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    Fire burns within me

    No extinguisher can put my flames out

    Transformation is moving about

    I am in heat and sweat

    Hunger for feeding my crave

    I am going crazy and can’t behave

    Oh I wish I could shave?

    Hotter and hotter

    I am no longer in control

    I am a stalking breast

    My clothes are torn

    My eyes are an Evil Red

    Dare not get in the bed

    Full of desire

    The moment is now and not later

    I can no longer wait

    There is no hesitate

    I must embark and leave a trace

    But don’t dare look at my face

    I must keep up the pace

    I am hungry to be touched

    There is much

    The heat is on

    The Moon is in control

    This night has made me bold

    But don’t get close

    My hunger could turn into being gross


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