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    You see fail

    But I am talent

    You want me to be silent

    But my name is ECHOE

    You told me I am surrounded by defeat

    But I have been encouraged by delete and I will retreat

    I am influenced by applause in can

    I am inspired on my terms of when

    You see me being no more than I am

    Assured told me you are your own setback

    This is my tomorrow

    Your yesterday long gone

    I know where I belong

    You flourish on dwell

    But I have stories to tell

    You want me to bend like a pretzel

    But my talent tells me to excel

    You can’t step into my shoes because they don’t fit
    Ability forms it

    You just don’t measure up in size

    Essence is my energize

    Determination leads me

    But that is not what you see

    Watch me move and swirl

    Captivation in attention from Earl

    I am the moment

    Defeat is not my conclusion

    The commitment is no illusion

    What you see is not what you get

    It is the best yet

    Today is the day

    You need to get out of my way

    This is my time to shine and take away

    You are the runway

    I am taking off


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