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    Walls that separate

    It’s love ready to create

    Ever after a wait

    Yet romance is spreading throughout the land

    I am captivated at your command
    Smells so sweet

    The essence of a Bird tweet

    The visualization of Roses in a moving heart

    My soul thirst

    Fulfilling my Quench

    The moment is accelerating

    The Moon has pushed the sun from light into dark

    We are finally among

    The thought of night

    The candlelight that adds to the delight

    Feed me until I am full

    At your will

    This is our story tale

    Enchanted without fail

    The kiss makes our love complete

    Come closer, your kiss was unique

    Love whispered silently in my ear

    But that is every time you are near

    You are mystique

    Our Souls are bonded

    Enchanted beyond any fable

    The bull’s eye hit able




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