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  • Mouldering golden spit

    Long-necked, sticky mass-Time's long-born, money-ordered, cobbled-together worldly monster: dark, giddy, panting-like Pegasus birds that carry the manes of foam on themselves. From under the stench of advanced putrefaction ever rises the stench of the ferret-goat. Exotic, feathered, blonde Amazons also began to bounce and then stink. Floating down a river of labyrinths, a career has led to a cheap reputation.

    The dotless Infinity, it is feared, can no longer be contained. Scarce homeliness builds a nest in brainwashed minds. Even pre-playable battles keep receding, instead of always breaking forward. Unleashed malice, jealous envy, prudish vanity: if one stresses too much, the tachycardic heart can explode like a bomb, like a fractured volcanic cone.

    In the cracks of exhibitionist skin, like infected tattoos, the will of greed burns its marks.- With lion's teeth were born in the old days the wicked burglars, who could only pursue temporary happiness, but could not attain it. Bended lives dwell in the pool of their wrapped tears. The secret inner anatomy of love-love may never be revealed. The chain reaction of tender, intimate movements may never reveal the embodiment of sincere, true emotion in the Omnipresence.

    Many times the sewage of lies has been forced to roar so loudly that it devours and devours itself in moments of its own life. Will man become a part of the treachery that can be bribed in himself in a modern-Bitch Age?! - Pure, above-ground sediment is always fertile, and yet if the pure doubt and pathetic bluff of promises can be read on Janus-faces, all else withers and fades. Only the golden spittle remains!

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