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    Do you answer? Or should I answer for you? I didn't sacrifice you, that's the situation! Thy burning kisses were like hard dust of stones upon the prodigal and perhaps desolate walls of my purple heart. Tell me, did we bear our sins together, like the fatal burdens of morality, or did you go your way as ever with a determined, armoured will? And I could not turn back upon thee! I should at least have ventured, now thou mayst chirp with melodious, lark-like kisses to hide in thy heart: and if our fortune be permanent enough, And everlasting is the unbroken immortality, To ward off the sudden splashes of the soon-springing grains of sand! 

    Have you ever wondered what would have happened if the true and honest law of our Love had been fulfilled? Even thy unforgivableness thou may'st know foolishly, and unconsciously forgive! I have opened my heart to thee, like a much wounded, now wilting, bleeding bush, and thou alone couldst know and see my seven-veiled secrets, the half-mercies of my rants! Now I ask you, why did you, when you dazzled with your starry smile the biological army of these earthly dust-bodies, my mortal Enkidu body, gracefully put a hundred bundles of ropes round my thick, looped neck, and in the all-embracing, deep chasms of Kharübdis, let me wander alone, so that I could not even breathe? I was thy friend! 

    The foot-licking, courtly fool of thy loyalty! And while thou didst revel in the raging bohemia of thy tingling tongues, The wounded soul alone in me did piteously cry for help! Who gave me a fraction of unforgettable minutes to know you, and with you the tearing Torture? Was the ominous star-flame of our fate ever hovering unconsciously over our heads, hovering in Damocles' occupation?!

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