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  • Darkness falls

    When darkness falls and all is silent fears begin to rise
    broken promises, shattered past, one's guilt never dies
    endless pain self inflicted like a dagger's twisted blade
    false confidence once portrayed lost as daylight begins to fade

    heart pounding rapidly like swelling waves crashing upon shore
    haunting voices scream at me, silhouettes appear at my door
    I clench my eyes, scream out loud, "please just go away"
    but taunting laughter fills the air, sanity begins to sway

    politicians say the war is over, in my head it never ends
    what once was a peaceful world lost in life's chilling winds
    nighttime engulfs deep memories of comrades laying silent
    young men and women lost forever in a distant land so violent

    darkness yields to a brand new day, fears must be put to rest
    family and friends to never know of these evils once confessed
    standing strong day by day, a new war in which I forever fight
    knowing it all starts anew when darkness falls again tonight

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