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  • PO-IT

    Words and sentences setting the stage

    Watch how a PO-IT turns to amaze

    Walk with me down Alphabet Alley

    Marvel at each letter

    Think in your mind of the Human Creator

    The Entertainer of words

    Every cloudy day and sunshine being a day to write

    Every moment could be a storm forming the battle to write or not to write

    It’s not a question, but a shackled plight

    Every PO-IT is a master in overcome

    The understanding establishes wisdom

    Welcome to the PO-IT kingdom

    It’s words and sentences like a day at Adventure land

    What is hidden in the mind can be written

    Censorship is a forbidden

    Yet written possibilities being Indealistic

    But be alert in observe can also be mysterious

    Yet makes one wanting more in curious

    Word become nothing more than mortals

    PO-IT’s are the kings in being superior

    Having no fear

    PO-IT’s inspiration always near

    You are taken to places beyond expectations

    The extension of the presentation into endless and priceless

    Endure becomes pure

    Strength in value

    So words and sentences open into what’s behind the closed curtain

    PO-IT’s make it certain

    What’s in your mind that needs to be told?

    Be bold

    Dialog is the threshold


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