge Fancy, a man of elegance

    He knows just the right fragrance

    You scent the p...

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    You believed in yourself

    You tested the educational waters beyond all things else

    It was a task you were determined to do

    Your focus was on the Diploma or Degree to pursue

    Your voice highlighted your inspiration

    Your contributed supplementation

    It all applied down to illustration

    Concepts and Theories all coming together

    This is your story of “Achieved”

    But learning doesn’t stop here

    It’s continual until your brain says enough

    This is what will keep you on top

    Always be ahead of the game

    You passed the test and your bull’s eye hit the target


    Educated is now your domain

    But remember the educational institution that fulfilled your dream

    Achieving in believing

    Don’t forget the encouragement you got along the way from your Parents or Guardians for knowing just how imp...

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    You see fail

    But I am talent

    You want me to be silent

    But my name is ECHOE

    You told me I am surrounded by defeat

    But I have been encouraged by delete and I will retreat

    I am influenced by applause in can

    I am inspired on my terms of when

    You see me being no more than I am

    Assured told me you are your own setback

    This is my tomorrow

    Your yesterday long gone

    I know where I belong

    You flourish on dwell

    But I have stories to tell

    You want me to bend like a pretzel

    But my talent tells me to excel

    You can’t step into my shoes because they don’t fit
    Ability forms it

    You just don’t measure up in size

    Essence is my energize

    Determination leads me

    But that is not what you see

    Watch me move and swirl

    Captivation in attention from Earl


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    In Jail for life

    You didn’t listen to the Lawyer giving advice

    All you do is stare at the Cell walls

    Within the Jail Cell, it is you and a stall

    Through the Jail Cell Window, you see the night Moon and Stars

    You visualize your life living on Mars

    Your life now is no longer your own

    Your name in society is no longer full blown

    A letter and numbers represent you are an inmate

    Jail is now your fate

    You write letters to family for inspiration

    You are trying to compose communication

    You pray for wisdom and understanding

    But you are in a situation

    You are God’s creation

    The Devil wants you to reflect condemnation

    Other Inmates see you as a failure and loser

    You made mistakes

    The thought of it makes your body shake

    Jail is no joke

    Your mind is fighting revoke

    Your punishm...

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    Prayer to

    Heaven from

    Words of despair

    Our connection to share

    Heart sustaining

    Your guidance yet waiting

    Lord I pray

    It’s a struggle on this day

    Help me overcome

    I feel lonesome

    I know you are everywhere

    You sit high and look down with care

    It’s patience now

    Your miracles in response in wow

    It’s a matter of Faith

    I must hold on

    You are powerful and great

    You know how to turnaround fate

    Your arrival is never late

    Your time being your will

    Praying for you to fulfill

    This I pray

    Now and Forever



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    A past reflection

    A look that had distinction

    Total recognition

    Unforgettable yet wise

    A look that captured the eyes

    Memorable for the future

    A perfect picture moment

    Essence within the encore

    Witnessing from before

    Beauty and character with all it’s galore

    Yesterday with tomorrow in mine

    Dream come true

    Reflection having its own accord

    A face not easy to forget

    Having avion with no regret

    Yesterday’s face devoted to my heart can never be erased

    The thought and the moment coming together

    A face like no other

    Yesterday’s look being tomorrow’s imagine


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    It’s been a while since we talked

    The last time was a reject

    No matter what the discussion it had no effect

    I even used compromise

    Your response was absolute surprise

    We just couldn’t see eye to eye

    I thought what must I do to get your attention

    But it came to hesitation

    Yet there still wasn’t any communication

    I was explaining everlasting within your soul

    Showed you miracles in behold

    Illustrated a story that was never told

    I even tried to be bold

    The reality came to no respect

    Again it was reject

    I offered peace

    But your emotions you wouldn’t release

    In fact it was full of commotion

    It felt like a wavy stormy ocean

    Time after time I wanted to talk

    You took it as a stalk

    I ant you to live a better life

    I wanted to offer some advice


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    Bags packed

    Open Road a awaits

    My hearting striving on journey no hesitate

    Enjoying life in appreciate

    Destination anywhere

    Certainly no square

    Feeling the breeze

    All at ease

    Routes will be miles

    I am caught up in the scenery

    My stays could be towns along the way

    I am away with what I called home

    This is my true life to roam

    I am exploring who I am

    Something I never took the time

    The minutes and seconds to reflect

    Somewhere out there I am meant to be

    This is my opportunity to surely see

    I lived alone in a small house

    Well I wasn’t totally along as shared with a mouse

    This journey was first a dream but thought possible

    It was just a reality being a reminder

    So the road is my chance while I still have breath

    I don’t know how much living I have lef...

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    Walls that separate

    It’s love ready to create

    Ever after a wait

    Yet romance is spreading throughout the land

    I am captivated at your command
    Smells so sweet

    The essence of a Bird tweet

    The visualization of Roses in a moving heart

    My soul thirst

    Fulfilling my Quench

    The moment is accelerating

    The Moon has pushed the sun from light into dark

    We are finally among

    The thought of night

    The candlelight that adds to the delight

    Feed me until I am full

    At your will

    This is our story tale

    Enchanted without fail

    The kiss makes our love complete

    Come closer, your kiss was unique

    Love whispered silently in my ear

    But that is every time you are near

    You are mystique

    Our Souls are bonded

    Enchanted beyond any fable

    The bull’s eye hit...

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    How and when?

    The finale finishing at the end

    Your mind telling you to write

    Your thoughts encouraging being possible

    Your words you seem to muster

    But are you words wanting you to be their master?

    Cluster after cluster

    Words becoming more dominant

    But are you true in being imminent?

    Words are telling you awaken

    But you think you are dreaming and still asleep

    Your thoughts get deeper

    Words are all circulating through your mind

    Stories that are developing within your self-conscious

    Suspicious speculation in theory


    But it is making you furious

    You are angry because the words command you

    Your mind is fighting the words in a writing battle

    The midnight oil has you sitting in the saddle

    You are writing poetry you never thought possible

    You have the advantage, because the...

