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         In an unbridled consumption, on sweaty orgies, our self-prostituting consumer society is buzzing: the hazel brains are walking idle around their own axis: their IQ is also a nasty double zero! This swarming leadership does not have to hand out sweatballs from sweating stahavonists! Fixed tabloid media has always had its fixed points! I deliberately prefer to avoid the V.I.P. light circuits of interrogation lamps: limited exhibitionism has never attracted me!
         My chivalrous virtuus — no matter how much I wanted to — runs out soon; it would be good to settle into the kissing paradise of the Universe once out of temporary stagnant loneliness! Hippie pop cultures were to be re-written in the Echo era, but they would have been good for dating purposes! The honeycomb has been pulled out too many times in front of my nose! "I'd bet if I still had a chance at the permanent delusion!" I never asked for roller coaster sled adventures of uncertain origin! All channels and stations already have free sensations for half a tooth! Even our true emotions have just been degraded into magic wax formulas!
         Who, as a free-thinker, would like to prepare the Guards to testify will be withdrawn from universal circulation early on: noble battlefields have also turned into pathetic rage! Hammer squeaky people were compressed by the hateful mass idea! Whoever watches the events of the galaxy up close will sooner or later deliberately burn himself! You're already deliberately betting yourself out betting on cheap gladiators! The breeding anecdote treasure sinks into a slick obscene text; homesickness for sincere romance is now just a by-product of the imagination! - The Nosti boy, who was deliberately forgotten in this century, chews on his past! And it stays more like a freshman at home!

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