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    It was 1984 when I decided to vacation in San Francisco, California

    It Toured Downtown and the Suburbs

    But there was a port of San Francisco that Tour Companies wanted Tourist to avoid

    So I wanted to explore why this specific area was off limits

    I spoke to the Tour Escort, and he told me how I should dress

    I had my Jean’s torn and everything out place and wore a Do Rag Bandana around my head

    Yes head

    So I ventured up to the area of question

    No time to talk out in suggestion

    Now it could have been my Death

    Nonetheless, I had to see for myself

    Because I am not like everybody else

    Courage with assurance

    No I wasn’t under the influence

    I was in an Alley surrounded by Motorcycle Gangs had arrived

    I acted tough

    I even called their bluff

    I was told by one of the Motorcycle Leaders, I didn’t fit in

    But I was determined in not to bend and give in

    I answered with a tough assured voice, I am here now and what?

    I managed to survive

    The experience being totally strive

    As you can see, I lived to tell my ordeal

    Oh yes, this story is true and for real

    It was a reason to explore

    I just couldn’t ignore

    I am alive definitely for sure


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