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    It was that town having a small population

    But everyone got along, and of course that was the appreciation

    I would often walk miles just to energize my mind

    The Sun would be shining among the high trees

    There was at times a refreshing breeze

    I often sat by the Lake and glazed at the night skies

    Wished upon one star after another

    I knew this one town was my purpose

    The surroundings made it all obvious

    All one has to do is believe

    Life expectancy is what one would receive

    I often heard Folk tails, and it made my mind to wonder

    But I didn’t think yonder

    I learned who I am

    Also what my life ahead being fulfilled

    Dreams only give you possibilities

    But true revelations come true being hope

    I knew I was only solid ground

    It was the peace that surrounded all around, and being at ease within my heart

    A town I will never forget

    Thank you for showing me the way

    You kept me from running away

    My destiny a waits

    My appreciation in what states

    A town so full of joy

    I am feeling like a young boy

    But I have become an Adult

    I have the towns heartfelt

    Yes, I was beaten with a belt

    But that was all discipline

    Wisdom and understanding has become my wise

    It is all visualized within my eyes

    Thank you town for making me realize

    Your joy was no surprise

    It became my compromise


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