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    Hours into days

    Scenery as we accelerate astray

    Downtown along with towns

    America’s bus

    Leave the driving and don’t forget about us

    The beauty of reclining and relaxing back

    Communicating with all passengers in acquainting chat

    That stretched out racing hound knows the way

    But it is the skillful driver who does this every day

    Routes recorded into miles

    But this is surrounds the Greyhound bus style

    The bus wheels turning in schedules precise

    Noon Day into sunrise the next day with arrival nice

    Covered state after state

    I have seen America and that is no hesitate

    Nothing but time

    The getaway being genuine

    The hound took me away

    I have my Hotel when I arrive that I will stay

    I am picturing Banjos, Trumpets and any other musical instrument that I can think of as I ride


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    It’s goodness at every sip

    Rejoice and be counted being the inspiring tip

    Enriching blend

    Everlasting taste at the end

    Let my cries of joy shout out

    Pure encouragement as I move about

    Turn uncertain into deserving hope

    Let struggles have engaging cope
    Flavor the thought

    Insignia the truth

    Let the skies open wide understanding

    Open heart in loving

    Values in respecting

    Sip and enjoy the thirst

    I know who controls being the ultimate first

    A cup filled with assorting spiritual vibes

    A deserving refresh

    Nourished and prepared

    Good to the last drop





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    Foreign Translation

    English usage language

    Sentence awareness

    The Writer being the witness



    Adjectives and Verbs





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    A narration of a Warrior and a Sword

    To Protect within anarchy rights

    Strength being the force

    Battle forming the course

    A Castle nestled in Featherson Valley

    Royalty having no alley

    Yet there is a defense

    Battle until the end

    A Warrior using the mighty sword

    It is lifted up to the King Lord

    The sword being a reminder

    Talent in the skillful hands

    It’s royalty in demand

    The Warrior is at their command

    Death could in being bloody flesh

    The moment in time in the struggle left

    Bondage under virtue

    The seize of the Warrior Bounty

    Fight to the finish

    The Warrior stands alone being distinguished

    One wish one life

    Sunrise from darkness

    One tomorrow survived today

    The thought of battle

    Ashes into victory won



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    A world in despair

    The heart with a don’t care

    How much too bare?

    Tears having no meaning

    The logic in where it is leaning

    No sense of purpose

    Reasoning a question

    The trouble the world is in

    A begin with no end


    How long in the world cries?

    No truth in the world’s eyes

    No seeing I too I

    No answer

    Just be patient and wait



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    Imagine the possibilities

    Facing true realities

    Search within the understanding

    Looking beyond to find truth

    Deep yonder in thoughts

    Caught up within the moment

    Short pause

    Exploring perspectives

    Yet analyzing one’s own objectives

    Figures forming equations

    It’s knowledge surfacing in education

    Rhetoric being the Logic

    Physics odds

    The conclusion

    Perhaps nothing more than an illusion

    But there might be some confusion

    Think until resolved

    But all analytical activity involved

    The mind tells you so

    So you are in the know

    Your mind painted a picture to show

    Its all systems go



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    Marvin Gaye’s song, “What’s going on?”

    A question

    Perhaps a suggestion

    What’s happening to an untamed world?

    A word full of hate

    Change can ‘t penetrate

    A rising voice won’t stand to illustrate

    Cries into moans

    Tomorrow on daily sorrow

    The world’s hearts flourishing on being shadow

    Fist up ready for every fight

    Guns adding to the might

    What’s going on?

    A world that was once on love and respect

    It has come to reject

    A world nobody knows

    But is there understanding in the asking?

    It’s the search for change in participate
    But it becomes greater into getting enough

    Some see it as a bluff

    We can’t let go

    We must follow through

    What can we all do?

    Let’s look to pursue

    That’s what ...

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    The clock stopped on pause

    News Bulletin with a cause

    DMX was announced dead

    His life being full of promise

    It was a Rapper in artistry

    But Heaven called, and he was lifted up too thee

    DMX lyrics were words in helping him survive

    It was his inspiration to strive

    DMX felt his tomorrow could end at a given moment

    Yet he was a Rapper determined

    He made a name for himself

    It was a Rapper not like everybody else

    DMX had problems in life with the law

    He conquered and saw

    DMX will always be remembered

    Now sleep in Heavenly peace

    You are free and are with the Lord at least

    His spirit descended

    Now he is home

    DMX new life is in Heaven to roam

    His Rap days endured with a conclusion, “If I be lifted up”



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    Welcome to relax and soothe

    At Hotel Poetry, we have something to prove

    You notice around your room words surround

    It extends in inspiration all around town

    So Hotel Poetry is different

    We want you to feel the insight

    It’s beginning and into the night

    It’s while offering comfort to excite

    You will get rest

    But we must emphasize we consider Hotel Poetry the best

    We are more than lay your head and rest

    In fact, our slogan says it best,  “Write on where you belong”

    We want you too take our words and energize

    Hotel Poetry offers its own surprise

    So open up and write

    You read our story, now share insight

    So rest easy

    All that while feeling at ease

    Hotel Poetry is like an open shore with a refreshing breeze

    Write and enjoy your stay

    Consider Hotel Poetry your geta...

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    A land Egg Yokes and Cracken Town assortments

    Duracell Bunny being full of energy

    But today the Duracell Bunny narrating the surprises

    It is the time and place

    The Town of Easter land is where our story is the trace

    It’s the citizens being Rabbits and eggs

    Then we encounter Mr. Egghead

    He is the Governor of Easter Land

    Now every year the citizen folks of Cracken Town and Egg yokes have a challenge every year

    You may want to step back and not be near

    You could have egg on your face

    Over in Cracken Town is where one crack deserves another

    Each competitor is different than the other

    Cracken Town Gang are determined to remain the reigning champion’s

    But are they ready for a possible defeat?

    I don’t want to make this story over easy

    Perhaps even cheesy

    So everything is set, and the atmosphere is in the ...

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    Night unwinds

    The skies unfolds

    Only a Night Writer dares tell

    The midnight hour with the sounding of the bell

    Thunder of the mind

    Lightning flashes not acting kind

    Words one letter at a time

    They are more than alphabetic phrases

    Captivation in amazes

    The Night skies grow even darker

    The shade of the marker

    A night of suspense

    Time came and went

    Scientist all confused

    The atmosphere no one can defuse

    The Earth on destruction

    The Moon and Earth formed like a team

    But what does that all mean?

