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    Do you see Dear, the twilight blood-red dragon petal is slowly covering the foams of the open ocean. The horizon is a light foam silk, as if it were flying quietly, soaring like a sail unfolded in front of us. 
    The tiny, billion sparks of silver stars shine in your eyes as you confess the word "I LOVE you" and boundless, redemptive Happiness weaves benevolently like a wandering-growling, boo shaving. You are stroking me, and although I am still afraid of bodily touch, your sincere trust makes you a new person in the immortal minutes of the unspeakable Universe. We are two human Stars in condensed micro-minutes; sworn to Nice, True! Like those who will set off together on a long, unknown shore...  

    You see Dear! Though they say goodbye over our heads to the picturesque, Impressionist Twilight in so many lush flames, you whisper the secrets of your golden heart softly to me: "You are as different from the other men I have met!" - confess with fearful concern as an complicit witness before the verdict. My little boy, my love gaze answers for myself: "I hope it's okay!" The wreath of the sun's rays still gently rests on my shoulders, burned to death by the destructive Cyclops sunbeam; your blood-colored, chirping lips nick my chubby face, and in the intimate, unspeakable minute we are a body-Soul while alert, and our senses of instinct are sober! 

    ,,How will it be next?" - asks the mirror of your curiously brownish eyes, when only the calm roar of the setting sea echoes ... "I can't know ..." - My answer is uncertain at once, and yet he is determined because you are still in trouble with me! You squeeze my hairy Enkidu hands so that they almost totally whiten into the mitigating pain, and yet the uncertain Future is already stumbling impatient at the ravines of our Tomorrow. 

    Nice! I don’t want to know now that we’ve been forced to escape so many childhood fates, persecuted whiplashes, the two of us are just sure I can never betray the sounds of my knocking, sick heart, I can’t lie to myself! I would carefully hand you the wedding ring wasted in a tiny shell like a silent sacred wedding, and we could seal the modern concepts of unity with our sweet, sweet flavor!  

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