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    Behold the gospel word

    Praises that could be heard

    Looking for a uplift

    It’s not a catch my drift

    My voice rang out in the Holy Spirit

    It is the goodness as God is merit

    It happened at Praises up Baptist Church

    It was a night of praying and preaching

    There was plenty of knowledge surrounding teaching

    My Soul was totally enriched

    That’s where I got my uplift

    There was no more doubt, but assurance in hope

    Pure inspiration in blessing in cope

    The Spirit fed my Soul

    Embrace having an unfold

    The Holy Spirit is mighty and bold

    But Salvation is a need

    It’s daily living in order to proceed

    Advice from the Most High

    King of Kings being Thy

    Rejoice being the fulfill

    Heaven’s creed being the worthy will



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