    The end of civilization as we know it

    Prophecy foreseen what events would happen

    Man just brushed it aside

    The word is now out in the open with no place to hide

    A world trapped in damnation

    It’s not an illustration

    It’s a strong indication

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    I praise to the Lord boldly

    This is the week to be steadfast and Holy

    The reflection back is how Jesus is merciful and sweet

    It is not something that you will find in a tweet

    It’s the spoken gospel words that speak

    Jesus went to the cross to abolish our sins

    Our praises should be often, but not now and then

    Jesus is the beginning and end

    The course was set

    It was hours of agony that Jesus spent

    Yet the cross is our reminder are we ready to stand

    An hour could be our second

    The minutes the precise time

    It’s Heaven our aim

    It’s the blessings behind that remain

    Anguished and torn

    Everyday we should make the Jesus name full blown

    Jesus prayed until he couldn’t pray anymore

    Mocked and beaten

    But it was the prophecy that had to be fulfilled

    The idea of accepting Salvat...

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    We have a love affair

    But anguish separates us

    It’s our love not a struggle

    It’s the battle’s that surrounds

    It is war that wants to invade our town

    Anarchy that wants us to be their slave

    Our love is strong, but wars want to separate us apart

    There are no boundaries, and my loins lust for your continuous lips against mine

    I refuse to let love make us detour

    We could meet in the hills where war won’t find

    Yet the struggles below won’t be kind

    Ashes could be both our hearts

    Danger and constant alert

    Destruction that captures our moment

    I want your love and need your love

    We are meant to be together

    War only makes our love even better

    I will go where ever you go

    Our journey will be far

    It will be endless miles into a new horizon

    It doesn’t matter if Dea...

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    Love on my mind

    The candlelight shining bright

    Love in romance all through the night

    Kiss into bliss

    Enchanted being a lot too list

    But my heart won’t let love miss

    My love is about everlasting

    Love me now into forever

    Love to me is something to sliver

    I am the silver and you are my gold

    It’s our love story that was never told

    Bring your love energize

    I will add to the surprise

    Let our spirits rise

    I want you to be my bull’s eye

    Because you are the understanding and wise

    My love goes beyond tomorrow

    It is on the straight and narrow

    Love having no shadow

    It’s the sunshine that only love can make

    I am the intrigue and you are my distinction

    A picture perfect setting

    So let our love connection begin



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    Stepped into the wrong direction

    Fear all through me in indication

    I don’t want to be any animal’s prey

    My mind says just pray

    I feel alone

    I am surrounded by nothing but forest

    It’s trees upon trees

    I don’t feel at ease

    I could be pounced by any fierce animal in a second

    But not I am on caution in beckoned

    The forest environment says be prepared

    I guess the animals are thinking welcome to my laird

    There’s no time to declare

    But I do need get out of here

    But I am truly scared

    This is forest is beyond compared

    But the darkened make my vision impaired

    Yet I am wide open in the wilderness

    I have no accord being a witness

    I am my own accord

    There’s no water being a fount

    I must keep moving about
    This is a bout
    There’s no way ...

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    You used to pray to me

    I am the one that nobody can see

    But I am referred too as Thee

    I am very concerned for the world

    I make blessings happened, and uplift spirits in swirl

    I control the Earth

    I enrich in new birth

    Now I died on the cross

    It was prophecy being the force

    It sins focused on the course

    You need to sustain in praying

    This is my request in relating

    I am the tomorrow

    I assure hope

    My guidance is what helps you cope

    You didn’t do it alone

    My name is powerful and full blown

    Scriptures say I am well known

    Every day is a blessing shown

    Now don’t forget to pray

    It means daily every day

    Can’t means you won’t

    My mercy is compassion

    I am the Holy One

    You live because I keep you among

    So haven’t heard

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    Caution, Alert and Look Out

    Hatred seems to be moving in multitudes about

    Hatred definitely needs a rebound

    Respect in values and morals having a sound

    Race should not be a discipline

    At the same level, it shouldn’t be a resent

    All Races were put on this Good Earth for a reason and purpose

    It wasn’t meant for Hatred to surface

    Blacks know all about Racism


    But now Asian’s are being attacked

    It seems Hatred is running like a pack

    No Race is better than the other

    All Races were created to come together


    A mirror only sees the outer image

    But change of the mind comes from inner thought

    Because one of different descent and language doesn’t give anyone to the authority to bully and kill

    This certainly is not in God’s will

    God knew what he was doing when we all...

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    Still and motionless

    Tears are silent within the soul

    Alone in sorrow

    Tomorrow with no morrow

    Fear surrounds me

    My heart pounds like a violent storm

    It’s the battles of woes fighting struggles

    Trapped and no way out

    Troubled with a pause

    But there is a cause

    Tears are on freeze

    No feeling at ease

    The wonder has no thought

    The spirit stuck on doubt

    Still being for how long?

    Motionless inspiration

    Yet having no aspiration

    I am the center of my own situation

    Death focuses my mind

    Suicide is the offset of combine

    But a voice says wait

    It extends into it’s not too late

    No, this isn’t your fate

    You must hesitate

    My tears rolled back

    It automatically became fact

    Live until you reach everlasting


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    The muscles are intense

    They are hard and won’t condense

    They are energized

    I see from your eyes you are mesmerized

    But there is a realize

    This is fitness self transformation

    My muscles flex on their own moving in motion

    Watch as my Chest pulsates like an ocean

    I needed to change before into after

    I am the subject of my own chapter

    One can reconstruct their body, but must be determined

    Think results

    Then watch as your muscles being felt

    My flexing moment

    But body composition gained



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    But you look like you don’t believe me that way

    You seemed to move away

    My heart is my spirit

    My words being my merit

    Love is what I cherish

    This is what makes me standout being distinguished

    It goes beyond looks

    It’s not seeing a picture took

    It’s face to face to admire together

    Don’t compare me with any other

    Talk to me and you will see

    Don’t stray away and let be

    Let’s talk and your heart see

    Together we form the we

    I want to be yours

    My love has no detours

    Let me show you my assures

    Our love will be our togetherness of insures



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    The thought of spring

    Bee’s having that ting

    The fragrance of smell within the Flowers

    Refreshing showering rains frequent every hour

    A refined Earth

    Embraced Soil

    Enriched Spirits

    The beauty of Birds in Flight

    The radiant sun in how it casts light

    Warmth bringing spring to life in energizing bright

    Season’s blend

    But there is a beginning and end

    Breathless focusing on wonder

    Take in that fresh spring air

    It is nothing compare

    Spring opening the door, but prepare for summer

    A mellow tone of music a hummer

    Spring now, but prepare for summer



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    Darkness bind

    Surroundings that are unkind

    A storm to disturb

    But there is nothing to observe

    The thought of courage, but doubting hope

    Shadows all centered through the mind

    Everything concealed

    Yet nothing is revealed

    Connections are for real

    All I can do is maneuver and feel

    It’s a wonder

    But one can only wander

    Images with no substance

    Darkness controlled in full instance

    Trapped shade

    No light being made

    The darkness causes me to be still

    My nervousness being my will

    Yes shadows that has ...

