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  • The silent disciple (Part-3/5)

    On a moonlight night
    the silent disciple started
    his journey to slay the monster
    (all the good fairies helped him,
    except a wicked witch).

    He was carrying a magic sword
    with which he should penetrate
    the heart of the monster to kill,
    but the wicked witch stole it
    from him by turning into a
    male thief while
    the silent disciple was sleeping.

    All those good fairies observed it
    but they couldn’t stop
    the stealing (though at the later stage
    they recovered it
    and gave it to the silent disciple).

    He crossed mountains,
    he travels through dense forests,
    his swam through lakes, rivers,
    he walked across dry desserts,
    he sailed across oceans,
    and finally reached
    at the place
    where the cursed monster
    took shelter.


    (Pure fiction. Any similarity should be treated as mere coincidence.)