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  • Convicted of innocence

         The forgotten handshake is already embarrassingly serious; as the imprint of chalk-faced faces will you be an aggressor, or perhaps a conciliator who will redeem your loved ones?! Conscious fear runs through the rails of your laid soul! The effort to get there is everywhere! A family home may not be waiting for who really deserves it! Everyone stops near the top of their careers if there is no broker or protégé behind them! Confidence can also be gained with insufficient professional qualifications!
         What makes a man of shipwrecked spirits disappointing and wild is the prediction of jerk! Fashionable idiocy, which, like a good thing, sticks to the human character and leaves a pimple behind as a cold! - Chirping nymphs, flirting with prostitutes as flirting prostitutes, while having a solarium pass instead of a mind! Fallen prophets, as a rigid rule, tend to flee from wolf laws; the Vibrant hits the exposed concretes of firewalls!
         In the throbbing glands, the vigor arises; phlegm disguised as help Promise! A crisis that replaces ambiguity; awareness is roaring among sizzling critics! The double cordon raises an objection if you really want to know others! Kushadnia wonder why in every Age a person should be, who is average?! The child of flattening compulsions is back! In the vegetation below, everyone is scratching and flattening their own benefit and there can be no more procrastination; what kind of pathetic over-regulation binds us to the Present, in which the living is forced to bribe ?!
         It is always a surprise to snag a bump! "The temporary throbbing is tired once I have the ingrained fear in me!

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