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    What an honor to celebrate

    Women all over the world to appreciate

    Yet we honor that is each round

    Hooray is the sound

    Women have a achieved in their own right

    But throughout history, the world took it light

    There progress through determination

    The results being their Representation

    The proven fact in the women’s illustration

    The women proved to the world that they are thinking machines

    The strides through many entities

    The struggles through many hurdles

    It doesn’t matter if it is Scientific, Managerial, Preaching the Gospel or even Performing Arts using Creativity and Dramatics

    Capable in any form showing action in prosperity

    It was the inspiration of advance

    Women simply stepped out to opportunity being their chance

    They cut through the Discrimination

    The women said no to Condemnation

    Their th...

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    You are a stranger

    Your mind focuses on attack

    I am on caution, and I am stepping back

    It goes beyond fact

    You are about stalk

    There’s no reason I should talk

    There are boundaries

    You are simply a mystery

    You are a possible threat

    You are a person that the world dreads

    You want to invade the atmosphere

    This is called fear

    No one wants you near

    You are a person that doesn’t compare

    It’s your preserver

    You have a mission

    Your motive is precision

    So let me stay away
    Intruders I always stay astray

    I will not become one of your victims on any day



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    It was my journey at TOWN HALL on West 43rdStreet in New York City

    It was being in a cast part of “I NEED A MAN” on BROADWAY

    It was a Gospel play

    I had one single line to say

    I played a Date

    It wasn’t a big part, but I did appreciate

    But as my story goes on, there’s an although

    I was raised my by Grandparents who forbidden me to go into show business

    But God is my witness

    It all happened when my Grandparents passed away

    It didn’t happen on the same day

    In fact, Broadway came too me, and that is what I want to emphasize for all too see

    I am a Natural Actor

    Never had any Performing Arts training

    But I have been around Broadway Stars

    Yet my heart says forever yours Broadway

    But I am thankful for that moment on that day

    The show must go on

    But the Pandemic extended really long


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    Journey yonder

    Portal to adventure

    It’s book chapters to enter

    The worlds add to the detail

    Dialogs with their own meanings
    Face with Death

    How much time do I have left?

    Omitted from Death in life precise

    Confused and not sure

    Thinking score

    But the aftermath ended in ignore

    I am far away in an unknown land

    But there is no parade of a caravan

    I see comfort and peace

    The frustrations can now be released

    However, a sudden calmness takes over

    A storm rages and need to take cover

    A clear voice says, “Be Brave”

    Suddenly, there was no within fear

    I knew inspiration was near

    A book showed a past

    The timeline that accelerated fast

    Situations that just couldn’t last

    Wonder became understanding

    The book full of answers

    Yonder ...

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    Father, the world needs a spiritual seek

    Guide the world in how to take a peek

    The world needs a better tomorrow

    They are stuck on sorrow

    It’s Deliverance in the after ever

    Hour by hour

    Your word being the revelation

    Father, we are your creation

    The world needs Faith in representation

    You died so we could have life

    It’s your guiding light that gives advice

    Lord, I pray for the world

    Enrich in your name

    Let love and joy remain

    Put peace in everyone’s soul

    Hallelujah in the behold

    This I pray

    I know the world will be ok

    Hope in Faith all the way

    It’s the footsteps of walk

    Your encouragement being that little talk

    Now and Forever




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    I want to see again

    Tell me the day of when

    Our chemistry seems to have an effect

    Our date is truly a connect

    Love that is felt deep

    In fact, I am no mood to sleep

    I am energized like the Duracell battery

    You keep me charged

    You are my crossroad

    I say I love you being bold

    My destiny in the right direction

    You are my personal selection

    Yesterday I looked upon

    Tomorrow is another day

    I want another date so what do you say?

    My love is not a moment

    It is true to my heart

    I want to relish you with roses

    A sip of wine to enhance the evening

    Then let nature take it’s close in what I am feeling

    A heart can’t be loved unless it is actually loved



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    So you need some advice

    Response will be concise and precise

    You say your life has control over you

    You need to change the balance in going to go through

    Don’t let others give you negative advice

    Yet I can’t sugar with a sprinkle of spice
    In order to achieve you must also believe

    Hope is worth accepting

    Trying requires adapting

    Change is about rearranging

    Thinking positive within your mind

    Surround yourself around inspiration

    Let knowledge give you that education

    Hold your head up

    See yourself in the long term

    Practice what you seek

    Being inspired is what makes you unique

    Don’t see your self outdated comparing to an antique

    However, essence is essential

    You have the power to control

    All you have to do is take hold

    Let your mind direct you to where you need to be...

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    Fighting crime

    Getting rid of the slime

    Protecting the citizens of the world

    Justice at every course

    Yes it does take using force

    Beating villains at their own game

    Keeping peace in order that is the remain

    Sometimes Super Heroes get in sticky situations

    It’s the villains test to Super Heroes just to case condemnations

    Yet Super Heroes prevail in their own recommendations

    Sometimes it feels it is the end of Super Heroes

    But strength of Character suddenly prevails without fail

    Villains look out

    Super Heroes are out to get you and they are moving about




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    Dance floor temperatures rise

    It is the total environment energized

    The music sets the mood

    Dancing having no conclude

    Couples dancing close

    The Disco Ball glistens

    Music in helping the Dancers to listen

    Romance coming into motion

    Music that unleashes the love emotion

    Dancing straight and narrow to each others hearts

    Hips moving in attraction

    Affection and seduction

    Dance fever turning up a sweat

    The focus into the music, and just let it take effect



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    I showed you a fake reflection

    That was my way being a deceitful election

    Words I said had no truth

    It all started within my youth

    Rage went to anger

    It took all of my strength to muster

    I went to great lengths

    I took you to my other side

    Straight out and didn’t bother to hide

    You believe in me

    I pretended for you too see

    I am not everything I should be

    I was descended

    The Devil played with my mind

    I was once kind

    Now my personality no one can find

    So my soul is in bondage in a bind

    I see myself being drunk with satisfying wine

    But there is more combined

    I am simply wild

    But you don’t know my style

    All that under your eyes while

    I don’t know who I am supposed to be anymore

    It’s like a distance between the sea and shore

    You ...

