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  • Hazard Allowance

         Maybe the Central I have long lost from my horizon? The pounding of superstitious kisses was locked in cold heart chambers by a careerist-fear, and it would have been good to cross the borders of the border crossing with a common will! We only deceived ourselves for time or hours; I can hardly take my mischievous case! I could only be big-saying because I was really scared of infected lies! - The seamless threads were tangled between our budding fingers! "My donkey ladder was broken halfway and I couldn't crawl up and down!"
         The achievements of modern psychiatry cannot reassure them in their problem solving and it cannot be just a clear, common practice just stripped scratched scars, which can break up again! Filled with a tear-jerking desire for peace, I wanted to start the relief process once, and then I could watch big ones! My bald headdress hairstyle was not appreciated by anyone; wash your hands of the never-before-hairdresser who I am grimacing with grace flirting with little boy reflections! - Stay awake: Reserve and busy so I can be in a losing game! Human teasers have always had the Iron Tooth of Time!
         Those who are more edible than me are already destroying and humiliating each other: already scribbling in a line in my Deadline Diary, munching in the insect world, instead of being diligent, naive ant-breaking crickets! "In time, as a hermit, I somehow enter the world: my humanity would still be obliged to maintain secrecy!" - In my vulnerable soul, selfish, withdrawal symptoms are already showing! I know: as a patient witness, they stopped paying all kinds of danger supplements for my humanity!

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