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    Night unwinds

    The skies unfolds

    Only a Night Writer dares tell

    The midnight hour with the sounding of the bell

    Thunder of the mind

    Lightning flashes not acting kind

    Words one letter at a time

    They are more than alphabetic phrases

    Captivation in amazes

    The Night skies grow even darker

    The shade of the marker

    A night of suspense

    Time came and went

    Scientist all confused

    The atmosphere no one can defuse

    The Earth on destruction

    The Moon and Earth formed like a team

    But what does that all mean?

    The end of civilization as we know it

    Prophecy foreseen what events would happen

    Man just brushed it aside

    The word is now out in the open with no place to hide

    A world trapped in damnation

    It’s not an illustration

    It’s a strong indication

    Tomorrow’s passed

    Living done

    Captured moment

    Eternity on arrival



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