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    Fire burns within me

    No extinguisher can put my flames out

    Transformation is moving about

    I am in heat and sweat

    Hunger for feeding my crave

    I am going crazy and can’t behave

    Oh I wish I could shave?

    Hotter and hotter

    I am no longer in control

    I am a stalking breast

    My clothes are torn

    My eyes are an Evil Red

    Dare not get in the bed

    Full of desire

    The moment is now and not later

    I can no longer wait

    There is no hesitate

    I must embark and leave a trace

    But don’t dare look at my face

    I must keep up the pace

    I am hungry to be touched

    There is much

    The heat is on

    The Moon is in control

    This night has made me bold

    But don’t get close

    My hunger could turn into being gross



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    Behold the gospel word

    Praises that could be heard

    Looking for a uplift

    It’s not a catch my drift

    My voice rang out in the Holy Spirit

    It is the goodness as God is merit

    It happened at Praises up Baptist Church

    It was a night of praying and preaching

    There was plenty of knowledge surrounding teaching

    My Soul was totally enriched

    That’s where I got my uplift

    There was no more doubt, but assurance in hope

    Pure inspiration in blessing in cope

    The Spirit fed my Soul

    Embrace having an unfold

    The Holy Spirit is mighty and bold

    But Salvation is a need

    It’s daily living in order to proceed

    Advice from the Most High

    King of Kings being Thy

    Rejoice being the fulfill

    Heaven’s creed being the worthy will




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    Laugh with Joy

    It is ok to cry

    Smell the beauty of the flowers

    Cherish every given hour

    Marvel the skies seeking understanding

    Observe the stars at Night

    No need to wish just observe

    It’s not the stars twinkle, but it is the Night shine

    Observe the ocean waves

    The waves are suggesting, “Be calm and behave”

    It’s a new day and a new moment

    A time to live

    Appreciation and encouragement to give

    Moment by Moment

    Hour by hour

    Minute by minute


    See tomorrow

    But remember yesterday

    Feel the glory

    You are the story

    Just cherish

    You live to see

    But give thanks to Thee

    Just cherish more






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    Not from a book

    Race character in look

    Yet always thinking

    However, being a Leader

    Thinking ahead

    Striding in an affirmative stead

    The mind steadily concentrating on assembly

    It is able

    Start until complete

    Beyond measure

    Success forming the pleasure

    The equation quo

    But there might be an although

    Doubt within opposition

    The Black Mind set in position

    But it all mounds to decision

    Promise with a purpose

    Won’t drown but will reach the surface

    The Black Mind knows, but won’t let go

    Opposition thinks, but the Black Mind follows through

    Guided in excellence

    The proof formulating assurance

    Teaching and encouragement providing the influence



    But you can’t take away what the Black Mind is thinking


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    You tried to fool

    You used deceive being your tool

    But I saw through you

    It wasn’t hard

    You put me on guard

    Now I must disregard
    I must depart

    I am thinking smart

    You thought you were talking to a retard

    But you fooled your own self

    You personality has no understanding

    Your facts weren’t even sustaining

    So your words were totally staged

    But you wanted the response to come to rage

    So I saw caution, and simply acted my age


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    Everything you do move along

    Every achievement is a blessing

    Every accomplishing came from courage

    But add knowledge to the nourish

    Talent that you refined in preparation

    Think forward

    But only for a moment reflect back

    Look at your achieving track

    Remember your experiences in your efforts

    You found your purpose

    Like an Ocean, you learned how to reach the surface

    The journey being your own

    You did it guided by Heaven alone

    You proved to yourself to accelerate

    Now that is something you should appreciate

    Well your efforts became show and tell

    At times trial and tribulations you fell

    But you got up and managed to move forward

    Continue to walk and talk your ability

    It seemed hard

    But believing made it easier

    It all comes down to assurance

    Being committed in your enduranc...

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    Lord descend on us your blessings of Freedom

    You have given us wisdom

    Yet we have been beaten and torn throughout

    Our scars from streaks of whipping thorns

    Lord we Slaves pray to the Heavens that we will once be free

    This plantation of turmoil makes us want to flee

    However, your spirit is wise and strong

    Our Faith in believing is where we belong

    No matter how long

    We have spiritual songs to help us get along

    Slavery is totally wrong

    It’s those struggles that come along

    We Slaves shall rise

    The Plantation Owners are in for a surprise

    We Slaves are fully energized

    But this situation will be puzzled faces with a realize

    It’s God’s Heaven I must emphasize

    We will see our new sunrise

    We Slaves will never have to apologize

    Our hope is in the Heavens

    Tomorrow will be a wonder...

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    There was a haunted house

    It was invaded with a many mouse

    Neighbors on the street felt afraid

    Even through the sunshine, it was always darkness being the shade

    It was reality surrounding the made

    Many people walked into the haunted house, but never came out

    Spirits and Ghosts were all moving about

    You would often hear moans of despair

    But to the actual human that doesn’t even compare

    I would suggest that you not be alone

    Electricity is out and no phone

    Spirits will invade bodies in search for eternity

    It will happen right in your city

    The spirits have no pity

    The Moon is darkened and the skies have rage

    Lightning and Thunder call for the moment

    Awaken and rise

    1177 Monster Lane is the enterprise

    Humans will be the reign by the spirits

    Flesh has no merit

    Scream until you are hoars...

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    Music the introduction

    The Curtain rises

    There is only one individual act

    The dialog will add to the fact

    An Actor steps out

    The audience applause

    The dramatic presence will have a clause

    As the Actor moves, so does the spotlight

    The dramatic feel, “ HELP ME HELP ME”

    A moment pause

    Wait and listen

    You don’t know what is in my heart

    My wounds were of trouble I been through

    There was a time I was in Jail

    My times in school were a fail

    I was at a place at the wrong time

    I started hanging out with people I thought were my friends

    My life in then

    This is my story while

    These so called friends had me taking drugs and stealing

    I was also Gambling in dealing

    My time was all rearranged in my life

    I got warnings with advice

    But I thought the suggest...

