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  • Suffocation

    I'm running away from suffocation
    I'm old enough to make up my own mind
    I knows what is good for me
    When my own freedom isn't mine,
    When my happiness isn't mine, 
    No matter how good I am, I suffocate 
    I feel like I'm trying to please others
    I wanna be me, I want my own life
    I can't follow others to the end of me
    Like a rat in a maze I'm trying to find me
    As a parent let go, I'm my own person
    As a lover don't push, I'm doing my best
    You're suffocating me, I want out
    I can't be what you've failed to be l tried
    I wanna tour my own likes and dislikes
    I'm suffocating, it's my curse
    I'm trying to please everyone
    You want me to be you admit it
    ©Lungi Shigo Msusa