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  • Damning

         For every judgment of condemnation is spoken upon thee by the world. Small-style eggs for stinging criticism! There is always humiliation and addition! Love is both a nuclear reactor explosion in the catacombs of the heart and a self-destructive suicide if not reciprocated! And the gates of the Universe will also be destroyed in their selfish immortality! - Intoxicating word operas fight a fierce cat-and-mouse battle with monumental fattened vain monkeys Monkey!
         Between distinct, penetrant odors, it strikes the head and the uniformity prevails! Birds and canaries chirping in vomiting, glittering cocktail dresses sing! The stuck Time also wanders crying and decomposes into atoms! They would come up with an alliance of intelligent spirits — a kind of audience — unworthy years deliberately collided with the captivity of nothing; like one who is inside at the same time and yet was born outside the concentric circle! Orphanage should be adopted!
         Conspirators with each other's secret of war betray themselves very easily! Catching gentle buzz immediately bury me! - Confrontation is shattering! In fact, it bathes its victims in unnecessary fear-provoking; screams of shouts! "That's why the Guardian is deliberately cheering in his overcast minutes!" The puffing arrogance is rooted in his morality! "The half-dark can only be confident in the accident of those who are lost in the prison of selfish dreads!"
         There can be no more arguments to silence the Will in the sunners! Censorship has once again taken hold in everything: who does not play sports and is not attractive enough to show off his elaborate and exotic goulash cubes! He who is bound by the Human Rules of Being and who cannot therefore give himself up!

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