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    Author: ABC123


    True charm

    One’s aura is not discounted by age

    truly charming men are like pine-trees

    they capture and conquer their women

    by adamant words, and concrete deeds

    by soft whispers, and tender hands


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    On "withdrawn and defensive" personality

    They seem extremely courteous and patient

    never lose temper, even in conflict and dispute.

    but they do keep prejudice and grudges,

    and at a point defend with passive, cold violence 

    you'd hope they better off give you a punch or yell,

    but no, they hold it, petrified and chill you to the bones

    and might shoot you a cold arrow when they get the mood.

    they never say no, nor yes, but they would nod "maybe"

    they don't acknowledge, don't deny, don't take responsibilities,

    their friends either have to walk away quietly in oblivion

    or be very frank about their feelings and suggest him/her to improve

    if that still doesn't work, they have to walk away friendly too.


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    The sharing

    The most treasurable gift a man can give a woman,

    is not sweet words, nor fortune, flower, even promises,

    but the heartfelt time he spends, either in reality or spiritually,

    and the feeling, thoughts, wit they share unconditionally

    sharing is more precious and longlasting than affection.

    if in our lives there are a couple of such people around us

    be there a happy ending or not , it's a lifetime reward.

    Andre Gide says, there is always somebody in our lives,

    whom we can't deal with by our usual sansibility and wit

    the problem is, many of us don't meet such persons at all,

    or simply too sensible to face such striking happentance. 

    it applies not only to man and woman,but also close friends.

    with loyalty, friendship can be more endearing than blood kinship


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    Caution on words.

    Words shouldn't be taken to heart easily,

    for some people play it as entertainment

    some claim to be kings, some faries

     in reality, no one is sacred when they eat

    some can kill three birds with one stone,

    just to play, or feed their egos and sanity

    it''s only slightly better than computer game.



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    Star wall

    You may say you wanna watch the starry sky

    but I know you'd rather your eyes be watched.

    why a star wall, while one sees nothing else.

    while they never speak, your eyes always do.



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    A little twisty

    Don't think I don't know

    that you know what I truly like 

    is the initial one without disguise

    it's just you've been capricious

    and only speak to the air.

    so I can only speak to air or nothing.

    what I said,felt and knew is more than you know.

    I don't need fancy things I've got a lot and am numb.



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    Off the words

    When it comes to online chaos,

    we may well blame wordplays,

    for they won't protest, they are dead.

    next morning everything will be back to normal,

    when they take a break from the obsessive venting,

    and engage themselves in things other than words.


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    The bloom.

    The bloom that will never shed,

    is their bloom of nassicism inside.

    before speaking any sacret language,

    first they need get rid of cursing words.

    what we can see from the evil and devils,

    are more than what we learn from morals.


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    What's left behind the scribble

    Who can say words are not despising?

    who can say what's printed is but real?

    he scribbles a prose, inspired by a novel,

    where kisses are sweet, but he's never commited,

    people forget his name, only remember the words,

    years later, still fancying that fake kiss...



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    How many men boast about their charm that conqures everyone

    How many men fancy a cyber beauty's face that doesn't exist

    How many men covet young women, age of their daughters

    How many men disguise themselves under the veil of faith

    How many men squander their whole life playing games

    The answer is many, too many,even they would admit.




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    They all work

    Some live on religion,

    some live in illusion,

    some only live with intuition.

    And they all work fine.


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    For the people who were once good friends,

    but can never get along well in mundane life,

    the best solution is probably just being friendly,

    never getting close, still keeping enough grace.

    keep peaceful mind, be grateful there is no woe,

    when maroon arises, out of sight, out of mind.


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