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    Bags packed

    Open Road a awaits

    My hearting striving on journey no hesitate

    Enjoying life in appreciate

    Destination anywhere

    Certainly no square

    Feeling the breeze

    All at ease

    Routes will be miles

    I am caught up in the scenery

    My stays could be towns along the way

    I am away with what I called home

    This is my true life to roam

    I am exploring who I am

    Something I never took the time

    The minutes and seconds to reflect

    Somewhere out there I am meant to be

    This is my opportunity to surely see

    I lived alone in a small house

    Well I wasn’t totally along as shared with a mouse

    This journey was first a dream but thought possible

    It was just a reality being a reminder

    So the road is my chance while I still have breath

    I don’t know how much living I have left

    But this is my venture

    A life that will offer adventure

    A personal moving picture

    So world wave to me as I drive by

    This is my one life to try

    Tomorrow unknown

    But my courage and determination being shown

    Until my arrival being a permanent stay

    For now, I am traveling astray


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