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    Dr. Martin Luther King’s vision

    His footsteps our floor plan

    The mission was Civil Rights for all

    We must all stand up and fight being the call

    Dr. Martin Luther King, a man guided by God

    Let the Heaven’s set our stage

    Lift our voices showing the multitude amazed

    Let the past spiritual Negro music be in each of our hearts

    Let the Civil rights Movement be our start

    We must move forward, and not stay back

    It’s reality and not fact

    So come aboard
    We are accompanied by our Lord

    We must make Civil Rights our assured

    Dr. King was as true leader

    Let us be the flock that carries on Dr. King’s work

    We must turn problems into solutions

    Turn struggles into prosperity

    We are fighting for society

    Yes, we are all King

    We must bring togetherness, and Racial Harmony for all being the thing

    We are king for more than a day

    Think Freedom and Injustice

    King’s words, “To overcome, but never be outdone”




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