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  • The sharing

    The most treasurable gift a man can give a woman,

    is not sweet words, nor fortune, flower, even promises,

    but the heartfelt time he spends, either in reality or spiritually,

    and the feeling, thoughts, wit they share unconditionally

    sharing is more precious and longlasting than affection.

    if in our lives there are a couple of such people around us

    be there a happy ending or not , it's a lifetime reward.

    Andre Gide says, there is always somebody in our lives,

    whom we can't deal with by our usual sansibility and wit

    the problem is, many of us don't meet such persons at all,

    or simply too sensible to face such striking happentance. 

    it applies not only to man and woman,but also close friends.

    with loyalty, friendship can be more endearing than blood kinship

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