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    Innovation and Precision

    Honor the Judge

    The court does not serve any fudge

    Prestige in here comes the Judge Fancy

    Justice setting

    Quality cases

    Jurisdictions being money wasted

    Taste within the courtroom w4alls

    Lawyers in designer Fancy Suits

    Cases after Cases full of investigating pursuits


    Justifications with no courtroom fights

    The Judge Fancy wearing a distinctive robe

    Judge Fancy is known all over the globe

    Fancy with essential fashion

    Judge Fancy’s verdicts seem more like a cushion

    Some might think all an illusion

    Yet everyone draws conclusion

    But everyone in the courtroom wants seclusion

    Judge Fancy is that moment of truth

    It all started in his Judging youth

    Judge Fancy, a man of elegance

    He knows just the right fragrance

    You scent the presence of Judge Fancy in an instance

    That’s his way

    But things do change day by day


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