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  • 2020 DEPARTURE

    2020 in several hours will become history

    During 2020 there was plenty of mysteries

    Uncertainty having top dollar became the voice

    It affected us all being no choice

    2020 is a year that everyone wants to forget

    We can’t reverse what has already happened in regret

    Yet no matter what, the year, 2021 is the year we pray and hope to make

    Not be a year of give or take

    Not be a year to say for goodness sake

    But looking forward to appreciate

    2021 to be a year to move forward into positivity

    A year offering opportunity being full of activity

    But the Mask and Social Distance will be the agenda

    2021 will be continuous as we enter

    But let’s think hope

    Put our mind on cope

    Trust and Believe

    Breathe in and out with the thought in being relieved

    God is in control

    That is one who we should all take hold

    Our 2021 encouragement is from the behold

    So Happy New Year 2021

    Let’s make it the best we can as we surround with fun


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