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    Stepped into the wrong direction

    Fear all through me in indication

    I don’t want to be any animal’s prey

    My mind says just pray

    I feel alone

    I am surrounded by nothing but forest

    It’s trees upon trees

    I don’t feel at ease

    I could be pounced by any fierce animal in a second

    But not I am on caution in beckoned

    The forest environment says be prepared

    I guess the animals are thinking welcome to my laird

    There’s no time to declare

    But I do need get out of here

    But I am truly scared

    This is forest is beyond compared

    But the darkened make my vision impaired

    Yet I am wide open in the wilderness

    I have no accord being a witness

    I am my own accord

    There’s no water being a fount

    I must keep moving about
    This is a bout
    There’s no way I can work this out

    The wilderness is my journey

    This is certainly not funny

    The wilderness is, and here I am



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