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    So you need some advice

    Response will be concise and precise

    You say your life has control over you

    You need to change the balance in going to go through

    Don’t let others give you negative advice

    Yet I can’t sugar with a sprinkle of spice
    In order to achieve you must also believe

    Hope is worth accepting

    Trying requires adapting

    Change is about rearranging

    Thinking positive within your mind

    Surround yourself around inspiration

    Let knowledge give you that education

    Hold your head up

    See yourself in the long term

    Practice what you seek

    Being inspired is what makes you unique

    Don’t see your self outdated comparing to an antique

    However, essence is essential

    You have the power to control

    All you have to do is take hold

    Let your mind direct you to where you need to be

    But be patient, and just watch and see

    So that is this personal column writer’s advice

    But don’t ever wonder and think twice



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