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    Still and motionless

    Tears are silent within the soul

    Alone in sorrow

    Tomorrow with no morrow

    Fear surrounds me

    My heart pounds like a violent storm

    It’s the battles of woes fighting struggles

    Trapped and no way out

    Troubled with a pause

    But there is a cause

    Tears are on freeze

    No feeling at ease

    The wonder has no thought

    The spirit stuck on doubt

    Still being for how long?

    Motionless inspiration

    Yet having no aspiration

    I am the center of my own situation

    Death focuses my mind

    Suicide is the offset of combine

    But a voice says wait

    It extends into it’s not too late

    No, this isn’t your fate

    You must hesitate

    My tears rolled back

    It automatically became fact

    Live until you reach everlasting

    No end

    It is a reason to live more abundantly


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