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         The order of power has long been established in the world! The One should have been protected from the dangers lurking in it; in the depths of his soul he is still quite stubborn, defenseless! As an exposed, orphaned child, all his pathetic pain was already felt inside: the stigma slogans of serial humiliations, terrorsita threats, as well as the permission of the majority to be stoned! His dream sediment, his filthy gossip, would keep him awake, and yet he would always wake him up!
         Troubled forgetful killer-accomplices also betrayed their Comrade Loyalty, and in the crossfire of trusting gazes there was always a series of body anxiety and self-confidence shrinkage! The same hardly forgettable complicity can be found in joke-telling; there is also a festive, ceremonial intimacy among the humiliating beatings, and with their sacrifices bleeding during murderous-joking awakenings, they grinned on their lips with a hyena grin on their lips! "I'll change my little fingers three times before I cling to them!" I would still be stuck in a chubby wall stuck in a mousetrap if I left it still!
         The touching series of chatter-stumbles is repeated several times a day; my little track bothering is already pathetically disappointing at the same time! Where do they have preservable, eternal Friendships who could once be counted on?! Selfish error rates have already skyrocketed! It is still easier to smile on the side of all-time superiority than to make suggestions for changes! - You can consciously suspect traps who are seduced by the underworldly smell of gigs: nowhere's whims can be defended even more easily if the methods provided are taught! Someone upstairs is still having a great time…

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