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    Caution, Alert and Look Out

    Hatred seems to be moving in multitudes about

    Hatred definitely needs a rebound

    Respect in values and morals having a sound

    Race should not be a discipline

    At the same level, it shouldn’t be a resent

    All Races were put on this Good Earth for a reason and purpose

    It wasn’t meant for Hatred to surface

    Blacks know all about Racism


    But now Asian’s are being attacked

    It seems Hatred is running like a pack

    No Race is better than the other

    All Races were created to come together


    A mirror only sees the outer image

    But change of the mind comes from inner thought

    Because one of different descent and language doesn’t give anyone to the authority to bully and kill

    This certainly is not in God’s will

    God knew what he was doing when we all were created

    It goes beyond the Mother’s wound

    It is about “Fellowship”


    I can’t emphasize “Change” more

    People of the world who Hate don’t understand, we have a world to appreciate

    It is about associate

    The mission is to rearrange hate and reconstruct the mind in love

    Hatred comes from the mind

    But the world sees shade of difference in being blind and unkind

    Open your eyes in what you don’t want to or refuse too see

    But embrace in everything of respect that should be


    I pray for a Hatred world to understand

    We are living on this Earth being God’s land

    It is his creed being his demand

    If you hate people of any Race then you hate the Heavenly Thee

    But no one can attack the Holy One, because the Lord is all Powerful, and this Earth could be out done

    Change what’s in the Heart, Spirit and Soul is what needs to take place

    Hatred should be erased

    It is just that simple

    We can continue to talk about Hatred, but unless change becomes the element, Hatred will continue beyond its means

    The more we talk about Hatred, and nothing changes, things will remain the same

    Change into Unity

    Hatred forms in every city

    But delete Hatred, and come together as one being witty




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