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    Destruction going through my head

    It’s attack on instinct being the instead

    Struggles through the ashes

    But I must rise above

    There’s a story within a story

    Chapters of fight

    Vengeance with might

    Darkness controls

    But I see uncertain light

    The mind says focus

    I am surrounded by time

    But why do I feel so unkind?
    There is fire burning within my heart

    Lost soul

    I stand alone being bold

    Perhaps I should kneel and pray

    I remember my Grandmother saying praying makes everything ok

    Lord, help me reach beyond what I can’t control

    Be my guide

    Turn my spirit into centralize

    But let me apologize

    Let my struggles become victory

    Your presence being your glory
    Story to tell

    Show me that straight line

    You said walk and continue to walk

    It was our talk

    A turnaround

    I am free

    It’s a new day

    Tomorrow has no sorrow

    Living life

    Knowing in receiving

    Struggles that bind

    I am turned loose




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