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    Smooth talk

    Smooch kiss

    Romance of silk

    Music within the hearts of tone

    The idea of love about to be full blown

    No need for candy sweets

    Being together is our tweets of delight

    Eating by Candle Light

    Eye glazing into one another

    Our love is cherished like no other

    Our love our own story

    We are Valentine in our glory

    Our hands holding together

    Love is truly in the air

    Our love is sustaining in care

    Elegance of the rose

    Embracing lovers suppose

    The fragrance that takes our love into essence

    We were descended together

    Click clack of our Wine Glasses

    Every sip from the heart of devoted love

    Our love spreads through the skies like flying Doves

    Embrace me now into continuous

    So on this Valentine’s Day

    I blow kisses heading your way

    We ha...

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    Competition letter by letter

    Alphabets take all

    Words being the subject

    Sentences compelling what they elect

    Between the both accelerate the effect

    It is what words say add to the meaning

    Sentences determine the information behind in learning

    Debate in a participate

    The words are the enameled

    But the sentences argue that they stress the surface

    The challenge from beginning to end

    But the words illustrate when

    The sentences highlight can

    The balance between words and sentences equal understanding

    What theory one doesn’t know may have not figured it out

    Words suggest, and sentences narrate about

    Without the words there are no complete sentences

    Words and sentences utter the details

    The navigate in the trail

    Perhaps even a fail

    So the debate pretty much equals out

    Words and...

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    Emotions that overflow

    Despair in uncertainty of the know

    Fear beyond the depths

    Movement having careful footsteps

    But tears can also be for happiness

    Joy within the moment

    Nonetheless, tears are moving fountains

    Sensations with reasons

    It doesn’t come within seasons

    Tears fall

    Disturbances that’s all

    Perhaps a vision of caution too stall

    Yet tears that release the fear

    However God is the preserver

    Shed no more tears


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    I think on the strives our Black Ancestors made

    It was a struggle to get done

    Yet maneuvering and proving made their name among

    Names that come to mind such as George Washington Carver, Medgar Wiley Evers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Owens, Joe Black, Jackie Robinson and the list goes on and on

    So what makes their specific Black Achievers great?

    It was their focus on achievement and continuing no matter what

    It was their understanding

    Their purpose being their own contribution

    So have names on educational institutions for example, MEDGAR EVERS, CUNY MEDGAR EVERS COLLEGE

    I am proud to say, I am the product of CUNY Medgar Evers College embracing in the Medgar Evers Legacy

    I was honored too be taught at CUNY Medgar Evers College by Dr. Betty Shabazz, Widow of MALCOLM X

    I was inspired in her teachings and values

    So Black History had and continues to be an impact on m...

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    Cicely Tyson who played numerous dramatic roles

    A Broadway Spotlight calls her behold

    Dramatics within realization

    Ms. Tyson was God’s creation

    She took Acting seriously and standing for all civilization

    Yet her talent deserves every appreciation

    Ms. Tyson encountered discrimination

    But it was all damnation

    Ms. Cicely Tyson was a talented Black Inspired Woman

    She cannot be denied for that

    It’s not a fact, but forward back to her acting life, and she stands alone in her craft

    If Cicely Tyson were alive today, what wisdom would she portray?

    “If it’s acting you want to achieve, then prepare, and be ready to act. Find tone your approach, and let the spotlight be your shine, and just the applause be your inspiration continuous”

    Ms. Tyson conquered all racial barriers

    Determined to succeed, and not setting for negative wo...

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    You say let’s talk

    But you surround me like a stalk

    You said you want to the truth of who I am?

    I have morals and integrity will continue to stay in my head

    No I don’t love you, and won’t jump into bed

    I am a Man of honesty

    I have virtues through and through

    Trust is my honor

    Assumption comes from you

    Value your heart

    But now I must depart

    Obviously you don’t believe in me

    It’s your eyes relating the message I see

    I see you don’t want my love

    So long my loss

     I have no choice but to be single my force



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    It was 1984 when I decided to vacation in San Francisco, California

    It Toured Downtown and the Suburbs

    But there was a port of San Francisco that Tour Companies wanted Tourist to avoid

    So I wanted to explore why this specific area was off limits

    I spoke to the Tour Escort, and he told me how I should dress

    I had my Jean’s torn and everything out place and wore a Do Rag Bandana around my head

    Yes head

    So I ventured up to the area of question

    No time to talk out in suggestion

    Now it could have been my Death

    Nonetheless, I had to see for myself

    Because I am not like everybody else

    Courage with assurance

    No I wasn’t under the influence

    I was in an Alley surrounded by Motorcycle Gangs had arrived

    I acted tough

    I even called their bluff

    I was told by one of the Motorcycle Leaders, I didn’t fit in


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    Walk with me I sacrificed my life for you

    Come out of Sin

    I am the Great I am from beginning to end

    Heaven is more than a secrete place

    It can never be erased

    Glory is who I am

    Blessed of the Solitude of Faith

    Again I say, “Walk with Me”

    There is much I want you to see

    My Brothers and Sisters be encouraged

    I am the Joy and Peace

    It’s the struggles I shall release

    Break the chains that are holding you down

    Being the Savior I am all around

    Man wonders

    But I educate

    Man researches

    But I am the way

    I am the truth by myself

    Let me lead you to the fountain of Forgiveness

    I am well known with lots of witnesses

    Praise me and come out of being bound

    Let your over pouring praise be the sound

    I am the Lord of everlasting

    One day I am coming...

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    Larry King’s name spans like an Enterprise

    His viewpoints were all for us to realize

    Radio and TV and Larry King was the truth

    Searching for what makes sense or analyst

    I would watch Larry King as if he was giving me a personal understanding in lesson being his own wisdom

    He shares that thought in the Heavenly Kingdom
    Larry King’s talent will always have recognition

    He voice being precise

    He gave the world never ending advice

    Larry King set the tone

    But it was words becoming full blown

    Larry King was the man for words to live by

    His determination was always give a try

    His virtue was be true to yourself and others

    Farewell to a Media Icon

    Larry King flew away on Heaven’s wings

    But he leaves his legacy being the thing

    Embrace me close

    I am in Heaven and have a reason to boast

    My life...

