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    Her story wasn’t always so sweet

    Slippery in fact

    Listen as Miss Butterworth traces back

    It was at the Oak View Plantation

    It wasn’t a place full of fascination

    The City and State was Clever, Alabama

    Her life was full of struggles

    Miss Butterworth was often beaten morning, noon and night

    Her whole life was life with unquestionable plight

    Miss Butterworth wanted to see freedom as her guiding light

    That night, Miss Butterworth made her escape

    Vast rivers surrounded the Plantation all over

    When it rained she found cover

    But her determination to be free rang high

    Here’s why

    Miss Butterworth often talked to other slaves of Freedom ways in the East

    That was her vision in encouragement at least

    Miss Butterworth thought back that all she could think about running through her mind was, “I had to be free”

    She often heard Dogs with Slave Masters tracking her paths

    She ran and ran until she was out of breath

    Miss Butterworth maneuvered through the many rivers undetected

    That was how the plantation dogs loss her scent

    Miss Butterworth was now her own human body in represent

    She knew within her heart, she had a purpose and reason to live

    Slavery was only a form of suppression

    But that plantation taught her a valuable lesson

    “You must be determined enough and move with reaction in stating enough was enough being victorious

    Miss Butterworth made it East to New Jersey

    Her eyes were wide opened to a new beginning, and a chance to excel

    Miss Butterworth immediately fell to her knees and prayed to the Almighty Heavenly God

    Through his mercy and blessings, he got her through

    She was not on Freedom Road

    Now you know the story being told

    Miss Butterworth’s name is famous on many Syrup bottles being her threshold

    Freedom now and forever






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