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    Outside, the tears are besieging the fragile face-blind. But within, in the globes of eyes, in the globes of retinas, the reality of sadness has become more probable and vulnerable! We cherish for a while the apparent pain, the ruins of emotions, as careful survivors, and yet we do not ask: Have we changed or have we risen again? - One pearl is pale, another a crystal of treasure, the third a palace of glass, all so fleeting and mortal. Inside, working in the secret cavernous catacombs of the organism, the ever-living cell-motors are biological particle-molecules!

    Men may melt again into one in the sea of pains. - Vulnerability remains a stranger to those who have yet learned to respect the fancy rules of existence, when, amid the shower of tears, the fallible humanity of Reality is revealed in the true eyes! The pain - one does not know where it comes from! But on the metronomes of secret thresholds of emotion all can feel it, and from miserable despair you can never in vain escape, for their hopeful hope is, and perhaps may not yet be known! 

    For he who in his heart is torn and torn, The crater-holes carved in his soul By stem-cell and atomic explosion, Will have the hardest thing to do! - Only the pit of the apocalypse; the pit in which the Cassandra-stamps of Life's event will multiply will be the last judgment in which sufferings and tears will be repeatedly caught, to burst, boiling, to the surface!

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