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    I would like to take an example from her who does not give his cheap earthly juss for profit and profit laurels, in whom there is more Humanity that never and never gives itself: vertebrate self-awareness, which designates the compass of the whole One honesty as a protective veil for a whole meaningful life! – I would like to set an example from him whose soul is a treasure itself, in whom the eternal holy thought, which is always able to renew, shines and shines like a halo: 

    Selfless help that helps all people through an obstacle that tries and only asks for faithful, sincere self-awareness as a caring sacrifice gift! – I would like to be an example of him who, as a heartfelt look of mothers, he heals as a cure with a single and eternal heaven look: When I was the weakest in my will, and I left myself somewhere in the swamp world of self-pity, who is restless in my soul and feels and hears its inner heart sounds in a turning and turning gesture that defines all existence!

    I would like to set an example from her who would always stand by me in the coming season of great troubles and help if my conscience struggles and we pass each other's eternal immortal and loving hearts through the mature ages of aging! How good and contented it would be to exist in that one blessed and consecrated eternal moment if I knew there was someone in the round only big world standing next to me, and the Savior never let go 

    not even in mortal minutes of death consciousness! if I know and as the innermost spirit force I feel that there will be someone who will hold my hand to prepare me for the testifying slaps of life!

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