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    Confession of a Man

    It descends throughout the land

    My Queen you are in demand

    Show me your carass

    Massage me says it best

    Feelings within the heart

    Fire with desire

    Kiss in delight

    Dining by candlelight

    Becoming intimate in plain sight

    A man will always be a man

    Searching my Female Queen

    You and me with no in between

    My sweat is starting to pour

    I am your King Dejour

    You found love being in me

    There’s always talk about between the sheets

    Yet I know that is neat

    But I want to know you as my Love Woman Successor

    Now I want to be your Love Professor

    You and I loss in love

    We both are enchanted on our own Fantasy Island

    One sip

    The ocean our dip

    Surrounded by the ingredient of passion

    Let’s multiply and let love add up

    The Moon gives me an idea

    Now come over here

    Let our kiss be our preserver

    Welcome to this Gentlemen’s Corner

    No specific order

    Our time is now


    My heart beating throughout

    I hope you know what I am talking about

    Gentlemen to lady, “Essence in love and the kiss making intimate alright”


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