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  • Split in two

    The difference is that I don't just know: I also feel that the toilets of public hospitals have been out of toilet paper since time immemorial, and that there is always a need for a Hollywood movie star to buy into the community with good intentions, or to immediately offer his million-dollar honorarium as a self-help quick fix. It is rare, at least, if not unheard of, that even hell can be a more pleasant and comfortable place than the emergency room, where people die every second.

    One thing is certain: the experimental era of foolish, ready-to-do pomposity is long over; why should we need cheap consolation when all cheap, handout promises are grotesque grimaces and pseudo-mirrors. The good, sheep-people will just buy it and believe it, but they must always be shocked by the sad reality; here, lasting progress and change may never come!

    Because it is not possible that asphalted roads are torn up to make them passable, while the axles and shock absorbers of cars are going to the wall. It is not only a human error - it is also an error of omission. That the standard of public education is low as a frog's bottom, and that it is a proud and glaring merit now that two plus two is often five. Rats the size of fists swarm romantically on self-indulgent spiral spaces, and perhaps even sing chansons when the moonlit Danube night shines on them.

    And while the yarrow-lived fame of the five-minute careers of "some" spins on the wheels of luxury. They are paid with well-earned bribes everywhere, so that confidential, dirty secrets cannot even accidentally smell the light of day, and those whose Armani suits, Dolce coats, Winston necklaces can be smelled from afar are welcomed with open arms by their servants, their sycophants.

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