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  • Within a given framework

         The man of today is resourceful if he shortens the long-promising day with a furfang! You know, it licks in a drift, but with a pale self-tanning cream it evokes the luxury of being available in a small country! It was and will be old, heartbreaking, intoxicating nostalgia, if you can imagine making its fences out of sausage for everyone! His blood boils up quickly and if you don't take care of yourself, he collapses tachycardically in the air-conditioned solitude of gyms and falls to the ground! Amazon fairy blues smile, posing above him: the shoulder species of their displeasure are immediately rearranged too!
         Life-lie collections are inaugurated in careers also deliberately seduced! Being is the battleground for everyone; every little style of revenge comes from an instinct of balance! "Many people who didn't sell themselves spend the night in the rejection salon!" Accidental splinters settle in teary eyes or unpleasant itchy pimples on the backs! The Alien left by man is being thrown out everywhere! Everyone is playing and selfishly polishing their own well-being! "Whoever is attacked by sincerity of sincerity is perhaps even self-critical, and is almost always blind when they meet the True One!"
         Shrewd, careeristic ants already cross each other's paths, if anything is said about their prevalence! It will be the nebula flower that develops under the bulbs, deliberately culminating in the contagious gloom of time! Sleeping rose in a glass coffin with a very hard-chewed cheekbone, and first of all, it asks everyone for a mandatory income! His heart-fidelity pretty much no longer binds anyone! Confessing the Truth in self-defense and staying in the Land of Goodness Nobody is always the hardest! - In an motionless, dirty-gray mirror of water, an orphaned little child stares at us in his fears.

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