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    A day to celebrate

    America’s Birthday was an illustrate

    Battles past and present became wars

    America has the wounds being scars

    Yet Racism is a battle within itself

    Felt near and far

    From Towns to cities

    Loss of love one’s always has a pity

    Freedom for some but not for all

    The voice for Freedom continues to be the call

    Songs of God Bless America and America The Beautiful

    This is what has kept America youthful

    My Country Tis Of Thee

    America rose from the ashes for all to see

    It wasn’t easy, but became a determined task

    The strength of a Nation

    It’s America’s narration

    The Statue Of Liberty stands for all immigration

    Forefathers who gave a speech

    We The People the declaration reach

    America still stands today

    Get in touch with your fellow American’s in every way

    Happy Birthday America on this day

    We are all proud American’s

    Our love for our country USA in precision

    So Red, White and Blue continue to protect and carry through

    You are America strong

    Your shine and light is your symbol alone

    Now let there be a sing along

    America, America

    Stand in glory

    That’s your story

    Rise and continue to rise

    Happy Birthday America due

    Today well into tomorrow your promise

    America Red stead, White seeing yonder and blue with a continued military mission to pursue

    Stand Up and carry on

    This is my America where I belong


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