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    Let’s play ball

    Hank Aaron’s achievement that was seen by all

    Through the years of discrimination

    But it was talent that echoed out being Hank Aaron’s attention

    Being Afro-American, he made history illustrating his presentation

    He was a man of honor and truth

    Hank Aaron who felt consequences but conquered them

    Yet, he offers this encouragement, “Never give up, but always continue believing”

    Believing in the impossible, but comes as expectation

    The wonder surrounding inspiration

    Hank Aaron the man no matter what

    He believed in himself while others had doubt

    But seeing Hank Aaron perform on the Baseball field, a determined and destined Baseball Player

    Civil Rights was a plight during his generation

    But he brought all barriers to achieve history in his life

    Atlanta Braves was the team he made victory


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    I have my own expectations

    I am legend

    Wisdom my voice

    You summon me like a slave

    You compel me to behave

    When you speak, a storm reaps within my soul

    My moment being my precious time

    My assurance flourishes courage

    You want me to shed tears

    But I don’t have any fears

    I stand within my own principles

    It’s just that simple

    You seem to have complexity ways

    This is why I stay astray

    Your mannerisms are not ok

    I am guided by the Sun and Moon

    My revelation will come soon

    I speak on chosen words

    But all you want to do is be heard

    Utterance is not my tolerance

    You have no influence

    You say move away

    But that is ok

    I have my independence

    I will not surrender

    My heart and soul have blocked you in not to enter

    I am standing o...

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    It was a hard previous four years

    America wondered if she would ever preserver

    But the sunrise came up being hope

    A new day in showing us in how we will cope

    Today, President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn in

    This is America’s true democracy to begin

    Separation will now come together as one

    The world will now be coupled among

    Yet the task of the new President won’t be easy

    But through God’s guidance, President Biden will succeed

    It will responsibility from the world in proceed

    Today, America has a reason to smile

    But it was turmoil during while

    America’s moment is now

    Tomorrow is a new day

    Darkness finally has light

    Hearts have become open and not tight

    The pressure has truly eased off

    America is not ready for a new course

    The mission to defend America’s ...

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    Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision

    His footsteps our floor plan

    The mission was Civil Rights for all

    We must all stand up and fight being the call

    Dr. Martin Luther King, a man guided by God

    Let the Heaven’s set our stage

    Lift our voices showing the multitude amazed

    Let the past spiritual Negro music be in each of our hearts

    Let the Civil rights Movement be our start

    We must move forward, and not stay back

    It’s reality and not fact

    So come aboard
    We are accompanied by our Lord

    We must make Civil Rights our assured

    Dr. King was as true leader

    Let us be the flock that carries on Dr. King’s work

    We must turn problems into solutions

    Turn struggles into prosperity

    We are fighting for society

    Yes, we are all King

    We must bring togetherness, and Racial Harmony for all being t...

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    March not a story of the Month of March and not for Military Soldiers

    But all Men, Woman and Children, March my Civil Rights Soldiers

    It’s surrounds the Civil Rights Movement

    The call for Freedom and Understanding

    The man behind the mission, Dr. Martin Luther King

    A strong voice echoed out, “We shall overcome

    The struggle centered on Race

    The aftermath in bringing all races together in unity

    Time was and even now an essence

    Hatred among foes

    At times it might going face to face

    Determination and commitment can and should never erase

    Dedication at every bound

    Name calling having negative vibes in sounds

    Push on my Brothers and Sisters

    No time to stop but keep the movement going

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    The shadow spreads darkness through the mind

    Thoughts compelling of evil and revenge combined

    No one knows what the shadow thinks

    It could be all written in blood ink

    Light dares not cross into darkness

    What you don’t see bares no witness

    The shadow pretends while others see their end

    It’s just the begin

    Yet continuous until

    The shadow flourishes at his will

    The shade only hides what is too come

    Burdens into turmoil

    Liquid like soil

    One thing for sure, the shadow never foils

    Darkness being everyday night

    Screams upon screams all full of fright

    The shadow says, beware

    I am in your presence, but you can’t hear nor see me

    The shadow only knows



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    Pages on paper all blank

    Nothing written down

    A thought comes

    But the paper becomes cumbersome

    For the most part, the trash being my file

    All this thinking took a while

    But ideas with all kinds of imaginations

    They are all coming about being illustrations

    Words that knock at the door of the heart receive no answer

    But sentences full of inspiration are welcomed to enter

    They are front and center

    Yet my life is partly on turmoil

    But my feet remain on secrete ground
    Heart and voice are beating loud and clear

    It was drama giving me too much fear

    But I have been directed and knowledge became my understanding

    Yes, I had a paper trail

    But I am destined, and I an guided in not to fail



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    Traditional has changed

    It comes with a new arrange

    Wisdom has been replaced by tomorrows Millennial

    Knowledge of the past being a wonder

    But the remembrance has stretched yonder

    However, the past must now ponder

    Experience that was put into effect

    Understanding on detect

    But the new Millennial are in a new horizon with agenda’s that might be on defect

    Ideas beyond the obsolete comprehension

    They are the one’s who draw attention

    Tomorrow swiftly moved to present

    The Millennial are the represent

    We the obsolete started the phase

    But it comes with it’s own amaze

    It started in what was to be done in life

    Our encouragement added to the advice

    It’s up to the Millennial to put up where we can no longer go

    The Mi...

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    I write to pass the days

    It keeps my mind sharp from going astray

    At times it could be experiences

    The focus on encouragement in instances

    Yet my writing gives me assurances

    Inspiration from influences

    What I learned I try to share

    Through the cloudy days and fair

    Breaking down from uncertain skies with a changeable heart

    Yet my writing directs me and shows me tomorrow

    Through the tears of sorrow

    Directions that are precise

    Sometimes giving me a dose of my own advice

    Words for achieving and sentences for sustaining

    Writing gives me the psychological approach

    Focus is on fact

    While writing keeps me on track

    Writing being my anecdote

    But it keeps down to encouragement from within being how my words were spoken

    My writing is a gift from Heaven and blessed words are my token



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    2020 DEPARTURE

    2020 in several hours will become history

    During 2020 there was plenty of mysteries

    Uncertainty having top dollar became the voice

    It affected us all being no choice

    2020 is a year that everyone wants to forget

    We can’t reverse what has already happened in regret

    Yet no matter what, the year, 2021 is the year we pray and hope to make

    Not be a year of give or take

    Not be a year to say for goodness sake

    But looking forward to appreciate

    2021 to be a year to move forward into positivity

    A year offering opportunity being full of activity

    But the Mask and Social Distance will be the agenda

    2021 will be continuous as we enter

    But let’s think hope

    Put our mind on cope

    Trust and Believe

    Breathe in and out with the thought in being relieved

    God is in control

    That is one who we should all take ...

