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    Yo Buddy, you are on this exact bar stool every day well into the night

    You are trying to drink away your plight

    Your problem won’t go away gulping down booze

    It will only make your problem even more confused

    Put the booze glass down for a moment

    You and I need to chat

    The Bar Stool wants you to share your facts

    What exactly led you in thinking booze is the way to work problems out?

    Your mind becomes fuzzy and understanding has no about

    You are in a Bar drowning your sorrows

    Live and face the problem, there is a tomorrow

    The idea is to work all struggles out

    Are you sleeping at night?

    You keep focusing on whatever your plight

    When uncertain try to pray

    When things are not ok

    Pray in guiding in showing you the way

    Drinking only separates in causing you to go astray

    Just say to yourself, my plight will be solved on this day

    This bar stool wanted to encourage

    I am instilling for you to have full courage

    Put understanding

    Nourish your soul

    Then take hold

    Tomorrow is a new day

    Embracing is what you should do in every way



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