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    Competition letter by letter

    Alphabets take all

    Words being the subject

    Sentences compelling what they elect

    Between the both accelerate the effect

    It is what words say add to the meaning

    Sentences determine the information behind in learning

    Debate in a participate

    The words are the enameled

    But the sentences argue that they stress the surface

    The challenge from beginning to end

    But the words illustrate when

    The sentences highlight can

    The balance between words and sentences equal understanding

    What theory one doesn’t know may have not figured it out

    Words suggest, and sentences narrate about

    Without the words there are no complete sentences

    Words and sentences utter the details

    The navigate in the trail

    Perhaps even a fail

    So the debate pretty much equals out

    Words and sentences bring about

    It is for all of us to theological compose the creativity within

    Yet not make a bout

    Certainly in thinking in doubt

    But coming together in one accord in the outcome


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