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    (With love to teacher V.K.)

    I have been your slave and your faithful slave for a long time, now you shall have my rightful and afflicted orphanhood: With the hellish hordes of days behind me, And with their fierce demons I fought alone, For I must, and the law within me demanded: the macabre Heart! I have kept thee - and thou knowest well - that I have stood by thee, always! 

    The romance of my kisses was often but a budding kiss on thy fairy-face's pond, Chased with unrelenting sincerity by the hopeless knowledge That I was lost to thee for ever, and my loneliness was sucked in at one stroke By cosmos-wandering Nothing, when thou didst with thy haughty hubris tell Thee that thy heart's beating eternal constellation Was another realm. Strangler

    with my jealousy I did not wake you: I let you go in contented consciousness, for I wanted to know with every nerve cell and trust that the verdict of responsible judgment could only come from you! 

    From the depths of the gaping giant mouth of my loneliness, the soft, delicate music of your voice keeps calling, "Must you be brave, just a little while longer?" - Of the pieces of the Universe, I know now, without thee and the unquestionable hold of thy being, something is missing!

    Thou hast wasted thine eyes on a sick vagabond soul, And cannot shine on my conscience the confident radiance Of thy mortal human star, thy faithful self-confidence! Sometimes thou wilt think of me, and with the echo-sounds of far-off distances Offer me thy heart's answer as a sacrifice!

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