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    An Airline being spiritual

    Feeling relaxed and carefree

    The friendly skies bringing you closer to Thee

    It’s not a pack your bags and fly

    There are guidelines created by Thy

    Your Soul must be ready for journey at a moment’s notice

    Servings are you have the opportunity in being chosen

    There are no Refunds

    You are blessed to be among

    What is served on the plane is blessings and praise

    Heaven control’s the skies domain

    It is just that plain

    So if you are ready, fasten your seats belts

    This is truly a Heavenly felt

    So welcome aboard Air Heaven

    This plane is number Seven

    Its not everyday people fly on Air Heaven

    Thee is no turning back

    The Schedule is set and staying on track

    So into the air we soar

    Heaven will be your new home to explore

    Air Heaven being on time

    This is your Heavenly reward with everything combined



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