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  • Self-defense

         An aggressive world crowded with noise! We can listen to less and less soul-lifting, cheerful harmony! The everyday throbbing heartbeat of our existence also continues to knock purposefully! In our handshakes, a false, lazy consolation message, our human reality is often destroyed in our search for truth, tuned with faith! We will have a greedy urge to own us; from the yelling, threatening throats soon killer blade loud! - A cry of silence is barely audible, silent in the distance!
         In the same way, the identity consciousness of our selfish defiance era is shattered by the non-merciful poultry jerk! - The promised Hope that it is and will make sense to persevere to the final limits with raised, stubborn heads is also more and more delayed! - In a crumpled self-doubt, how long can the selfish confrontation of the accountable Being last ?! Deliberately doubts everything from Reality dreams! A familiar, loving hand leans gently on the caress on the unbreakable wall of the expander, and he leads and encourages us with encouragement!
         We are already capable of anything for small-scale recognitions! If necessary: let's tread, wade, and skip intentionally set barriers to Life so that only our egos can develop freely! In masks or exaggerated make-up concrete, we dare to look into the all-seeing eyes of others because we dread the awareness that our telltale gaze may unravel at any time unconcerned! - Trapped in desires and renunciations, our calculated lies benefit and we distort our own distorted souls in the hope of success!
         Among the needs, the curse of superficial prosperity already promises everyone! Because of your role-playing, you are already afraid to look wolfishly at yourself in the secrets of crooked mirrors! This is how your self-defense is fulfilled!

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