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  • The Oak Tree

    The oak tree stood for many years, it's many stories yet untold
    today we share it's historic past, great adventures will unfold
    planted in the 1800's by a family that had bravely journeyed west
    in honor of their lost daughter, in her name the tree was blessed

    built a life on land they farmed, many hardships were endured
    droughts common in these parts, crops could never be assured
    years went by, wagons came, bringing both harmony and strife
    the mighty oak slowly grew watching a new town spring to life

    over a span of eighty years this small town turns into a city
    underneath the mighty oak hippy's form a protest committee
    "make love not war" shouted loud, peace signs seen everywhere
    police arrive to intervene, the stench of teargas soon hits the air

    now to the present day the mighty oak begins to show it's age
    so much history it has seen, a book with adventures on each page
    some say if you watch and listen closely at the tree's haunting glow
    one can hear a young girl say goodnight to those she left long ago


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