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    Living on a Ranch

    Among the Mountains and Rivers

    Horseback riding from Sunrise to sunset

    The surrounding High Mountains and Sun adding too the effect

    Drinking at Saloon’s

    Leaving town could very well be at noon

    Sleeping under the stars

    Seeing the constellations that could include Mars

     Raising cattle

    All that while sitting in the saddle

    Stagecoaches making stops from anywhere into various towns

    Destinations from to anywhere bound

    Life as a Cowboy

    Living the dream full of joy

    Western style

    The enriching outdoors all while

    Notice I didn’t say Indian attacks effect

    I chose not to add being my elect

    A Cowboy will always be a Cowboy

    Perhaps the Cowboy can meet a Cowgirl bringing them both Joy

    The Cowboy is now riding into the sunset

    Looking ahead with no regret


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    Endure in the challenge

    It’s being determined in leverage

    Endurance in pouring strength

    Being devoted at every length

    Climb Up Climb Up

    Think on the Mountain Top

    Pausing only for a moment

    Courage established

    Committed to do it

    Preparation for the task

    It won’t be easy, and certainly no dash

    But your mission will be clear

    Ruled out will be fear

    Go tell it on that Mountain

    The energy like a flowing fountain

    The voice of conquest in echoing out

    Your emotion that will be moving about

    Mountain high and wide, I am devoted to reside



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    Dreams through nightmares

    Imagination as it appears

    Water is to drink

    The mind accelerates on think

    Value of time seen through a clock and watch

    Baseball is too catch

    Movement through various wheeling modes

    It’s transportation around the globe

    A Stagecoach being a long distance bus

    From chair to couch

    To hit and say ouch

    From Radio to TV

    To Technology being a new wave to see

    To worship being a church

    Education to higher learning

    Career being a salary earning

    Teach being taught

    A Tugboat to Cruise ship

    Laugh is to Joke

    Sentences and words being what is spoke

    Hearing while be heard

    Combinations in all different ways

    That’s all for today




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    Words spread around the Christmas tree

    Sentences unite in what Christmas should be

    Peace, Joy and Blessings sprinkled around the house

    There is something for everyone including a little mouse

    Periods wink and change to color variations around the Christmas tree

    A vision of Red and White pour down, and the word “Santa Claus” with a figurine showing Santa getting down

    Words and sentences accompanies by music of the holiday season

    Oh come and follow me

    Through the window is the North Star I see

    Toy railroad trains run all through the house

    It’s Christmas, and they come from North to South

    The words and sentences state, “We are Joy”

    Into your hearts being no decoy

    We welcome all toys

    Our words for every girl and boy

    So as the Christmas nights leading to the actual day

    We the words and sentences could...

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    Treasure of dreams

    Vision of refreshing streams

    More than silver and gold

    At least that is what I was told

    Unlock the goodness being virtues

    It’s not just the treasure chest

    Vintage behind representing the crest

    The pioneers of essence

    The shine outlining the sequence

    Time through the years

    Unlock, again in what could be a surprise

    Fortune of wealth

    Wills arranged during pain from poor health

    Value within monetary

    Fame at the moment

    Vault that has revealed the quality

    The heart that was filled with solidarity



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    Control and deceit

    Anarchy being the force of no one being relieved

    Wealth with a lavished house

    Money and a living mouse

    The house is really a large Mansion

    It is nestled way in the countryside

    This is where the Persian’s reside

    A man named Sterling Persian being an Oil Tycoon

    It was always his routine, breakfast at 8 and lunch at Noon

    Mr. Sterling Persian grosses 46 million yearly, but murder is on the mind of one family member

    You see, the Son, Arthur Persian wants to heir and take away the fortune for himself, but Daddy Persian put another name on his estate, and it’s not a family member

    It’s his Mistress

    So murder is in the air

    The thought of murder making the fortune fair

    So as Sterling Persian slumbers, a murder is already in the works

    Sleep unto Death

    As everyone is fast asleep, but not Arthur Persia...

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    Capturing the picture perfect moment, and with the act of Death in remembrance. Back in Salem, Massachusetts in 1850, a man with talent for the arts, but the urge of Death in reality. This man was Samuel Bloodstone. He painted what he saw and felt, and with the idea of murder in portraying the depth of his work, and with the variations of color and contrast seen through the flowing brush.


    The night of August 14, 1850, Mr. Bloodstone had invited the beauty of Mary Wonderworth to capture her structure in the raw. He suggested, Ms. Wonderworth had radiated the energy, and her loins would make a perfect picture in a bloodshed canvas. Unknowingly to Ms. Wonderworth, she is about to embark on a journey into the unknown accelerating into the shadows. Mr. Bloodstone was a madman, and with mysterious intentions. It had been known about Samuel Bloodstone, and that his paint brushes were his murder weapons. Perfection upon Death being the paint stroked after stroke i...

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    Full of destiny

    Pride Within

    Let me take a moment to think

    Despair is my cry

    There is no hope to even try

    Deep in my own sorrows

    I have no tomorrow

    Hours are times of my still

    So I cry again and again

    I thought I would overcome

    But all I got was none

    Fulfillment feels like a far off distance

    It doesn’t come in an instance

    Hours beyond the seconds

    Beckons on Reckons

    Torn beyond repair

    Life certainly isn’t fair

    But do you or anybody really care?


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    Begins becomes start

    To think in acting smart

    To talk educates in teach

    Concept formulates technique

    Accomplish constructs assemble

    Able knowing you can

    Sip in Drink

    Establish engaging accomplish

    Positivity living prosperity

    Achieve with finished to success

    Career where succeeding says it best




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