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    You believed in yourself

    You tested the educational waters beyond all things else

    It was a task you were determined to do

    Your focus was on the Diploma or Degree to pursue

    Your voice highlighted your inspiration

    Your contributed supplementation

    It all applied down to illustration

    Concepts and Theories all coming together

    This is your story of “Achieved”

    But learning doesn’t stop here

    It’s continual until your brain says enough

    This is what will keep you on top

    Always be ahead of the game

    You passed the test and your bull’s eye hit the target


    Educated is now your domain

    But remember the educational institution that fulfilled your dream

    Achieving in believing

    Don’t forget the encouragement you got along the way from your Parents or Guardians for knowing just how important education was

    It’s more than saying it

    But actually living it


    It was an opportunity to advance

    But it was by chance

    It was your destiny to take part

    That makes you educated smart

    Your tomorrow arrived today

    Hold your head up proud in every way

    You could have chosen a forbidden road

    Captivated by the road sign “Education”

    You skipped all the detours and went direct

    Thirst for knowledge can have that effect


    Look at yourself now, you are in your Cap and Gown
    Careers or furthering your education on your mind

    Listen to the applaud all in your honor, it’s the call of the fruits of your labor

    You left no stone unturned

    You challenged your own roadblocks

    You proved to yourself, “Won’t and can’t stop”

    Excel will always be your proceed

    But remember to help others who might be in need

    Education will always be on call

    You will always give your all

    This I know and you know

    As you leave the institution today, remember the force behind the influence

    It was the many Teachers, Counselors and Professors exchanging their educational and career experiences

    Concentrate on the approach

    Analytical theory

    Turn your own learning experience being your testimonial

    Let forward be your direction

    Don’t worry about speculation

    You achieved education

    The mission is complete

    Stand on your feet and say, “Believers can and will, and movers will always pursue”

    Congrats and be the best person that you can be

    The world is watching and you will see

    Make your life what it should be

    Thank you and Cheers!




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