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    The thought of Media Broadcast

    History in communicating that made Media last

    Radio that made you think

    TV somehow made you wink

    A time when NBC Peacock made you appreciate

    Stories that had an associate

    Now back to our sponsor

    Shows that made you laugh

    Drama that made you cry

    Yet kept you awake

    We seemed too loss one viewer, I hear snoozing
    Wake Now Wake

    Goodness Sake

    The Radio tube being a time the Shadow only knew

    There were clues that made you want to pursue

    Who knew?

    Remember I love Lucy

    The famous line, “I got a plan”

    Plan or revenge with I want to be in show biz
    Fizz Fizz, what a time it is

    Comedy with a reason to laugh

    TV Thrillers saying you were warned and I told you so

    Don’t sleep tonight

    You are all so full of fright

    Don’t dare turn on the lights

    Things began to happen unexpecting when a person became a sudden victim with murder and blood

    Who could forget the Radio Show of Orson Wells

    The idea of Invaders from outer space to Earth

    True drama with an audience spell

    Taking it all in for what it was worth

    There you have Radio and TV then

    Today, you will find a new blend

    No pretend

    Pure realities that transcend

    Rolling, Complete and Cut

    The end



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