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    See in the air-space it will come, it will appear, It will come before the romance of your kiss; The tear-streams of your eyes will dry again your happiness, And the intoxicating present will plant its sigh through the gates of your heart! Thy bones flirtatiously embrace the fragments of All! As if thou wert plundering heaven's Eden-treasures, and like a thief's careful thief, and blasphemous murderous words 

    Poisonous glances up and down thy Adam's apple-tube rush; Thou wilt be vulnerable till the day of thy all-knowing death, For memory is long since robbed from thee by thy unscrupulous cortex and Time! - Thy first pains will be followed by stinging thorns, and so on, yet daily with Sisyphus' heel Thou wilt embody the Will: Thou shouldst act and do thy eternal work! 

    Shall the crematorium-face that winked at me from my reflection wink at me! How long have I used my cracked crystal for shaving, when I may have lost myself long ago? Already in the dark chambers of time, the wrinkle of burden is ripening, ripening, to encircle the rest of thy face! On my brow pimpled, yarrow-lived troubles! 

    - I am forced to wear the grimace of false emotions: contagious mirth - though the liberating smile has grown into a growling bear, where was the true face of pure emotion?

     - See, in the vacuum, there will come Someone who will listen with all-understanding humility And help me rise from the muddy ground!

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