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    Mold me into your expectations

    Inspire me in representations

    Give me the words in what and how to say

    Carry me all the way

    Let my tomorrows be enriched

    Establish my goings in and out in moving efforts

    Keep my mind always learning and understanding

    Encourage me and help me to take away from fear

    Be close and always near

    Let me be humble and share

    Give me an open mind

    Thankful and kind

    Help me truthful and genuine
    Help me stand and win my battles

    Even when I am uncertain while sitting in the saddle

    Let every storm be my circumstance in don’t be alarmed

    You are Heavenly and won’t harm

    Keep me obedient

    Let my words be radiant

    Turn my emotions into tolerance

    Let my encouragement to others have influence

    Let me always be content

    Thank you in advance in this prayer

    Whatever comes my way, please help me bare

    Let me walk across my own oceans of blessings

    This I pray

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